He (God) Has Favored Me

Hannah Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \han-nuh\
Number in U.S 👶 440,000
Rate in 2021 109
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Hannah Name Meaning

What does Hannah mean?

Hannah, female name; last name

Samuel's mother (Biblical, Old Testament)

a village in North Dakota (USA)

mother of the prophet Samuel (Biblical, Old Testament)

a town in Alberta (Canada)

Names of several cities and towns in the USA

Hannah, female name; last name

Hannah senesh

Hannah Senesh, (1921-1944) Israeli heroine born in Hungary, parachutist who was among the first women to voluntarily join a paratrooper group in the British Royal Air Force, parachuted in Yugoslavia in 1944 and crossed the Hungarian border with the help of a guerrilla group when she crossed the border with the Germans. hanged by firing squad after being caught (imprisoned and tortured) by him and accused of treason.

What does the word Hannah mean?

Hannah best name meanings: Serious, Creative, Competent, Mindful, Volatile.

Here you find information about the meaning and origin of the name Hannah.

Meaning:     God's Grace

Gender:       Woman

Origin:        Bible

Shaped:       Hannah

Options:      Hanah , Hanna , Hena , Henda , Hendel , Henye , Αννα , Ганна

Similar male voices:       Human , Han , Hamo , Hanan , Home , Hane , Ham , Hon

Similar girl voices: Hena , Hanane , Hanna , Hiyam , Hyun , Hae-Won , Hanne , Hyun-Ae

Hannah Name Origin and History

What does Hannah mean?
Hannah's female name means "full of grace", "compassionate" or "compassion of God", so it has a religious connotation due to its origin.

Origin of the name Hannah
Hannah is a name of Hebrew origin that refers to the Bible, more specifically to the Old Testament, where Hannah is mentioned ( or Ana) as Samuel's mother.

Diminutive and variations of the nameHannah
Some of the variations of the name Hannah are:
Ana, Hanni , Hann, Ann, Anne, Anna

Personality of the name Hannah
People named Hannah are very sensitive, loving, kind, altruistic and humanitarian. They are always thinking of others, so much so that sometimes they tend to forget a little about themselves. On the other hand, Hannah is also a very dreamy, romantic and delicate person who is passionate about everything she does, as well as the art and beauty of the world.
Hannah shines light wherever she goes, she is very sociable and very friend of her friends. It is of honest and noble character; always expresses everything she thinks and feels, therefore, Hannah is also a very sincere and transparent person.

Celebrities named Hannah
Hannah Montana: fictional character from the homonymous series played by Miley Cyrus.
Hannah Arendt: German writer, philosopher and political theorist of Jewish origin in Nazi Germany, for which she had to emigrate to the United States. She had a very important role in the study and critique of the Holocaust.
Hannah Alper: Canadian activist, blockadeer and motivational speaker who speaks about the environment, bullying and social justice.
Hannah Barnes : British professional cyclist who has won numerous awards.

Hannah's Saint's Day
Hannah's Saint's Day is celebrated on July 26.

Numerology of the name Hannah
According to numerology, the number associated with Hannah is 1.

Additional description of the name Hannah

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Comments on the name Hannah
3/6/2023 11:01:56 PM

Our daughter Hannah Kellyn often hears "Hannah Montana" (to her dismay), but loves to be called Hannah Banana (now she collects monkeys). We never knew any other Hannah's, but we have met a few through ballet. No two Hannah's are alike!

3/5/2023 12:56:28 PM

my name is Hannah Navara, i hate being called hannah montana as she is such a bad singer and i can actually sing so its kind of insulting, i love meeting people called hannah its so funny and fun, like someone calls out hannah and you both look back!

2/22/2023 7:12:02 PM

My daughter was born in 2014 and I named her Hannah. I thought is was a cool name b/c it is a palindrome and it was the only girls name that my hubby and I could agree on. I knew no ohter Hannahs at the time. I had no idea the name was so popular until my daughter'started preschool and there were two other Hannah's in her class!

