Alexa meaning

: Man's Defender

Alexa Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lexa\
Number of People 👶 128,000
Rate in 2021 506
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Alexa Name Meaning

The name Alexa means “the protector” or “the woman who protects”. It is a name with a relatively new use, but it derives from Alexander, which is a name that comes from ancient times. It has a lot to do with strength and determination, so people who wear it tend to be energetic and determined.

Alexa Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Alexa
Additional description of the name Alexa

Alexa is of Greek origin. It comes from the word "Αλέξανδρος" which translates as the protector. Then, it gave way to the feminine form of Alejandra or Alexandra, which became Alexa as one of its most charming and tender diminutives.

Cool Info About Name Alexa

Additional name description Alexa
Additional name description Alexa


The popularity of the name Alexa

This name first appeared on the chart of the top 1000 most popular names in the year 1973 in the United States of America. Until the year 1986, this name stayed in the lower ranks of the top 1000 when it jumped from number 815 to the number 431.

The name’s popularity continued to climb and Alexa was ranked in the top 100 in the mid 1990s. Also, the highest popularity, 39th,  was achieved in the year 2006. Unfortunately, the name’s popularity decreased rapidly after Amazon picked it as the wake word of its voice service Amazon Alexa, which was released worldwide in the year 2016.

The name “ Alexa “ is not a popular given name in California based on the data by reliable researchers in the year 1947. For example, only 8 babies were named “ Alexa “ in the year 1947. A total of only 46 babies bear the same first name as your baby in the United States of America during that year.

The highest recorded use of the given name was in the year 2006 with a total of 6110 babies from the year 1880 to the year 2018. Since the year 1880, the name “ Alexa “ was recorded 126116 times in the SSA public database.

In the year 1916, the name first appeared and was given to 5 newborn babies. This name became a popular name in the year 1994 with a rank of 95 nationwide and was registered 3440 times as a baby girl’s name. For the past 70 years, this name was recorded 125868 times in the SSA database.


The personality of the name Alexa

A is for accomplished, in all that you do

L is for life, that you live well

E is for enjoy, your life can be fun

X is for Xanadu, your place of paradise

A is for absolute, for you know your mind

Your name can be your heart’s desire and destiny. If you are named “ Alexa “, you are intelligent and graceful. Sometimes you are not friendly and do not like to spend time with other people or your family and friends. Knowledge can be your heart’s desire. You might find it difficult to talk to or trust other people. People perceive you as someone impressive and elegant.

Alexa has a fearless and adventurous personality. He is not one of those people who allows himself to be intimidated by anything since he trusts his mettle and good judgment. She has a very direct gift for communication, which is why she doesn't beat around the bush to express what she thinks and feels.
In love, she is open and passionate. For this reason, he does anything to keep the flame of passion alive in the couple. However, sometimes she is somewhat demanding, so she always expects the same response from the other person.
At work, she is not so dedicated to her work, but she does try to fulfill her role efficiently. Of course, if you find your true calling, you will stand out above the rest. She is very united with her family and fully trusts her. For this reason, she always looks for a way to be close to her loved ones, since she feels that she is with the best company.
People called Alexa will always try to protect their loved ones at all costs. Another characteristic of Alexa's personality is that she hates routine, so it is usual that they are devising a new adventure at every moment.

Famous people named Alexa

Alexa Chung, Alexa Ray Joel, Alexa Davalos, and Alexa Curtis

Diminutives and variations of the name Alexa
Alexa has some associated variants and diminutives such as the following:
Alexandra, Alex, Alejandra, Alessandra, Alessa, Alexy, Sandy, Sacha

The name Alexa in other languages
Alexa does not have variants in other languages. However, the name from which it derives is. these are some of the ways it is written in other languages:
Italian: Alessandra
German: Alexandra
English: Alexandra
Russian: Sasha
French: Alexandria

Alexa's Saint's Day
For onomastics, the day assigned to Alexa is February 14 in honor of Saint Alejandra, which, as we have already mentioned, is where this unique name derives from.

Numerology of the name Alexa
Numerology relates the name Alexa to the number 7 which belongs to people with perfectionist and overprotective qualities.

