Stephen meaning

: Crown, Garland

Stephen Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \stee-vin\
Number of People 👶 862,000
Rate in 2021 647
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Stephen Name Meaning

The meaning behind the name Stephen is truly captivating. Derived from the Greek name "Stephanos," it holds a rich history and significance. The name Stephen is often associated with qualities such as strength, honor, and victory.

In ancient times, individuals named Stephen were revered for their courageous and resolute nature. They were seen as leaders who possessed the ability to inspire others through their unwavering determination. The name Stephen also carries connotations of success and achievement, symbolizing a person who strives for greatness in all aspects of life.

Furthermore, Stephen has deep religious roots, with references to Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr. This connection adds an additional layer of spiritual meaning to the name, representing devotion and sacrifice.

In modern times, individuals named Stephen continue to embody these remarkable qualities. They are known for their intelligence, charisma, and ability to excel in various fields. Whether it be in academia, business, or creative endeavors, those bearing the name Stephen often leave a lasting impact on those around them.

So if you are fortunate enough to bear this remarkable name or know someone named Stephen, take pride in its profound meaning and let it serve as a constant reminder of your potential for greatness.

Stephen Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Stephen
Additional description of the name Stephen

His story comes from many resources in which apostles got seven deacons to take care of the poor and widows, Stephen was the most popular one. He was a wise man who became successful in gaining many followers of Jesus; even the bad people who were never thought to get in the way.

As the first Christian martyr, Stephen’s party day was on December 26th which was right after Jesus’s feast. Like many other Biblical names, Stephen became popular in ancient times and many parents were encouraged to have at least one Stephen in their family

Cool Info About Name Stephen

Additional name description Stephen
Additional name description Stephen


Personality traits of the boy named Stephen:

He is a natural lover. He cares much about love in its idealized form. He is also a great follower of romance in all of his relationships. He tries to exude energy, care, love, and nurturing. All he has as a true lover is his kind heart and the way he attracts others with his kindness like a magnet. This is a very thing about him.

He likes harmony and balance in almost all matters of life. He tries to remain balanced in every aspect of his life including his marriage, relationships, career, economic matters, beliefs, and also diet. These factors make him more successful in many steps of his lifelong. As he tries to keep balance in his private life, he attempts for it to see it on a larger scale, like the world. He does his best to make the best of it!

He is a good and conscientious worker who is always nervous about professional development. He is service-oriented and does his responsibility as best as he can to make customers of any kind satisfied and happy.

He is not an automatic person who initiates a work or a goal process by himself, but he is the one who is used to giving back to others rather than being motivated by his tendencies. This may be a little awkward, but it is solvable.

His heart desires to be a leader. He likes to be the head of the groups that he joins. He resents taking orders; instead, he likes to be in charge of the boss figure.

He can solve old problems easily by finding out the clues that nobody paid attention to. So, he is the best option for repairing your problems and troubles.

How do people react to the name Stephen?

When people meet you first, they understand that you are a talkative, charismatic, idea-generative, creative, and inventive-minded person who devoted his life to achieving success. They perceive that you are an active person who never gives up. This is very admirable from their point of view. They know that you can attract others easily through your inner potential for communication.

Most likely vocation: philosopher, educator, religious, minister, instructor, writer, scientist, producer, irrigations, horticulturist, zoologist, a shipping magnate.

Lucky color: bright blue

Lucky days: Sunday, Friday, and Monday

The popularity of the name Stephen:

Stephen has been a well-known name for Americans for a long time before now. However, today, the prominence of the name has decreased considerably and this is not a good event, it is still a lovely name. It is now ranging in the top 200 list of most used boy names in the United States.

About a century ago, Stephen was a Top 100 choice in the United States. After a while, in the 1920s and 1930s, it experienced a fall down on the charts and decreased in frequency. Fortunately, from the 1940s to the 1960s, Stephen climbed up on the charts again until it became one of the Top 20 most popular names in the United States and it gained popularity again.

In the following decades ranging from the 1970s to the 1990s, Stephen remained famous, too although as we entered the new century, it lost its prominence and faded away from the peak of the charts.

All in all, Stephen is still a lovely and respectable name that many American parents are still in love with it. Maybe, that is because Stephen is considered not only a classic name but also a modern one.

