Alisha Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-li-sha\
Number in U.S 👶 56,000
Rate in 2021 2030
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 German

Alisha Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Alisha
Additional description of the name Alisha
"Alisha" is a popular name for girls that has German origin. Meaning of the name Alisha is: "Noble".

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Comments on the name Alisha
05/31/2023 10:57:52

my name iz alisha.people even my relatvz pronounce(lisha) nd write(aleesha or alishah) it wrong.but i hv no sugestion about this name.i thinks it is not our name but our prsnality makes us a right nd nice prsn.

05/22/2023 08:18:40

My name is Alisha. I have to agree with all the rest of Alishas... The name gets mispelled as Alicia quite often. I also dislike when someone pronounces it as "lish" instead of "a-LEE-sha". I think It's a beautiful name and I'm complimented on it all the time during introductions.

05/20/2023 17:31:04

some people say that alisha is greek othe's say it is arabic but what is the origin of alisha? THANKS OMZ

05/18/2023 08:30:12

My name is Alisha-Jayde, i know some people with the name Alisha but i wouldnt say It's popular. There are so many different versions as well so some people get confused

05/11/2023 06:38:08

I enjoy being named Alisha. I think its a lovely name, but it Isn't very unusal anymore :( I hate it when people spell my name with and E asin Elisha. And when people spell like Alicia or Elishia. Its so annoying, it really Isn't hard to spell. But I abreaviate it to Lisha most of the time.

04/13/2023 16:47:52

I am 25 years old and my name is Alisha. When I was a child, I didn't know anyone with my name, other than one older girl who spelled he's as Alicia. I was always told it was a pretty name during introductions. Nowadays i've noticed more people with my spelling and pronunciation, so it doesn't seem as unique as it was back then, but it is still unique enough that it Isn't too common of a name. I am happy with my name overall, however I wish there were more nicknames to go along with it. The only problem I have with my name is that people often misspell it as Alicia or pronounce it as A-lish-a, rather than A-leesh-a.

04/12/2023 04:03:42

My name is Alisha and I know why my mother named me that, my older'sister's name is Shannon the first three letters are my last three. (Sha)nnon Ali(sha)

04/10/2023 19:26:24

I JUST LAVE MY NAME !! itz d most beauTful name.. f ds world !! MashAllah.. (NO doubt) it has d charm.. it... bt i h8 it wn i find sum1 eles has got the'same name :S (thought itz so less in no. in my country) :D n i lave it as d way it is.. not ALICIA ALESHA.. ALISAH or wteve...... MY NAME IS THE BEST GIFT OF MY LIFE... :D

04/04/2023 00:19:54

My name is Alisha. Pronounced A-Lee-sha. I really don't like my name. I often wonder what my parents were thinking when'they named me Alisha other then'the fact that my grandmother hated the name. LOL I either go by Leesh or Ali. I do like my name for the reason that not many people have my name'spelled like Alisha. Anyway, that's all.

03/18/2023 01:17:44

This is my name. People always say it correctly but often spell it wrong, I'most frequently get "Gail" or "Gale". I usually have to spell my name out to make sure people get it right. I have only ever known one other person with the'same name but she'spelt it "Gail". It is a name that people have heard of but they are unlikely to know many, if any, other people with the'same name. When I travel abroad, especially to France and Spain, I have found that my name is especially difficult for people there to pronounce. Native French speakers can't pronounce it properly at all!

03/14/2023 05:36:08

My name is Alisha.. and you pronounce it Al-ee-sha.. and I don't love it or I don't hate it, people say It's a pretty name but I don't know. All my friends all me "alish" or "lish" which doesn't bother me.

02/26/2023 04:36:28

hy name is ok i spell it alesha and i get called lele its ok

02/02/2023 08:42:00

Alisha Alisha. I Totally feel everyone on the'spelling of Alicia. I'm not quite sure who got that rolling as the way to spelling our name but, I would like to have a few words with them. It's comforting to know othe's with the name Alisha feel the'same way I do. Upon reading the comments on this page I came across an Alisha who says she looks like a cat. That's funny because i've heard I look like a cat. I like it. Have any other Alisha's reci'ved that'same comment? On another note I love the meaning of my name most of all. I love it in every language. No one really knows exactly where the origin stemmed from, so I like to think our name can mean all these things at once. Alisha German: (Teutonic) meaning of the girlıs name Alisha: the wise counselor, the truthful one, noble Greek: meaning of the girlıs name Alisha: truth, noble Biblical: Oath of God Indian: He who is protected by God Muslim, Hindu: Protected by God Muslim, Arabic: Honest, truthful, Protected by Allah Hebrew Meaning great happiness Enjoy!! Alisha Marie

02/02/2023 02:49:20

My name is Alisha Jean and I am 32 years old. I love my name - it is very unique and hardly anyone has my same name. People do try to spell it Alicia and sometimes mispronounce it. The way I say my name is a-LE-sha.

