Barrett meaning

: Mighty as a bear

Barrett Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \b(a)-rre-tt\
Number of People 👶 23,000
Rate in 2021 328
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 German
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Barrett Name Meaning

Stemming from Old English, German, and possibly French origins, the name Barret translates to "Mighty as a bear". It delivers a sense of strength and might, possessing profound symbolism associated with the resilient and mighty animal in nature.


Barrett Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Barrett
Additional description of the name Barrett

The name Barret is primarily of Old English and German origin. As a surname, it became a first name mostly in the 19th century and has multiple possible derivations. The Old German "bear-strength" and Middle English "strife" are two interpretations. Yet another possibility is that Barret might be from Barrette, an Old French term for "cap".

Cool Info About Name Barrett

Additional name description Barrett
Additional name description Barrett

Famous People:
Barret Oliver, a notable American photographer and former child actor.

Barret has been in consistent use, especially in English-speaking countries, although it's not overly common, adding to its unique charm.

Personality Traits:
With a meaning rooted in strength and might, the name can signify a strong, determined, and hardy individual.

Summarizing, Barret is a classic name with historical significance and cross-cultural roots. The meaning "mighty as a bear" brings a unique aspect to it and gives a sense of strength and determination. For those seeking a name with historical depth, unique nature-driven meaning, and a strong, resonating sound, Barret is the perfect choice.

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Comments on the name Barrett
01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is BARRETT , and I would n't change it for An'tHING!!! n't Love "nor Money!!

01/01/2024 23:06:54

If the child I'm expecting is a boy, he will be named Barrett. Paying homage to my idol, Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd.

12/19/2023 11:32:36

I named my son "Barrett Davis". His nickname is Bear. I loved the name and most people love it as well. Awesomw, strong name!!

12/15/2023 16:26:16

My name is Barrett, I am a girl, and I love my name! It's pretty unique because i've never come across someone else who's name was Barrett. I have almost never had it pronounced or spelled properly, everyone always forgets an r, or a t. But other than'that I think my name is awesome!!

12/03/2023 12:01:06

what name compliments the name jacoby for a second child❤️❤️

11/27/2023 00:15:26

Sooo, my name is Bliss Barrett... Personally I love my name. I have gotten n'thing but great comments on It'so I would have to say anyone that does have the name is on my A-List!

11/17/2023 07:47:28

Barrett is my name. I don't think heard of anyone else named Barrett until I was 36 years old. Now, I hear it every once in a while. Get called Garrett, Barry and Parrot a lot.

11/04/2023 08:33:46

My name is Barrett and Im a guy from the UK. As with other Barretts my name always gets confused but I dont mind.

10/01/2023 22:14:46

We will be naming our boy Humzah in few weeks Insha Allah. I would advice that you drop the 'A' for 'U'

09/25/2023 16:21:46

To the poor folk who think Kai is terrible, "major eeek", too foreign and trendy, "beat me up" karma, etc: Get a life! And expand your horizons a little! Don't be so USA-centric and pull off those blinders. I love my name, Kaipono, of which Kai is the nickname for! And It's as strong and you want it to be... I was never licked in high school!

09/05/2023 13:30:12

Love this name. Strong BOYS name. can't imagine naming a little girl this. Its very masculine...but love the name!

09/02/2023 17:19:16

I have a 4 month old named Barrett. Most people love his name... but most people ask me to repeat his name after I say it the first time. He has an 11 year old brother who picked it because he loves the Barrett Rifle;)

08/28/2023 01:15:02

my name is Barrett and it is for boys. bla bla bla lolololololololololololol

08/09/2023 04:39:42

My son was born in 2010 and is Barrett Grant. We have had many compliments on his name. Unusual but n't too weird. Very strong name. He loves it because n't everyone has his name.

06/25/2023 10:29:52

My son was born in April2017 and his name is Barrett. My husband picked out the name because of the meaning. I was n't a fan in'the beginning, but the name'suits him.

04/28/2023 15:55:48

Barrett is also my surname and if I ever marry I will still continue to use because i've always loved the way It'sounds. I think its Irish.