2/19/2023 3:54:56 AM

I absolutely love this name. My mother's name is Hanna except It's pronounced Honna. But even'this is her nickname. her first name is much more beautiful, It's spelled Hannelore but pronounced Honna-Lora ,all one word, so say it with me now up to speed? Honnalora. her middle name is Johanna, pronounced Yo-honna... all together now: Honnalora Yohonna. It's German so you cannot pronounce it phonetically which gave her trouble in school with teache's and classmates when it came to the pronunciation, so she'shortened it to Hanna (remember pronounced Honna). But even'that didn't work out to well because it is easy to pronounce it like Anna with an H in front of it. she absolutely detests that name, and finds it borderline offensive if people call her Hanna instead of Honna. It is all very confusing. so if you?ve made it this far and are able to keep up with all the Hans and Hons pronunciation, congratulations, because I can barely keep It'straight. Moving on-...I was only here to say that I absolutely love her name and It's uniqueness. I find it to be a very proper, formal, elegant and any other'synonym to those words you can'think of, name. Lord forbid she ever finds this post because I have on occasion used Honna as an alias during a night out. SORRY NOT SORRY MOM! Post Script: to the girl in the dislike section who posted ?... so if you want your kid to have a big mouth name her this.? You might be on to something regardless of how It's pronounced. I about died laughing and sent her a screen shot. Thanks for the laugh!

2/18/2023 7:38:14 AM

beautiful name but too popular now. there are 2 hannahs in my playgroup of 15.

2/13/2023 1:01:14 PM

My name is Hannah, i love it, it is so original and pretty.

2/9/2023 9:41:10 AM

This Racheal aint feelin so special anymore seeing all of you with the'same spelling!!!

2/6/2023 3:51:18 PM

There aren't too many Jacqueline's in my school at all, actually I think that, as of now, I'm the only one with this name at my school. I am also definatly the only one there with the'shortened nickname: Jacqui. I love my name, but It's so hard to find anything that'says Jacqui on it, you know? i've had people call me Ja-qwee many times, It's not really that hard to figure out though, is it? haha.

2/3/2023 2:55:16 AM

my name is hannah i like my name but it is very common and i dont like when people call me hannah hannah bo banna, hannah montana, and hannah banana. i am hannah paige elizabeth. cute huh?

1/31/2023 8:33:06 PM

i live in Zimbabwe, harare.. in Aprili gave birth to an angel. He name is Hannah, i always ask the elderly to pronnonce the name properly. In shona (local language) we have a word thats says hana (meaning the heart beat) thats the way her grannies pronounce my baby's name.

1/30/2023 12:10:28 AM

My name is Hannah, and I'must say it is a beautiful name! For all those people who say, "Oh WAWA! There's no nickname for Hannah", you are all wrong! Hanners is an awesome nickname for Hannah, so are Hannah Banana, Han, and Hannie. I hate it when people call my Heyna. That's not how you say it! Unless you want to be called Jynnifer, don't call me Heynah, okay? I haven't met many people with the name Hannah, but I ahdore it! I used to hate it when I was younger, but It's a classic!

1/29/2023 2:46:12 PM

My name is Hannah as well. I like the name; however, I totally understand how annoying it is being nicknamed "Hannah Bananna or Hannah Montana". This is something my cousins call me all the time, I think its cute though. I have always been Hannah and would not change it for the world. I hate it when'teache's call you Hohnna, instead of Hannah. Wouldn't name my daughter that name though, I have to many Hannahs in my family!

1/29/2023 12:22:10 AM

When I was about 10 I decided that I wanted to name a daughter Lily. We have a custom in my family of natural names, and I thought it was perfect because it is very feminine and natural without being hippy or weird. Unfortunately the name has become incredibly popular lately and I'm not sure I will be able to use it. If your after natural names the ones in my family (two generations) are Rowan, Cherry, Martin, Robin, Heather, Brook, Pearl, Arum and Rose (me).

1/28/2023 7:54:42 AM

Hey! My name is Hannah and no one else in my grade has the nahe Hannah. There is one Hannah in a grade below, but we are nothing alike. I knew like more that three Hannahs when I lived in Minnesota. I was only in 1st grade then so I don't really remeber it that much.

1/27/2023 5:45:20 AM

The name hannah is awesome, how could you not like it!

1/27/2023 1:56:06 AM

my name is hannah too:D i really like it. but yeah i also get called hannah banana/montana etc. but i dont really mind that :) i have met a few other hannahs but there actually isnt that many at my school so i dont think its too popular..

1/26/2023 4:11:14 AM

my name's hannah and i love it. although i hate when people spell it hanna. once my spanish teacher wrote my name on the board and wrote hanna. i got so mad. and i also get teased when people call me hannah montana. i also love the meaning of my name too. gracious. i like it because It's true!

1/23/2023 7:45:38 PM

Hannah is such a great name because you can spell it the'same way forwards and backwards! Like Bob! Or racecar! Or Mom! Or lots of other things! YAY!

1/19/2023 6:11:22 PM

my name is hannah, shaped like a banana, i wunna go to montana....hannna

1/17/2023 9:10:30 AM

HI'my name is hannah ilove my name bcoz its meaning is grace... so i always like to call as hannah itself. but most of them call me hannah ,montana i dont care that.......

