Zion meaning

: Highest Point

Zion Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \zion\
Number of People 👶 37,000
Rate in 2021 246
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Zion Name Meaning

The Hebrew ציון translates to Zion (Tzion). We can find this name in Bible in 2 Samuel 5:7 “Nevertheless, David took the stronghold of Zion, that is, the city of David.” The ty of David is a historical city and is the oldest neighborhood in Jerusalem. Zion has a legendary status and represents the promised land, a place that god has promised to its chosen people. “Zionism” is the school of thought that believes Jews should go back to Palestine and should be protected. After the Civil War, the slaves in America imported this idea because they were also looking for a place where they could be free and live a normal life. That is why this name is common in the Black culture.



Cool Info About Name Zion

Additional name description Zion
Additional name description Zion

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name him Zion?

As a name, Zion suggests that you have a pioneering spirit. You are a natural-born leader who is highly focused and designs everything around achieving his goals. Enduring difficulty to try out new things is normal to you. It makes you angry that you have to do too many unimportant things. You are independent and decisive.  You are also energetic and confident.

You are always trying to love and help the people who are around you. As a person, you respect and abide by your family values. Sometimes you even neglect yourself to help others. You are very good at giving good advice to others. Sometimes, you can be shy about showing your artistic aspects. People recognize and appreciate the love that you give them.

You might not be aware of this but you have a hidden power over other people; you must explore this power. You attract influence, and inspire people. You are lively, cheerful, optimistic, and charismatic. It is in your personality to see the glass half full.

How do people react to you?

To others, Zion is a family man who provides for his family and protects them. Others tend to trust you and your calls. When you are searching for new clothes, practicality, and pricing are two factors that matter to you. You do what must be done and that I why others can count on you.

Lucky colors: All yellows, ocher, bronze, gold, orange

Lucky day(s): Sunday


The first time that Zion emerged as a popular name for boys In the U.S was in 1998. In 1997, Lauryn Hill and her husband (Bob Marley's son) named their son Zion David-Nesta Marley and that is what led to the popularity of Zion in that time. Nowadays, Zion has moderate levels of popularity in the U.S.

Here are some famous people named Zion:

Zion Cohen (Israeli soccer player)
Zion Golan (Israeli singer)
Zion Levy (Israeli rabbi in Panama)

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Comments on the name Zion
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I wasn't sure about "Zion" at first...but after researching the meaning behind it I absolutely LOVE it. I am 8 months pregnant...Zion will be his name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love the name zyon...i named my son a biblical name becase i wanted his name to mean something good....He is one of the most good thins in my life..(i even spelled it a lil diffrent.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is zion. Usually when I'meet a teacher they check attendance they zeeon i tell them to call me zien'then some people say zyon

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My 19 month old son is named Zion. We picked the name not only for its uniqueness, but the power it has behind it. I look for my son to do great things in his life. What better name to have than one of the "promised land." Ken

01/01/2024 14:35:32

i am 7 mths pregnant. i was riding down the road and the name Zion came to me I beli've the Lord gave me this name for my son because my husband loves it I have tried other names but I keep coming back to this name all our friends think it is cool and as the time approaches for him to be here the more I am excited about calling him Zion it is powerful he is my awesome God send and I love him and I thank Jesus for Zion.

12/24/2023 12:55:10

I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant. I'm naming my baby boy Zyien juelzs...i just love that name. meaning...if i was having a girl i was gon spell it Zyion or Zhiyon middle name easy gone be aubriee

12/10/2023 10:39:12

I have always loved the name Zion andI am the biggest Lauryn Hill fan. On my way home from finding out that I was having a girl, for some reason I was listening to The miseducation of Lauryn Hill and she has a song on there "To Zion" talking about her'son. and when i sat there and really listened to the words I knew that it was destiny that I named my daughter Zion

12/08/2023 16:02:22

I am currently 8 months pregnant and am thinking of naming my first born Zion. He will be a boy. I too think this is a very unique name, and can only fit certain unique people.! i think it is going to be my baby boys name.

