Alexandra meaning

: Man's Defender

Alexandra Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lexa-ndra, alex(an)-dra\
Number of People 👶 237,000
Rate in 2021 340
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Greek
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Alexandra Name Meaning

The name Alexandra has 2 origins; the Greek form of onofhe name means “ Defender of mankind “ and the English form of the name means “ Defender of mankind “. There is a big difference between the two forms of the name, the English form of the name has been used mostly for girls. The name Alexandra is also the feminine form of the name Alexander. The two names, “ Alexander “ and “ Alexandra “ are both derived from the word “ Alexein “. This name is a 4 syllable name and it is easy to be pronounced.

Cool Info About Name Alexandra

Additional name description Alexandra
Additional name description Alexandra


The personality of the name

As there is a secret behind every name, the name Alexandra has a secret behind itself. Also here we have the letter analysis of the name;

A is for accomplished, in all that you do.

L is for luster, Your shine

E is for extra, those little things you do

X is for x! The mysterious side of you!

A is for altruism, the unselfish you

N is for neatness, your orderly way

D is for dashing, romantic you!

R is for refreshing, the sparkling you

A is for accord, the harmony you spread

If you are named Alexandra, you want fame got doing something impressive and unusual. You also possess a creative mind with excellent problem-solving ability. You can balance your emotion and emotion is what is the most important thing to you. There might be people who get jealous of you. You have abilities that make you a powerful person and you can always stand out in the crowd.


The name Alexandra's popularity

The name is not rare in Georgia. The given name is the 48th most common baby girl’s name. In the year 1993, nearly 173 babies were named Alexandra. This name was recorded 234649 times in the SSA public database, since 1889 up to 2018.

This name first appeared in the year 1894; in that year near the name Alexandra was given to 5 newborn babies. The time that the name became popular is related to the year 1984 with a rank of 96 nationwide and was registered 2814 times as a baby girl’s name. This name is a consistent top-ranking girl’s name in one of the states of the United States of America.


Famous people named Alexandra

As you know, famous people can influence the name’s popularity. If you consider well-known characters named what your baby is going to be named, here we have a list of famous people named Alexandra.

Alexandra Daddario who is a TV actress

Alexandra Leona Bryant who is a model

Alexandra Beaton who in a TV actress

Alexandra Botez who is a Twitch star


Similar names to the name Alexandra

You can select similar names to the name Alexandra, as Alexandra’s siblings. Also if you are looking for a rare name similar to Alexandra, you can select the names below.

Alex, Alexa, Alexie, Allie, Lexi, Sandy

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Comments on the name Alexandra
09/03/2023 11:44:30

Alexander is rubbish name on earth and world that true facts ❤️

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name Alexandra Elizabeth. Most people would picture a blonde hair blue eyed but im black haired blue eyed and pale. The name has beauty to it, plus my nickame: Lexi, has the'spice I have lol im sweet amd spicy ;)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is my name. People often spell my name without the e - Fay. I have met other Faye's the majority of them spell it with the e but some don't.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My daughter is an Alexandra, she is 6 and no one calls her Alexandra, I call her Alex, dad calls her Allie..poor child has so many names she doesn't even'turn around when I do happen'to call her Alexandra.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Alexandra and I love it. It is very elegant and pretty. It also Isn't very common so it makes it very unique. I get called Alex alot and sometimes Allie. I love this name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name's AleKSandra... and to be honest i've ALWAYS hated it. It's just much too long and i also hate always going by Alex which sounds too much boy-like. my parents thought it would be something different to spell it with KS instead of X but I'm not really sure if that was the right decision because almost everyone spells it wrong... even my mom.

01/09/2024 09:12:42

My name is Alexandra everyone calls me Alex, but i find people get it mixed up with Alexander which is the boys name (although some boys say this on purpose) overall i love the name.