1/13/2023 10:53:10 PM

I know 3 things that rhyme with Hannah. Hannah, Montona, Alanna, Banana.

1/13/2023 4:42:52 PM

i love the name. my name is taylor, and people say the popularity of the name hannah went up because of HANNAH MONTANA! i love hannah montana and i think the name is very pretty and cute.

1/13/2023 12:00:44 PM

I love my name, it is very pretty. I only know two other hannah'. It's still pretty popular though. Too bad. I still really love my name though!!!

1/10/2023 2:39:16 PM

My name is Hannah Marie and I'm more comfortable in using hannah than marie. I think the name doesn't sound so boring at all. :)

1/6/2023 5:47:08 PM

My names Hannah :) Its actually a pretty common name in my school. I always have atleast one other Hannah in any of my classes :) But, I do occasionally get called Hannah Montana lol...but I dont mind :) I love my name :)

1/5/2023 3:55:24 PM

I love this name it is also my best friends name and i think it is a very cute name

1/4/2023 6:10:32 PM

I'm called Hannah but i've never really liked it that much; I'd have preferred to be called something else!

1/2/2023 11:48:22 AM

My name is Hannah and I love the name. I am getting tired of the abundance of Hannahs everywhere. If you like the name Hannah try some variation like Hanne, Hani, (both pronounced Hon-ee) or Anna.

12/28/2022 5:26:02 AM

My name is Hannah and I love it although there are some down sides aswell like when people say what's your name I say Hannah and they say wow ANNA is such a nice name.

12/28/2022 3:22:36 AM

im hannah well one of the many many. im 15, i love it

12/27/2022 7:08:52 PM

My name is Hannah, im 21 and everywhere i go i get dubbed as 'Hannah Montana", even by strangers. It does get on my nerves but im used to it now, uggh

12/27/2022 4:44:50 AM

I was the coolest kid in kindergarten because I could spell my name backwards and forwards at the'same time. Seriously, it was amazing.

12/27/2022 3:34:18 AM

Hi!! My name is Hannah! I think that Hannah is an AWESOME name. Just like one of the comments above I was popular in kindergarten because I could spell my name forwards and backwards. I also love my name because it is in the bible!!!

12/22/2022 5:25:42 AM

Hannah is a cool name cuz it is in the Bible and it means grace from God! That is why I love my name!!!

12/21/2022 7:40:50 AM

My name is Hannah Claire too! and i love it, some people think i've said Anna instead which gets annoying!

12/21/2022 4:09:14 AM

I'm going to call my daughter Hannah Iris- which means 'gods grace' and 'rainbow'. A very common name, but It's such a happy, positive name!

12/20/2022 9:41:18 PM

I like my name because when you put all my initials together It'sounds like "hug em'" HGM, well kinda... Hannah Grace and then my last name'starts with and "M"!

12/13/2022 10:45:34 PM

my name is Hannah Diano.i like my name. people usually dont spell it wrong,if they do they spell it hanah or 12,when i tell people my name they think of hannnah montana and i hate hannah montana! they call me hannah bannana to and i hate it and they know that'so they usually do it to just get on my nerves.other then'that i think my name awesome!!its a biblical name Oct. 9, 2020:

12/13/2022 5:25:12 AM

We named my daughter (who is now 5) Lelia Catherine after her father's grandmother, and my great-grandmother. After I heard the name for the first time I fell in love with it, we didn't even have one alternate name'selected

12/11/2022 1:24:06 AM

Hannah is a wonderful name. I'm sure like most of you I get called Hannah Banana a lot. Any time someone says hey Hannah that's like Hannah Montana! Then I'm like I was born before Hannah Montana became famous.

12/10/2022 8:06:42 PM

My, name is hannah, and for ages I have loved it! But I began to hate it when little miss montana came along, even random people at school call me hannah montana. it really annoys me, as I hate Hannah montana! DX

12/7/2022 3:42:02 PM

my name is hannah and i like it, but other people are right. there are no nicknames! its cool that It's a palindrome and its not that common. i know about 4 other hannahs but nobody else at my school is named hannah! hannah is a good name i think =)

12/7/2022 10:42:16 AM

my name is Hannah and i realy like the name and i realy like the bible story.

