Jack meaning

: God Is Gracious

Jack Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \jah-k\
Number of People 👶 706,000
Rate in 2021 31
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 English
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Jack Name Meaning

The name “ Jack “ is a common given name that was originally a diminutive of the name “ John “. Also since the late 20th century, the name “ Jack “ has become one of the most common for boys in many English-speaking countries. The given name is also used to a lesser extent as a female given name, often as a shortened form of the name “ Jacqueline “.

. The name went from John to Johnkin to Jankin to Jackin to, you guessed it, Jack.


Jack Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Jack
Additional description of the name Jack

The popularity of the name Jack

Although it is mentioned that this name is a common one, the name “ Jack “ is not a common baby boy. name in Massachusetts based on the data from reliable American resources in the year 1985 in the United States of America.

For instance, imagine that about 18 newborn babies were given the name “ Jack “ in Massachusetts in the year 1985. A total of 1500 newborn babies bear the same first name as your baby in the year 1985 in the United States of America. The highest recorded use of the name “ Jack “ was related to the year 1927 with a total of 12790 newborn babies.

From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the name “ Jack “ was recorded about 670000 times in the SSA public database. This name appeared in the year 1880 for the first time and about 204 newborn babies were given the name “ Jack “ at that time.

This name became a popular name in the year 1880 with a rank of 77 nationwide and was registered 204 times as a baby boy’s name. The name “ Jack “ became a popular boy’s name in the state of North Dakota in the year 2009. It ranked 3 with 48 newborn babies.

The all-time high record for this name was in the year 2005 in the state of California with about 1180 newborn babies. This name is a consistent top-ranking name in the state of Ohio for 90 consecutive years. ( From the year 1910 to the year 2018 ). For the past 40 years, the name “ Jack “ was recorded about 227000 times in the SSA public database.

Interestingly, the name was so common in the Middle Ages that Jack became a generic term for a man.

according to 2020 Social Security Administration data the name Jack is the No.21 in the popular name ranking for boys in the U.S. 

Australia, England, and New Zealand host the name Jack on their top 10 boys' names lists.

Jack placed in the top 50 since 2000. In 2020, Jack was the number one name in both Scotland and Ireland.

The personality of the name Jack

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Jack “

J is for joy, that you always bring

A is for admirable, you certainly are

C is for captive, your web of charm

K is for kindness, you always show

If you want to select nicknames for your baby, you can select the reversed form of the name “ Jack “ as well. The reversed form of the name “ Jack “ can be “ Kcaj “! The mentioned name can be a suitable choice for your baby named “ Jack “.


Famous people named Jack

Jack Dorsey who is an American computer engineer

Jack Nicholson is an American Actor

Jack Whitehall who is a British comedian

Jack Ciattarelli who is a New Jersey Republican


Names with the letter J

Joe, John, Johny, and James

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Comments on the name Jack
01/14/2024 00:00:00

i've always liked the name Jack and would always think of Jack Armstrong the All-American Boy. I never knew that it was a nickname for John until after we named our youngest Jack in 2005! Which is really funny since my husband's name is--you guessed it--John.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Hi, I called my son Jack David :-) Jack Daniel would have also been very nice, but ... :-) Anyway, I'm living in Germany, so hopefully we won't have any Jack & Jill name calling problems. In addition, Jack Isn't common here whilst being a name you can pronounce and remember. I'm happy with it but his grandmother would have prefered just David oder Daniel. At the end of the day I think Jack will be very happy with his name :-)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My son is named Jack (born OCt. 29/03) I get a lot of compliments on his name. I think it is adorable, strong, easy, and masculine. He was named after his paternal Grandpa who passed when I was 3 months pregnant, he was so excited to be having his first Grandchild, he was in the hospital and said "I just want to get up and kick my heels" I'll never forget it. I know Grandpa Jack is with us in spirit.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We've seen lots of Jaidens, but few with the "i" spelling,

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My Son is called Jack and is a really cute name and everyone seems to think it really suits him

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My daughter's name is Jack and we love it for a girl. My mothe's name is Mary Jack

01/14/2024 00:00:00

For the longest time, I have been scared. I didn't know where to turn or who to go to... Jack is a horrifying name. I hate it. It'smells of hatred and bodily fluids. Every Jack I have ever met makes me wish that'satan could be called on the phone for house calls. Then I could finally be free from JACKS. I love the name'sydney for a girl :D

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Dear Admin This Isn't a comment on Jack - It's just a fairly convenient way of leaving a message. Because there Isn't a search facility for specific names, I had to click through (I think) 17 screens to get to Jonathan. That was fairly boring. Yours Jonathan's mother

01/06/2024 13:01:46

No mas! Everyone is using this name. Enough already.