Similar names to the name Alexa

Alex, Alexia, Alexis, and Alexandra

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Comments on the name Alexa
01/14/2024 00:00:00

my names alexa, and when i was younger i would always wish i was an alexandra or alexis, but now i love my name the way it is :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name, especially when people get it right. When I'meet someone new, 9/10 times they'll say something like "Oh, hi Alexis!" And I'm like "No, It's Alex-UH!" i've only met three other people with my name, and I'm currently in school with one of them. We've made it a thing: "Hi Alexa!" "Hi Alexa!" I thought it'd be cool at first, but now It's just plain confusing. Now I know how all the Andrews feel... I don't go by anything, but I'd like to be either Ally or Lexy, which is what my friend calls me. Overall, though, when it comes down to it, I really do love my name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Most people call me lexi or alexia. I don't really care but I hate it when people forget my name because it is so unique.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I was going to name my daughter this, (By the way, Im pregnate with two girls and one boy) but now that I think of it and read all these comments, I think it is too commen. I have two little girls who live on the same street as me and my husband and they're names are both Lexie...

01/10/2024 02:50:42

I chose to name my youngest daughter Alexa. Like the othe's who have commented a lot of people mistakenly call her Alexis but she doesn't make a big deal about it. Her nickname is Saysa because when she was 2 she couldn't say Alexa and when people asked what her name was she would reply Saysa and It'stuck.

12/23/2023 12:13:58

My name is Alexa and I have always loved my name, especially because my mom and dad made the name up (they didn't look through any books to find my name). I think It's one of the most beautiful names I have ever heard, i dont know why but I have always loved my name. I usually get called 'Lexa', 'Lex', or 'Lexi' by my friends and family, any yes they have tried calling me Alex or Alexis but I usually didnt respond (mostly because there are people in my grade named Alex and Alexis) so they gave up and stuck to the original nick-names. =)

12/23/2023 04:17:52

My older sister's name is Alexa. She has icy cold blue eyes and short light brown hair with red highlights. She hates it.

12/13/2023 03:00:54

my name is alexa im 11 years old i thought that there were only a couple named alexa and i guess there are alot i really enjoy my name.......i also get called lexa,lex,lexi and lexi lou so i really do love my name

11/21/2023 21:42:20

Alexa is really popular name in my town but no matter how many girls have it i will still think its pretty

10/12/2023 07:27:50

My name is 'Alexa' but dad wanted 'Alexandria' and my last name is 11 letters long so that did go so! I dont like how know one has it. My mom wanted me to be 'Alex' if i was a boy or girl so i just got called 'Alex' by my family..and my friends call me 'lexa'. It is a great name

10/11/2023 06:11:22

This name is GREAT most people I'meet love it. Its a very cool name.

10/11/2023 05:53:44

my name is alexa and i am awesome so i would name your daughter after me,

10/06/2023 04:31:10

My name is Alecsa but it is Pronounced Alexa my father came up with it but when people try to reed my name they say alysha or Alecisa It's pretty bad but I haven't met any one who spells it like me❤️ so I am thankful to my father for spelling it this way even'though it can be a pain

09/16/2023 16:03:38

Alexis is better but I don't like either of them..

09/14/2023 11:27:16

I have the name Alexa and I love it. I have only met one other person with the name Alexa. Also, I can never find anything with my name on it. People call me "Alexis" or "Alexia" and I'm like, "It's Alexa". You would think that people could remember'such an easy name, but some people love how unique and beautiful it is. When I'm in school and an Alexis gets announced over the'speaker, at first I get really scared, but then I'm cool. I would never change my name because it is AMAZING.:)<3

09/13/2023 03:07:36

i like my name alexa. the only reason why i dont like it is becuase people call me alexis alexia alexandra! i hate it look at my birth certificate and then come talk to me. i love the name alexa becuase there are so many different things you can make with it. Uh- lex. lex lexi sexi lexi aleca(my hawaiin name) i love it k;bye

08/28/2023 08:00:36

My sister's name is Alexa. She is thirteen and model/actress. We call her Lexie, or Lex.

08/05/2023 06:37:02

I always said if i have a girl i will name her Alexa Grace. Alexa becouse I like it, and Grace for Gods saving grace!

07/30/2023 22:11:16

When searching for an origin, I wouldn't overlook the Latin word for spear (lancea). If that were the case, though, we all should be women because It's a feminine noun! I have known a handful of Lance's in my 26 years and physically met only one. At the time I felt quite hostile towards him in a sort of "there can be only one" kind of way. "Matt's" and "John's" will never run into this situation. It's a good name.

07/27/2023 13:04:28

I'm 16 and my parents named me Alexa Taylor because they wanted a name that meant strong, and a name that could be said in multiple languages. In my grade, there are 5 other girls with my name'so it gets a little annoying when we have the'same classes. i've been called Alexis, Alexia etc. My name Isn't that difficult to remember, but sometimes (all the time) they forget

07/20/2023 05:19:44

One of my favorite names. Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of model/actress Christie Brinkley, and musician Billy Joel. Alexa is a singer'songwriter as well, and I predict she will go on to great success. :)

07/19/2023 15:13:20

My name is Alexa it rocks! I like it when my friends call me "Lexi"

07/02/2023 00:36:36

this is a good name to branch from if u have twins

06/28/2023 01:05:46

My 10 year old daughter is named Alexa and she's so awesome. She thinks her name is awesome, too. In case you can't tell, she's dictating to me what to say!