12/1/2022 11:37:48 PM

I love my name. It's reallyeasy to pronounce and has a lot of nicknames. I also really enjoy it because it was the name of a biblical person in the bible. It's my understanding that it means "graceful" or "grace"

11/30/2022 10:56:36 PM

my names hannah. i cant stand it. i hate being called hannah montana its lame(: the end. lol

11/26/2022 10:12:16 AM

We named our first born Alisa. We pronouce it Ah-Li-sa as it is pronounced in Russian. Most people pronouce it like Ahh-Lis-A. At home we call her Aliska as her pet name. I really like this name. Seems like we have the opposite problem than the other person. We can't get people to pronouce it Ah-Li-Sa. Everybody here in Dallas wants to say Ahh-lis-a

11/24/2022 7:24:40 PM

I love the name, but it is annoying that people always think of Hannah Montana

11/19/2022 5:06:14 AM

When my mother was pregnant with me, she was planning to name me Elizabeth. But then my father'suggested "Nancy," and they went with that. I used to be quite bitter about it. Why didn't they stick with Elizabeth? It's more of a timeless name and there are so many nicknames you can choose from it. "Nancy" was a boring, common name. There were always five or six other girls named Nancy in every class I was in. One teacher resorted to calling us "Nancy 1," "Nancy 2," etc. I once worked at an office that had so many Nancys, somebody circulated a joke memo saying, "Please don't hire any more Nancys!" Plus the expressions "Nancy boy" and "Negative Nancy" do not help. Also, every time a "Nancy" was depicted on TV, she was a sn't. (Nancy Oleson on Little House, for example.) So I hated my name. i've gotten used to it now. After all, there's Nancy Drew and the celebrity Nancy O'Dell, on the positive side. It's inter'sting to see so many young girls who like having the name because It's unusual! It'sure wasn't unusual when I was growing up. But who knows, maybe the name will come back into fashion.

11/18/2022 7:56:38 AM

I love the name Hannah but I think It's kinda 2 common

11/16/2022 12:09:16 PM

My name is Hannah I was going to be named something else but my mom changed her mind and called me Hannah and its very special to me :)

11/15/2022 9:27:36 PM

Ugggh. All the time people spekk my name wrong.. It bugs.. But oh well.. But its an alright name?? I guess ("

11/14/2022 4:04:16 PM

My name is Hannah. Everybody here in China loves it. It is also easy for them to pronounce and the "-nah" sounds like na which is a feminine term in Chinese. All in all a good choice!

11/14/2022 11:39:46 AM

hello yea im a hannah and i rocks. i lov the name. it is easy to spell and you can write it backwards! HANNAHS ROCK!

11/10/2022 7:12:08 PM

My name is Hannah Marie, and i think the name Hannah is completely chic. I didn't like my name when i was younger b/c of the whole hannah montana thing, but I'm comfortable with my name now and i get compliments on my name all the time.

11/10/2022 1:54:44 PM

well, my name is jaclynn, but they dont have my name on here, but i think it is an awsome name!

11/7/2022 4:33:16 PM

Hey, I'm another Hannah Elizabeth =) can't beli've ther's 3 othe's on here already! anyway at my school ther's like 7 Hannahs just in my year and i constantly have classes where ther's 4 of us together. It gets kind of annoying when'the teacher comments like every lesson. also i was just counting up recently how many Hannahs i know (personally not like hannah montana or anything) and it came to over 30!!!

11/2/2022 11:21:28 AM

hi, my girlfriend is called hannah and i love her very much but u r all sad acts and give the name hannah a bad name by writing such depressing comments. Alex Manton

11/1/2022 11:18:30 PM

Im a Hannah 2 and i also hate bananas but im kinda sick of people calling me hannah all the time. ther's alot of hannahs in my school and i hate it when sombody calls out Hannah and it turns out that'she or hes not talking 2 u shes talking 2 a different Hannah.

10/27/2022 4:03:16 PM

I knew our name "Hannah' was popular but i never knew that it was popular across the globe. All other hannah's out there we have a great name.

10/26/2022 3:19:06 AM

I was pregnant with my firstborn child in 2010. I wanted an old fashioned and Victorian name that was not popular. I chose Hannah and lo and behold after her birth the name'suddenly became popular. Her full name is Hannah Elizabeth and my father and great aunts all loved the name.

10/24/2022 1:06:46 PM

The Name Iesha Is Great! Althous Some Poepl Cant Always Prononce It Right It'sure Is A wonderFUll Beatifull Name!

10/22/2022 4:58:48 AM

My name is also Hannah, Hannah Marie to be exact. I love my name & wouldnt want to change it

10/20/2022 6:15:06 AM

My name is Hannah Louise. I love having a "H" at the end rather then just an "A". Everyone always comments on how cool it is to be able to spell my name backwards and forwards.

10/19/2022 5:16:16 AM

My name's Hannah and i've never really liked it. I like the fact that It's palindromic, but most people spell it wrong anyway and so there's no much point! People also have an irritating tendency to pronounce it as either "Anna" or "Han-ner" (I'm English, if this emphasis puzzles you accent-wise). One of my friends said it reminded her of a snake, oddly. I suppose the two subtle "h" sounds make a subversive hissing noise and that's what she was thinking of. Other names I'might otherwise have been called include "Star" and "Miranda".

