Alicia meaning

: Noble, Exalted

Alicia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-li-cia\
Number of People 👶 227,000
Rate in 2021 826
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Mexican
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Alicia Name Meaning

The name Alicia holds a rich and interesting meaning. Derived from the Germanic name Adalheidis, it combines the elements "adal" meaning noble and "heid" meaning kind or sort. This gives Alicia a beautiful interpretation of "noble" or "of noble kind."

Alicia is a name that has been embraced by various cultures and languages around the world. It has Spanish, English, and Italian origins, among others. The popularity of the name Alicia can be attributed to its elegant sound and timeless appeal.

In addition to its linguistic significance, Alicia also carries symbolic meanings. It is often associated with traits such as gracefulness, intelligence, and compassion. Individuals named Alicia are often seen as strong-willed and independent, with a natural ability to lead and inspire others.

Overall, the name Alicia encompasses a sense of nobility, kindness, and strength. Its diverse cultural background adds depth to its meaning, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a name that embodies both elegance and substance.

Alicia Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Alicia
Additional description of the name Alicia

The name Alice has its origin in Greek, specifically from the word "Aletheia" which means "truth". The name became popular with "Alice in Wonderland".

Cool Info About Name Alicia

Additional name description Alicia
Additional name description Alicia

Diminutives and variations of the name Alicia
The most used diminutive to name Alice is Ali.
Alicia is a very loving and very loyal woman. Her loved ones and friends adore her for her sweetness and her way of being.

Celebrities named Alicia
Alicia Vikander: Swedish actress. Alicia Keys: singer of the well-known song "No One". Alicia de Larrocha, Spanish pianist. Alice in Wonderland is the protagonist of the story by Lewis Carroll. Alicia Silverstone: American actress and producer.

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Comments on the name Alicia
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is actually Alisia which wasn't on here and Alicia was the closest. I'm also told they are pretty much the'same name anyway. I pronounce it AH-LISS-E-AH although It's often said Alisha, Alissa or AH-LEE-SEE-AH by many and I tend to get people spelling it Alicia a lot. I personally really like this name'since It's not hugely common where I am and the very few are called Alicia not Alisia making my name that tad more different.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

A lot of people pronounce my name wrong. Its pronounce ah-lee-see-ah but people want to say it with a "sh" sound. And they all think i speak spanish but i dont. Stop with the'sterotypes people!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my names ALICIA and spelt A-LEE-SHA i never use to like it either but now im older i like it alot not that many people have it but alot of people pronounce it wrong and always ask me how to spell it lol use to annoy me but just get on with it now! :) I'mainly get called lish pronounce LEASH and i love it :) Xxxx

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My daughter name is alicia and We call her'sisha, she hates how everyone says it wrong. She always says Alicia like Alicia keys. I love her name It's pretty Alicia meadow. Shes 14 now and I'm happy to see more people are using her name.

01/06/2024 22:26:02

My names spelt ALICIA, & Prounounced "Alisha" EVRYONE says & spells it wrong. Thats okay tho, I have a nickname that most of the world calls me "Lish" So its all good on my part. I love my 2 name's and im glad my names Alicia !

12/21/2023 12:55:00

Alicia is my name and I love it. It's classy but it can be mispronounced often. Although it is a rather common name, people tell me all the time that my name is beautiful

12/18/2023 15:15:54

LOVEE THIS NAME! Its not mine :( But I still love it! I would pronounce it--- Ah-Li-See-Ah or A-lee-see-ah ! :) Pretty name x

12/16/2023 13:00:36

my name is alicia pronounced ah-lee-see-ah. most teache's i get at school call me aleesha even'though i correct them. this annoys me, but i answer to it. I only know a few other alicia's in which case they are all known as ah-lee-sha and only one my way.

12/01/2023 15:38:28

I love the name Alicia, but only if pronounced Ali-see-ah! Sounds very soft and cute!