04/18/2023 08:28:32

To the individual who wants to change her name because she thinks she won't get a decent job because her name is Ebony, shame on you! Ebony is a beautiful name that's full of meaning. It means black beauty, strenghth and of course a dark wood.

02/26/2023 07:50:26

We're expecting baby girl in may and we will name her Dagny. I think that everybody will think It's after the movie that comes out in April But I hope the movie will not ruin the name...

02/15/2023 21:09:12

We are having a baby boy in July and plan on naming him Zane. It was the only name that we agreed on and we both LOVE it! It is totally unique but very masculine at the'same time.

01/26/2023 16:49:28

Too too too rediculously common. And all those boys with the name! Plus it rhymes with all the other current "trendy" names!

01/03/2023 22:11:28

My sons name is Michael Barrett Norman. I wanted his first name to be Barrett but his mom insisted that it be Michael first because she didnt want him to have the in'tials BM.. lol.. go figure. But anyway he goes by Barrett, and we call him Bear for short as well. We even have matching hockey jerseys, His says Bear, and mine says Bears Dad. I love the name. Its so masculine, and strong sounding. Plus I love the nickname Bear, lol

11/12/2022 18:31:06

My baby girl's first name is Barrett which is her grand and great-grand parent's surname. I love it.

10/28/2022 01:45:10

I have one daughter named Graysen Alexandra and plan on naming my daughter on'the way Barrett Elizabeth. I think they are both classy names - strong and feminine at the'same time.

10/26/2022 07:25:58

I'm a Barratt , i find most people think It's spelt with the E .

10/04/2022 10:15:12

I have an Alpine goat named Barrett... I guess its an inter'sting name. although sad to say I was adding an "E" to the end of his name. Poor guy.

09/15/2022 10:08:16

We named our son Basil and I am just adore his name. It'sounds so sweet and clean. The best part is our last name is Cook. And we pronounce it just like the herb.

08/15/2022 19:02:24

I named my daughter Barrett, pronounced Bayr- ett. I love the name, it fits her perfectly.

08/04/2022 11:17:06

I grew up with a friend named Barrett, a girl, in'the 70s. I think it is a neat name for a strong girl.

04/12/2022 15:05:42

I just name my sweet baby girl Bliss Barrett. Barrett was my Mom's (her Grandmother's) maiden name. Its a very unique name for a girl and quite cool!

04/03/2022 19:43:48

I'm Barrett. Born 1991. My aunt named me. Growing up I disliked my name. In my late teens I respected and understood the differentiation of the name and myself. I love my name. Same as othe's I have to repeat and spell my name often for people. i've started to say: ❤️ like Garrett but with a B.❤️ i've only met two other Barrett's.

02/10/2022 19:40:12

I don't like the name Barrett. I am 9. My mom loves the name though. I want my name to be Trip.

01/08/2022 18:21:54

my husbands name is Barry Allen (the Flash) and my son was named Barry Wayne, the wayne after my dad. He named his son Barrett Wayne. I love the name its such a strong an unheard of name.

11/03/2021 09:21:00

I love my name its so much different from every else.Also had my moms freind name her'son Barrett after me.

10/20/2021 14:07:12

My increble grandson is named Barrett. He was born July 10, 2010. I see from the graph that there were just a couple of people in'the whole country (barely shows on'the graph) named Barrett back in'the late 1800's. I adore that name. I love equally the name chosen for my Granddaughter, Bailey. I think they are both very "classy" names. By the way, n't surprisingly, we call him "Bear" and his sister "Bay". How lucky am I to have two incredibly brillant and loving grandchildren❤️

07/21/2021 17:40:30

Barrett is my surname. People always had troubles spelling it properly, usually Barratt or Barett. Plus my given name is Kristy-Lee, both of which have a few variants so I spend forever'spelling my name out for people. i've n't met anyone with Barrett as a first name though, I first came across it when looking for a name for my son. First impressions, I'd gather It's a boys name but I can see how it would suit a girl. Barrett's been pretty good to me though, it could be worse.


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Barrett FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Barrett?
The origin of the name Barrett is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Barrett?
Mighty as a bear
*️⃣ How many people are named Barrett?
Almost 23000 people are named Barrett.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Barrett?
The names of Odell, Beckham, Beckem