The short form of its "Steve" shows a "tough guy"; therefore, many families love this name.

Hardly can anyone turn a blind eye to the influence of the famous actor " Steve McQueen" on Stephen's popularity in the whole nation.

For the past eight decades, Stephen was recorded nearly one million times in the SSA Database. This is showing the prominence of this name obviously

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Comments on the name Stephen
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm a Stephen. When my name is read aloud it is mispronounced half the time. Everyone ends up calling me Steve even'though I introduce myself as Stephen. It's often misspelled as Stephan. It may not sound like a big deal but correcting people got really old by 4th grade. Your results may vary.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Here's the'scoop, i've theorized the reason Stephen became pronounced "STEE-Ven" is in Gaelic influenced England the "PH" became alike the "BH" in Irish which was voiced like a "V" The coupled letters were considered like a Uni-letter much like what You saw on those old Aesops Fable books we used to read as kids and usually the A&E; looked like one letter and appeared to be a uni-letter. There fore the two E's in the name actually interact with each other one long and the other'short. This is the best explaination I can provide.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my brothers name is Stephen an everyone spells it with a v and not the ph and he gets so mad

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My favourite name even before I'married my husband. We say Ste-Fen in this part of Scotland, and he never answers to Steve! It's Biblical and the name of a very brave early Christian.

01/08/2024 06:45:42

Stephen King, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert, Stephen Crane. There are so many famous Stephe's who pronounce it the'same way. Why would anyone be confused❤️

12/31/2023 18:36:28

I too am names Stephen. When I was a kid my grandfather called me Step-hen all of the time. It never bothered me. In grade school and college about half of the teache's struggled to pronounce it. By their own admission the "ph" threw them off. I would simply say that 'ph" is the proper'spelling and "v" is used by common folk. My wife and I named all of our boys boring names; Tim, Bob, Jeff, WillI'm, but gave our little girl the name'stephanie.

12/26/2023 20:27:52

Good name, the'stefan thing does get annoying though. I started out with introducing myself as Stephen but have switched to Steve because it is easier for people to remember. Also Stephen is the more classy way to spell it, Steven is just common.

11/08/2023 22:11:00

that is my boyfriends name i love that name

10/31/2023 01:59:44

My name is stephen and I hate it because it is the worst name in the word

10/12/2023 08:38:22

My name is Stephen and I love it. I don't mind being called Steve for short but prefer'stephen and most people call me that anyway. Everyone here in Australia pronounces it correctly/the'same way. It's a much classier way to spell it that "Steven" in my view and It's not too common. I like that their are so many variations around the world - See lots of people from different cultures like the name!

09/10/2023 12:14:04

My name is Stephen and my female cousins name is Stephanie. We would open each othe's Christmas gift by mistake all the time.

08/31/2023 03:01:00

It's my oldest son's name. Its an easy name to grow up with. He does occassionally go by the name Steve but not officially.

08/09/2023 00:15:12

My Name is Blank Stevens (Im not saying my first name.) And I dont like the way they Spell it if you name is Steven It'should be spelled Steven, if your name is Stephen, that is (Stef-en) or Spelled Stefen, people who spell it like that are dumb.

07/19/2023 20:48:22

a boy i have a crush on is named stephen i love it

07/12/2023 11:17:50

There is a boy my in my class named Cale. He can be annoying sometimes, but all the girls want to be around him. he's like the most popular.

07/06/2023 13:20:56

Stephen is the coolest name though a lot of people prononce It'stephan like in french but still the best guys name "GO HABS GO"

06/01/2023 00:11:22

I pronounce this name unlike most. It's stef-on rather than stee-ven.

05/24/2023 04:41:18

the namw hailee is great but being named hailee has its down points like the fact that people often spell it wrong and some time people don't even know how to pronounce it.

03/12/2023 06:17:10

This is my first name. When I was a kid I hated it, but now I love it. I don't meet many people with my name. It's gets mispronounced and misspelled all the time. The most common is Gabrielle, and pronounced that way as well. Also, people who call me Gabe usually spell it Gab.

02/18/2023 22:55:10

I am a Stephen and enjoy the name. I introduce myself as "Stephen" but don't care or notice if people call me "Stephen" or "Steve". I just ask that if they write my name, it is "Stephen with the ph".

