Candace meaning

: Clarity, Whiteness.

Candace Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-nda-ce, can-dace\
Number of People 👶 85,000
Rate in 2021 4505
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Candace Name Meaning

Candace, a name steeped in power and nobility, symbolizes 'queen mother.' It captures a sense of strong maternal command, leadership, and respect. In essence, it resonates with inspiring authority and gracious motherly care.

Candace Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Candace
Additional description of the name Candace

Originating from the Kush kingdom of ancient Africa, Candace was a title held by influential queens. Its biblical reference can be found in the Acts of the Apostles, and it has subtly persisted throughout history, maintaining its noble connotations.

Cool Info About Name Candace

Additional name description Candace
Additional name description Candace

Familiar Personalities and Popularity:
Well-known bearers of the name include Candace Cameron Bure, a celebrated American actress, and Candace Bushnell, the author of "Sex and the City." Despite its great lineage and impactful meaning, Candace isn't commonly used today, adding to its unique appeal. It's an ideal name choice for parents seeking a combination of historical depth, noble meaning, and uncommon usage.

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Comments on the name Candace
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I like my name. It is rarely spelled correctly. It is spelled "Candance" often, or people expect its "Candice". Its rare enough to be unique, but common enough that I run into someone at least once a year with the'same name. But hardly anyone spells it with an 'a'. And I prefer it that way.

12/10/2023 03:00:44

The name Carly is awesome!Mmy best buddy is named Carly!And she rocks,too!It's a really cool name,!

11/26/2023 01:55:18

I went by Candi when I was younger, but hate that nickname. Just like othe's Candaces, my name is misspelled Candance. In high school, I was teased and called candy-ass. My dad calls me Candan, which I love.

11/23/2023 03:58:34

My name's spelled "Candess" but It's pronounced the'same as "Candace." I absolutely love my name & the way It's spelled because I find it to be very unique. I'm also called "Candi."

10/09/2023 00:24:28

I'm not 18 yet but i only know one candace but her name is candice which i can't stand i like to spell it Kandyce for the fun of it but i love my name

09/14/2023 17:37:34

my name is CANDACE, and i absolutely without a doubt love my name. so i really dont like it when people spell it wrong (but i can deal with it) but i really dont it when people dont pronounce it right. its not hard. i dont go by candy, candy cane, or any other nickname because my mom said she named me Candace, not those other names.

08/07/2023 15:02:38

My name is Candace and I have many nick names. Can, Can Can, Candy, Candy Cane, Candy Dish, Candy Girl My initals are CPR. I didn't like my name when I was younger but now I have learned to like it much more

07/27/2023 14:15:00

My name is Candace too and i was born in 2006 how many other girls were born with the'same name in 2006.

07/25/2023 22:16:52

my name is Candace! its the best... i go by candace, candy, cece, canDANCE and more. a lot of people spell my name Candice and im like, why do you spell my name CanDICE [like rolling dice] lol...

05/31/2023 12:43:40

i love the name candace its my name my parents actually got it out the bible (a queen named candace had the name and i love it

05/30/2023 15:16:26

My name is Candace.I love the name. Its pretty and it has a beautiful meaning. I am 25 and I have only 2 people with my name.

03/23/2023 18:32:30

I'm a Candis. It's basically the product of a father who adored Candace Bergen and wasn't a native English speaker, so everything needed to be very phonetically spelled! In the Candace v. Candice debate, I think Candace wins out; but Candis beats them both! When I was young, I hated it, but when I noticed how irritating is was for girls who shared their name with so many othe's at school, I began to appreciate It's uniqueness. It never bothe's me if it is spelled with an -ace or -ice; can't really expect people to know -is off the bat, right❤️ If the mistake makes sense, It's fine; if It's just ridiculous, like -us or -ess, that person just seems horribly illiterate and It's annoying. Hardly ever meet other Candace/Candis/Candices and I like it that way. In college, I used to go by my middle name until my pan African studies professor refused, saying he will call me by my "African name" (Candace is Ethiopian in origin); hilarious. I HATE CANDY! My grandfather and endeared elderly people in my life called me Candy Bar. Only they could get away with that one : )

02/20/2023 15:10:56

I love my name. There are not too many people with this name in the area I live in. I always have people spell it wrong. There is never anything with my name on it that is spelled correctly. Things always had Candice on them instead of Candace.