01/15/2023 09:16:16

I don't really like the name Alisha (It's my name though). I just find it boring, and It's kind of an annoying name to have. People almost always pronounce my name "A-lish-a" rather than "A-leesh-a", because that's what it looks like. But It's not right. I'm used to it though. i've actually had tons of people just look at the'sh and call me Ashley. i've actually had a teacher call me Ashton. And when people first try to spell my name, they always think It's "Alicia". It's kinda neat that my name is unique at my school, but I do know another girl who's name is the'same spelling and pronunciation (at a different school), so It's not that unique.

12/27/2022 18:15:58

I pronounce my name exactly how it is spelled - as in "make a wish." I also get excited when people prounce and/or spell my name correctly. I absolutely love my name and wouldn't trade it. My nickname is Lish, Lisha or Lulu.

12/22/2022 06:00:58

My name is speelt a bit different its allisha 2 LS :) I love my name but my own family spells it wrong

12/16/2022 10:25:08

My name is Alisha, too, and I even have close friends who spell it wrong! They spell it "Aleesha" or "Alysha" and other'stuff like that. All the'supply-teache's I'd ever had (and regular teache's on the first try) all pronounced it "UH-LISH-UH (It's really UH-LEESH-UH)and it kind of annoys me. But I like that It's and Indian name! :)

12/06/2022 03:15:30

Alicia is Spanish so It's always pronounced differently the name alisha rocks I love my name!

12/01/2022 05:59:48

People who pronounce Alisha as "Uh-Leesh-Sha" are stupid! If that was how "Alisha" should be pronounced, then it would be spelt "Alicia." It's like looking at the word "cat" and pronouncing it as "dog." My name is Alisha and is is pronounced the CORRECT way. I love it.

11/22/2022 11:34:20

hey im 16 nd ma daughters name is alisha may i only ever met 1 alisha and she was polish and spelt it alija

11/20/2022 08:26:08

Sometimes if not most of the time people pronounce it in Aleasha or Aliceo. yes People spell my name wrong all the time usually like this Alicia when i spell it Alisha. i never relly meet people with my name. only met about 6 or 7 other alisha's. I Pronounce My name A-lE-sha. but over all i lovemy name because it is very unique

11/05/2022 04:00:48

My name is Alisha (born 1989) It's pronounced Uh lish uh. My mom named me Alisha because at the time she'd never heard the name before and thought It'sounded pretty. I love my name but it can get tiring correcting people, it gets misspelled or miss pronounced all the time. I have been'told the name is sexy though.

10/20/2022 01:32:58

My name is Alisha and I absolutely love it. Even'though if there is someone in my class with the name Alissa, the teacher mixes it up, but I don't care! I love how my name is unique and I'm proud to have a different spelling that not that many people have!

09/30/2022 17:12:18

My name is Alisha, and I love the name! Most people say it wrong on the first try, but I don't mind. My parents didn't spell my name Alicia because they were afraid people would pronounce it Uh-lee-cee-uh. I know a girl that has the'same pronunciation as me, but she'spells it: Elycia. :)

09/23/2022 22:23:26

I spell it Alysha, which I LOVE! It's so unique that way... It's pronounced A-Lee-sha.

09/14/2022 16:12:38

Of course i am an Alisha too, however i pronounce mine UHlishUH so a lot of people mess mine up :-(

09/10/2022 04:21:12

I absolutely love my name Alisha. I was born in 1972 and didn't meet another Alisha until I was 30, even'though she'spelt it differently. Now It's quite a popular name.

09/08/2022 03:34:04

Hey am Alisha Ahmed. I just love my name... I live in India where the names qite unusual.... So i get a lotta compliments when bein introduced....n yeah i agree with the other Alisha's i hate it when my names mispronounced n i hate the way that whenever i type my name in any document in my computer It'shows a red underline n offers an alternative name'suggestion as alicia.....