11/05/2023 17:46:20

This was the backup name when my son was born in 2016-just in case he was a girl even'though we were pretty sure we were having a boy. It WAS my top name pick for the child I'm pregnant with now, if it is a girl-but I have to say I'm disappointed It's shot even further up the popularity rankings even since my son was born. I still think It's a beautiful, sophisticated, REAL name with meaning but now have some serious reservations about using it because of the popularity of it now.

10/28/2023 11:23:50

My son's name is Jack and I absolutely love it. It's nice for a little boy and a big handsome man : ) Although it was the most popular boys name in Australia the year he was born (2012) he has only come across two othe's at his school (which has 600 students). Great name!

10/28/2023 00:49:02

My son's name is Jack! It's perfect for him. And It's everywhere in nursery rhymes and songs we sing to him. People always ask if his real name is Jackson, and they're always impressed that we named him simply "Jack". i've only known one person to say they didn't like it...until he was born. Now she thinks it fits him perfectly! OKC, OK.

10/23/2023 06:12:02

I like it because it reminds me of the charachter "Jack Dawson" is the fI'm "Titanic"

10/15/2023 01:35:20

My name is 'John', but I always go by 'Jack'. My surname is 'Muggleton'. It's obvious that the name 'Jack' has been'the most popular first name for newborn boys in England and Wales since 2007! I consider 'Jack' to be a wonderful given name for little boys, and a cool nickname for 'John'.

10/13/2023 13:44:04

Love the name Jack. But my hubby won't allow it unless It's really John. Yuck.

10/11/2023 05:00:50

i love the name jack, It's so simple but masculine too. and 10 bonus points for being easy to pronounce and spell.

10/07/2023 13:26:06

We're planning on calling our new baby Leila (pronounced Lay'la) but my mother is worried about the effect of mispronunciations etc. Judging from the comments It'seems like problems are common but that those with the name love it regardless. We're sticking with it - It's so pretty!

10/05/2023 01:28:54

I have 2 friends who are name jack. i love the name it is very populur . xxx

10/03/2023 19:12:40

We neamed on of our twin Boys Tanner. We had the name for one of the boys (Noah)but nothinghit right for the other one. We actually read every name in the name book until we got to Tanner. We both stopped and repeated it and absolutely loved it. I hear the name'sometimes now and I feel lilek we own the name. Obviously we don't, but parents do you know what I'mean when you feel like it is My name !"❤️

10/01/2023 00:12:16

My brother inlaw's name is Jack. I have always used ter's like; That's Jacked, jack off, hijacked, sour as apple-jack, jacked up, jack ass, one eyed jack. Well not one visit goes by that I'm not apologizing for using his name in a derogatory slang term. SORRY MAN. That's jacked up for sure!

09/30/2023 19:12:30

my little brother's name is Jack. i think that It's a great name for a little boy. Jack is very curious and intelligent and the name'suits him well. The only downfall is that people are always asking what jack is short for. they don't understand that It's not a nickname. we just tell them he's just jack. :-)

09/27/2023 11:16:14

Despite its current popularity in the UK, I usually think of this as an old mannish-sounding nickname for John, yet even more old mannish than Jack at the present time are the names Frank and Fred (nicknames for Francis and Frederick respectively - and also font names), and Albert, Arthur, Ernest, Harold, Herbert, Stanley, and Walter which all have nicknames, some of which usually sound American (Al for Albert, Art for Arthur, Hal for Harold, Herb for Herbert, and Walt for Walter certainly do).

09/19/2023 22:31:44

I LOVE the name Jack and had considered it as my first choice for our firstborn- being a son in Dec., 2016. However, my husband thought it was slightly common... he also thought it was becoming a big trend and didn't want to have our baby be among a million other boys named Jack within his generation. So we had to compromise and went with "Nicholas" instead. It worked out well, because we loved the idea of a saint's namesake. But JACK... *sigh* It's a GOOD name!

09/16/2023 06:04:06

The name Jackson is dumb because I was the first ❤️Jackson❤️ and I spell it Jacquezon. ❤️Jackson❤️s are just phonies and should all feel ashamed of being fakes.