12/18/2023 17:19:20

my name is Alexandra and Alex for short but i dont realy like it as Alex is a more guys name and Alexandra is too long

12/14/2023 23:23:32

I have a couple of friends that have the name Alexandra. I really like the name, and if Alexandra is too long, just call them Alex!

12/13/2023 10:21:44

My name is Alexiel. That's what my parents called me to set me apart from the various other Alex's in my classes. I love my unique name, and the name Alexandra suits me well.

12/02/2023 04:51:58

my name is alexandra and everybody calls me alex. i dont really like the name alex because every associates it with being a boys name when i know lots of girls called alex !!!

11/29/2023 07:48:08

My middle name is Alexandra & I adore it! I love my given first name too & will answer to it by my family and a few close friends, but primarily go by "Alix" as a variation of my middle name. My middle name fits me very well, especially now as an adult. Alexandra is a very beautiful name & I love the meaning. Only fairly recently did I realize the history behind both variations, but "Alix" in particular as I didn't know anyone else who spelled it with an "i" as a nickname. There is a very long history of "Alexanders" on both sides of my family. Thanks to my grandmother, "Alix" with an "i" is the family tradition for the'spelling of the nickname in the female form, which I adore! As another mentioned, the'spelling came from Princess Alexandra "Alix" of Denmark, better known as Queen Alexandra of England, as my grandmother is quite the "Anglophile." I pronounce my name in either form ("Alexandra" or "Alix") differently, depending on whether I am speaking English or Swedish & respond to both. It can be confusing using my middle name here in the'states because it is not as common for people to go by their middle name in the US as in Sweden. My pet peeve is when people spell it "Alex," so I feel the compulsion to spell it I'mediately after meeting new people. It's a bit irritating but worth it to me because I AM & feel like an "Alexandra" or an "Alix," but not an Alex.

11/24/2023 16:42:44

I was thinking of naming my daughter Alexandra. Does anyone have any good ideas for a middle name❤️

11/21/2023 01:43:16

My name is Alexandra and no one, I'mean no one will leave it long. I can date myself to who calls me which ever end I am using at the time (Andra or Alex)

11/19/2023 12:23:50

I named my 19 month old daughter Alexandra Elizabeth Ava. My husband's middle name is Alexander, his mother was Elizabeth, and his grandmother was Ava. His mother died of Alzheimer's disease 2 months after my daughter was born. And his grandmother died in childbirth right after delivering my MIL (she never knew her mother). We call her Ally for short, but I just started calling her Alexandra a couple times a day just so she will learn to respond to it. To me, the name has a royal sound to it, and being the only girl in a family with 4 boys, she is definitely the'spoiled princess! For some reason she likes to munch on cat food, so we sometimes call her Ally-cat.

11/18/2023 19:03:28

I love my name Alexandra but for my nick name I have people call me Alexa and I get made fun of for that name bc of the Amazon Alexa they say what's the weather today, and other things even'though I ask them to stop. Also I hate when my teache's call me the names that I don't want to be called like Lexi, Alexis, Alexandria. Just listen'to what I tell you my name is!!! But I still love my name I feel that it is unique but not to unique where someone wouldn't have ever have heard that name before.

11/14/2023 14:50:30

This is my name and I was named after my grandfather, Dale. Growing up, one of my neighbors was a girl named, Dale. I love the name because my grandfather was a strong yet very compassion'te person. Dale fits me perfectly!

11/03/2023 06:24:24

this is our granddaughters name'she is 13 years old now. it is spelled Raelyn Agreat name for a special person.

10/28/2023 15:13:04

This is my girlfriends name and it is one of the most beautiful names i have ever heard. Also nearly every jacqueline i have met is a very nice person. I think it is a fantastic name.!

10/05/2023 14:42:24

Alexandra is the name on my birth certificate but I have NEVER been called it. To my friends I'm Lexy (or Lex), my family call me Alex or Ally, i've been called Zandra, Andie, Sandy - the wierdest one is Dra! LOTS of nickname possibilities from Alexandra - It's classic and regal but can be made funky and modern really easily. I love my name.

