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Jaiden Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ja(i)-den\
Number in U.S 👶 38,000
Rate in 2021 759
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Jaiden : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

What does Jaiden mean?

The name Jayden means " Jehovah has heard ".

Origin of the name Jaiden

The name Jaiden is a proper name of American origin .

Personality of the name Jaiden

The women named Jayden are brave and very honest women, they hate the injustices of the world and always want to try to solve their own conflicts, or those of others, in the best possible way. She is a person who needs to care and provide peace and love, both to people, animals or any living being. A job for humanitarian purposes, as a geriatrician or a nurse are some of the jobs that would fit perfectly with Jayden's personality.

In relation to her environment, Jayden is highly appreciated by those around her, she is kind, friendly and affectionate , everyone loves her. In addition, she Jayden seems to have found the love of her life, the person with whom she is going to share her life and form a beautiful family.

Celebrities named Jaiden

Jayden Bartels: is a young actress, dancer and model. She has been part of programs such as "Criminal Minds" or "Camp Nik". In addition, she has an Instagram account with more than 3 million followers and a YouTube account with more than 650 thousand subscribers.

Meaning of name Jayden - Celebrities with the name Jayden

Jayden Saint's Day

According to the saint calendar, Jayden's Saint is May 27.

Jayden Name Numerology

According to numerology, the number of the name Jayden is 5.

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Comments on the name Jaiden
12/6/2022 12:19:10 AM

I had a son a year ago my husband wanted the baby to be named after him but I decided to name our son Jaiden I love this name and I dont think alot of people has it..

11/28/2022 6:02:36 PM

Jaiden , named my son Jaiden, born Dec 2000. Never heard the name before and now you hear it and It's various forms everywhere.

11/18/2022 12:38:46 PM

I agree; Jaiden is a very nice name period! I cant see my son having a different name.

11/12/2022 9:42:06 AM

I dont know whether i am having a girl or a boy but i really really enjoy the name jaiden or jayden. But i cant really decide if its girl then how i should spell it or if its a boy...i need a little bit of help.

11/12/2022 2:56:32 AM

I have a son named Jaiden Santana, who was born Jan.2019, and I still beli've the name is unique because i named him after his father and me!!!His name is Jai and my name is Denise.his name and half of mine.....see if that's not a winner.

11/3/2022 10:55:06 PM

Our son is Jaiden we love the name It'suits him and we like JD for nick name

10/26/2022 12:40:24 AM

i think a boy but i would hate to go to school and have someone the opposite sex be in my class with the'same name'spelled the exact same way...

10/22/2022 1:27:12 AM

its an amazinq name that ima name OUR babbby jaiden (:

10/17/2022 4:11:30 AM

I named my son Jaiden and it was fitting because his name means "God has heard". He was born prematurely at 26 weeks and God truly heard all our prayers because Jaiden is here and he's healthy. Truly "God has heard"

10/15/2022 4:37:52 PM

My names Jaiden :) I'm a girl and I'm 13 i was born in 2007 i pronounce my name Jaii Durn how do you pronounce it?

10/12/2022 2:13:40 AM

my son was born sept 26, 2018 i named him Jaiden'thinking it would be unique and different, but now i hear it everywhere i go.

10/11/2022 9:13:54 PM

Every spanish girl in the northe'st I swear names their son this doesn't matter how you spell it its still the'same

10/11/2022 4:14:08 PM

I knew I was going to name my daughter Jaiden since before I had her, I just couldnt decide how to spell it. Jaiden is more unique and sounds more like a girl (i think). People spell it wrong alot. I also liked the Aer'smith song JADED that came out around the time she was born. Aug. 2015. It is more popular now than it was then but it is a gorgeous name.

10/1/2022 2:04:16 PM

Jayden or Jaiden? It does not really matter as they both look great spelled that way. However'since celebrities, namely; Will Smith and Britney Spears have both named their SONS with these names, people will generally perceive this name best suited for a MALE. Period.

9/21/2022 5:26:28 AM

We just found out we are having a boy and Jayce is going to be his name. I was just worried that people will call him Jaycee and not pronounce it correctly. But my husband and I love the name and thats all that matters.

