Adelaide meaning

: Noble Kind

Adelaide Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-delai-de, ad(e)-laide\
Number of People 👶 28,000
Rate in 2021 590
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 German
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Adelaide Name Meaning

The name Adelaide holds a rich and intriguing meaning that is worth exploring. Derived from the Germanic elements "adal" meaning noble and "heid" meaning kind or type, Adelaide embodies qualities of nobility, kindness, and distinction.

Adelaide has a long history and has been used as a given name for centuries. It gained popularity in the English-speaking world during the 19th century, particularly in Australia where it became associated with the city of Adelaide.

The name Adelaide carries a sense of elegance and grace, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a timeless and sophisticated name for their child. Its significance as a noble and kind type resonates with those who wish to instill these values in their loved ones.

Whether you are considering naming your child Adelaide or simply curious about its origins, this name holds a deep meaning that reflects its historical roots and enduring appeal.

Cool Info About Name Adelaide

Additional name description Adelaide
Additional name description Adelaide

The meaning of the name Adelaide for a girl

As a child, Adelaide is usually a quiet but persistent girl. Quite often, her perseverance develops into stubbornness, which of course complicates the upbringing of a child. Adelaide is somewhat withdrawn and prefers calm games more. At the same time, it cannot be said that Adelaide shuns other people. She just doesn't feel much need for company. As she grows older, Adelaide's socialization will increase, which unfortunately often leads her to depend on the opinions of others. True, this feature in her character will be temporary.

Adelaide studies quite well, and especially if she awakens interest in the subject. She rarely has success at the initial stage of training, but her perseverance allows her to achieve very good results. The main thing is that the girl wants to learn. But Adelaide still has innate talents. Usually, this is an excellent ear for music and a beautiful voice. If she develops these qualities, she will achieve great success.

The girl's health can be called strong. Adelaide gets sick noticeably less often than other children, although she also has health problems. It is worth noting that Adelaide tends to have diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Some experts argue that the relationship between posture and lung capacity is very important. It is worth paying more attention to these components.

Characteristics of the name Adelaide

Adult Adelaide changes quite a lot in character, although this happens gradually, without drastic changes. If in childhood Adelaide is a modest and quiet girl, then as an adult she becomes more sociable. Adelaide begins to understand all the advantages of public popularity, which she will successfully use. She knows how to make the right impression on others, in which her sense of tact and sophisticated style will help her.

Adelaide can work in absolutely any field of activity, though she is more successful as a performer. Adelaide is very responsible and no less purposeful. At the same time, she knows how to avoid conflicts at work and is sure to find a compromise even in the most confusing situation. However, work rarely takes center stage in Adelaide's life. Owners of the name are rarely prone to workaholism.

The family in the life of Adelaide occupies a dominant place. She is extremely serious about the issue of marriage and is looking for "that one" for a long time. Adelaide is compliant in family life and usually acts as a follower. Unfortunately, even such an accommodating character often does not lead to a long marriage. Adelaides get divorced as often as other women.

The secret of the name Adelaide

Their secret of Adelaide can be called her excessive self-confidence. She rarely doubts her innocence, even if she does not show it at all. Unfortunately, this causes Adelaide to learn poorly from mistakes and rarely change her behavior.

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Comments on the name Adelaide
01/14/2024 00:00:00

A child could be made fun of with this name because it reminds kids of "lemonade". This is my older'sisters name and she got made of quite a bit for it. Kids will also make fun of it because its different. They will call it weird.

01/04/2024 03:25:38

I love this name! My cousin named her child Adelaide and we call her Addie. I think it fits all ages and is very uncommon, which I like.

12/06/2023 23:11:20

im 15 and love the name Adelaide, lots of my friends call me 'aids' though:( i normally just dont nickname myself, just keep it the'same.

11/22/2023 04:27:54

My mum and I love this name! It's so pretty and cute, and I am hoping to meet an Adelaide one day!

11/04/2023 00:02:24

Wow, I guess I'm not the first Rachelle to be called Rachel It used to kind of bother me when people would call me Rachel instead of Ruh-shell. But I really started liking my name more when my soon to be hubby told me how sexy he thought my name is.

10/05/2023 15:17:40

The name Adrian means black or dark. In German it means Fountain of joy Written by Adrian

09/17/2023 14:23:46

This is my 14 year old brother's name. Everybody always thought he was a girl when he was a baby when'they asked his name

08/11/2023 03:23:24

Adelaide is my great aunts name. It reminds me of lemonade. I think Addison is way cuter.

07/16/2023 22:51:38

I'm naming my daughter Adelaide but because the nickname Addie is so popular we plan on calling her Ada.

07/09/2023 22:27:44

I am going to name my daughter this. I love that it is uncommon and soft sounding. Pretty name.