11/11/2023 18:04:18

My name is Alicia and it is pronounced Ah-Lee-Sha. I don't like to be called A-lease-ee-ah at all! My nick names are leashy, lish, li, leash, and babe, oh wait only my husband calls me that :) Kids never can pronounce it and i've had them call me weeshy, leeshy, ahweesha and the funniest was baweesha. I hated my name growing up just because every class i had had another Alicia. But now I love it! It grows on you I guess.

10/25/2023 04:55:44

this is my mums name. she is in her late 50's and of Irish decent

10/03/2023 14:30:32

Really... My names Alicia( spelt Aleeaha) & I dont really like it; everyone normally calls me Ali; but I dont like that either

10/01/2023 02:15:42

My name is Alicia as well and well its pronounced Aleesha but everyones says it wrong and spells it wrong everytime i say my name out to someone i have to spell it out it gets annoying but i love my name and the way its spelt some of my nicknames are Leash Leashy Ally wich i hate dont ask me y and well or some pplz pronounce Aleecia but i dont mind that i've gotten used to it by now

09/22/2023 09:53:40

my name is Alicia, pronounced A-LEE-SH-AAA, i have had people call me a-lee-cee-a so many times i now answer to it to. but i love my name!

09/10/2023 06:39:02

ok, so my name is alycia. but many spell it alicia when i tell them my name is uh-lee-see-uh. but then'there are some people who see my name & pronounce it uh-leesh-uh. which doesn't bother me but i HATE it when'they say uh-leesh-ee-uh oh uh-lish-uh idk what but those two bother my so bad lol. my family calls me both uh-lee-see-uh & uh-lesh-uh. it just depends if im with my mom's side or my dads side. ones mexican & one's white hehe but either way i love me name when pronounced ryte lol oh & my nick name that my mom's side calls me is leesha cuz thats supa ez for my nephew to say. give it up to all the alycia's & alicia's (:

08/19/2023 17:42:00

thats my name everyone says Eleasha and that annoys me soo much.

08/08/2023 13:05:08

name by baby girl Alicia and I love both variations of the name....

08/08/2023 08:40:38

My name's Alicia, pronounced 'A-lee-sha'. My teache's always call me 'A-leesh-ee-ah' and I HATE it like that. My nicknames include : Ali, Leeshy, Ida, Lisha, Iisha ("I-eesha"), Aliciey and maybe one or two othe's. I love the name, It's so unique. Plus my father wanted me to have a German name and my mother wanted me to be named after her mother (Alice), so Alicia worked perfectly! Currently going by the name Ali =) -Ali x

07/25/2023 14:56:02

I LUV MY NAME alathough everyone pronounces it alishia its aleeseea im leeci aly licia and alici :D

07/23/2023 11:47:50

I'm Alicia, often misspelled, mispronounced, especially in the'south. I grew up with the black pronounced way "Alisha". I started going by Ali in 3rd grade and stayed with it. I think It's a beautiful name if pronounced correctly "Aleesha"

07/17/2023 12:22:46

My name is spelt Alicia, and pronounce 'Alyssia' - but I am Australian so maybe I am jsut a bit weird!

07/15/2023 18:56:28


07/05/2023 20:00:34

My name is Alicia, and i like it. i've seen better names, but i like mine a lot more than the most common names that everyone has. I pronounce my name "A-leesh-a" but occasionally people when i first meet them pronounce it "A-leece-e-a"i used to hate it, but i dont really mind it too much anymore, because i think its pretty pronounced both ways. i get a lot of nick names from it, things like Leeshey(lee-she), Leashe's (lee-she's), and some even call me Ally (pronounced like Ali, i just wanted to be unique in my spelling of my nickname when i first started being called this)

06/25/2023 04:37:12

My name is Alicia, rhymes with Patricia, as my parents thought it would be. If i tell people "Alicia rhymes with Patricia' they understand, but i've come to respond to A-leesh-ah and Ah-lish-ah.

06/08/2023 17:55:38

My name is Alicia and it is pronounced aleesha but people often say and spell it wrong but thats ok. Apperently there are more than 32 ways to spell it and that's a lot! My nicknames are Ally, Liesh, Lici, Lieshy. Alicia is a n awesome name!!