10/03/2023 17:44:30

My best friend's name is Alexandra but everyone calls her Allie or Allie-cat! I love the name. I was thinking of naming my future daughter after her.

09/13/2023 09:17:54

My name is Alexandra, and frankly I dont really like the name. Mainly because its too common these days and people are really too lazy to call you by your full name and im too lazy to call myself by my full name. Everyone just calls me Alex. Its strikes me as a name for royalty as well and that puts me off it as well.

09/11/2023 18:12:40

My name is Alexandra, and i love it, but It's too long for someone as petite as I am, so i've always been called Lexy. When i get to college, I'll probably go by Alexandra. I love both Lexy and Alexandra.

09/01/2023 00:45:52

My bff's name is Alexandra. Our teache's call her Alex, but she goes by Zan, Zandra, Xan, or Xandra. aleXANdra. I love this name'sOO much.

08/08/2023 16:01:28

This is my mothe's name and we pronounce it ... Aleesha or Aleeseea. English or Spanish. It is not a mispronunciation. It doesn't matter. There is no CORRECT way of spelling a name is how you feel and see your baby. If your name is pronounced differently than just kindly tell people. My mother, named me Alysha. and calls me Aly or Alicita (Aleeseeta) in spanish.

07/30/2023 15:43:20

My name is alexandra and i like it, ever'since i was young i love people calling me alex, but the only problem i have is that there are 5 alex's in my class

07/24/2023 16:18:16

I love my name Alexandra, but when I was in school, and I was called to the office, they would always say Alexandria instead of Alexandra, and that got me really irritated.

07/11/2023 06:12:08

I'm a 19 year old Alexandra and my lifelong best friend is also Alexandra! I know so many Alex's its rediculous between males and females. A little annoying. If it wasn't so pupular I'd love it!

07/04/2023 10:12:44

my bffs name is alexandra but everuyone calls her aslex

06/19/2023 15:46:56

Its not my name but it is where i got my daughters name from. Her Name is Zandra. I just love it.

06/17/2023 09:24:46

My name is Alexandra. Yes, there are many Alexandras especially in my generation. in fact the year I was born it was on the top 10. That is not why my parents named me Alexandra though. Alexandra is the name of a Queen, but not petty ones. Strong, noble deities were given'this Greek-Orthodox-originating name because it means "protector and defender of mankind, stren'th and intelligence". However when I was a little girl my grandmother gave me the nickname Xanthe. Xanthe is not made up, it is a Greek name from mythology. Ever'since then, I have never been called "Alix", "Alex", "Allie", "Sandra", or any Alexandra derivative. It's just been Xanthe Xanthe Xanthe my whole life and everyone seems to like that unique name. However, I do NOT prefer Xanthe to Alexandra. I love my name. It is a royal hidden name that is romantic enough that only my closest family ever calls me. And every time I hear it I just fall into a daze of how I am a royal princess who's true name is only known among the royal family and is rarely solicited for her own image and sophisticated grandeur is too exquisite to be over'sed by commoners. That'sounds very snooty of me to say, but for such a dreamer as myself it is merely the way I think of it. If you are worried about the popularity of the name you could name your child Alexandra and call her'something else unique so she'still has an illustrious and highly romantic name, but she wont be mistaken for the other Alexandras out there because of her nickname. Trust me. Her name and character will still make a lasting good first impression and even non-traditionalists will recognize the ferver of a royal name. I don't mean to brag or be snootish on this matter, I'merely want to answer those who think it is too popular. Today, actually it is not quite so over'sed. ps. I am also an extreme romantic so to put things in perspective...

06/14/2023 00:53:14

I used to hate my name when I was very much younger, but now I love it. I don't meet many Alexandra's around. It's a beautiful and regal name.