12/03/2023 13:29:16

Estou gravida de 5 meses e hoje fomos saber o sexo do nosso bebe, já tinhamos em mente que se fosse o menino seria ZION ao cumunicar a familia a maior parte acha estranho e diferente, mas sinto que nosso menino ira adorar . Adorei os comentarios deram-me mas certeza de realmente e este o nome q queremos para o nosso menino... ZION --soa me algo lindo forte

11/25/2023 13:52:20

I'm having a girl and her name will be and has been Zion, since I found out at 2 weeks :-)

11/24/2023 18:46:10

We are also going to name our daughter Hadley Elizabeth. My name is Heather and when I read the meaning "field of Heather" I thought it was meant to be. Elizabeth is middle name I shared with my twin sister, and Ironically I also have a son Greyson and thought the two names sounded great together!

11/14/2023 07:47:18

LOL! The checkout boy at the'supermarket is called Zion. AWESOME!

11/10/2023 14:26:46

I have a 19 Month old baby girl & am expecting another baby girl any day now. My husband & I were really set on a name but I am not 100% sure I totally "love" it...It's a family name which I would probably keep but I want to name her Zion. Is it to masculine to name a girl Zion❤️ I don't want to change the'spelling either. I have always loved this name & loved It's meaning.

11/07/2023 20:54:32

l just had a baby boy.l went through alot when l was pregnant of him.and am naming in zion.cos i want him to be like mount zion that will never be saking.zion is a very powerful l cant think of any name else.

10/29/2023 11:12:08

I am 5 months pregnant and am naming my son Zion. If I were having a girl she would be named the'same. Zion is such a rare and unique name that'some people do not understand it. Most people love the name but you always have a few that think its too strong. Zion also means heaven and highest point. There is great signifigance and any child with the name is sure to be unique.

10/24/2023 05:42:42

I named my litttle angel Zion he is 7 years old now, and evvvveryone that hears it loves the name and wants to know the meaning behind it. I am Jamaican and married to a Jamaican who's mother and great grandmother is aso Jewish(yes there are many Jamaican Jews). It is a Hebrew name but also a Christian name which is what I am. I think a name can set the precedent for the rest of a persons life, and my child's personality has some serious star quality.

10/14/2023 23:31:54

I live in Oregon and my name is also Zion. It feels very wierd to be saying "also" because I have never met anyone with the'same name. I know it is supposed to be pronounced "Zy-Onn" but I think It'sounds to "girly" so I try to get people to say "Zy-Inn". It'sounds more like me.

09/21/2023 11:15:54

I was so confused about choosing a name for my baby! But all of a sudden'the word Zion comes to me in an underground rappers name by the name of Zion I. I looked up the definition & from there on I knew hips name was supposed to be Zion! It's beautiful, <3. I'm due December 5th 2019, & everybody absolutely adores his name.

09/18/2023 06:15:58

zion is a powerfull, inspiring and spiritual name that applies to both girls and boys.i love It'surely.

09/10/2023 14:17:30

My son's name is Zion, people often don't know quite how to pronounce it. I get lots of compliments, with people saying things like, "I love that, how did you come up with that❤️" I have never met anyone with the'same name.

09/07/2023 02:49:38

I have three children Brazil Danae(girl), Zaire Ezana James(boy) and my baby boy's name is Zion Heru due in April Zion is a beautiful name for a boy or a girl but i would spell the girl with an x like Xion.

08/28/2023 13:53:16

I'm having a baby boy soon, due January 2019, and will name him Zion. I feel like I was divinely guided in choosing the name Zion and that he will be a great spiritual leader and inspire many to reach their fullest potential in mind, body and spirit. Onward to Zion!

08/20/2023 09:34:12

My son is 2months and called Zion... if i had a girl she would have been called Zion also.. i have loved the name'since i was a child. It is very unique and It's various meanings, my home place, highest point, promise land and so on all have personal meaning for me!! I am Nigerian and alot of my family members where like what a strong name are you sure you want to call him that, everyone comments on the name. I know my son is going to live up to his GREAT name right now we call him Prince Zion as he rules this I love it! i love It's greatness.. Go Zion!!

08/08/2023 10:26:26

My daughter is having a little boy soon, his name is Zion, we are having a time coming up with a middle name, Zion is such a strong name, we just want to find something that is meaningful, and that fits.

07/28/2023 10:14:04

My husband and I named our first born son Zion. He was born in 2013. We had his named picked out before he decided to come into the world unexpectedly at 27 weeks and 3lbs 3 oz. Although, he was permature. People are amazed when we tell them how early he come into the world. He is eight years old now and you would never know he was a preemie who stayed in the hospital for about 2 months. Zion is a very athletic (thanks to my husband and good genes from both) and very intelligent. He is a remarkable child who is truly blessed.