06/22/2023 07:51:00

I first came across this name on a tombstone while visiting a cemetery. I fell in love with the name and hope to name my future child this. The'spelling was different though. It was spelled Adelade. I am not sure which I like better.

06/15/2023 23:01:40

i love this name, its my second daughters middle name, born 2019 and she is named after her great nana born 1892. So both times when it was trendy. My partner and i both love the name, i love that people are shortening it to addy that's soooo cute.

05/31/2023 09:47:20

Adelaide is my 7-month old daughter's name. A noble and visually appealing name. I love the way it looks written down.

04/04/2023 15:36:50

My youngest daughter is Adelaide Blue. I first "discovered' the name when I worked in Kindercare and had a little girl named Adelaide in my class. We love our little "Addie Blue" and enjoy the uniqueness in her name!

02/24/2023 02:56:26

I love this name. It is sophisticated and elegant, With Addie as a great nick-name. Addie is bouncy and fun, so you can't go wrong with this name.

01/24/2023 03:24:06

my name is Adelaide and im 16. My entire life has been correcting people and everyone butchering it but at least its original

11/30/2022 03:50:26

My 18 month old daughter is named Adelaide. Received tons of compliments on it. Fits in well w/ the new trend of using old fashioned names, yet It's not very common (yet). Let's hope It'stays that way. We refuse to use the name "Addie". With the name Addison being so popular, I didnt want her to become one of many Addie's in her classroom. So we call her "Adell" sometimes, but mostly Adelaide. Usually people think It's made up, which is odd, unless they have an old relative with the name. Lots of people think I say "Natalie" or "Adaley"...The other day they said "Allie." I didn't correct them, I just give up!

11/27/2022 13:14:32

We named our now teenage son Jaren, and I love that It's unique yet a strong name. We chose to spell it this way instead of Jaron because I worried it would get mispronounced as Ja-RON...a boy we are familiar with 5 years older than him has had that happen. Still LOVE the name!

11/22/2022 01:52:26

May be an okay name in parts of Australia and North America (Australian actress Rachel GriffIt's has a daughter of this name), but elsewhere it is still mainly thought of as an old lady's name a la Gertrude, Minnie, and Alberta. Supposing a very young Adelaide one day becomes a parent he'self and she has a daughter❤️ Well, her own little girl may be named Patricia or Jean or Norma or Betty or Marilyn or Shirley or Joyce.

10/14/2022 13:00:20

I love the name Adelaide for a girl! Like previously stated, It's unique without being bizarre. It's flashy, yet lovely. It's a sexy name as well. Addy is adorable for a nickname as well. I want to name my daughter Adelaide in the future. Adelaide all the way!

10/02/2022 10:03:20

I named my 3 year old daughter Adelaide and we call her Addie most of the time. We have gotten alot of compliments on her name, and it is a name that is very uncommon. She can already pronounce it the way It'should be, which is something I was worried about. I have more problems with random nurses, or office people who call and say "Adeline...ummm.Adelide...uhh how do you pronounce her name❤️" I always say "Adelaide, like as in the city in Australia" which they probably aren't familiar with anyways. oh well.

12/17/2021 01:01:30

I named my daughter Adelaide, she is now 6. We call her Addie. I love the name! There are a few Addies at her'school, but they are Addison. I love her unique name. Addie makes the name younger and more trendy. She loves the name, too and is now asking to be called Adelaide now that'she can spell it!

10/21/2021 15:44:24

I love this name im gonna name my daughter this...

09/23/2021 17:02:42

My name is Adelaide and I'm anything but proud of my name! I nicknamed myself "Ade" to cover up the horrible name, but I still get things like oh what is It'short for❤️ Yuck! I never get compliments on it either.

08/31/2021 15:28:12

Hi everyone, I really like the name Adelaide but I have read in another forum that a child with that name would be made fun of by her classmates. Forgive me for being so naive but why❤️ Is it because there is "laid" in Adelaide❤️ Could I have your views on that❤️

08/31/2021 09:58:48

As an Aussie it is one of our cities...but I think its excellent anyway even'though the one Adelaide I know was the nastiest spoilt little girl I have ever met. But I guess you get that with all names...

07/10/2021 23:38:42

We named our daughter Adeline in 2013. The previous comments all sound really familiar (people love it and unique, feminine). We pronounce the the name Add-a-line (rhymes with wine) because the'silent E on the end makes the i a long i sound. I think the name Adelynn is very pretty too. Most people think her name is Addison if we call her Addie.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Adelaide?
The origin of the name Adelaide is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Adelaide?
Noble Kind
*️⃣ How many people are named Adelaide?
Almost 28000 people are named Adelaide.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Adelaide?
The names of Emma, John, Adeline, Taylor, Adelaide