Damian meaning

: To Tame

Damian Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \d(a)-mian\
Number of People 👶 90,000
Rate in 2021 190
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Damian Name Meaning

The male name Damian means "the tamer, the one who tames" and is related to those people who they are able to bring balance and calm to the home. They are generally calm people who transmit that tranquility to others, restoring the chaos around them.

Damian Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Damian
Additional description of the name Damian

Damian is a name of Greek origin that comes from "demeaned", which means "submit, dominate". However, some theories suggest that Damian could come from the Goddess Cibeles, whose nickname was Damia. It is about the Greek goddess of fertility and harvest, also known as Mother Earth.

Cool Info About Name Damian

Additional name description Damian
Additional name description Damian

The personality of the name Damian
People named Damian are very thoughtful sensitive and understanding. In general, in addition, the Damians are very passive and calm; however, when something motivates them, they become very active and dynamic with big ambitions. Damians are very good at organizing and leading groups, so they could stand out in high administrative positions.
On the other hand, Damians are quite mystical, so they tend to have a well-developed spiritual side. When it comes to love, the Damians are very passionate and thoughtful people, although they can sometimes become a little impatient and jealous.

Celebrities named Damian
Damian Marley: is a famous Jamaican roots reggae and dancehall musician who has won three Grammy Awards. He is one of Bob Marley's children and the only one he had with the 1976 Miss World model Cindy Breakspeare.
Damian Lewis: He is a well-known English actor and producer. He has appeared in the series Homeland and in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, among others. He has also won a Golden Globe.
Damian Lillard: He is a famous basketball player from the United States who plays as a point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA. 2010 they made him an honorable mention in the All-American.
Damian Wayne: This is a famous fictional character in the world of DC Comics, specifically the Batman comic. He appeared for the first time in Batman 655.

The popularity of the name Damian

The given name is popular in the United States. It reached the top 1000 names in 1952. In that year it debuted at spot No. 940 of the most popular male names. The negative point is that this name lost popularity between 1978 and 1981. As it is mentioned ‘’ Damian ‘’ ( a character in The Omen ) was portrayed as the child of the devil. During that period people reported being creeped out by the name.

Based on the data given by reliable sources, this name is the 11th most popular name for boys in the United States. Although this name has been used for girls, but it did not gain popularity as a girl’s name.

It is mentioned in the text that this name has been used in different areas especially in English-speaking countries but in different forms and spellings. ‘’ Damion ‘’ is the English form. ‘’ Damiaan ‘’ is Dutch. ‘’ Damianos ‘’ is Ancient Greek. ‘’ Damyan ‘’ is Bulgarian. ‘’ Demyan ‘’ is Russian. ‘’ Damien ‘’ is French and ‘’ Damiao ‘’ is Portuguese. 

Diminutives and variations of the name Damian
Among the diminutives of the name Damian, highlights:
Dam, Dami, Day, Dai

The name Damian in other languages
Damian in Italian: Damiano
Damian in French: Damien
Damian in English: Damian
Damian in Portuguese: Damiao
Damian in Arabic: داميان
Damian in Hebrew: דמיאן
Damian in Japanese: ダミアン
Damian in Chinese: 達米安
Damian in Korean: 데미안

Day of the Saint of Damian
The Saint of Damian is celebrated on September 26, the day of Saint Cosme and Saint Damian. However, some people also celebrate the saints of Damian on February 21 in honor of Santo Pedro Damian.

Numerology of the name Damian
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Damian is 5.

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Comments on the name Damian
01/10/2024 03:25:58

Damian is an awesome name. I gave this name to my son in 1992. Many people misspell his name, but many do n't mispronounce the name. Haven't met anyone who spell the name this way. The correct way to say it is Day me an.

01/03/2024 23:36:24

It does NOT mean son of the devil. I like this name too but stupid Hollywood ruined it. It means tame and gentle.

09/22/2023 10:28:56

When I was growing up, people always spelt it right, although maybe very occasionally with a y on the end- I always told them that was a Russian boys' name! Now i've come to the US to live (from England) people are starting to ask me how to spell it or to spell It'strange ways like Valarie which surprises me. I think Americans like to use different spellings more often'than Brits so maybe that's why. I always think that giving a child a familiar name with an odd spelling is not doing them any favors!

09/16/2023 02:32:30

I'm thinking about naming my son damian - but I worry because of all the references to the devil...

09/15/2023 03:19:28

I'm going too name my boy Damian James Think It's just perfect for some reason ..idk oli just like it now

09/13/2023 01:04:10

damian is an awsome name i should know im one of them but every once in a while my freinds will call me devil child to tick me off

09/07/2023 18:59:28

People need to stop with all that nonsense. I name my son Daimian. I spelled it very different. And hes an honor roll student. I love this name.

08/31/2023 23:17:42

Its a cool name and its my name and n't only does my mother love , but GOD 2 and chicks dig it

08/29/2023 16:20:16

Daughter is thinking about naming her child Damian if it is a boy...

08/28/2023 01:32:40

Named our boy Damian back in'the late 90s. It is a great name. Most people I talk too like the name. There are still a few naýve folks out there that'still associated it with the movie The Omen. But n't too many left.

08/06/2023 17:35:24

There is no reference in the bible to the name Damian, someone in hollywood picked the name for a movie and a bunch of unknowlegable people now think its a devil name, please know what you're talking about before you open your mouth.