06/17/2023 16:27:58

This is my daughter's name and I love it Daija Jolee Already Beautiful in french perfect

06/12/2023 00:59:00

My daughters name is Alexa, she was born during the "Alexa boom" is 2018 (I didn't know it was that popular!) so yeah, she's 9 years old. Her middle name is Marie, after her Aunt.

05/21/2023 01:09:32

my 17 month old daughter's name is Anna Alexa and she also has blonde hair and blue eyes LOL

04/21/2023 06:07:38

I like Alexa but I love the name Alexia more though but it is still a pretty name!

04/07/2023 05:02:12

Well, my name is also Alexa, but I know about four other people that have it. It's common where I live, therefore I hate it.

03/26/2023 15:53:58

My name is Alexa. I'm 15 and ever'since I was little people can never get into their heads that It's "Alexa" and not "Alexis" or "Alexia". I'm so used to it now that I answer when people call me by the wrong name I answer and that's so sad. My parents and family have called me "Lex" or "Lexa" since I was younger. Now that I am growing up people have started to call me "Lexii". I can easily tell how long you have known me if you call me "Lexii" or "Lex". But for me I think I understand why people call me "Alexis". I am African American and there are not many African American girls named Alexa from what I have seen. African Americans are not used to the name Alexa, but Alexis. And then when I correct them, they look at me confused. But yes I love my name, even'though alot of people don't even know It's my name. Haha.

03/11/2023 01:11:28

My name is Alexa and it Isn't very common so people don't get me confused with someone else named Emily or some very used out name.

02/09/2023 08:48:16

i love my name and get lots of compliments for it, but i find i get called alexis, alexia or even alicia! I'mostly use "lex" or "lexi" because other people tend to be able to get that correct for some reason.

01/30/2023 04:17:20

I love, love, love the name Alexa! It's a pretty name and It's not over'sed either. Perfect.

01/26/2023 08:53:22

I still dislike my name, my mom named me Alexa after my dad Alexander, and so many people call me Alexis or Alexia, I really dislike it when people mess it up, it doesn't seem like that hard of a name, but otherwise I find It'so pretty.

01/22/2023 22:18:24

My name is 'Alexa". If I could get a penny for everytime I was told that name was very pretty and different! I have definately learned to appreciate my name at the ripe old age of 30.

01/17/2023 00:39:08

The nickname Maddie is cute. But Madison is ugly sounding.

12/29/2022 21:06:32

My 8 months old daughter is also Alexa and she has blond hair and blue eyes. I love her name and I call her Lexie. I think its a beautiful name!!!

12/22/2022 13:04:10

Alexa is a great name doesn't feel like my name needs more I just feel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️but l lije it

12/20/2022 04:03:18

My names Alexa, and like stated about my biggest problem is getting "Alexis", "Lexi", "Alex", "Alexandria", etc. Its Alexa. Just Alexa. i've never had anyone have toruble pronouncing it though.

12/17/2022 16:59:00

my name is alexa and i have long light brown hair and brownish green eyes i love my name because there arent very many people in my area that have it :) i also hate being called alex or alexis i go by alexa, lex, or lexa :]

12/10/2022 03:03:58

I am trying to come up with first name for my baby girl. The middle and last names are predetermined, due to generational heritage and of course she will have her Daddy's last name! So I am thinking of using Alexa... I live in Oregon and there are not many Alexa's! I've of course come into contact with Alexis, Lexi, Lexis. But no Alexa's I am just hoping she won't mind that our initials will be the exact same after her father and I marry!

12/03/2022 10:18:32

I am 21 and my Name is Alexa! I Love it. A lot of people don't get it though and sometimes call me "Alexis" or "Lexus". And I hate it! I'm ok with "Lxa", "Lexa" and "Lex".

11/30/2022 03:15:10

my sisters name is alxa but for short we call her ale

11/20/2022 18:25:40

Oh Alexa, what a beautiful name you be! i will always love you, beautiful Alexa! LOL my name is Alexa! :3

11/13/2022 09:12:46

I named one of my twins Alexa Rose I liked the name Alexis but it was too popular and I didn't want her called Lexi I love her name and sometimes call her Lex or Lexa and she has gotten'to the point she will yell at anyone that calls her Lexi and she is only 4

10/19/2022 17:36:52

My name is also Alexa! I get all the'same mispronunciations, Alexis mostly. But never understood why people just can't say 'Alexa,' its just odd to me!!! I think its a cool and unique name!!!

