Cecilia meaning

: Blind, Sixth

Cecilia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ce-ci-lia\
Number of People 👶 99,000
Rate in 2021 363
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Latin , Welsh
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Cecilia Name Meaning

Cecilia is a name associated with kindness and honesty in women. Literally translates "the little one who is blind" or "the blind girl". For this reason, its meaning is linked to the devotion and humility of a woman with good feelings, who will always demonstrate her nobility.

Cecilia Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Cecilia
Additional description of the name Cecilia

Cecilia is a Latin name, which was originally written as Cecilius. It derives from the union of the words "Cæcus" which translates "blind", and the word "illius/illa", which is a diminutive. When joining both words, the translation is "the little blind one".

Cool Info About Name Cecilia

Additional name description Cecilia
Additional name description Cecilia


Popularity of the name Cecilia

The name Cecilia has been used in the United States since 1880. Over 100626 girls were given the mentioned name in the past 2 centuries. This name gained the most popularity as a baby name in the year 1891. Its usage went up by 149% at that year. During this year 121 babies were named Cecilia that was 0.044% of the baby girls born in the United States of America.


Personality of the name Cecilia

Also there is the letter analysis of the name,

C is for comic, laughter is your tonic

E is for expressive, not one to hold within

C is for compatible, a friend’s friend

I is for ignite, the fire in you

L is for loyalty, that you show

I is for interest, you show in others

A is for amenable, for your easy going nature

Your name is your heart’s desire and personality. This name suggests you give up what you want so other people can have what they need. Like a 6 sided cube, your personality is steady and balanced. You are a creative person.

Your heart’s desire is to help and care for those you love. You value family and traditions. Giving advice is a natural ability for you. You are somewhat hesitant to show your artistic talents. Also people appreciate the love you give to them.

Other people perceive you as someone who is impressive and elegant. You posses qualities common to actors, dancers and performers. People admire your confident. Unfortunately, there are others who get jealous of you. You prefer not to deal directly with only one person. Instead, you want to work on a grand scale.

Your most likely vocations are, teacher, philosopher, educator and religious zealot. The name’s lucky colors are, all varieties of blue and any bright blues. If you are named Cecilia, your lucky gems are, Emerald and turquoise.


Famous people named Cecilia

Saint Cecilia who is 2nd century virgin martyr and patron Saint of musicians and church music

Princess Cecilia of Sweden who was born in the year 1540

Cecilia of Normandy who is thought to be the daughter of William the Conqueror

Cecilia who is a Spanish singer

Cecilia Bartoli who is an Italian mezzo soprano

Diminutives and variations of the name Cecilia
These would be some of the diminutives and variations for Cecilia .
Celi, Celia, Ceci, Celita, Cilia

The name Cecilia in other languages
German: Cäcilie
Arabic: سيسيليا
Chinese: 塞西莉亚
English: Cecily
French: Cecile or Cecilie
Galician: Cecia: Cilla or Icia
Japanese: セシリア
Hebrew: ססיליה
Hindi: सीसिलिया
Norwegian: Sidsel
Basque: Zezili
Basque: Koikille
Russian: Сесилия

Personality of the name Cecilia
Cecilia is a woman with good manners and a pleasant manner. She will always show a high degree of culture and knowledge, which makes her look like an interesting and intelligent woman.
In meetings, she may not be the center of attraction. However, she possesses a refined sense of humor and a bold perception, which will attract the attention of those around her. In addition, she is a balanced woman who likes to impart justice and equality.
She is affectionate and affectionate with her family. She is motivated to help everyone who needs her. Likewise, she educates her relatives so that each one can achieve economic independence.
On the love plane, she is always in search of true love. But she does not usually get tangled up in commitments that are fleeting or that do not go anywhere. Therefore, when she finds the ideal partner, she will fight to form her own family.

Cecilia's Saint's Day
November 22 is Cecilia's day. On that date, homage is paid to Saint Cecilia of Rome, who was a Roman noblewoman who converted to Christianity and was martyred in the 3rd century.

Numerology of the name Cecilia
According to numerology, 6 is the lucky digit for Cecilia.

Similar names to the name Cecilia

Cai, Caia, Cailin, Cairo and Cait


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Cecilia FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Cecilia?
The origin of the name Cecilia is Latin , Welsh.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Cecilia?
Blind, Sixth
*️⃣ How many people are named Cecilia?
Almost 99000 people are named Cecilia.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Cecilia?
The names of James, Emily, Hannah, Melody, Chelsea