10/18/2022 11:03:00 AM

my name is hannah, when i was 5 when everyu one was learning how to spell their name I could spell it foward and backward,lol. i am nicknamed by my brother Hannie!!

10/16/2022 8:50:40 PM

I am a Hannah also...It...could be better to me. I don't really enjoy my name. It's too common in my state. I was born in NC and no one was named Hannah there. I like japanese names too much.☺☺☺

10/16/2022 11:26:24 AM

My name is Hannah and I think that after awhile everyone gets bored of their name and i think that my parents were thinking wrong when'they named me Hannah because alot of people named their daughters Hannah and hanna too.

10/14/2022 6:17:44 PM

It is okay, but It'stinks because there are no nicknames for it.

10/13/2022 5:51:12 AM

I am called Hannah May. I used dislike it when i was younger, but i love it now. It'sounds really cute.

10/11/2022 1:14:50 AM

I think It's a very cute name. I didn't realize it was so popular though.

10/3/2022 11:37:26 AM

I can't understand why this name'suddenly got so popular. It'sounds so dreary and old-fashioned. No offense to the Hannahs out there, but I think It's so plain and not pretty sounding at all.

10/1/2022 3:14:48 PM

this is my lil girls name, her full name is hannah cecilia. yes we call her hannah banana as a nickname. which was my nickname when i was growing up and it never bothered me mine was lana banana

10/1/2022 8:29:14 AM

lol. i see my friend wrote "hannah, dont write comments" her name is also hannah and we r best buddies!! =D i wrote the comments below her remark and above. lol.

9/24/2022 7:50:40 PM

i love it because it is my magic name (forwards and backwards). It's a bit annoying that it is now really popular

9/23/2022 3:52:32 AM

I like my name Hannah because its original meaning is the grace of God. I respect the great woman Hannah in the Bible. Sometimes people call me just hana, or spell my name hanna, though.

9/18/2022 2:29:58 AM

yeah my name is jaquan sayres and at first people prononce it wrong but they get use too it. even'the ladys say (ahhh what a cute name im gonna name my baby that)i love this name

9/14/2022 12:41:02 PM

I agree with you Hannah, my name is also Hannah. I, too, think It's so radical because It's a palendrome!

9/12/2022 11:18:38 AM

I have a bratty spoiled cousin with this name, It's not my style, but pretty

9/10/2022 4:59:26 PM

Hi, my name Isn't Hannah, It's Soraya, but i love the name, It'sounds good, and mostly the meaning of the name. the first time that i heard this name was when i was 12 yrs. old, since that time i been'thinking in to name one of my future daughters with that name, now I'm 20 yrs. old, and I'm a single :D, even'though, i'd like to name one of my future daughters with that name.

9/9/2022 1:36:34 AM

My name is hannah.. i dont really notice my name being that common, maybe its a location thing (im in the U.S. on the west coast). im almost 18 and in my lifetime ive met/known maybe like four five hannahs at most.. i can actually only think of 2 specifically and only one is my age. i hate it when people spell it "hanna" with only one H, but hannah montana has helped people get the'spelling right more often ha. i also cant stand it when people mishear me and think my name is anna x( i actually also really dislike it when people say it the "ha-nuh" way with a short A.. i like it the hannah montana way, more like "heyah-nuh". friends often call me hannah montana or hannah banana as well and i used to hate it but now i actually kind of like it and refer to myself using those haha =) having little nicknames from friends makes me feel special, even if they ARE unoriginal. it is annoying when people call me one of those names and think its so funny, though. as if i have never heard those names before -_- i like my name cause its a pallendrome and its really fun to rhyme :) and i also like the hannah story in the bible, and the fact that it means graceful.

9/8/2022 11:47:48 AM

Never liked this name. It's one of those stern, harsh-sounding Old Testament names. For me, it conjures an image of a devout but humorless Puritan woman. Not to mention the Hannah Montana association, which Isn't so great either.

9/7/2022 12:34:46 PM

My name is Hannah and I love it. A lot of people mix me up with a Hanna or Anna, but thats alright. It's part of my family history so it has a meaning to me.

9/2/2022 1:32:06 AM

another hannah here - i'll agree i prefer it to be a rare name. It is among my generation but there are lots of young girls called Hannah now which is getting a bit... well i hate it when everyone's called the'same name, especially if It's mine!

