Addie meaning

: noble nature or nobility.

Addie Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a(d)-die\
Number of People 👶 45,000
Rate in 2021 2465
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 German
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Addie Name Meaning

Addie, echoing a sonorous ring of nobility, is often interpreted as "noble nature" or "nobility". This meaning portrays an individual of high moral character and honorable disposition, shining a spotlight on eminent traits that span generations.

Addie Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Addie
Additional description of the name Addie

Addie has roots anchored deep in vintage Germanic and English traditions, often served as a diminutive of various names, most notably Adeline and Adelaide. Time has seen this charming nickname evolve into a standalone given name, retaining its old-world charm while fitting right into the contemporary scene.

Cool Info About Name Addie

Additional name description Addie
Additional name description Addie

While Addie can't be traced back to a specific famous identity, this has in no way hampered its growing appeal. Its singer-songwriter vibe is reflected in Addie Hamilton, a noted American vocalist. The name Addie portrays a personality that reflects its meaning - noble, gracious, and dignified. With its easy pronunciation and warm, engaging sound, the popularity of Addie is seeing a significant upsurge.

Every aspect of the name Addie - its categories, sound-alike names, underlying meaning, origin and history, and other trailing details - conveys an inviting warmth and radiates a sterling sense of nobility and grace.

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Comments on the name Addie
12/17/2023 23:06:04

I named my daughter Addie because it had a beautiful old-fashioned sound. I love that when I tell elderly women her name they light up and tell me that their grandmother/great-grandmother had that name. Her name is unique, but not too different.

12/12/2023 02:54:58

My daughter is named "Addie" short for Adelaide, which was my grandmother's name. Everyone always tells me how much they love it. Oddly enough, we've recently met another Addie who lives near us (also short for Adelaide) and i've heard of a couple othe's. This name is still quite unique but might be gaining in popularity (i've read the place names are rising in popularity and Adelaide is a city in Australia). For now, we love that'she has a lovely but unusual name (and It's not super trendy and made up like so many names are, but is traditional, not musty).

11/22/2023 01:13:56

this is my name, and i love It'soo much.ive only ever met one other natasha, but besides her iv met no one else.everyone always knows who i am and remembers my name. iv always loved having my name as its so different. my nicknames are tashina,tasha,tashie,tashee,tash(which i hate). out of all them tashina is my fav because it is once again different and it means little natasha in italian.i woud seriously recommend someone to call their child natasha. it gets u instant popularity.

11/17/2023 10:26:10

My name rocks! No one else has it. The correct way to say my name is add (as in addition) + ee. Addie, very simple. Mostly people get the a sound wrong and pronounce it as in ate.

11/10/2023 05:02:30

It is amazing my name is Addilynne, but most people say ae- Dillon. So I just go by Addie I love my name it is beautiful my ful name is Addilynne Ginger Ann Jewelle sooooo but I love my name'so much it is so original it is absolutely beautiful and I know every one agrees with me so good night y'all

10/28/2023 01:24:18

My name is Addison but people have called my addieson

07/26/2023 12:23:16

My neice is named Addie and I think its the cutedt name ever!

07/16/2023 04:56:00

My full name is Adalyn and everyone pronounces it as Ada-line. It's much easier with the name Addie. I love the name and got the nickname "Adds" from it!

04/11/2023 17:11:16

My real name is Adalin (NO E!!!), but I love my nickname, Addie. EVERYONE loves it! I am a really nice person. I am still in school, and ALL of the teache's love me. Addie would be a great name for a newborn.

03/07/2023 20:46:48

I love this name, especially as a nickname for Addison. I am planning on naming my baby Addie, if it ends up being a girl.

01/24/2023 06:38:04

My name is just plain Addie, I am always asked what my real name is and I'm proud to say It's just Addie. I was named after my great-grandma who was also just Addie. I am also liked by older people like teache's and my neighbors whose parents were also Addie. I haven't met anyone who is just Addie but I will sometime. :D

11/28/2022 04:13:50

My name is Adele and everyone calls me addie I feel Adele way to formal and Addie the opposite Addie definitely describes my personality

11/21/2022 15:17:38

Addie sounds harsh, and haggered. It's not soft at all which is what a female's name'should be.

11/12/2022 00:35:28

I was named after Addie Pray from Papermoon, I love having the name Addie, It's nice and unique. I don't meet to many people with the name, espcially since mine Isn't a nickname.

11/01/2022 08:54:28

My real name is Adalix but no one knows how to pronounce it, so my 6th grade english teacher nicknamed me Addie and i love it because even'tho people spells it as Addy or some confuse me for Abby...i do make a lot of peoples day because it was there gma or great gmas name. LOVE to make people smile!

10/31/2022 06:45:06

i love the name Addie... It is so unique and very cute

05/28/2022 19:09:36

this is one of the ugliest and most horrendous names i've ever heard in my life. if you come up to me and tell me your name if buford i will throw up on'the'spot and drop kick you right then and there

03/29/2022 05:13:30

Well my name is Aiyana and I like my name because it feels like a very unique name for me and a lot of people aren't named Aiyana so I am very glad Aiyana's my name :)

12/05/2021 20:00:54

I love my name Addie. It was my great-grandmothe's name. Everyone always tells me what a pretty name it is. I do have people often confuse it for Abby or spell it Addy. The name Addie is able to stand on its own without being a nickname.

07/12/2021 04:00:36

This is my granddaughters name. I thought it was a very unique way to spell it and have never'seen It'spelled this way before.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Addie?
The origin of the name Addie is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Addie?
noble nature or nobility.
*️⃣ How many people are named Addie?
Almost 45000 people are named Addie.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Addie?
The names of Adis