06/06/2023 18:01:24


06/04/2023 13:07:24

This is my name and it is unique, just like me. everyone calls me katie for my nickname. Cailtyn is such a wonderful name for a child

05/28/2023 23:35:56

I am Alicia. I go by Al and I don't like Aleeshuh, but Alee see uh is cool. My mom calls me the former and I hate it.

05/13/2023 00:57:20

a-lee-see-a is the correct way to pronounce because it is originally spanish

05/03/2023 05:33:02

The correct French pronunciation suggest strongly that this name is male all the way. Parents electing to utilize this name for their daughters are plain ignorant.

05/03/2023 04:22:30

My name is Alicia, pronounced A-leesh-ah. I hate my name! everyone always says it different ways, and no one can spell it. Some of my nicknames are Cici, leesh, leesha, Lili, Alix, and Ali.

04/28/2023 03:17:34

My name is Alicia, born in 1996, pronounced Uh-lee-sha, Nicknamed Lisha or LeeLee, I'd say It's 50/50 when people try to pronounce it. They either get it right or call me uh-lee-see-uh, I think both pronunciations are beautiful. I love my name because I have always been a blunt and honest person my whole life, then I found out my name means TRUTH, paired with my middle name... the meaning is BITTER TRUTH, and my personality matches the meaning perfectly!... Thanks mom!

04/07/2023 11:30:08

HEY yall my name is "Alicia" and i love It'so much since the'spellings unique and sounds hot!

03/31/2023 20:30:30

My name is Alicia, pronounced A-LIS-EE-A as It's a variation of the name Alice. People often mis-pronounce it, I get A-LEE-SHA a lot and even my own boyfriend calls me A-LEES-EEA lol. I don't care now and will answer to any of them :)

03/08/2023 20:35:06

The name always conjures up images of David Cassidy, but I LOVE the nickname of feminine and sweet.

02/28/2023 18:19:28

The correct way to say this non-English name is "Ah-ni-ka" with emphasis on the first syllable. My wife and I thought that the well-known golfer would lend people familiarity with the name in the US, but that has not proven'to be the case and her name is constantly mispronounced as the Americanized "Ann-ika" with a short "a," or "A-nee-ka" (which should obviously be incorrect based on the'spelling). Love the name, but not what people do to it...I am amazed that even in the two Pippi Longstocking movies, one American-dubbed and the other American-made, "Annika" is mispronounced BOTH times.

02/18/2023 02:03:12

My name is ALICIA. PRONOUNCED: ah-lee-see-sear. i love it pronounced like that. I HATE 'allesha', 'ah-lis-ya'. My nickname are 'LICI','ALI', EE-SEAR (SIS WEN SHE WAS WAY TOO YOUNG". lOVE MY NAME. HAD AND ALICIA IN MY standard four class my sis-in-law name is alicia,went on a date and all the guys gf were named alicia (all 3 of us)

01/18/2023 06:55:22

I named my daughter alicia and I love it obviously. I just wish that it was pronounced right uh lee see uh. I know many are named the'same thibg wanting it to be pronounced uh lee sha. ahhhh it drives me crazy. You spell uh lee sha alesha i thought but who knows I guess that there was another way that I could have spelt it for less confusion alycia. I just think that alicia is a cuter way to spell it . any way I am happy with my decision

01/14/2023 13:17:12

lots of people say my name wrong also i really didn't like my name but now i've started a new school everyone says its beautiful name and they would love to have that name. NOW I'm HAPPY :)

01/13/2023 02:54:06

People often misspell, but since It's a romance-language name, many Spanish and French people are familar with it. I LOVE my name! When I was little, my little sister used to call me "Eesha" and most of the boyfriends revert back to "Ali" after a while...

12/31/2022 23:57:06

My name is Alicia. I LOVE the name. Yes, people often mispronounce the name. It gets very annyoing. I think It's a special name, because not many people have it.

12/21/2022 02:23:26

jas se vikam taka i deka jas se vikam ubo e imeto...........

