Zaire meaning

: From Zaire

Zaire Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Number of People 👶 7,000
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 African
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Zaire Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Zaire
Additional description of the name Zaire
"Zaire" is a beautiful name for boys And girls that has African origin. Meaning of the name Zaire is: "From Zaire".

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Comments on the name Zaire
01/14/2024 00:00:00

im zire and im a female im 9 but finna turn 10. i love my name,its so cool that even people like to say my name. every body think my name is buetiful. when someone say my name wrong i say it correct to them soy they wont say it a diffrent way.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm in my twenties and I am a female. Zaire is my name! I have never been more proud about anything in my life than my name, it is VERY unique. i've never come in contact with anyone male or female with the'same name. People do often mispronounce it., however people usually over 35 know it was a country and revel at its uniqueness. My mother told me to pronounce it Za-Ear, and people often couldn't. She mostly pronounces it Zi-Ear. When people try to pronounce my name, they either'say Zi-Ear or the worst which i hate Zi-Air. But its always a conversation starter and people always remember me. Not just because of my name , but because I am the total embodiment of it. I am power, unique, and like I used to yell at all the kids who made fun of my name "I'm a QUEEN." lol

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I have a son named Zuriel and I have named my youngest son Zaire. I LOVE the name Zaire!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

HI'my name is Zaire and I'm 20 years of age majoring marine and environmental science. Every since I was eight till now, I would always receive positive feedback on my name and people would always ask me "why did your parents name me Zaire". I would just say that the name was given'to me because they know I am strong and the name is strong, meaning beautiful river or tend to be very active. This describes me They love to travel and hate to sit around in the'same spot for too long. They are bold, daring, and persuasive. They love to try new things and take chances. Professionally, they can be successful as a public figure, in the media, or at developing new ideas for small businesses.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My 1st grandchild whether boy or girl will be names Zaire... Simply beautiful :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am having a girl and her name will be Zyaire. We are in love with that name.

01/07/2024 07:32:40

my son name is zaire. He is as rich, beautiful and resilient as the country!

01/06/2024 08:54:54

I have twin sons who are about to turn 17 on Oct 11.their names are Zion and Ziyar.i just loved both of those names. I just chose to spell it different.

01/04/2024 20:46:00

My Oldest son name is Zaire Ezan James, quite long but unique like my daughter Brazil Danae, ans my baby boy Zion Heru. All places where you will find tons of people with African origins. We World Wide!!!

12/02/2023 17:47:50

well my anem is kayli, and i hate it. kaylis suck balls!

11/30/2023 18:11:14

The name is A-i-d-a-n. This is the original/ true irish name! America has battered this name making it hard for real irish people to understand the true spelling of it. AIDAN people!!

11/27/2023 13:11:18

My son's name is Zaire. He will be 15 years old and everyone always compliments him on his name. I think he has the most beautiful and coolest name in the world!

11/15/2023 09:03:46

Im naming my son Zaire. I hope he has great experiences with his name.

10/16/2023 14:54:46

Love it my daughter name is zayre but I spelled it different. To make it more unique I love it its strong powerful and its from Africa so I tell her'she is a beautiful strong African princess and I'm from the island

08/22/2023 04:46:18

i love the name "Zaire" my first son will be named this... spelled Zaiijhere : )!!!

08/16/2023 05:03:36

I love this name i got it from George Forman Vs Muhhamad Ali fight. its just simply unique

07/30/2023 06:54:20

its my future sons name. its unique and sounds powerful.

07/14/2023 03:15:58

My name is Zaire but I am a girl.Many people say its a pretty name after I tell them how to say it. I have never come in contact with another person by the name of Zaire,and I am a sociable person.

06/27/2023 01:17:28

My sons 10 his name is Zyair...... orgin african city

06/03/2023 22:08:06

I have the'same name, and yes, people do pronounce and say it wrong from time to time. Then'they refer it to the Country Zaire which is now the Republic of Congo as of May 2009. Nobody i know has the'same name except for this one person i know named Zaira. But i like my name and and currently, i am not complaining about it.