09/13/2023 14:35:18

I'm called Jack but i've always prefered the name John. my mum wanted to call me teddy so it was a lucky escape. My sister named me after her best friend at the time. I always used to hate my name. It felt simple. Too common but its growing on me. At least It's well associated with boys bar some exeptions. I don't like the merging of multi gender names. I think Jack suits any age group and is an O.K name

08/23/2023 03:59:20

i have a book of babies names and It'says jack means precious gift from god my names jack and im sure as hell im not a precious gift from god lol

08/20/2023 11:02:22

Jack is my name and in my native tongue it means "plows without oxen." So you know It's a strong name.

07/29/2023 12:41:04

I love the name Jack!It is our son's name. Named after his Great Grandad 'Jack' and his Daddy is 'John'. Jack is a strong name.P.S we live in New Zealand

07/11/2023 14:25:52

I think Jack for a girls name is actually a beautiful name and I would name my girl that!!

07/06/2023 14:13:50

I have only known ONE true 'Jack'. Although the name may at first glance seem 'plain', the name is very classic, and masculine. It is an easy name to pronounce and spell. It also has many opportunities for cute nicknames. I find it to be a very cute, little boy name and, at the'same time, a very sexy, young man name. My grandfather's name was John, yet everyone called him 'Jack' as a nickname and It'suited.

06/28/2023 12:33:28

my son is named Jack, a name that'seems to me to suggest the best of boyhood: good nature, natural ability, gener'sity, and perhaps a mischievous streak.

06/21/2023 08:02:42

i named my son jack, It'suits young and old alike.

06/21/2023 03:20:34

Jack is great. It is like a sound that a superhero makes when he punches a villain in the faces.

06/16/2023 20:11:16

I am 63 years of age and I learned two or three years ago that it was my oldest sister who names me Jackie! (after Jackie Cooper). I hate this stupid name. I am a pastor and i've printed the name Jackie on the bulletin to se if I could ever'stop cringing when I looked at that name. I cannot. I hate the name Jackie. It is a girl's name! I'm 63, why should I care. I stopped using the name when I was a teenager. I go by Jack of course. I went into the army and had to tell them my real name. It is on my military record. When I go to the VA, I sit and wait to be called. Everyone is called with Mr. Jones, Mr. Brown, Mr. So and So. When it comes my turn, it is always Jackie Jarrett. i've thought about changing it to Jackson. My wife says I'm crazy. I say I probably am. Even if I change it, I'm still Jackie. I hate it.

06/07/2023 11:21:46

I absolutely LOVE the name Jack. My favorite male name. If I have sons this is what the first one's name will be. It's quite common here in Canada but I'll pick a less common one as a middle name.

05/31/2023 19:29:14

The name Nimrod is a baby boy name.The name Nimrod comes from English word meaning a mighty hunter.During the old ages,Nimrod was the son of Gush.He was also the King of Babylone.

05/28/2023 05:22:40

My cousins name is Jack and he is so handsome!! (by the way, i am a girl)

05/26/2023 13:59:48

i love the name jack even though it reminds me of the titanic i still think it is very classy.!!!!!!!!!!!!

05/24/2023 14:58:28

We are considering naming our baby girl Luca - I know it is a masculine Italian name...but I think It'sounds feminine and I love it! Anyone else agree❤️

05/16/2023 02:08:02

Jack is awsome every boy i know called jack is lovely :)

05/07/2023 17:06:50

I <3 (love) the name Jack, I know this cute little guy in kindergarden named Jack and It'suits him, I think It's an adrorable name for a boy. :D

04/24/2023 11:07:34

Jack is nice. She is so beautiful. She is so pretty

04/10/2023 20:54:34

Ever'since I saw the movie Titanic, i've loved the name Jack! That's what I'm going to name my first son!

04/07/2023 01:12:58

This is my sons name. When i mentioned the name Jack to my husband that was it, we both fell in love with the name, and he has been a Jack since the day we found out that we were expecting him. He is a very laid back, clam & happy 5 month old. I think that the simplicty in his name just fits him perfectly! his first name is just because we loved it his middle names are after his (great) grandparents.

04/03/2023 01:42:08

I love this name! Im going to name my 2nd son jack after my grandfather and also its a very strong lovely name!

03/25/2023 20:30:10

I love the name Jack. It makes you think of a strong, athletic, handsome young man and It's cute for a baby too!

03/24/2023 16:52:38

When I first saw the name tallon online I I'mediately fell in love with it my son is due to be born sept and his name will be Tallon Mello

03/17/2023 23:31:56

I love a man named Jack, although I have never met him!

02/24/2023 19:06:16

ive always loved this flows with different last names well..

