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Andrea Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-nd-rea, an-drea\
Number in U.S 👶 441,000
Rate in 2021 364
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Mexican

What is meaning of name Andrea?

- Andrea
Andrea is a very widespread name of Hellenic origin in Europe that can be used in both men and women, so it is perfect for those who are not sure about the sex of their baby or who want to choose a unisex name.
For all these reasons, at MyCuteName we want to explain to you what the meaning of the name Andrea is, its origins, diminutives or translations into other languages. We will also talk about the personality that usually surrounds these people, the saints or some famous people named Andrea. Are you going to miss it? Keep reading! Andrea is the name of a girl and a boy.

What does Andrea mean?
Andrea is a masculine name of Greek origin that means brave, manly and masculine, thus, the meaning could be interpreted as "he who is very manly".

Origin of the name Andrea
The etymological root is located in the word of Greek origin "ανήρ " (anhr), which literally means "man" or "manly". This gave way to the names "Anderaz" and "Anderoiz", which today are known as "Andreas" or "Andrea". It can be used as a feminine or masculine name. For its part, Andrea is considered to be the Italian form of Andres, and can also be used in masculine or feminine.

Diminutives and variations of the name Andrea
Some of the most common variations or diminutives are Andy, Andie, Dries, Dre and Drew.
Some of the most common variations or diminutives are Andy, Andie, Dries, Dre and Drew.

The name Andrea in other languages
In other languages, the name Andrea is translated as follows:
Spanish: Andres
Basque: Ander
Catalan : Andreu
English: Andre, Andrew
French: Andre
German: Andre, Andreas
Hungarian: Endre, Andor, Andras
Greek: Andreas
Bulgarian , Belarusian: Andrei, Andrey
Russian: Andrei, Andrey
Corsican: Adria
Croatian: Andrej, Andrija, Andro
Czech: Andrej, Ondřej
African: Andre, Deandre
Maori: Anaru

Personality of the name Andrea
People called Andrea tend to have a very liberal character and buy nsive, therefore, they easily win the company of those around them. They are very sociable people, who love to spend time with their family, friends or co-workers, therefore, it is always common to find them surrounded by people.
Likewise, those named Andrea are usually versatile and planners at work. In fact, one of their great virtues is their perseverance, which allows them to generate very good results in their careers. But in addition, Andrea is a very romantic person who gets carried away when feelings arise in her heart.

Andrea's Saint's Day
Andrea's name day or saint's day is November 30.

Numerology of the name Andrea
According to numerology, the lucky number of Andrea is 7.

Additional description of the name Andrea

Andrea : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

This name is a feminine that has been used all around the English speaking countries. Also the name is the version of Andrew that has been used as girl’s name. The given name is originally Greek meaning “ strong “ or “ brave “. Also the given name has an Italian version and is a popular name in Italy. The Italian form of “ Andrea “ is “ De Andrea “.

If you want to select nicknames for the name “ Andrea “, you can select the name bellow :

Andi, Ann, Dea, Dee, Dre and Drea


Popularity of the name Andrea

The name Andrea is a name that is a common name all around the globe, but this is not a popular name in Mississippi. In the year 2005, only 26 babies were named the name Andrea in Mississippi. At that year 4712 babies also bear the same girl’s name in the United States of America.

The highest recorded use of this name was in 1981 with a total of 11682 babies. This name was recorded 439227 times in the SSA public database in the year 1880 up to 2018. The time that this name appeared for the first time, was related to the year 1881. At that time this name was given to 5 new born babies.

The mentioned name became a popular name in the year 1962. In the year 1980, the name “ Andrea “ became a popular given name in New Mexico. The all time high record for the given name was in 1992 in the State of California with 1584 baby girls. Also in the last 90 years, the name “ Andrea “ was recorded 437071 times in the SSA database.


Personality of the name Andrea

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Andrea “,

A is for altruism, the unselfish you.

N is for noble, your regal bearing

D is for delight, a surprise from within

R is for realist, the way you are

E is for extra, those little things you do

A is for accord, the harmony you spread

If you are named Andrea, you are possibly intelligent and graceful. But sometimes you might not be friendly as others and you do not like to spend time with your family or neighbors. You are the one who appreciates luxury and elegance. It is notable for you that people perceive you as someone who helps others and encouraging people is one of your most brilliant characteristics.


Famous people named Andrea

Andrea Palladio who was born in the year 1507

Andrea Vesalius who was born in the year 1514

Andrea Boceli who was born in the year 1958

Andrea Mantegna who was born in the year 1431

As you see, most people named “ Andrea “ were born many years ago, that’s why some people think that this name is an old fashioned one. The truth is that the is name is a classic name and it does not mean that the name should not be considered in the name selection process.


Similar names to the name Andrea

Alexander, Abigail, Ariel, Ella and Abraham

You can select the names above as the names of Andrea’s siblings.

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Comments on the name Andrea
11/20/2022 6:05:04 AM

Love my name...although growing up I wasn't too keen. In the UK, we pronounce it And-ree-a! didn't know many Andreas whilst at school, but there are three, including myself where I work now!

11/17/2022 10:14:44 PM

This its my name too except my mom spelt it "keelie" keelie Elizabeth. It is quite fitting.