02/14/2023 03:42:54

My name is Candace. When I was younger I went by Candy then changed the'spelling to Candie, but now that I am older prefer Candace. People always miss spell my name Candis, Candice, Candance, I simply tell them "I am an ace, not an ice, and I don't dance". I do like my name now, but didn't when I was younger.

02/12/2023 09:41:20


11/12/2022 11:45:32

I am Candace. It's often spelled incorrectly as Candance or Candice. I find this very annoying. I was called Candy as a child but do not like it because It'sounds unintelligent. Also,my last name was Cain which made it worse.

11/07/2022 07:44:16

Our 4 yr old is named Candace and I love the fact that it is not very common yet still familiar. My DH picked it out and at first I wasn't thrilled with it. Now, I think it is a beautiful name and coudn't imagine our daughter with any other name.

10/18/2022 00:28:12

My name is Candace and i think that Candace is the most prettiest name ever!

09/07/2022 22:16:40

I am 48 years old and I love my name. I think it is beautiful. But I am mostly refered to as Candy.

06/14/2022 00:57:00

Often when I give my name they say it back to sound like 'Kansas' Rather annoying. Mispelled as Candance a lot too.

06/11/2022 19:52:48

I love the name Candace, It is the name of a Queen in the Bible and also has the meaning "Flowing White" I gave my daughter this name before she was born. She just happens to have a white streak of hair. Perfect don't you think❤️

04/28/2022 19:03:18

My name is Candace, but spelled really unconventionally. I haven't always been happy with it, but most of the time I really enjoy my name. I think It'sounds womanly and sophisticated. This name reached its peak in popularity about ten years before I was born, so I have NEVER met a Candace who was younger than me (I'm 18), which I think is really great!

03/05/2022 23:04:30

Yes, as a child I hated having a named that made me stand out. Now that my personality has caught up to my name I love having it! Why not settle for Karen❤️ ...because why settle❤️

11/25/2021 20:17:06

I agree with the other comments posted. Candace is my name and very often get mail addressed to "Candance" or "Candis", or "Candice". I like It'spelled with an "a" the best. I feel like a Candace. Good job Mom and Dad!

09/27/2021 18:57:00

Just left this comment on the "Candice" page: My name is spelled "Candace" which I am sure is the "original" way (since It's in the 1611 AD KJV Bible that way, lol) .... but I realize people spell names a lot of different ways. I also have been called CandaNce ... where people get that extra N I have no clue ... but I am 56 years old, I use Candace as a "business letter" name ... I do like it ... I think it is rather elegant and sophisticated and very UNlike the'shortened form, Candy ... HOWEVER, having said that, I don't get why most Candaces/Candices do NOT want to be called Candy ... i've been Candy all my life and it keeps me young! I LIKE being called Candy instead of Candace .. I definitely PREFER being called Candy over Candace. If I go to a new doctor or dentist, I fill out the forms Candace (Candy) so that they know that is what I prefer. Even so, Candace definitely comes in handy when I want to appear "serious" such as a business letter/email."

07/29/2021 08:40:30

My name is Khandis.... a very unique way to spell it, but none the less i am a Candace, Candice, Kandis, etc. I love my name and I think the name in general is very beautiful and eloquent. Growing up i've experience called Kansas, which really urked my nerves! But anyways big ups to all the Candace, Candice, Khandis, Kandis, Candis, Candance, etc in the world.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Candace?
The origin of the name Candace is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Candace?
Clarity, Whiteness.
*️⃣ How many people are named Candace?
Almost 85000 people are named Candace.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Candace?
The names of Andrew, Jonathan, Sawyer, Bryan, Nyla