02/12/2023 08:13:10

my 3 year old grandson is named Stephen pronounced with an F not a V just as my fathe's was. i love the name

02/11/2023 06:21:26

In the bible Stephen was the first Christian martyr.

01/24/2023 14:16:32

He is my friend and he is really nice.

01/19/2023 18:29:00

The expertise shines through. Thanks for taking the time to awnser.

01/09/2023 17:29:40

This is my daughter name ayla I think it is beautiful just like her'she is 1 in 23 days,l ever one comments on it to as been pretty just like her and how thy have never heard off it ! I love the meaning of aylas name and hope she grows up to love it jst as much as we do! I would t change it for the world we haven't heard of a other ayla wich I love

01/02/2023 07:23:52

It's my name. I was engrained to pronounce It'stee-vin my whole life it was only once in a great while someone would catch the'spelling of my name and call Me Ste'ffin and it would make Me shiver. i've worked on trying to incorperate the'ste'ffin pronunciation as well and I'm trying to see what common traits that "Stephen's" share. I show people my ID just to see what people would say and some people say Ste'ffin and I go with it instead of biting their heads off to correct them. I think maybe I want to be called Ste'ffin too.

12/07/2022 03:56:42

Now that I'm 35, I insist on Stephen with a hard 'F'. The whole Steven'thing is ridiculous. I had always thought it was. Yes, there famous people you have commonly accepted Steven as the pronunciation. But they have clearly lost their will to resist or have never been hooked on Phonics. Or should it be Vonics or Televone, or MI'mi Dolvins❤️ I could keep going but I digress.

11/25/2022 15:06:06

Usually a dog's name - think of the Disney fI'm 'Lady And The Tramp', not to mention the'song 'The Lady Is A Tramp' (performed by various artists over the years, namely Frank Sinatra).

10/28/2022 12:02:20

I'm a stephen. I like the name. Here's why. It's not a boring common name like Al or Bob and It's not a weird name like Dakota or Moonbeam. It's in between. and that's a good place to be.

10/24/2022 04:17:46

I have a son name'stephen and i would not ever change it. Even after'some people do read it like stephan...Hellooooooo Alot of famous people are stephen and we pronounce it right why would you not do it to rest....I love this name! Stephen rocks

10/07/2022 09:22:28

My name is Stephen. People have read it and then pronounced it as Step hen, Steffen and my personal favorite mis-pronunciation is then Spanish sounding Estaffan. I normally introduce my self as Steve, not because I prefer it but as It's shorter.

09/29/2022 05:21:02

As a Steven, The problem my whole life (57 years) is "is that'spelled with a ph or a v❤️" Every time.

09/06/2022 21:53:06

I love my name'stephen, but It's pretty easy to make fun of. Step-hen, stefen, stefan, etc.

08/15/2022 05:18:54

that's my bother name and its soo awesome

07/24/2022 19:05:06

I think Stephen is the best name you can get people who read this if you have a boy It'should be Stephen

07/23/2022 20:12:36

My husband and sons name is Stephen, I love it!!

06/09/2022 18:28:12

My name is Stephen, and I absolutely love it. As a child, everyone called me Stephen and I preferred Steve. Today, at the age of 21, I introduce myself as Stephen and insist that everyone call me Stephen. I rarely respond to Steve anymore.

05/21/2022 15:08:24

I'm a Stephen'too, and have always liked it. Even'though in 1963 when I was born we Stephe's were pretty popular. This graphic and these statistics help me understand my perception that there are more people now who do not know that It's pronounced with a "v" sound not a "ph" sound despite It's appearance. Since the name is less often given'these days, less people are aware of the "preferred" pronunciation! For humor and solidarity, I would like to invite you all to join our facebook support group known as My name is Stephen, not Steffan, you moron!" just search that term and you will find us. We don't take ourselves too seriously, It's just for fun!

02/19/2022 15:02:06

Stephen is a coolest name .It'should be the most famous name for 2016. I absolutlylove it..

09/25/2021 19:22:12

best name in the world all stephen listen'to taylor swift hey stephen it owns


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Stephen?
The origin of the name Stephen is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Stephen?
Crown, Garland
*️⃣ How many people are named Stephen?
Almost 862000 people are named Stephen.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Stephen?
The names of Diya, Taya, Tye, Daya, Taye