02/23/2023 14:35:50

me llamo is an ok original name is john but have been called jack since birth

02/21/2023 05:17:20

My son's name is John, after his dad, but we call him Jack, a nickname for John. Also, the Jackson has become very popular, so maybe that's what they are asking.

02/20/2023 18:42:32

Since, Jack is an uncommon name for a girl, people usually dont beli've me when i state that my name is jack. they ask: is It'short for jackie❤️ or Jacqcueline❤️

02/15/2023 18:12:52

Great, but growing up you get made fun of with things like "Jack and Jill", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Jack Spratt...", and "Jack jumped over the candle stick and burned off his little wee wee...." :P

02/05/2023 15:27:44

I like it! people always say it right and ther's lots of other people called 'Jack'

02/03/2023 16:26:24

I just found out I was having a bbay boy and for some reason the name "Jack" always stood out. I always wanted an original name, which strikes me as weird when considering I like a name as simple as "jack". But of course we have the great Jack Sparrow! So I already have people calling my soon to be born son, Capt. Jack. I love it, It's a simple, short, sweet, yet masculine name!

02/03/2023 12:19:32

My name on my birth certificate is Jack but people dont beli've me

02/02/2023 02:14:04

I love the name Jack. I'm naming my baby boy Jack after my grandfather. <3 Jack Hunter. I think its a perfect name for a male of all ages.

01/07/2023 12:18:02

I love this name, Jack. Jack. I love it. I have always loved it since Boy Meets World and other places. I've loved it for years. Not the actual characters just the name. Jack. I love it!

01/01/2023 06:25:02

My son's name is Jack and we love it. People ask if It's just Jack too. It's because Jackson is popular too and when people ask just Jack they are asking if it is short for Jackson.

12/30/2022 08:34:14

i love the name jack! It's very masculine but not all that common any more. fantastic name!

12/24/2022 03:51:46

Danny!!!Hey nice to saw a new post again!! how are you drink more water and also take a break when'tired...your's fan...By antonylca

12/13/2022 08:56:48

Jack and jil went up da hill and broke thier crowns and teh pail of water'spilt. o...h........n..o...... mopp it up NOW

12/05/2022 08:09:20

Jack is my favorite boys name. It's so cute on a little boy but It's hot and manly, yet still sweet, on a man. The name Jack makes me think of a very sweet guy, who also has a mischievous streak to him. If i have a son, his name will be Jack!

11/18/2022 03:49:46

I often find that if you meet a nice person with a name, you generally find the name good aswell. My best friend is called Jack and he's a lovely guy. he's always been'there for me and provides a shoulder for me to cry on. This is why I love the name Jack - it reminds me of him! x

11/14/2022 17:50:04

Jack is my son's name, and It's a fine one! I love the name, and I love it even more now that It's my Jackie Boy's!

11/10/2022 03:55:12

There's a character from Ed, Edd n Eddy named Edd, but he's known as Double-D.

11/03/2022 09:59:14

This is our son's name. Everyone mispronounces it "See-mus," but we love it and it fits him perfectly.

11/03/2022 06:27:38

when people say this name it isn't like alexander or anything, it pops, and it sounds like a domineering name no matter how you say it. nice.

10/23/2022 01:50:46

My husband wants to name our CorgI'mix-Jack. He was a gift from G-d; a stray. He was waiting for us to open our front door ; as well as to the door of our hearts. I like the name because it is of Hebrew orgin. Our dog is handsome, cute ,has different tan hues, intelligent, medI'm in stature, affectionate, loyal, intuitive and a great protector, house trained, quiet, obedient, and barks when you want him to bark and patient. Need I say more...........

10/17/2022 11:14:42

I am named Jack and yes it is true that at first people do make fun of you with the "Jack and Jill" and other things like that but then as It'subsides it becomes a joke and makes people feel easier around you as all the jokes and nurdery rhymes and things of the'sort make your name widely known

10/11/2022 00:39:34

I absolutely adore the name, and I even plan on naming my son Jack. There have been many great characters with this name, and I feel it is a good strong name for a boy.

10/04/2022 20:14:44

My name has been Jack for 65 years and i would want no other .. Jack be nimble .. Jack be Quick .. Jack of all trades .. a challenging name to fulfill and has been fun to do so .. Jack

09/10/2022 18:45:14

Even'today very few babies in the UK are given'the name "Jack." Rather they are christened (or given) the name "John." Such was the case for me being born in Scotland. ("Jack" of course, is the affectionate or diminuative form of "John," cf. President John Kennedy, known by all his friends as Jack.) I have noticed that while this is readily accepted and used in the northern States, it continues to cause confusion here in the'south. I have several times had my identity challenged because my driving license has my formal name "John" but I am known to everyone as "Jack."

