Gillian Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \gi(l)-lian\
Number in U.S 👶 16,000
Rate in 2021 5357
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Latin

Gillian Name Meaning

Drawing out the full meaning, Gillian symbolizes someone youthful or one who embodies the attributes of youth, such as energy, vitality, and passion. It denotes enduring freshness and the spirit of life in its most vibrant form.

Gillian Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Gillian
Additional description of the name Gillian

The name Gillian traces its roots to Latin, under the original form of 'Julianus' which traversed to 'Jillian' through French transformation. When it crossed to English waters, it adopted the 'G' spelling. The name carries a history from Roman times, observing various derivative forms over centuries.

Cool Info About Name Gillian

Additional name description Gillian
Additional name description Gillian

Famous Figures:
Gillian Anderson, renowned actress known for her role in the famous television series "The X-Files."
Gillian Flynn, well-known American author of popular novels like "Gone Girl."

While Gillian had seen its peak popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, it still holds a unique charm to this day, signifying timeless grace and vivacity.

Personality Traits:
Gillians are often seen as lively, energetic, and charismatic. They're described as individuals who carry a youthful charm in their personalities that often boosts those around them.

Attractive Information:
Associated with freshness and life, the name Gillian can be a desirable candidate for parents envisioning a life of vitality, passion, and enthusiasm for their child.

In summary, the name Gillian, with its Latin roots and historical baggage, evokes youthfulness, vigor, and a zest for life. A name that's as timeless as it is lively, Gillian is an appealing choice for a baby name that embodies enduring vibrancy.

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Comments on the name Gillian
09/08/2023 16:26:42

My name is Gillian also. people pronounce it wrong all the time like: gill-eee-an but I don't mind sometimes. My family is scott-irish, Hispanic and I think a little German. I love my name and proud of it. Keep on being Gillian Gillian's! <3

05/15/2023 22:18:48

i've been Gillian for 45 years. I like how my name grew up with me. It's a noble, stately name for an adult, but it has good nicknames that aren't "too big" for a child (Gill/Jill, Gillie/Jilly, etc.) Given It's English origins, the'soft G is the intended pronunciation, just as "gaol" is "jail". If there's a downside to the name, It's having to spell it for everyone. There's definitely no mistaking your Starbucks order for someone else's though, unlike the Jen's of the world!

05/15/2023 18:29:34

Hello, my name is gillian (hard G) i hate It'so much im in high school and ive only ever had one person say it first time. But reading all these i would love to have a normal name to but i think i wouldnt suit any other name other than gillian <3

05/09/2023 22:00:50

My name is Gillian. I love it! Growing up, I did not care for it because I hated it when people mispronounced my name and say it with a "hard G". When I was younger, I always wished I had a more common name, but I have grown to love it because people always tell me it is a beautiful name. I got teased a few times in my life being called "Gilligan." That was in high school. Now that I am older (mid-thirties), I do not get teased. It just gets on my nerves when people mispronounce it or assume it is spelled with a "J." Although, I agree it is becoming more common. When I talk to a company on the phone and they ask me my name and I tell them, they usually ask "Is that with a G or a J?" I am glad they don't assume it is with a J. I also hate when people call my Julian, which is a boy's name. The name Gillian is common in England and the Caribbean (where my family is from). When people from there see my name, they know it is pronounced with a soft J. Family and friends call me Gill (Jill), Gilly (Jilly), and Gilly-Bean or Jellybean (which I love them all). There are a lot of cute nicknames for the name Gillian!!

04/29/2023 16:19:22

My grand-dad was asked to name me just before he died of cancer and he originally chose Sharmane but mum told him to choose again so he chose Gillian. I like my name because he must of liked it too and thats a nice feeling. I get called Gill all the time, or G. My name is pronounced like Jillian but spelt with a G which i prefer. I also get gilly or gig (pronounced jig). No one really ever comments on my name but no one has ever told me they don't like It'so im assuming its good enough! Dont think I would name my children gillian though, maybe would be nice if a great grandchild has it instead!

04/25/2023 20:20:08

My name is Gillian I love it and no one has ever pronounced it wrong x

04/10/2023 02:06:02

Better'spelt with a j Jillian is much more cool nowadays. Regards Jillian from meseyside

04/03/2023 01:24:30

I'm a Gillian (soft G). I do have to correct people's pronounciation quite often. However, since the name is slowly becoming more mainstream people are really starting to catch on to the "real" way to say it. Growing up in the 70's and 80's, and even in college I did get a lot of teasing about being "Gilligan" but like othe's who posted here, I wouldn't ever considering changing my name.