06/02/2023 02:56:00

My name is Alexandra. I was named for Queen Alexandra of England. I use the nickname "Alix" or "Allie." "Alix" because my namesake used "Alix" and "Allie" because that particular spelling is a family name. I used to hate my name (It'seemed boring), but now that I am older (almost 27), I go by my full name because It's quite elegant, sophisticated, and it makes me feel powerful and intelligent (which helps since I'm a college professor... ha!)... not to mention that'some of the most beautiful women in the world are named Alexandra. My only gripe is that people insist on calling me "Alexandria" which makes me want to tear my hair out. That'sounds irrational, but It's NOT my name and some people are serial offenders!

05/22/2023 18:53:28

My name is Alexandra and I useed to dislike it, preffering to be caled Alex. But I hate any nicknames now and I like to be called by my full name.

05/15/2023 11:08:44

This is my name and I love it! It fits me very well...I have always gotten compliments on my name and is not a common name:)

05/15/2023 08:47:40

this is my name, and yes people always say my name wrong and they always always seem to mispell it. i dont really come across that many people who have the'same name as me and they spell t the'same.

05/02/2023 18:40:36

my sisters name is alexandra but we call her alex, the name is rather long she really doesnt know her name cause she's one yr old but I'm sure she'll love it

05/02/2023 08:58:42

My daughter's name is Alexandra Elizabeth & goes by Lexi. What's funny is I had not heard that name much at all but I think there was an increase in popularity in the very late '90's & pretty early 2012 because It's very popular among her age group. I was 16 when I got pregnant, turned 17 very shortly prior to giving birth & wasn't sure if I was going to do an adoption. Obviously I didn't but because of that I hadn't even considered names. My poor daughter was called "The Baby" for 2wks while I traded ideas back & forth w/my dad, whom we live with. My name is 9 letters for each of the 3 (first, middle, last) & I wanted that to go for my daughter's name also. Why❤️ It just always seemed neat to me & I thought it would really be neat if both my daughter AND my self had that. I got to work on it & I'm not kidding when I say I worked hard to pick a name that fit all my criteria. Besides the 9 letter thing (yes she has my last name) I insisted it NOT be one of these strange things people name their kids today (not only do I see that as mean to the kid but selfish on behalf of the parents. That & I don't have the money for the potential therapy needed after years of being picked on!!!). From there I wanted it to have a good nickname & if possible, a name that had a couple of nickname choices so SHE could decide what she wanted to be called as she grew up. Another important piece was that the name, the full first name, not a nickname, be something respectful, adult, a name a professional could use (I'm not sure if I'm describing what I'mean very well). No offense to anyone but I couldn't picture "Dr.Kandy" or "Barbie Smith, Attorney at Law" (& I'mean BARBIE not what some people use for a Barbara's nickname) & other things like that. It also had to be a GIRL'S name. Personally I'm not fond of the inter'sex names. So there's the crazy amount of criteria I had for naming my daughter! I love it but you have to keep in mind I'm biased ;) From what I know, my daughter likes it as well. She does, however, hate when people call her Alex, Alexis, Alexia & other things are not her established names. Names are a big deal & as I OBVIOUSLY beli've, deserve a lot of thought & planning.

04/30/2023 05:50:30

I'm an Alexandra and i've never liked it. Everyone always tells me what a beautiful name it is, but it just has never'suited me. I don't like the nickname I got stuck with either, but I'm too old (30's) to change that, too.

04/21/2023 23:28:00

Wonderful name!! There is a gymnast I know named Talia and she is spectacular! The name'sounds gorgeous and is unique enough for my tastes and Isn't too strange to be pronounced in anohter rediculous way!... now im trying to get my sister to name her child that! GREAT name!