09/09/2022 23:21:26

To the person under me my name is spelled Katelyn and its not stupid spell it out it is excatly how It'sounds! Thanks

08/22/2022 20:18:54

Please don't name your kid Jack. As a family name I was cursed with the name and have been'tormented relentlessly. Not just in high school but in professional work environmental. It's bad enough when Obama can call someone a "Jackass" on the evening news but at work when'things are wrong they are "Jacked". Please do not punish your child's life and career with a name meaning something is broken or done wrong.

07/11/2022 11:45:00

XENA is an awesome name and should be more popular. Alot of people associate it with "xena the warrior princess" which is really annoying. But its a pretty name

06/07/2022 06:04:48

My brothe's name is Jack. Well its Jonathon but we call him jack i think that Jack is a cool name. I dont know alot of Jacks i know two. My brother and My boyfriend.

06/01/2022 16:29:24

i love the name jack. its my brothe's name. everybody loves the name jack and its really easy to spell. there are no stupid misspellings (not like madeline, madeleine, madelyn, madelynn, etc) just JACK. or at least no common mispellings.

05/24/2022 08:06:18

I love the name Jack, I want to name my son Jackson and call him Jack for short. I think its a very adorable name for my little baby boy!

04/07/2022 14:18:54

Jackson is my sons name. I once heard that'someone who had three surnames for their entire name would be a great person, one for the history books. I liked that it could be shortened to Jack which is such a manly name.

03/05/2022 13:55:30

That has to be an error--I find it hard to beli've that the use of Jack as a girl's name appeared in the 1920's, reached 61 uses per million babies, and then was never used again.

02/16/2022 07:25:48

jack is a lovley name my 3 year old is names jack and he is a very well ajusted boy it is my fav boy's name

02/07/2022 08:24:18

i love this name and if i ever have a baby boy i will definately name him jack after the boy in titanic!

12/30/2021 20:15:18

My son's name is Jack. We get asked alot if he's named after his dad or what It's short for. We always say It's "just Jack"! Everyone loves and remembers his name (It's not very popular where we live). We talk to someone once and then we'll see them again weeks or months later. They always ask, "How's Jack❤️" (meanwhile, I don't think they remember my husbands nor my name!). It's an awesome name.

12/28/2021 04:12:18

Jack was my dad's name, I realy like the name and named my son Jace for that reason. Jack is super popular in England.

12/26/2021 20:10:48

i am pregnant with my second child, this time a boy and we are going to name him jack, you cant shorten it its simple and cool. and everyone loves 24 right.

12/21/2021 00:11:06

Our 3yr old son is named Jack Thomas and he was born at 30 weeks weighing 2lb 13oz and is now taller than most kids his age and a great kid. We both loved the name always because it is so strong and also his great grandfather was named Jack. The name'suited him because he was so strong to battle through being so tiny.

12/04/2021 16:33:54

My surname is "Jack". My first name is Nicholas. Nicholas gets shortened to "Nick". So I end up being called "Nick Jack". I hate it. I'm changing my surname to "Jackman", more inter'sting than "Jackson", and Hugh Jackman the actor has made it cool. Nick , Auckland, New Zealand

11/28/2021 17:49:30

Love! This will probably be our baby boys name, and after my Grandpa Jack!

10/30/2021 01:02:24

My husband wants to name our CorgI'mix-Jack, I like it because it is of Hebrew orgin. Our dog is handsome, cute ,has different tan hues, intelligent, medI'm in stature, affectionate, loyal, intuitive and a great protector. Need I say more...........

10/11/2021 13:15:54

I named my son the name...but hate that It's so darn popular right now. Every other kid being born seems to be named Jack these days...

10/11/2021 09:36:18

Love it.. so classic, professional and still cute on kids. Its a name that works on kids and adults

08/19/2021 01:31:12

I used to not be a big fan of my name. I thought it was too abrupt because I also have a 1 syllable last name. However, I have come to like it and it is an awesome name!

07/27/2021 23:44:06

Jack has got so popular in the uk, its been'the most popular boys name for atleast 10 yrs.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jack?
The origin of the name Jack is English.
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God Is Gracious
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Almost 706000 people are named Jack.
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The names of Julia, Joel, Jayla, Julio, Julie