9/14/2022 4:09:40 AM

My 5 year sons name is Jaiden. I didnt think anybody else had that name with this particular spelling. I really liked the name Aiden, and since everyone in our family has "J" names, I decided to put a "J" infront of Aiden. But when many people first see his name, they think that he is a girl.

9/13/2022 9:41:44 PM

As an 9 year old It's confusing seeing these comments and seeing some have Jaiden as a girls name. It's A BOYS NAME OK

9/3/2022 7:37:30 PM

i will ows miss you when i see you i will be the best parint ever

6/16/2022 11:24:18 PM

My daughters name is Jaiden and I def. think that'spelled with an I'makes it more femine! Her nickname is Jaid! I love the name!

5/3/2022 9:46:12 AM

diz iz mah newborn'z name me nd hiz mom chose it! i love hiz name

4/9/2022 6:34:30 AM

love this name i named my son Jaiden and it can go both ways whats wrong with that

4/8/2022 9:31:48 AM

I named my son Jaiden, I heard of that name way before I got pregnant. So I changed the "y" to an "I", so thats how his name is Jaiden Javier, lots of people love that name.

3/31/2022 1:57:18 PM

My baby girl's name is Jaiden. I liked the name Jade so we started playing around with it! We thought we should change it up by adding an "i", replacing the "y". It looks more feminine too!

3/19/2022 6:18:18 PM

We decided on this name for our son (2.5 years old). Named after the'surname of my wife's grandmother. We love it and get many compliments. Patrick Dempsey (the TV personality mentioned in the previous entry) named his son Sullivan about a year after we used the name'so I imagine It's popularity will increase. Solid Irish name! Like the previous entry we've yet to meet another'sullivan.

3/12/2022 2:23:24 AM

My 3yr old daughters called Jaiden'the name definately suits her.Ppl dont know wot 2 make of her name but I dont care,they either'spell it Jaden or Jayden.

2/4/2022 10:45:36 PM

my son is named jaiden,It's quite commen'these days.but people constantly spell it wrong.

2/4/2022 8:55:48 PM

Im 21 and recently had my baby boy Jaiden, i have two friends which called their boys Jaiden...I think it is a lush name and i wouldnt change it for the world.. Its different. and suIt's him well x

1/21/2022 10:57:18 PM

I have been so bweilederd in the past but now it all makes sense!

1/7/2022 5:39:36 PM

i have a little boy called jaiden christopther too love the nae

12/29/2021 10:17:42 PM

My 14 yr old son is named Jaiden... BOOYAH! (this comment was inspired by Jaiden)

12/20/2021 6:48:00 AM


11/24/2021 11:14:24 PM

My 7 yr old son is named Jaiden - back then I thought the name was unique, but since naming him, there are Jaidens popping up all over the place. A great name for a great kid !

10/14/2021 11:43:12 AM

Jaiden is the name I gave my son in 2012. We often call him "Jai" or "J-J" for a nick name. My husband preferred the Jaiden spelling but initially I wanted Jaden without the i or Jayden but hubbie opinion won.It's handy to be able to shorten it to Jai...wouldn't work with Jaden. I have to spell it out constantly as there are so spelling versions of this name'so that's a drag but i've lived proudly with Moira as my name for almost 50 years and constantly spell that too. We thought Jaiden was unique but discovered that lots of movie stars..will smith, brIt'spears named their children Jaden so it has increased in popularity....

10/14/2021 5:18:54 AM

Jaiden's hebrew meaning is not "God will judge", but "God has heard"

9/25/2021 12:03:00 PM

Jaiden is the best name ever!While naming my son I wanted something not too common, but still easy to pronounce and not outdated. i've never met anyone else with anything at all similar. Jaiden-Andres now suIt's him perfectly!

9/9/2021 4:19:30 PM

On 03/Aug/2005 my friend called her'son Jaiden and she got to this name after knowing a jagen but changed it to Jaiden, she do see the name in a book a few years later but for a girl.

8/18/2021 4:28:30 AM

Datz my sistaz man'z name and from wat i heard he iz mad cool and cute and funny

8/13/2021 11:49:30 PM

Jaiden Branden Alexander Haynes is my baby boy's name.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jaiden?
The origin of the name Jaiden is Hebrew.
*️⃣ How many people are named Jaiden?
Almost 38000 people are named Jaiden.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Jaiden?
The names of Julian, Everly, Juliana, Julianna, Jaylen