03/22/2023 21:22:54

My name is Gillian..with a "hard G". Not pronounced like Jillian. All my life everyone assumes that its pronounced with a J, and i always have to correct them and say its G as in Grape. I'm just in high school, and all my friends just call me Gillie. When I'm older i'll probably go by my full name, but for now its just Gillie.

03/09/2023 00:41:58

I'm a Gillian (with a hard G, making an unusual name even more so) and can count on one hand the number of times that anybody has pronounced it 'right' when seeing it. In fact, even when I answer the phone at the office with "This is Gillian," I usually get a "Hi, Jillian" in response. I hated it as a young girl, I wanted a 'normal' name that people could pronounce and wouldn't tease me about. But I like to think i've grown into it well. Gillian Welch also pronounces it with a hard G, and the first time I heard her being interviewed on the radio was so odd! It was as if the interviewer kept asking ME questions!

03/07/2023 01:23:00

My youngest daughter is named Gillianne. We sort of feminized the ending more because my husband thought it looked too masculine. People seem to often'try to pronoungce it with a hard G rather than the'softer J sound It'should be.

03/04/2023 21:04:16

My parents "borrowed" my name from an English cousin. I'm 40 so for the first 25+ years I had to explain that the "G" is pronounced as though it were a "J". This was tiresome, but i've always liked having an unusual name. Nowadays, people are more familiar with the name and this version of the pronounciation. Some of the credit has to go to actress Gillian Anderson of "The X-Files".

02/20/2023 00:11:38

I am a Gillian pronounced Jillian. Always having to correct people as everyone says. Never liked it really. The older I get well it is just my name.

02/11/2023 14:17:32

I'm 13 with the name Gillian pronounced (jillian) I love my name very much but its alwayse very miss prounced or spelled wrong. My dad named,but he was not budging at it being spelled with a g. I have never met someone with the'same name, but I still think It's a very suting nice name

01/18/2023 14:33:50

I could have written all these reviews myself! Always had the'same problems in my youth, but i've really grown to love the name. Everybody thought they were cleaver when'they called me "Gilligan," but they were never the first! Pronouncing the name with a hard G was very common, especailly by the teacher on the first day of school each year. The name'sounds beautiful, when said correctly, and looks much better with a G rather then a J.

12/01/2022 15:06:26

My name is Gillian. I love my name, and being from a small town, everyone knows me by my first name. Of course, I have corrected people all of my life on how to say my name, but I don't mind it. I think the name is sexy and powerful, and I am so thankful I was not named something common.

09/18/2022 13:40:02

i am named gillian like jillian. i have a friend named jillian and think she is lucky. i like the name gillian but i have had so many people call me gillian with a hard g or even gilligan. i hate it when people mispronounce my name.

03/08/2022 06:53:24

I get a lot of "oh- I love that name!". As a thirty-something I would say that i've never wanted to change my name- Gillian blended in well in school...and as an adult It's perfectly suited for any career from actrees to exec. The only problem I encounter is always having to tell people...Gillian with a "G" and those who pronounce "ghil-ian" However, considering the weird spellings people give their kids these days- I'm probably not alone. i've never had to use my last initial with my name- and Gillian also has good nicknames- Gill (Jill), Gilly.... I quite like my name!

12/22/2021 23:45:54

Am called Gillian I love my name I don't know why but I feel contempted when my name is pronounced with the'soft g and my friends have given me cool and good Nick name from Gillian

11/27/2021 22:36:36

My name is Gillian. I'm 70 years old and have always liked my name. It was quite unusual some years ago but I notice that It's become more popular. Hello to all the HAPPY ? GILLIANS in the world.

08/16/2021 18:37:12

my name is gilianne it is my grandpas name except in girl forumm. I hate it everyone makes fun of it and people always get it wrong! whatever.!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gillian?
The origin of the name Gillian is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Gillian?
*️⃣ How many people are named Gillian?
Almost 16000 people are named Gillian.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Gillian?
The names of Olivia, Emma, Elizabeth, Emily, Madison