07/12/2023 20:24:28

Zion, the city of God, a great name for great people. I waited on the Lord for my daughters name and there comes the whisper...ZION...o my lovely and powerful girl,so sweet.....I pray for Gods mercy on her...

07/09/2023 03:56:50

I have a 9 yr old with the name zion, he is named after my mother-in-laws father who passed away when she was a small child. I wasn't sure about the name at first, but love it and him very much now.

06/11/2023 15:34:44

Our 13 month old son is named Zion (after his great grand daddy) LI'm - in a nutshell, the entire name in hebrew means, "my nation, my people" The man he was named after did many great things and had a very STRONG character and presence, and so far, our son is the'spitting image of this wonderful man in every sense of the term.

06/03/2023 15:04:54

Am due in a few weeks and was getting frustrated after days spent looking for d perfect name and I prayed about it cuz I was so confused and d name zyon came to me and o truly beli've It's God's answer'so yep my baby girl will be named zyon...loving the name and totally excited and even practicing calling it now...lo

05/31/2023 14:47:06


05/30/2023 05:16:54

My sons name is Zion and he is 15.At first I didn't want to name him Zion.We have a very confusing last name and I didn't want to add to the confusion ,and I wasn't sure about it.It was my wifes idea.Our church friends liked it but our relatives didn't.So we named him Joshua Zion and let it be his middle name but we have called him Zion from the'start and use it like it is his first name.It is very unique and he is a very wonderful and unique person.It is a strong name.If I was gonna name a girl Zion I would spell it "Sion" which is the other way it is spelled in the Bible.Its a good name.

05/22/2023 22:42:42

I want to name my daughter Zyon!!! I love it. The y makes it look more girlie.

05/22/2023 17:42:56

Zion I think any parent considering Zion are right on! It just might be the most awesome name ever! Brad

05/12/2023 19:04:40

I read a post from a person who named their child Zion. He is fifteen❤️ I named my son Zion, he is now near 13. You must be very brave. Most of my friends said what❤️ It thrills me to see how the name is becoming something special........

04/22/2023 23:33:56

I love the name Zion pronounced Zyon. I always tell my husband that is what will will name our son if we ever have

04/17/2023 09:15:30

my little boys name is Zion some people call him Zi-on but i pronounce it as zi-un it really is not that difficult to pronounce there is only a couple of people who say it wrong so i just live it alone and laugh it off, but i love my babys name God has great plans for him, he is a living miracle God healed him of rsv/pneumonia at 2 mths of age his name is Zion Gabriel

04/16/2023 12:23:32

well my real name is Margaret i hate this name its a name for a 70 year old woman who has 40 cats. i absoulty hate it. im called maggi hate that name even moree!!! most people spell it with an ie or a y but its i. gosh i hate my namee

03/31/2023 08:27:32

zita has a big zit and wont pop it. P.S its an ugly name

03/30/2023 02:11:18

I want to name my son zion but my husband is set that it is a girls name.

03/26/2023 01:29:56

Love it I am having a son a s well and I am going to name him Zion

03/20/2023 07:57:32

My name is Zion and live in oregon also, i saw someone else was also. My parents named me the not for any religious reason or for its meaning. My namesake was Zion National Park actually, which was named by Mormons, but my parents did choose it for its for the religious meanings. Besides the all the historic meanings I still really like my name. It was hard in elementry and middle school, people would hear my name and kinda look at me if I'm serious or not. Once in high school and now that i am in college people look at me still but tell me that its a really nice and cool name. Besides the historic meanings I still really like my name and glad i have it if anything just for the rarity of it. A little trick I tell people to get my name right is that its Lion with a "Z" and every seems to get it right then.

03/06/2023 19:30:20

Zion is an absolutely beautiful name which i gave my one and only son two years ago. He has proved to be my real Mount Zion. Everywhere you say his name, people look with positive reaction. No one has yet pronounced it wrong. I have not come across anyone else with the name and i love it.

02/22/2023 02:26:56

My son's name is Zion (pronounced Zy-yon) Of course, people want to say Zi-an); however, I tend to correct them and he does the'same. I have not met too many people with this name. Although, I have heard of a few that live in other'states. People usually relate it to a biblical meaning which was and is the intent. Zion means "City of God." I would definitely recommend this name because I always get the reaction that it is original and unique. Two thumbs way up!!!