8/23/2022 12:53:24 AM

When I was little I loved my name, because my dad always said it was the perfect name. But later, that vision got soiled when people started calling me Hannah Bonana or Hannah Montana. I don't care if there's a show with the name Hannah, I's Hannah Georges, nothing else!

8/21/2022 6:41:42 PM

I have the name. It's not original or anything so It's boring but It's traditional, so... i dunno.

8/19/2022 9:57:54 AM

Ok so my name is Hannah and I love it! I think its funny when people realize that you can spell it both ways and then'they try and tell me like i didnt know or like they were the 1st person to figure it out! LoL But the only down to it is the nicnames! I get called Hannnah Banana or My favorite (not!) Hannah Montana. I hate that'show and after telling people nicely that if they call me Hannah Montana again that i'll punch them in the face they started calling me Hannah Louisana. Which isnt bad cuz thats were im from!

8/18/2022 2:51:18 AM

i love name because it can be spelt backwards!and it is annoyin when people dont say the H luv hannah

8/8/2022 1:17:42 AM

I love the meaning, but I get fun of and called Hannah Montana or Hannah Banana sometimes. And I don't like the popularity of it. I want to name my kid something abstract.

7/31/2022 11:12:36 AM

i don't like it [It's my name] its boring nd lame i dont like it i hate it! it has no nick name's [ -Hannah J. S.

7/26/2022 5:45:00 PM

I love the name Hannah! I am going to name my first girl that! I have liked this name for over 10 years! I love Hannah in the Bible, and I love that it means God's Grace and Favor. Or in Japanese it means flower! How beautiful!

7/24/2022 6:16:30 AM

Hey, I love my name it is the coolest name ever! i love it because it came for the bible. from Hannah Faith WillI'ms

7/6/2022 1:42:54 PM

my names hannah and i love itso does my friend keirnan !! HA

7/3/2022 9:46:12 AM

My daughter's name is Hannah Ruth. She's 16 now and it was adorable when she was a toddler running around but still fits a teenager. Other than the unavoidable nickname ( her'sister calls her Banana to annoy her) the name is perfect!!

7/1/2022 6:25:30 PM

My name is Hannah, I like how its in the bible but really HANNAH MONTANNA!! I hate it when people call me that.

6/26/2022 1:04:12 PM

I love my name i am the most popular one in school because of it!

6/25/2022 5:57:36 AM

I'myself love my name,It's Hannah,My mom named me.And Larissa if I would had known you in school 35yrs ago,I would had kick your _ _ _ .See I was nice and I also like to pick on people like you.But being cruel Isn't what its all cracked up to be.But I am also glad you and Hannah are friends.that's good!Hannah is a Terrific name.

6/22/2022 12:59:42 PM

I named my daughter Hannah. It's classic and It's a palindrome.

6/21/2022 3:08:24 AM

Hannah Gertrude Bacon is my name. comment on the bottem if you like it or hate it.

6/20/2022 7:49:12 PM

Having the name Hannah is so cool. Its so fun that you can spell i backwards.

5/27/2022 4:43:48 AM


5/19/2022 6:24:36 AM

My name is Hannah, and I guess It's okay. It is very dull and boring, but also special because its a palindrome! One think I don't like is that It'sounds old fashioned, which is why my parents picked it!

5/10/2022 7:16:48 PM

I love the name! Mine is spelled Hanna, though. Without an h at the end. I think it adds a little twist to a common name :)

5/9/2022 3:56:06 AM

Hannah is a classic, beautiful name, and all the girls i know called Hannah are really pretty and classy! but it is too popular at the moment, i still hope to use it for my daughter, hopefully it will be less popular in a few years time!

5/2/2022 11:48:36 AM

i am called hannah to i hate to be called han though! but i like my name

4/28/2022 11:44:06 AM

My mom named me Hannah thinking it was a nice, uncommon name and then its popularity EXPLODED. I like my name I just wish it was less common-- also, sympathies to all of you who have been called the'stupid nicknames. :P

4/28/2022 2:35:06 AM

my name is hannah and i also have three other girls in my class with the name hannah. Not many people spell the name wrong and it is a cool name because it is spelled the'same forwards as it is backwards

4/26/2022 6:33:36 PM

My name is Hannah and I surely am BLESSED BY GOD! Although, Hannah actually means GRACE of GOD. I feel so honored to be named Hannah considering the fact that I AM MARKED BY THE GRACE OF GOD, IT IS WHAT DEFINES ME and I give HIM praise for all HE has done!

4/21/2022 11:22:30 AM

my niece hannah lee miely dimnyondsa said " i hate when people call me hannah montana , but i love the show it is so cool . her twin brothes eithen erles and phillip andersonosy are my darlings

4/13/2022 4:49:12 AM

My name's hannah. i dont mind it. i get called hannah montana alot though haha.