11/16/2022 11:19:20 PM

My name is Andrea. I had no idea it was so common until I was recommended this site by my mother. My full name is Alexandrea which is funny because my husband is Alexander (Alex) and It's like a clash, our names. Sometimes i go by Drea, but I usually go by just Andrea. My daughter Marleena appreciates my (and her own) name. She loves long names like us!

11/7/2022 2:26:52 AM

this name isnt so bad around small towns. i grew up in the same small town surrounded by small towns and i never had an issue with anyone pronouncing it wrong. I did however have alot of problems with kids picking on me in elementary school because its the feminine version of andrew and so of course you hear that alot. i cant give you any information on how it would effect someone in a city but i have never had any issues. i think it is a strong beautiful name for any little girl.

11/6/2022 2:59:10 PM

ann-DREE-uh for me. I love my name. And It's an easy icebreaker -- people are always asking me is it anndreeuh or ondrayuh? I respect the other pronunciation, but I love mine

11/1/2022 1:01:20 PM

My name is spelled Aundrea like from the girl in Making the band 3. I prounonce it like it is spelled on-drea. My nickname at my school is drea even my teache's call me that. I LOVE IT ALOT>

10/25/2022 8:30:34 AM

I have had this name my whole life (obviously) and I have never had is pronounced correctly the first time. I have had to go by Andie since Jr high just so I will know when people are talking to me. I highly recommend you never name your child this. They will forever be correcting people on the pronunciation of their name.

10/24/2022 12:10:54 AM

this is my name but i spell it daniyah ] p.S. i like pancakjes :)

10/21/2022 6:56:18 AM

My name is An-dree-uh. I love my name but people always mispronounce it.

10/20/2022 4:11:40 AM

My sister's name is Andrea - pronounced Ann-dree-uh.

9/16/2022 1:07:34 AM

My name is Andrea Rose and I love it! EVERYONE says "Andreeah". But who cares, at least its my name.

8/23/2022 8:12:36 AM

My name is Andrea and nobody ever'says it correctly. My name is pronounced just like it I know of people who have the name Aundrya and pronounce is on-dray-a.

8/3/2022 10:34:48 AM

My name is Andrea, and I think I'm special because I dont know anyone else who has my name! When I have new teache's the'sometimes prnounce my name wrong but I think its ok!

7/30/2022 11:25:12 AM

its my middle name but bravely and manly thats so cool

7/18/2022 12:12:54 AM

My name is Andrea but it is pronounced so many different ways. I prefer an-dray-uh. My family pronounces it ann-dree-uh which I don't really like. Still othe's call me an-dree-uh. I don't too much correct people anymore, its such a pain! I wish I would've gotten a cooler name, like my sister...her name is London!

5/20/2022 9:45:18 PM

Wow I didn't know there were so many Tamela's in the US. I have a twin sister named Pamela, so I always have to say "like Pamela except with a T". Glad I am not the only one. My name is unique and I love it, people still mispronounce my name, everyone calls me Tammy for short, but my sweetheart loves my name and calls me Tamela, no one else does.

2/3/2022 3:39:00 PM

My name is Andrea except pronounced on-dree. I'might as well be Ondree!!

1/28/2022 5:55:48 AM

im writing a novel and i choose to name the main character andrea. i think it is a stunning name, that is elegant yet fun and light.

11/27/2021 11:31:30 PM

I'm Andrea (pronounced Ahn-dreh-ah with a rolled R). I don't roll the R. My parents have accents, so i don't know if they are saying Ahn or Ann. My sister & cousins (who have no accent) say the Ahn sound, so I assume It's Ahn. They say Ahn-dray-ah. I say Ann-dray-ah though when I'meet people through family. Back in my school days, no one called me by my name. I was Ann-dree-ah by all from nursery school through high school. I spoke up, so I'm not sure why everyone got it wrong. Even my best friends said Ann-dree-ah & they were at my house often hearing my family say my name, but they never'said it like my family says it. As I got older, I realized that Ahn-dree-ah is the closest pronounciation to my name & by the time my husband met me I was Ahn-dree-ah. i've been introducing myself as Ahn-dree-ah for 24 years now. I do also go by Ahn-dray-ah/Ann-dray-ah a lot, like at work for example, but mostly only by family. I currently work with 500 people & at this company I hear 4 pronounciations all day long, including the one I was born with. I introduce myself at work as Ahn-dree-ah. My husband & friends call me Ahn-dree-ah. My nicknames are Ange & Annie.

9/15/2021 2:15:18 AM


9/10/2021 12:33:36 AM

My name is Andrea and I'm 56 so when my mother named me wasn't a very popular name but I love my name It's beautiful. I pronounce it Ann-dre-a not Unn-drea. I had a nickname when I was little, it was d r e a I would be rather called my full name I think It's beautiful.

9/5/2021 6:59:42 PM

My name is pronounced On-dree-ah. Not too many people call me that, and its so funny when I introduce myself and say "Hi, my name is On-dree-ah" and they reply with "Oh, nice to meet you An-dre-uh." Frustrating. But I love my name! (Oh, and my middle name is Lousie too!)


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Andrea?
The origin of the name Andrea is Mexican.
*️⃣ How many people are named Andrea?
Almost 441000 people are named Andrea.
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The names of Anais, Anissa, Anisa, Florenz, Anessa