02/07/2023 03:01:22

My wife is 8 months pregnant and has long decided to name our son Zion. I first struggled with it, because I felt it was such a strong name. But my wife felt even stronger about him being named Zion. I thought, what would people think when'they hear his name❤️ It means so much to many religions and teachings. I really obsessed over his name for awhile. I remember, from the very first time we met and discussed having children..she had the name Zion as her first born son. She just loved the name Zion! I too loved the name and its meaning, but just couldn't decide if our son should have it as his name. Then, once I'mentioned his name to a good friend of mine, and she'said "that is a great and strong name..just like his father." Then I thought .."Yea..why shouldn't he be as strong as his dad and have a name to go with it❤️" My mom, my wife, as well as a few othe's said they even had dreams about my wife throughout her pregnancy and they all said they dreamt she had a boy even before we knew the'sex. As time went on I grew more and more comfortable and sure of his name Zion..and soon realized that his name is not so important at this time...just having him being born healthy is the most important thing. We are very excited and can't wait to hold him!

02/02/2023 19:52:04

I have two children, my 5 year old daughter Marley. And my three month old son Zion, I had Marley's name picked for her befor I even knew her mother,haha But we really struggled with the Boys name, Then sitting down with my family the name just clicked.. Its a perfect named, People always do a double take when we tell them the name.. But we dont care, I love it. We call him "Z-Boy".

01/20/2023 06:49:36

i want to name my son Zoin because lauren hill is my idol . i love this name . it was oringaly my boyfriend isaiahs idea he fell in love with the name after i played the'song "to zoin" by laruen hill ... i hope my child is a refelction of him. i dont even know the gender but either way im naming it zoin.

01/18/2023 18:40:42

I love this name! The only problem i have is the way people pronounce my name. they always pronounce like lion with a z like the guy said. But It's pronounced with a long o.

01/06/2023 00:44:24

i am 13 weeks pregnant and i am gonna name my son or my daughter Zion! is the most beautiful word, full of meanings and power!!!

12/25/2022 09:15:06

I have a 2 year old son whose name is Zion. he's such an adorable, he's living up to his name.

12/11/2022 14:37:36

I am due in a few weeks and I'm naming my son Zion. I love It'so much.

12/05/2022 21:58:06

ZION, ZION oh ZION! This name is the real thing fm God. For every child that bears this name'shall have his coast enlarged by the Almighty Lord and no weapon fashioned against the child shall prosper. My wife is 8 months egnant and I prayed to God and my son's name'shall be ZION.

11/27/2022 11:46:22

My husband and I are 8 months pregnant with a boy. We have agonized over a name for months, and have finally landed on the only one that'seems to fit for our boy (even'though we haven't met him yet). We're choosing it both for its meaning and because it is fresh and classy enough without being too over-the-top. Some relatives are unsure about it, but most are giving two enthusiastic thumbs up.

11/04/2022 09:47:32

Our first child's middle name is Zion. he's three months old and he's such a wonderful baby. The reason we picked Zion is because we want a strong name for our child. One day my husband came across someone wearing a Zion National Park t-shirt. He came home and said what about Zion for a middle name❤️ We looked up the meaning and instantly knew that this is the name we've been searching for. Zion's meaning is: sign, omen; excellent and use to refer to a Jewish homeland and heaven. It is also said to have a meaning of "chosen one". The name is of Hebrew origin. Everyone including our family loves the name Zion. They all said Zion is a strong, unique name, and fit our son very well. We have no regrets and we think this name will become more popular in the near future. MJO

11/03/2022 11:27:24

I guess It's okay. It's one of those names where you kind of have to like exactly what the name represents. It's a cool name, and I like it 'cause It'starts with "Z", but that's me. I really can't make up my mind.

10/29/2022 08:36:40

This is my son's name, but we spell it Leam. We also get the people who pronounce it Lean or Leem, or they spell it wrong, or have no idea how to speel it at all. But overall, we love it. he's the only one at his school with that name, so it makes things a lot easier.

10/20/2022 15:39:22

My son's name is Zion, I love this name because it has a stong meaning.

10/01/2022 07:01:04

I would like to name my daughter Zion, but have been getting strange looks from family. Is this name to masculine for a girl❤️

09/19/2022 09:39:06

I'm 20 year old girl with the name Zion. At the begining I used to hate my name. I was even embarresed to introduce my name to othe's. And i've been always blaming my parents for giving me that name. Although some of my friends told me that Zion is a wonderful name, i've been hating it. But after knowing the meaning behind it, i started to be proud of my name. And now most people are telling me that i've got a nice name. And I'm grateful.