10/01/2022 05:15:16

My name is Alexa and I love love love my name. Not many other people have it. But the bad thing about it is they tend to pronounce my name "Alexia" "Alex-UH" "lexis" "Alexis". But other than that I love It'so much. People always tell me how pretty and unique my name is. I have not yet met any other Alexa.

09/26/2022 04:45:36

I dont meet many other Alexa's. Sometimes there are a few I'meet or hear about each year. It is always spelled correctly, except some people have spelled it "elexa"

09/24/2022 15:08:32

I love my name Alexa! Its unique but most people know how to say it.I would never change it!

09/11/2022 20:54:36

My name is alexa and im 20 now was born in 2005 and i like my name it goes with me well lol but the one thing that bugs me is when people say it wrong or spell it wrong i don't like Alexis or Alex and some people will spell it alexia ya so it gets annoying but its whatever its bot like the world will end when'they do that all you can really do is correct it when'they do it

08/26/2022 09:24:36

my 21 month old daughter's name is Alexa and I love this name very much!!! Blond hair and blue eyes.

08/17/2022 03:58:48

My name is alexa, and I like the name but I very often get alexis, or alexia...very annoying. I hate the nickname alex and lexi, but I don't mind lex

07/26/2022 05:51:18

people always pronounce my name wrong!!! I always get called alexia or alex or something! Its so annoying! Just say it how its spelt

07/13/2022 13:09:36

i would like to be called alexa but i am called holly

04/20/2022 06:05:42

I named my daughter Alexa due to my obsession with the name of Alexandria but it being too long, and her paternal family who are Greek. We call her Lex/Lexi, but Ally and Alex are still on the board!

03/01/2022 13:51:00

This is my name and I really like it - especially now that I am older. There aren't very many of us and it is different without being wierd.

02/22/2022 12:34:30

My name is Alexa, and I absolutely love it! It's different, and uncommon, but still classic. I highly recommend it!!! :D

01/21/2022 10:08:42

I named my daughter Alexa... she is 5 now and to this day I am still completely in love with her name. It is unique because not a lot of people have it, but it Isn't weird or odd either. I call her Lex or Lexa for short. She is called Lexi sometimes... I HATE it and I always correct people. If I wanted people to call her Lexi I would have named her Alexis. I often get people who spell it Alexia, which I don't understand. But other than that there Isn't much confusion. I think it is a beautiful name!

12/27/2021 11:44:06

My daughters name is Alexa Lynn. My husband wanted Alex and i decided to put he A on the end. I told him we could call her Alex, but now that shes her we call her Lexa and Alexa Pie. I love her name. We put a lot of thought into her name so i hope she loves it as much as us. She is two months old. Blond hair and Blue eyes. Shes amazing.

12/23/2021 18:03:54

When I was a little girl, I was the only Hannah I knew. But now that I am older, there are a bunch of little girls that have my name which makes me really angry because now everyone thinks Hannah is a common name. Despite its recent popularity, I still really like it!

12/01/2021 08:02:42

People always call me Alex or Alexia. And one time I was even called ALECA pronounced UH-LEC-UH.

11/10/2021 16:06:54

my daughters name is Alexa. she is 2 :) i love it so much

10/28/2021 18:50:42

love it, want to name my baby Alexa but my boyfriend doesn't like it!

09/28/2021 03:11:06

I really love my name. it has It's pros and cons though. many people mispronounce it even'thought it Isn't a difficult name. But when people learn my name a get great compliments on it!

08/26/2021 21:05:42

My name is Alexa. I get commpliments on it. I just don't like when people can't get my name'straight. They'll call me Alexis,Alex,Lexie. I sometimes just want to scream NO It's Alexa.

07/25/2021 17:45:00

My daughter is Alexa. She was originally called Alexis when first born, but 23 years ago everyone thought it was after the Carringtons as Dynasty was popular, so it was quickly changed. Often it is thought that we have abbreviated it from Alexandra, and have to insist that it is not. She is called Lex by her family.

07/17/2021 13:56:24

Funny, my 11 y/o daughter, Alexa, also has blonde hair and blue eyes. I love that her name is uncommon but not weird. I think it is beautiful.

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Alexa FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alexa?
The origin of the name Alexa is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alexa?
Man's Defender
*️⃣ How many people are named Alexa?
Almost 128000 people are named Alexa.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alexa?
The names of Emma, Emily, Alex, Alexandra, Alexis