Shaun meaning

: God Is Gracious.

Shaun Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \shaun\
Number of People 👶 73,000
Rate in 2021 2411
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Irish
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Shaun Name Meaning

Upon deeper exploration, 'Shaun' hails from Hebrew origins through the Anglo-Saxon adaptation of 'John.' It carries the potent message: 'God is gracious.' This endearing title speaks of divine benevolence, suggesting that bearers of the name 'Shaun' are blessed individuals.

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Shaun Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Shaun
Additional description of the name Shaun

The name 'Shaun' originated from the Irish variant of 'John.' Its roots are fundamentally Hebrew, ultimately stemming from the biblical 'Jehan' and its later English incarnation, 'John.' Throughout history, 'Shaun' has been greeted with a fondness that endures in today’s Anglophone nations.

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Additional name description Shaun
Additional name description Shaun

The name 'Shaun' maintains its popularity thanks to its enduring charm. Several famous individuals have carried this name, including Olympic gold medalist Shaun White and world-renowned DJ Shaun Frank. The name 'Shaun' resonates traits of kindness, strength, and determination, making it an appealing choice across generations. It is a name often associated with leaders and trendsetters, underlining its charisma and strength. With such deep-seated roots and continued relevance, 'Shaun' remains an all-time classic imbibed with grace and vigor.

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Comments on the name Shaun
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My brothe's name is Shaun. EVERYONE spells it wrong. But, I love it because it is different. All the'sHAUN's ive meet are really awesome people!

12/20/2023 16:38:18

i've never been partial to the name'shawn either way it is spelled. However I think it is more fitting a spelling for a boy to be spelled Shawn or Sean as those forms seem far more masculine to me. The'shaun version always makes me think of Shauna or Shaunie (Shaq's former wife). And typically I always felt if there is one or more vowels in a unisex name to soften it up. Then naturally that makes it the more feminine version of the name. Such as Alexa for Alex. Toni for Tony and so on and so forth.

12/11/2023 00:27:58

well my nieces name is grace..i dont know what i think about it. i used to like it but now i kinda think its just so plain...its just like...grace. and of course it has a beautiful meaning and she's a beautiful girl...its a boring name...

12/07/2023 23:52:32

My names Shaun also but everyone spells it wrong its ridiculous but ohh well!

11/06/2023 11:24:20

Shaun in PakistanI'mean's Glory. I think it is a beautiful name and defines the person!

10/26/2023 10:36:42

My name is Shaun also, so far I have not run into anyone else with this name. It is awesome! Even if people mispell it, I love it.

10/19/2023 20:29:58

I named my little boy Shaun. he's awesome and so is the'spelling of his name. It's a little different, but the'sean...just couldn't do it! SEEN!

10/15/2023 03:38:46

I agree with the last commentator. A bit like spelling "education" "edukayshun", really. However, of all the perverse renderings of the irish name'seın I think "Shorn" is better than "Shaun" or "Shawn".

09/28/2023 09:18:44

shaun is the best name ever, if u spell It'sean, i feel bad for you.

08/25/2023 07:25:10

Yeah, people call me Wayne at first too. It usually takes me about one minute to get them saying Wade and not Wayne...

06/07/2023 05:11:28

I'm due in 40 days...I am naming my baby boy Shaun. I went back in forth between Shawn and Shaun and now after reading this website I'm sticking to my first choice, Shaun. thanks everyone!

06/01/2023 21:38:36

they always sya it wrong no matter how many times you correct it.

05/23/2023 04:00:06

my names shaun (: but all me teache's spell it as sean :L love my name though :D as of course ther is a sheep named after us :D

05/11/2023 06:55:46

My brothe's name is Shaun and again it is often misspelled. But the the variant "Sean" is pronounced as Shawn because of its Irish/Gaelic origin

04/24/2023 14:56:48

my son's name is Shaun, and he is the most intelligent boy !

03/29/2023 07:58:02

I am a Trans man and I picked the name'shaun Because of its meaning. I like this particular spelling of it because it feels warm and is phonetically spelled.

03/07/2023 21:04:26

My current boyfriends name is shaun. I'must say i fell inlove with his name before his i have 3 other guy pals named either'shaun, or sean. weird how it has different spelling. very popular name in s.a. just like roxanne. yup thats me

02/11/2023 04:35:38

In kindergarden my teacher corrected me and said I was spelling my name wrong. My mother corrected her and told her I knew how to spell my name. Since then I have been very attached to the'sHAUN spelling and kindly correct anyone who gets it wrong. That use to happen all the time when I was younger, but people are more aware of the different spellings now and usually ask me how I spell it.

01/10/2023 03:11:34

I reckon that the only reason Shaun has been used as an alternative to Sean is that they could not spell It'sean correctly.

11/05/2022 04:36:04

my boyfriends name is shaun everyone thinks its spelt the other ways the name'suits him so well i couldnt think of any other name for him.

11/01/2022 23:00:52

Great name. Shame it cannot be directly translated into many other languages. Im guessing you would have to use the root of John. Also people so spell the name wrong depending on where you are. It's also my name. I love the name Anthony and Josh for some reason

09/24/2022 05:09:00

Shaun is completely incorrect, as is Shawn. The only legitimate spelling is Sean (or Se❤️n, if you are actually Irish).

08/29/2022 22:30:18

My husband's name is Shaun. People say it and spell it wrong all the time. I hate it when I hear other women calls him Shawn. They say it with the 'W' which is not spell with the 'W'. i agree with the guy above. Sean is said to be Seen.

06/14/2022 21:59:42

I want to murder everyone that'spells my name'sean. its like, hey have you seen sean❤️ its like a double negative. its retarted. SHAUN

06/01/2022 17:24:18

My Name is ShaWn, No one ever gets the'spelling right, but that's cool, as long as the get my surname right!

11/02/2021 06:48:54

People never'spell my name right. They say, "Is It's-H-A-W-N or S-E-A-N❤️" SHAWN...maybe!! but SEAN❤️❤️ what does that'spell❤️ SEEN❤️

10/12/2021 15:48:00

my brothe's name is shaun and people mis spell it often, but i love the name, and i like how it is so different from other'spellings, becuase i dont know not one other person who spells their names like that. its really unique. great name.

08/18/2021 20:01:48

Thats how I spell it. It is better looking beause the u and n are just upside down versions of each other. :)

08/11/2021 09:36:18

This is my name....pronounced kaylee. It used to bother me that everyone pronounced it Callie but i would just correct them and tell them that my parents couldn't spell. I love my name and the way it is spelled. It's short and sweet and unique. All other Kalis that I know spell it kaylee and I'm glad to have it the'shorter way. My only regret is that i was also given a 'different' middle name; Roenne. I have come to love both.

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Shaun FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Shaun?
The origin of the name Shaun is Irish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Shaun?
God Is Gracious.
*️⃣ How many people are named Shaun?
Almost 73000 people are named Shaun.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Shaun?
The names of Chevy, Chava, Siobhan, Shiva, Siobhán