04/03/2023 06:24:16

my name is alex and i dont care what other people think cause im special(ed)lol and not other people and thats the way i am

03/22/2023 22:51:04

I named my daughter Aleksandra, which is the Polish spelling of the name. It gets misspelled 'Alexsandra' all the time. I tell people that, phoen'tically, the 'ks' makes the 'x' sound. I thought it was a prettier'spelling. My daughter's full name is Aleksandra Grace Elizabeth and her initials spell AGEM. It fits her because she is the first girl in two generations n my husband's side as well as the first grandchild and great-grandchild on both sides. We call her Ally and some people also call her Aleks, Leksi or Sasha. She answers to all of them. I love this name!

03/18/2023 14:48:52

I have a 6 year old girl and her name is Alexandra.My husband and I loved the name and so does our daughter.We call her Alex for short or precious.This is one of the most beautiful calssic names for a girl in our view.WE LOVE IT NUFF SAID!

03/11/2023 03:50:10

My name is Alexandra and I think it is beautiful and royal, however, it is a tad long to be called at school. I go by Ally, or Alex. But I love Alexandra and totally love being called Alexandra outside school.

02/20/2023 12:49:52

My only daughter is called Alexandra. I love this name because It'signifies stren'th and I really wanted by baby to be a strong person.

02/12/2023 23:30:06

My sisters called Alexandra but we all call her Ali. She gets angry but It's to hard to "change our ways" and call her Alexandra...It's TOO LONG

02/09/2023 05:34:18

I just named one of my twin girls Alexandra Marie. I love it. They're only 3 months old. I didn't realize that it was so popular though. I don't know anyone with the name, i've just always liked it.

02/05/2023 04:00:02

My middle name is Alexandra, I like it, but It's pretty long, and I have a short first and last name.

01/12/2023 06:55:02

omgeee so many people have the name Alexandra i think its a great name .... my name is Alexandra and i love it there are many nick names Alex, Alexa lols i LOVE my name!

12/26/2022 00:32:02

Alexandra is a beautiful name, it will bring the girl luck in the future.. she will be a very pretty girl if she has the name of alexandra.. and as she is at a young age she will hate the name... but as you grow older you learn to realize its not that bad.. and then you learn a bit about such a beautiful name ! x

12/24/2022 12:23:08

I love my name although I used to hate it for being too fussy. I like it now because its not that common. People always compliment me on my name and alot of people have said its their name of choice for a future baby.

12/21/2022 05:19:46

Having spent many years in the forces, a real good friend of mine, who I'd known since I joined, was called Alexander. We eventually lost contact after the 1st Gulf War - I was also involved in a motorbike accident in which I nearly died! The helmet which ensured my survival was his - after recovery, my wife had a daughter and we named her Alexandra.....

12/05/2022 19:01:46

i love it because It's my name, and because it has a beautiful sound to it!

12/04/2022 11:52:38

im 12 years old and my name is Alexandra. Everyone that I know is too lazy call me Alexandra So they make up names like Allison Alex Ally Al and I just want them to call by my name. Ive told them vefore but they dont listen

12/02/2022 01:58:52

I love my name. The worst part is when people see my name on a list and think I am a boy. I hate it even more when people call me Alexis or Alexandria. But, other than that, Alexandra is an awesome name.

11/22/2022 07:27:28

my name is alexandra and for many years i wouldnt let anyone call me anything else. but people are just too lazy to say alexandra and everyone calls me something different. often alex or aly but thats not all...its too long for me i think

10/25/2022 10:51:38

My father is from Alexandria,Egypt and that is how I got this LOVELY name. My family usually calls me Alex, unless they are really mad at me and then'they call me Alexandra. Many people call me Ali, and some call me Alexandra the Great, because, well I am. This is probably the best name in the world.

10/22/2022 16:08:52

I happen'to love my name. Alexandra is often associated with Alexandera Egypt and Alexander the Great. I think it is a very lovely name. There are many nicknames which i go by, such as Alex, Ally, Ally Gator, Al, and more. I think this name is classic, when I was younger I went by Alex and now that i am married and have two kids of my own I go by Alexandra.

09/24/2022 13:05:06

My names Alexandra and i hate it, people are always calling me Alexandria and spelling it wrong. also its so common, every where you go there is someone named Alex or Alexandra.

