Youthful, Jove's Child

Julia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \j(u)-lia\
Number in U.S 👶 464,000
Rate in 2021 270
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Latin

Julia Name Meaning

History of the name Julia:

Do you know the legend that circulates around this name? Apparently he belongs to a family that founded Rome and is directly related to the myth of the Trojan War, since the Julia family descends directly from the Trojan Aeneas and, therefore, from the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

It has also been a very common name among female saints and was frequent in the High Middle Ages. In the Renaissance, with the rediscovery of ancient Rome, its use spread considerably and has reached our days, although unlike Mary, for example, it has had its ups and downs throughout history.

Origin and meaning of the name Julia

Of Latin origin, Julia comes from julus or iulus, which means 'soft-haired, full of youth', however, for some philologists, its origin is different and they point to the archaic form Iovilios, which means 'consecrated to Jupiter'.

Saints of the name Julia

Although his male version is Julio and many may think that they have come together to celebrate his saint, there is nothing true about it! In fact, July 's saint is March 30 and Julia's, officially, is the 15th of the seventh month of the year.

As we have said, officially July 15 is the day chosen to celebrate the saint of Julia, but throughout the year there are more options. Discover them!

January 7th

January 9th

April 8

April 16th

May 22nd

July 21

July 27th

October 1st

December 10

12 names that combine with Julia

If you have always liked compound names, but in turn the name of Julia is one of your favorites. Why not go for a compound name that includes Julia? At we have brought you the most frequent, but also others less known and, therefore, more original.

Julie Nicole

julia sophia

Julia Camila

julia andrea

Julia Juliet

Julia Janet

julia isabella

Anna Julia

Maria Julia

Julia Elena

julia daniela

Julia Guadeloupe

Julia in other languages

One of the reasons Julia is such a popular name is that it is used in a lot of languages ​​and therefore has a lot of translations into other languages. Do you want to meet them? Here you have them!


Julia in English: Julie or Julia

Julia in French : Julie or Juliette

Giulia in Italian: Giulia

Julia in Catalan: Júlia

Julia in Basque: Jule

Julia in Galician: Xulia

Julia in Albanian: Xhulia

Julia in Bulgarian: Yulie or Iulia

Julia in Czech: Julie

Julia in Corsican: Ghjulia

Julia in Croatian: Julia, Juli, Julija

Julia in Esperanto: Juliino

Julia in Estonian: Juulia

Julia in Finnish: Julia

Julia in Hawaiian: Iulia

Julia in Irish : Iúile

Julia in Icelandic: Júlia

How is Julia according to numerology

Did you know that there are people who use numerology , a science that studies the meaning of numbers through the assignment of one digit to each letter of the alphabet, to choose the name of their baby ? In this way, the personality of the little one is known a little more, without perhaps having seen him, or some traits of his character can be intuited. Julia's name, like all of them, is related to a number, in this case 8. What will she tell us about your little girl? We anticipate you: it is the number of energy!

- Positive traits

They are very restless and moved girls, who will always demand to do some activity. At first the parents will be delighted with this vitality, but after a few months they will notice the tiredness, because they are quite an earthquake both physically and intellectually! Do you know what the favorite phrases of girls named like that are?: What, when, how, where and why. They have journalist woods!

- Negative traits

They have a hard time concentrating on just one thing and that can bring them some complications when they start the primary stage at school! Another not entirely positive quality should be due to their need for activity: they are very messy , so teach them from a very young age the importance of keeping everything in its place!

Famous people named after Julia

TV presenters, winners of the Oscar for best actress , interpreters with unique voices... It is clear that the name of Julia has penetrated deep into the world of cinema and television, because wherever you look you will find a person with this five-letter name!

Julia Otero, Spanish communicator and journalist (1960)

Julia Roberts, actress (1967)

Julie Christie, actress (1941)

Julia Ormond, actress (1965)

Julie Andrews, singer and actress (1935)

Juliette Binoche, French interpreter (1964)

Julia Vial, Chilean television presenter (1977)

Julia Name Origin and History

Are you curious about the name Julia? Discover everything about this feminine name of Greek and Latin origin with so much personality. There are currently 123,424 women who honor this name in Spain, an ideal option if you are looking for a name with strength and sweetness in equal parts. In addition to its meaning "abundant and soft hair", women named Julia are extroverted, passionate and have an open mind.
If you want to know more about the meaning of the name Julia, keep reading this MyCuteName article where you will know its origin , diminutives, variations, personality, numerology, saints and many more details. Julia is a girl's name.