4/5/2022 12:54:18 PM

I chose the name "Hannah" for my daughter, because she is God's grace

3/26/2022 11:14:24 PM

well hey my name is daisy and i think its like a flower name my parents choose that name because they thought it was name is very beautiful and i think its nice....:) i always love that name because my parents gave it to :)and they put that name cause i was very very very very very small and beautiful sexy pretty girl......and i dont care what people think about my name....they could talk there talk...hahahaha lol

3/26/2022 4:56:24 AM

I named my daughter Hanna (yes without a h at the end) \hannah was my Nans name but my husband does not like words that r spelt the'same both ways, so we dropped the end h. I am now told that this is the irish surname'spelling.

3/20/2022 4:15:54 PM

My name is Hannah also, There's only 3 or 4 other girls in my school with this name, I love this name! It's very girly, And suIt's me very well. I do get frustrated when people miss spell it though. They often spell it "Hanna"<-- Notice something? No "h" at the end. And it drives me insane! I'm also having trouble finding Nicknames tht have something to do with my name, Cute girly ones.. But Hannah is a beautiful name and If your name is Hannah, You should be proud of it!!

3/20/2022 9:51:36 AM

I hate my name hannah-rose i think its so plain and simple ,people always call me hannah montana and hannah bananna even my teachers i wish i had a unique name like raechael or alicia or abigail! even though i dont like it ,i think it suits me .

3/13/2022 1:15:54 AM


2/22/2022 7:05:06 AM

My names hannah,well obviously. I used to hate my name, but its grown on me. I love it now, because not many people have the same name. My full name is Hannah Lynn. People call me "Hannah Montana," all the time, but it doesnt really bother me,just gets annoying sometimes. When i grow up I want to name my kids a unique namee. :]

1/28/2022 4:54:36 PM

Hannah is my name and i love it BUT it annoies me ALOT when people callme hannah montana hannah montana is a stupid blonde popstar that cant sing im a normal redhead that can sing, but i dont mind hannah banana

1/28/2022 12:26:24 AM

I love my name because its unique but i've been glad to see us Hannah's rising in the ranks!!

1/12/2022 10:06:00 PM

Yes I am an Iliana too. Growing up in the 70s and 80s in Queens, NY it wasn't such a cool name to have. Lots of people called me Indiana or Lilliana. It would get me sooo upset when people mis pronounced my name. Then I'moved to MI'mi and became a dime a dozen looking around if someone called out my name usually for another Iliana. I love my name. It is so beautiful. We are so lucky and special to have such a beautiful unique name. It means noble, beautiful, light, and is the poetic name for Troy. Many Eastern European royal families name their girls Iliana.

1/8/2022 6:28:12 AM

I love my name I do not care that it is popular . I love my name no matter what and yes I do know 4 other Hannahs in my town.

1/5/2022 10:45:36 AM

Hi I'm Hannah lol I love my name. I don't really meet any other Hannah's at all actually lol I think one other one my whole life. And I love how It's a palendrom and you can spell it the'same forwards and backwards people always get a kick out of that lol.

1/4/2022 10:03:18 AM

Heya, my name too is Hannah. I dont really hate the name but I know that there are cool nick names for it, like my middle name is Lucy and everyone calls me Hucy. It's my own name, and im pleased to be given'the nickname! the problem is people call me Hannah Montanna which gets on my nerves! But yea I think It's an okay name to have.

12/17/2021 3:46:12 AM

My name is not pronounced normally. Its more like, "Honnah" with a long "O".

12/17/2021 2:51:18 AM

My name is Hannah! I can't beli've someone would call this name "dreary" and "old-fashioned." i hate being called hannah montana and hannah banana. glad i found people who could relate :)

12/14/2021 1:33:00 PM

I love name name'so do many other people partly cause It's a palindrome

12/9/2021 8:05:24 PM

My name is Hannah Marie and I just LOVE my name, its beautiful in every way. I do get called Hannah Montana and hannah banana alot. i dont mind being called Hannah banana, but i HATE being called Hannah Montana!

12/9/2021 2:42:18 AM

Hi Im Hannah and I only know three other people named that. I kinda like it..... Hannah

12/3/2021 7:37:30 AM

Hannah is getting more common, I was born in 1998, but i love it, your but its meaning.. Favoured, and Grace of God. your name is who you are. it has such a huge meaning.

11/27/2021 7:03:18 AM

Hi I'm Hannah i love my name and i would never change it, it is always in fashion + i couldn't care less if people call me hannah montana .. there are 2 other Hannah's in my year at school Xxx

11/23/2021 7:47:24 PM

I plan to name our daughter Hannah. She's due in 4 months!