03/01/2023 22:14:38

My son's name is Zaire and it is unusal and we love it. I gave him the name as with my other children'they all have unusal names. Everyone is alway intrigue as to the origin. As is the name, my son is different. He always correct people who mispronounce his name or he just will not answer, he is only eight but very bright

02/19/2023 02:09:08

I am considering naming my son Zaire. It was nice to see all these positive comments.

02/10/2023 04:29:42

I had a dream that I had a son and his name was Zair. Name kind of stuck with me now. FYI I don't have any kids. Wonder if it meant anything❤️ Well it is a beautiful name.

01/29/2023 00:57:26

ola sou homem,é me chamo zaire,adoro meu nome,mais as pessoas as vezes comfundem com nome de mulher.

01/14/2023 12:59:34

zana is a very common boys name and is origionally kurdish it literally means knowlegable

01/14/2023 07:59:48

Mii Name Is Zaire. people always Pronounce my name wrong and it makes me really mad.Zaire Is a females name aswell for instance me mii name is Zaire and i am a female

12/22/2022 01:54:06

i named my son zaire last year. we are african-american, and unfortunately, my people have seemed to have the hardest time accepting, much less, pronouncing the name properly. when we meet white people, they are in such awe of that name and know the history of it. many people mis-pronounce it, but once i correct them, they say that is such a pretty name. sounds very strong

11/21/2022 17:03:26

My name is Zaire and i am also a girl. I had people look at me funny when i told them my name, because they claimed it was a "guy's name". However, this name doesn't necessarily have to be just a guys name. I love my name, and it is cool to see other females named "Zaire"

11/11/2022 12:14:52

well my cousin who is still a baby is named Caleigh. I love her very much so this name means a lot to me, she is sweet, funny, and one of the best children i have ever met, i love her dearly and i have found that this name is now very close to my heart. Most people spell it wrong when'they hear it pronounced , Kaylee, Caylee, Calee, Kaligh, Caliey, Kayligh, Kayly, Ceylee, or any other version of the name "KAY-LEE". i think this is one of the most beautiful names out of all the othe's, it is original, beautiful, and graceful .

09/11/2022 01:48:26

My son who's 3 now is named Zaire. We felt it was a very strong name and it actually fits his personality. We also thought it would be different. We were wrong. His first visit to the doctor we met another Zaire seeing the'same pediatrician.

09/11/2022 01:13:10

I named my daughter Zyairre its unique... pronounced the'same... I just had to be difficult

09/02/2022 03:21:54

oh yes my country zaire my parents land the best of the best

06/25/2022 08:42:18

This is the name of our youngest daughter we love it. We spelled it with a Y (since our other girls have a "y" in their names as well) but we pronounce it different from everyone in our family, they want to say (T-AL-YA) and we decided before she was born we liked (TALL-YA) better. It's hard right now I go back and forth on the pronunciation since she is only two months old.

06/24/2022 05:15:18

Might be fine if related to the real estate, but as a nation its present and past embody all that is barbarous and regressive. For a boy is is too soft and is needlessly hampered by guaranteed vowel i'version and misspellings: zaire ziare. Moreover, Americans are less able than ever to manage pronunciation of odd words/ter's.

01/21/2022 00:59:42

my sons name is spelt zhyaire. just wanted it to be different

12/28/2021 05:07:12

This is my sons name however his uncle has stuck him with the name Zachy..... Cute for now he's only 4....

11/14/2021 20:45:54

Zaire is a rich, beautiful and unusual name especially for this century

09/16/2021 18:30:54

I have a four year old son his name is Zaire Khemit pronounced Kemet. I absolutely love everything about his name It'souds very powerful and masculine but could also be unique for a girl. My daughters name is Zyrnn Khamir pronunced Za-ren unique also havent met anybody with her name. Her dad named her.

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Zaire FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Zaire?
The origin of the name Zaire is African.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Zaire?
From Zaire
*️⃣ How many people are named Zaire?
Almost 7000 people are named Zaire.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Zaire?
The names of Asher, Gabriel, Lily, Rosemary, Jonas