09/15/2022 03:57:58

My baby, born July 1st of this year, is named Zion. I actually got my Zion from this street in Hartford called Zion Street. A street I used to see all the time on my way to his father's house before I got knocked up. Well, every time I'd look up out of the bus window, there that'sign would be. It was a sign! I always loved that name, but I wanted to have a reason, a personal reason to do it and that'street sign was a sign that I was meant to name my son Zion. I love this name'so much!

09/11/2022 22:58:02

that is a sch beautiful name.. i put that name in my son.. and he is so cute and intelligent :) he have 1 year old and he is very passioned about everything :) that is just a blessing of name.. i love:)

09/04/2022 01:59:48

Zion is a very powerful name,I have a 8 month old son name Zion. I prayed for a name and this is the name that I heard from God. I love the name and the meaning. My son is unique and very special. He will grow up to be a powerful man of God. If you choose this name you can not care what othe's think of the name. Some people fear what they can't understand. Most people stare with amazement when I tell them my sons name,they in turn say that he is blessed.(which he is)

08/12/2022 05:01:48

Zion is a strictly male name.....Zyon or Xyon can be female.......

06/24/2022 14:24:18

Im naming my lil boy Zyien im 5 months pregnant and im not naming him anything else

06/10/2022 21:55:12

My nickname is Zyon beacuse of my charcaters name from my comic. Most of my friends call me this and I really like it, the meaing of Zyon is something that has always made me feel special, and once I'move Out, I want to change my real name to Zyon.

03/19/2022 15:33:36

My daughters name is Zion but I spelt it Xiahne since Zion was more masculine. This child is only a month old and she is already showing that'she is a blessing. She really is unique and is destined for great things.

03/17/2022 19:38:24

My One year old Grandson is named Zion. My other grandson's name is TAkeo, but you don't have that name in your database.

03/07/2022 23:34:12

I have a 16 year old named ZION and i disliked like the name at first. Gradually his father convinced me it was a beautiful and strong name. Today i agree.

02/11/2022 20:22:30

My 4 yr. old son is Zion Amir. And he's joy and blessing. Everyone that comes in contact with him, loves his spirit and the power of the name, Z-I-O-N!

01/06/2022 04:08:42

This is our son's name. My husband and I both liked the name but I had doubts before he was born and we came up with a short list of other names. But when he was born, he looked like a Felix. We're happy we stuck with this name!

11/22/2021 14:30:36

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i am calling my baby Zion (irrespective of the gender), i am still contemplating on the'spelling though (Zion or Zyon).

11/13/2021 04:30:18

My son is now 5months old and his name is Zyon people usually get his name confused with Dion or Zeon. I love the'stren'th in this name. Many people have spell his name as Xyon. Zyon is most definetly a unique name iand i have never come across or heard of a person named Zyon until this website.

08/28/2021 20:40:30

Many children in Eritrea (North-East Africa) are named Zion, particularly girls. It's a beautiful name!

08/11/2021 16:55:30

My boyfriend has really set his mind on naming our son or daughter zion. I didn't agree in the beginning I'must admit but as I read about the meanings behind the name I also fell in love with the fact of naming our first child zion would be a great blessing.

08/08/2021 20:18:00

Zion, beautiful Zion! When I was six months pregnant I was sitting in church and the preacher was talking about Israel and ZionI'm. Instantly God said to me that Zion is what I should name my baby boy. Even if I were to have a baby girl I would still call her Zion.

07/27/2021 15:30:00

My son is 12 and I had the name Zion picked before I knew the gender, and before I knew that it would be so popular. I was kinda hoping it would be more origional at the time. All I know is that this kiddo kicked like crazy when I played Marley on my belly, esp. the'song "Jammin'" when he'sang "Holy Mt Zion". That's where I got the name. I looked it up in the Bible and it meant "sunny" in Hebrew as well as other things like "promised land". He has suffered no grief for his name, in fact people love it. Later, I found that a friend had a granddaughter named Zion. It works either way. Beautiful, strong name.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Zion?
The origin of the name Zion is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Zion?
Highest Point
*️⃣ How many people are named Zion?
Almost 37000 people are named Zion.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Zion?
The names of Talia, Dahlia, Yara, Aya, Della