09/09/2022 15:25:20

my daughters name is Alix, i love it and i dont know of any other Alix's yet. i think its a beautiful name and suits her as the meaning suggests noble, and noble she is.

05/30/2022 00:26:24

My daughter is named Alexandra, and it means Helper of Mankind. My husband liked that bit, but I didn't, and I still don't. I'm just glad little Alexandra Anne turned out fine!

05/07/2022 04:21:18

When i have my baby this is what im going to name her. Shes going to be named after my great grandfather Alexander.

05/04/2022 03:09:18

Alexandra is the name of my one and only grandchild aged just 7 years. It is such a beautiful name and really suits her as she will stick up for anyone who she feels is being treated unfairly. We live in the UK where this name is not very common and there is only one other girl in her'school with this name. We tend to call her Alex and she is happy with this. She also happens to love her name too.

05/01/2022 18:25:30

My name is Alexandra...i love it...its really long though, sometimes it gets cut off and teache's have mistaked it for alexander (embarrasing)...not a lot of people call me by my whole name, they call me...ale, parents are spanish so they call me alejandra.

04/24/2022 13:29:24

My name is Alexandra and I hate it. I have a very unusaul taste in names and It's too common. I have had an Alexandra in my class one too many times and in year one and 2 i had to deal with people calling me Alexandra McK because there was another Alexandra M. I hate being called Alex becaus eIt's boring, and becaus eIt's my cousins name and a guys name too so people call me Lexa

04/10/2022 12:46:12

I'm 30 years old and have met maybe 5 people with this name... It'seems to be growing in popularity though.

03/13/2022 08:35:06

I luv the name Alexandra i named my daughter that and i also have alot of friends with the name alexandra and same with my duaghter there are actually 5 girls with the name alexandra in her class.

03/12/2022 17:01:48

I love this name! I think It's beautiful and I love that it can be shortened to Alex. I recently got my name legally changed to Alexandra, I prefer to be called Alex though. The reason I picked Alexandra over Alex was so that I could have the best of both names! Every Alexandra and Alex i've known have been sweet too, so I have no bad memories associated with this name.

03/02/2022 13:38:24

My sister is named Alexandra, but everyone calls her Allie. The only problem with that is that our aunt spells her name wrong (Ally)

02/25/2022 09:12:00

I think the name Alexandra Rose is just so beautiful and timeless. you could nebver go wrong with this name,it is timeless.

12/15/2021 14:15:18

Hey,my name is Alexandra and I'm 12. I really like my name. I'mean think of the poor babies who get stuck with these off the wall names. I'm proud and thankful to be an Alexandra. A lot of people call me Alex, Aly or Alexis. I don't really mind. Being an Alexandra ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!XD

12/07/2021 05:52:12

My name *is* Alexandra and I do love my name. I was named after a grandfather (whose name was Alexander, obviously). Only thing I hate is when people try to put an i in my name and make it Alexandria. I HATE that with a passion! I was called Lexy at home when I was a child and Alexandra at school.

11/19/2021 16:58:12

My best friends name is Alexandra! I LOVE Her'sOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! Everyone just calls her Alex though..

11/09/2021 20:54:00

My name is Alexandra and i love it. I love the meaning and everything. Im glad my parents changed their mind on my name because they were gonna name me lincoln. What a weird name for a girl lol!

07/10/2021 09:00:18

My name is Alexandra too. My whole name is Alexandra Skye Rivera. People seem to like it alot but It's ok I guess. Its growing on me. I get called Alex, Allie, Sandra (by my little cousin) and Allibaba (my mother) :)

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alexandra?
The origin of the name Alexandra is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alexandra?
Man's Defender
*️⃣ How many people are named Alexandra?
Almost 237000 people are named Alexandra.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alexandra?
The names of Alex, Alexis, Alexa, Alexia, Alexi