09/06/2022 03:22:12

MY name is Alisha Arakotaram. I absolutely love my name, and don't ever wish to change it. My math teacher actually spells it Alicia, which is the more common way of spelling it. I'm not sure what it means though. But I love my name'so much and thank my parents for giving me this unique name.

09/05/2022 22:04:48

My name is Alisha as well. And yes, It's always spelled wrong. If someone does take a guess and spell it correctly, I get excited and tell them they are the bomb. They always seem to go for the'spanish spelling of Alicia. I rememeber when I was in the 6th grade and I came home from school upset, because someone had MY name. lol My mom then'told me that I wasn't the only person in the world with that name, and I was upset, because I thought that I was special. I LOVE my name though. I am happy that there aren't that many of us who spell it this way though. I think it makes us unique in our own way! I love you all ALISHA's!

09/01/2022 09:58:48

My name is Alisha, and i think it is a very unusal but pretty name, i love It'so much its wicked! But i hate it when people spell it like Elisha, or Alicia... im like. AHHH!!! Its really easy to spell ALISHA, its not Rocket science :L I'must say the nake Alesha sounds/looks nice, but also Alisha does too (: So i would be happy either way. the name Alisha Rcoks!!!

08/10/2022 05:27:00

Im 17 i've always been kinda neutral about my name..I don't absolutely love it but It's nice and sometimes people compliment it, its spelled Alysia though and my family usually just calls me leesha or leesh,lishi :)

07/27/2022 03:48:54

I always have people pronounce or misspell my name on the first try, but It'sorta becomes amusing after a while. Never had friends give me a related nickname, but when I was a kid my older'siblings called me 'Luigi'!

07/26/2022 12:15:36

omg ...i pure love my name man.its like uber'sex!!we rock this world to charcoal!!!we r da bomb peepz!we shid b sae proood o our name girlfreinds..peace put to all alishas in da universe!!!xxxxxxxx

07/12/2022 23:26:06

well my name's also zaniya an everything yall have said is true

06/04/2022 22:15:54

Its my name I love it, I have to !! People always spell it wrong, I not phased by it anymore. I have meet othe's with my name, its kinda amusing lol, butmost of the time its spelled ALICIA which is a-lee-c-a so different. Alisha is correct is spelt exactly as a- lee-sha :)

03/20/2022 17:10:48

Hi alisha's. I love this name and, yes it is very unique. I find it inter'sting when I'meet other alisha's and see how they spell It'since the name is not too popular. I do wish the'stores would spell it properly. lol

02/12/2022 09:11:06

My father named me when I was born and I love it. my names Alisha. I didn't know so many people had my name, apparently 53,000 but anyways to all you Alisha's out there please, love you name. ^u^

12/27/2021 15:23:42

so my name is Alisha.. pronounced aLEEsha.... however.. EVERYONE just calls me "lish" which doesnt bother me. but if people say my fully name.. i prefer aLEEsha.. rather than aLISHa.. cause thats the way my momma wanted it :)

12/09/2021 21:00:18

My name is Alisha Denice and I am 14 years old. I think my name is beautiful. It is also unique, I haven't met anyone who spells their name the'same way. By the way its pronounced, UhLeesha

10/14/2021 00:44:24

My name is Alisha (ah-lee-sha). I never used to like my name as a kid but I like it more now, I love how it looks written down even'though I still don't really like saying it out loud. My friends abbreviate it to Lish which I love. Overall I like my name and I'm grateful for it :)

10/04/2021 13:49:12

My name is alisha and I love my name it is very unique and if you also share this name with me, make sure you love your name xx

08/30/2021 13:51:00

I have one and only daughter and when'the nurse asked what her name was I left it up to my wife at the time I asked my wife and she told me Alisha, that is what I told the nurse. The nurse asked how it was spelled and I had no idea so once again made the trip to my wife room and asked the'spelling, ladies are You'ready for this one. there are so many different ways to spell Alisha, Alleeshia. Alleeshia will always be daddy's Baby Girl

08/10/2021 18:03:00

I spell my name Alisha, and I preferred to be called A-LISH-A, not A-lee-sha....I find It'so annoying. Yet, I know someone else who's name is Alisha, but she pronounces it A-lee-sha.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alisha?
The origin of the name Alisha is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alisha?
*️⃣ How many people are named Alisha?
Almost 56000 people are named Alisha.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alisha?
The names of Aliana, Alyanna, Alyana, Aliyanna, Alyanah