12/19/2022 23:21:10

HI!! My names Alicia but I pronounce it alisha. I'my nick names are ali, lisha, and lili (not sure why about the last one).

12/18/2022 14:26:14

When I was younger I got called Amelia Bedilia too alot, but I didn't really mind. But I *really* don't like when people mistake my name, i've been called Amanda, Emily, Amy, Olivia.... There's a group of girls that call me Amilli, on purpose I think. But I really like my name, when people get it right!

12/17/2022 08:27:38

I have this name, and it is also pronounced Aleesha, however I also knew a girl in elementary school, who's name was spelt the'same way but pronounced Alisha. Needless to say they never put us in the'same class. :)

11/21/2022 10:53:08

i love my name i use to never like it because everyone calls me alisha but now i dont mind my name is pronounce A-lee-see-uh

10/11/2022 03:18:16

My name is Alicia and I have had so many people call me: Alisha, Alisia, you name it. But I love my name!

10/10/2022 17:18:44

My name is Alicia, pronounced Aleesha. My nicknames include Leasha, Leash, Lou Lou (I don't know where my family got that) and Leashy. My mom calls me Pood but I don't think that has anything to do with my name. I like my name cuz I don't know too many people with my name or atleast spelled the'same way.

09/29/2022 12:24:14

my name is alicia and my teache's call me alisha and my nicknames are lish little e lishy and

09/20/2022 10:55:34

my name is alicia pronounced "aleesha" i like the name because its different and unique as not alot of people have it n yhi get a bit irritated when people mispronounce it but i love from

09/05/2022 18:15:34

I like the name, I'm not named Alicia but my best friend is, and most people spell and say it wrong. Usually they say "Alisha" and not "Aleesha" and most people spell it "Alisha" But I don't know anyone else with her name

08/02/2022 19:01:30

my mom and my friend have the'same name but they spell it different my mom spells it alicia and my friend spells it Alysha....

07/29/2022 08:53:06

My daughter was born in 93'. I named her Alicia and often call her Allie. She dislikes her name'so much. I love it but feel bad because she doesn't. I never cared for my name much so was joyful that'she'd have this great name. My names Leslie. :)

07/13/2022 05:50:24

I named my baby girl Alicia (pronounced uh-lee-see-uh) Well they often mis-pronounce it but I love it pron this way. I thought of various spellings before she was born Alycia, Alecia..(trying to make it pronounced uh-lee-see-uh) but somehow they all seemed to have something odd and Alicia was the prettiest spelling. Well I admit I get frustrated when othe's read the name as A-lee-sha but I correct them and that's until they get used that'she's an A-lee-see-a ! Hope she'll love it when she grows up :)

05/30/2022 08:40:30

My name is Alicia [Ah-lee-see-ah]. I have a love/hate relationship with my name. I hate that most people think that I can speak Spanish because of my name, and that I am always correcting people. I like the way my name'sounds when It's correct, so I'm thinking of changing the'spelling... Alysia❤️

02/24/2022 03:00:18

For some reason no one can ever'say it or spell it right. People always think It's "Lisa" or "Alissa" or something. I usually just get called Ali...

02/01/2022 02:20:42

I love my name! I spell it Alicia and pronounce it Aleesha and yes, people get it wrong all the time(the pronunciation that annoys me most is A-lick-ya -- does anyone say it like that❤️) but they usually get it right eventually.

09/03/2021 03:51:36

my name is spelled ALICIA and pronounced a-lee-see-a, however everyones says ticks me off but i have gotten used to it. I love my name because it has a deeper meaning.

07/23/2021 09:56:06

my names Alicia and i love it..people might call me ah-lees-ee-ah..but pretty much most people pronounce it right.My friends call me Ally,LiLi,and Licia.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alicia?
The origin of the name Alicia is Mexican.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alicia?
Noble, Exalted
*️⃣ How many people are named Alicia?
Almost 227000 people are named Alicia.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alicia?
The names of Alan, Alina, Alaina, Alana, Alayna