11/23/2021 2:24:18 AM

I am proud to have named my new beautiful daughter Hannah. I am 27, I have lived in many different states and have NEVER known another Hannah. I beli've it is a name'she can be proud of and successful with and an adult.

11/22/2021 3:31:48 AM


11/20/2021 7:30:18 PM

I really dont like it! Think about it girls! It's so dull and boring. I wish my name were out there and fun like Norah or Bridget. Then my life would be truly awsome.

11/11/2021 7:33:54 PM

We are trying for a baby and really like the name Raegan after me meeting someone called Raegan on a work related course. Charlotte West Midlands England

11/10/2021 11:32:24 AM

Hannah is so overrated I'm gonna call my daughter Hatsche'sut, now that's a great name!

11/8/2021 4:32:06 PM

My name is Hannah Katherine, im 20 years old, and i used to HATE my name, but now i love it. it means Grace, and i love the'sound of it. everyone else does too, HAHA. i always hear people say "i love your name!". i get called Hannah Montana all the time!! and Hannah Banana sometimes by really close friends. but its a great name! (oh, and the palendrome is great too!) be proud, Hannah's of the world!

11/7/2021 6:40:48 AM

my name is Hannah as well i love my name... people call me Hannah Montana and Hannah Bananna but i dont mind it i like having nicknames i love hearing my name in the bible in the book of samuel i am glade i have a Bible name :)

10/14/2021 12:38:06 PM

i love hannah! especialy after watchin hannah montana!!!1

10/5/2021 2:31:30 PM

I absolutely LOVE the name Hannah. Infact we just named our new baby girl Hannah Abigail!

9/26/2021 7:15:54 AM

Oh I'm a hannah elizabeth too!! and i do get called hannah banana alot.. or hannah spanner... or hannah montana but i dont really mind. i dont love my name i think its a bit boring but its nice that it means grace and this website is good cause you dont have to sign up to comment which is really annoying on other websIt's. and i had 5 other hannahs in my year at comp and 2 in my class in primary so i guess its quite popular but i dont know any other hannahs where i live now, so its nice people not getting me confused with other people anymore lol. and another cool thing is that its the'same backwards at least that makes its a bit less boring xxx

9/24/2021 4:50:06 PM

My Name is Hannah-Elizabeth. I think its a beautiful name, with great meaning. If I wasn't called it, I'd name my little girl Hannah.

9/23/2021 10:32:06 PM

Actually, ther's only three Hannahs in my school of 2012 :) I love my name...:)

9/14/2021 11:36:54 AM

my name is hannah, and I'm 12... ive just found dis site and i think It's really cool da way every one on it has da same name! no one in my class has dis name but 2 othe's in my year have it. i dnt mind gettin called hannah banana, hannah montana or hannah the'spanner (my dad calls me dat sumtimes.. but i play along too!)i also like da way u can spell Hannah backwards!

9/5/2021 9:50:42 AM

My name is Hana I hate it. It's the most boring spelling, Im called Hannah Montanna, Hana Banana, Hay-ne, Hans. people never hear Hana but Ana when I introduce myself.

8/29/2021 6:38:06 PM

I'm called Hannah and I used to hate my name mainly because there were so many girls my age called Hannah but now I'm starting to see why my Mum liked It'so much.

8/21/2021 10:15:00 AM

I liked the name Hannah and wanted to name my second daughter Hannah Marie, but when she was born we decided to name her after her great grandfather who had past. Her name is Hannah Gene.

8/18/2021 2:32:24 PM

my name is Hanna Marie Venera and i HATE it when people call me hanna banana. i don't even like bananas! i am 11(turning 12 in october, yeah!) and in 7th grade at cda charter academy.

7/31/2021 8:09:00 PM

Hello Hannahs :)..... Its cute and nice and i luv being called hannah its gr8 :) I'm am indian so there aren't much hannahs around me i luv being called hannah :)

7/17/2021 9:15:36 PM

i love my name i was born in a small town and the name wasnt very popular i was going to be named melady because my moms bff and cousin had that name and she died at the age of 5.but my dad is irish so he wanted hannah.i love bein called hanny hannah banana,but i hate haanah montana i dont even like her.its anoying and by the looks of it most hannahs dont eather!but i love it i am gracious i would do anything for the lord!=)

7/6/2021 9:50:42 AM

My daughter is Hannah Mariah. Prettiest girls name ever!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Hannah?
The origin of the name Hannah is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Hannah?
He (God) Has Favored Me
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Almost 440000 people are named Hannah.
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The names of Hailey, Hallie, Holly, Haley, Hayley