07/18/2023 15:07:24

people are to put this in a nicer way....dumb! if damian is the "devil name" then i guess michael, jason & freddy are too right❤️ Those where names of killers in movies! seriously people need to get real! Last time i checked the devils name was Luciefer!

07/18/2023 10:42:54

Well I liked this name, And no it dose not mean the devil, my mom did not like the idea of naming my son that,because when my son was born The movie the omen came out a couple months later . In my baby book the meaning of Damian was "Warrior!" But ya every one who asked what we named him quickly responded with the same stereotyping of the devil,my moms calls him demon and I still cant convince her that it has nothing to do with the devil!! Thanks al ot to the writer of the Omen!

06/28/2023 01:58:40

Look Damian is a nice name and it does mean tame However it is also the name of the antichrist this does not make it bad hell Lucifer means Morning Star its just a name and for the record the movie named there character after the antichrist just to make it scarier it does not mean you don't name your son Damian or Damien or however you want to spell it just don't get offended when people say its the name of the devils son . he probably likes it too :)

04/20/2023 04:51:10

this form of the name does not mean son of the devil. the name "Damien" means son of the devil. note the spelling, its completely different

03/24/2023 12:28:08

It's really such a shame that the name Damien has gotten such a bad reputation, I absolutely love it, And thanks to the media everyone says it's a demon child name when I mention I want to name my kid "Damien Andrew" I really LOATHE the movie the omen with a burning passion now. Of all the names, couldnt it just have been Lucifer junior❤️! But by the time I have a kid, that stereotype will have hopefully vanished with the past

03/19/2023 08:09:14

n't the best name in'the world, but its okay i guess

01/14/2023 02:42:24

My brother's name is Damian. His nickname though is n't Damo or Dam, It's Da (pronounced Day) :-) It's n't really a name I'd pick for my son, can'think of a billion othe's!

12/27/2022 18:51:14

i love the name Damian i had a little boy may 2007 and i named him Damian Alexander and its beautiful and so is he

12/23/2022 10:31:24

I don't remember ever hearing that Damian is son of the devils name. Is this assumed because of the movie "The Omen" or did I miss it in the bible. In the movie I don't think the parents knew what their son was before they named him, so how can people assume this. I love the name because it is the name of an Italian twin saint. Saints Cosmo and Damian. If every horror film had an affect on a name, there would be many great names we would never use. Also, I thought the name Dante was linked with the devil somehow.

12/09/2022 20:18:24

Damien means son of the devil

11/01/2022 09:12:06

Sorry, but after "The Omen" I wouldn't dare to call my child that (neither Damian or Damien). Obviously, I wouldn't worry about my son being a demon child or an'thing, but there is just far too much negativity associated with that name. Apart from that, I don't like that name at all.

10/24/2022 23:06:18

Who cares what others think, they will just have to get over it : ]

10/13/2022 08:47:32

My son's Mexican grandparents pronounce it Dahm-eeahn... Works for us.

09/28/2022 18:10:58

I am a Damian and I don't like it - people still ruffle my hair looking for the 666 or make the'sign of a cross (fortun'tely a lot less now than in'the past). Very annoying.

09/26/2022 19:44:54

There is nothing about the meaning of the name Damian, Damien, Damon.. However you want to SPELL it that consist of the Devil.. Every spelling and every meaning is actually something good.. Regardless of how you spell it. Just because a name is used in a movie does not make it bad.. My sons name is Damien spelled with an e instead of an a, and it also means something good that has nothing to do with the devil. (Damien French Meaning: Variant of Damon 'one who tames; subdues.' The Belgian priest Father Damien gave his life helping the Hawaiian lepers of Molokai. 3rd Century St. Damian is patron of physicians ) If we all named our kids dull names that everyone else uses the world would be one boring place :)

05/21/2022 07:49:12

I love the name Damian,im goin'to marry the love of my life whos name happens to be Damian.I like it cause its n't that common and i think It'sounds pretty amazing.

02/27/2022 06:57:00

So demonic sounding- even if you haven't seen'the Omen. My friend Damian's cool but when he was a kid he got into trouble a lot. But my cousin is a little mon'ter- so...yeah. Damian is a scary name. But the name is still awesome. TWO THUMBS UP!!

01/21/2022 03:44:24

In 2013 we were unexpectedly expecting. We were all over the place with names, but hubby said" I like a name but don't think you will". Damian Slade will be 18 in 2020

12/12/2021 04:49:12

my brother's name and the most beautiful boy's name in'the world

12/11/2021 23:19:48

I love the name Damian.Im goin'to marry someone i know named Damian, i love that boy. I like it cause its a different name and i find it pretty amazing

08/31/2021 23:42:18

i am glad to hear everyone sticking up for this beautiful name! we wanted to name our son Damian as soon as i found out i was pregnant, but we chose to stay away from it for the steryotype. finally at about 6 months, after struggling to find a name we decided on Damian Spenser. of course i get comments from people but i tell them id rather have a name i love regaurdless of the meaning, rather than name my child a boring name because of the great reputation.

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Damian FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Damian?
The origin of the name Damian is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Damian?
To Tame
*️⃣ How many people are named Damian?
Almost 90000 people are named Damian.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Damian?
The names of Daniel, Dante, Donte, Deonte, Dontae