What does Julia mean?
The name Julia has different meanings depending on the origin attributed to it. The most popular meaning is "abundant and soft hair" that comes from the Greek and another meaning is "consecrated to Jupiter", from the Latin.

Origin of the name Julia
As we have mentioned, the name Julia can come from Greek and Latin. In ancient Greek, the adjective ιουλος meant abundant or soft, referring to hair and hence its meaning.

Diminutives and variations of the name Julia
Some diminutives of the name Julia are:
Juli, Julita

The name Julia in other languages
This is the name of Julia in other languages:
Catalan: Julia
Galician: Xulia
Basque: Jule
French: Julie
English: Julie, Julia, Jules, July
Italian: Giulia
Albanian: Xhulia, Gjylie
Slovene: Julija
Polish: Julia, Julcia, Julka

Personality of the name Julia
The women called Julia are outgoing and generous. Despite their admirable social facet, in their private lives they are reserved people, especially about their feelings. Everyone wants to be by their side because Julia is fun and conversations with them are always interesting. Julia likes to feel supported by her loved ones.
Julia stands out for her open mind and willingness to understand all points of view from her intelligence and great capacity for reflection. They have a lot of empathy and are observant. However, also in their personal environment they are somewhat chaotic and disorderly, but they always end up finding balance because they appreciate stability.
People with the name Julia are passionate and devoted to their vocation. Julia always finds the positive side of every mistake and maturely learns from obstacles, overcoming herself and showing what she is capable of to others. She can also become very restless if she does not control her desires about a situation.

Celebrities with the name Julia
Among the celebrities named Julia, the following stand out:
Julia Roberts: American actress, winner of an Oscar for Best Actress, who has starred in films such as Pretty Woman or Notting Hill.
Julia Otero: Spanish journalist with a long professional career in radio and several Ondas awards.
Julia Michaels: American singer-songwriter who rose to fame with her song Issues.
Julia Garner: American Emmy-winning film and television actress for starring in Ozark.
Julia Medina: Singer-songwriter Spanish finalist of the Operacion Triunfo 2018 program. (Appears in the following image)

Day of the Saint of Julia
Santa Julia is celebrated on July 15, although it is also It is celebrated on dates such as May 22 or April 8.

Numerology of the name Julia
According to the numerology Gia, the number of the name Julia is 8, which stand out for their great personality.

Additional description of the name Julia

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Comments on the name Julia
3/8/2023 8:52:44 PM

Everyone used to tell me that i look so much like Julia Roberts since i was a kid Specially in bretty woman and Hounestly I adore this actoress she is so cool and I used to call all of my barbies Julia the first, the second,etc... am gonna have my real baby julia in three weeks I hope.. it's the most beautiful name i have ever heard I love is and it realy goes with my mane either it's so musical..

3/2/2023 3:17:22 PM

hey! my name is julia and i luv my name! its beautiful i think...

1/12/2023 9:36:42 PM

Me and my husband love this name very much,coz its a sounds a little combination of our name.We should have our Julia Angelica but so sad when im 5mos pregnant got miscarriage.But she'll always be in our hearts,our very special angel.... our ever dear beloved Julia.

9/30/2022 6:58:06 PM

My daughter's name is Julia. Such a beautiful, and different name. My grandmother's name was Julia. for those that DON'T KNOW, Julia not only means youthful, it also means "fair haired". My daughter IS youthful, and she has baby blond hair and light grey eyes. GORGEOUS!

10/6/2021 3:13:48 PM

Sans aucun doute, j'adore ce nom, This is a lovely Strong Old Name.

9/12/2021 11:55:48 PM

We are often complimented on our daughter's name Julia. Her brother named her after hearing the name somewhere. Before I was pregnant (he was 6 yrs old) he had been asking us for a little brother or sister. Then he said if you have a baby girl will you name her Julia. A few months later I was pregnant and he reminded us if it was a girl to name her Julia. He proudly tells people how he named her. :)


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Julia?
The origin of the name Julia is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Julia?
Youthful, Jove's Child
*️⃣ How many people are named Julia?
Almost 464000 people are named Julia.
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The names of Landon, Sienna, Kaleb, Colin, Troy