Jake meaning

: Supplanter

Jake Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \jay-k\
Number of People 👶 124,000
Rate in 2021 637
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew , English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Jake Name Meaning

The name Jake has a rich and intriguing meaning that holds significance for those who bear it. Derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, Jake means "supplanter" or "one who follows." This name carries a sense of determination and resilience, as it is often associated with individuals who possess strong leadership qualities and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Jake is a name that has been embraced by various cultures and has become popular in many parts of the world. Its simplicity and versatility make it appealing to parents seeking a timeless yet contemporary choice for their child's name.

For those named Jake, this meaning can serve as a reminder of their inherent strength and potential. It encourages them to embrace their unique journey, navigate challenges with grace, and leave an indelible mark on the world around them.

Whether you are considering naming your child Jake or simply curious about its significance, this name carries with it a sense of purpose and determination that can inspire both its bearers and those around them.

Cool Info About Name Jake

Additional name description Jake
Additional name description Jake


The popularity of the name Jake

The name “ Jake “ is the 62nd most popular baby’s name in North Dakota based on the data from reliable American resources in the year 2005 in the United States of America. For instance, only 20 babies were named “ Jake “ in the year 2005 in North Dakota. 

Also, a total of 4000 babies bear the same first name as your baby in the United States of America in the year 2005. From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the highest recorded use of this name was in the year 2004 with a total of 4000 babies. 

From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the name “ Jake “ was recorded 123000 times in the SSA public database. The first time that this name appeared is related to the hear 1990 and 86 newborn babies were given “ Jake “ at that time. This name became a popular name in the year 1999 with a rank of 97 nationwide and was registered 3900 times as a baby’s name. 

The name “ Jake “ became a common name in the state of New Jersey in the year 2004. This name ranked 36 with 280 babies. The all-time high record for this name was in the year 2004 in the state of California with 600 babies. This name is a consistent top-ranking boy’s name in the state of New Jersey for 26 consecutive years. 


The personality of the name Jake

Here we have the letter analysis of the name Jake

J is for Jewel, the sparkle in your eye

A is for amenable, for your easygoing nature

K is for a kid, the child within

E is for elegant, born within you

The name Jake is the one that can be chosen as a nickname itself, but you should consider that the reversed form of this name is also possible to be chosen as a nickname. The true meaning of this name might not be described in just a few sentences. 

The name can be the heart’s desire and destiny. This name is the one that hints you are humanitarian and generous. You are also elegant, stylish, and sophisticated. Your heart desires to help and care for those you love. 


Famous people named Jake

Jake Aarts who is an Australian footballer

Jake Abel is an American actor 

Jake Abel is an Australian rugby footballer 

Jake Abbott is an English footballer


Similar names to Jake

Sheili, Scarlett, Sacha

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Comments on the name Jake
01/14/2024 00:00:00

its the best name in the whole wide world. my name is Jake. i was named after a Jhon Wayne character named big jake

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Nah Jake is washed, 72hrs is the best Liquid player yurrr (Happy_Squirrel_ in chat)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

The name Jamie is awesome. It means "he who supplants". To supplant is to replace by means of superiority. That is awesome! -Jamie

12/24/2023 01:09:50

Hi! My name is Jake, and I'm a girl. And often'times they would associate it with a boy's name:))

12/16/2023 12:25:20

Jacob Julian...thats my name, I go by Jake or Jude. Both are pretty awesome

12/11/2023 18:23:36

jake is my name and i am rather hansome and dashing i worship nick spooner who is cool and i personally rock so jake is the best name!!

12/11/2023 08:06:26

i've had the name Jake for 43 years.I love my name even'though it has become a lot more common. I still don't know many people named Jake.

12/08/2023 07:48:38

My name is Jake and I am quite proud of it; although, one drawback is this name is really common. I work at a restaurant and there are 4 Jacobs there. I am the only "Jake", though. I would recommend it.

12/06/2023 14:22:20

The hardest thing about my name was trying to shed the nickname "Stevie" as I entered adolescence. Other than that, having a name that means "crowned one" is pretty cool.

12/05/2023 14:51:40

i LOVE this name. i like it better paired with Ryan, as a full first name of Jake Ryan. Jake is SUCH a dreamy name; every Jake i have known has been such a GOD.

11/25/2023 13:34:42

a lot of people have this name. but everyone who's named this name loves it. also all the jake's in movies get the girls. lol.

11/08/2023 13:22:00

My son is named Jake, awesome name. It's cool and simple.

11/07/2023 23:15:36

I'm called Jacob, but i've never really cared which I'm called, but I was named after the dog from the book, "Old Yeller."

09/16/2023 20:10:30

My name's Jacob Joshua, and I go by Jacob, but some call me Jake for short. i've been called pet names like Jakey and Jakey-Bear by significant othe's, which are cute nicknames for me :)

09/12/2023 04:29:50

hi!!!my name is jake...and when i did a search for the origin of this site said that it was from jacob and another connected it to john...both have very different meanings....i personally like this name as such but would love to know what ti really means......

08/04/2023 18:34:04

hey! my brother was called jake the'snake, too!!! (his name is actually jacob, though!) but that's pretty neat. He also got Jake the Great sometimes. (he kinda made that one up!)

07/26/2023 19:08:50

I love this name'sooo much! Basically because Two & a half men is my fave show :)

07/18/2023 13:21:36

Every jake I Know is really tall and Gorgeous. There also all Athletic. I Love the Name jake and so Do all The girls I Know :) So Its a really Nice name

07/11/2023 18:50:22

Guys who bear the name jake are most times play boys.and they are liars.i love guys that bear the name ISAAC they are trust worthy.the JAKE'S feels they have sexy names.

07/06/2023 18:55:58

Jake is just a name that makes you think a guys got the world by the gonads is a cool good looking sexy friendly kinda stud!!

06/28/2023 18:26:08

i really like the name Jake!:)<3 jakes are always super good guys and very atractive i wish i was called jake but im, not!!!

06/24/2023 03:56:00

hi im jake yes rachel is a hot name but ther's no hotter than jake XD

06/13/2023 14:36:04

We named my son Kaiden and we love it. It has a strong meaning. Our parents call him Kejdus in Polish which sounds pampering.

05/03/2023 11:43:20

my lil bro called jake it is the coolest name 4 a lil boy other than dean

05/03/2023 02:19:04

THATS MY BOYFRIENDS NAME, and i have many friends named jake and its an extremely easy name to remeber.i love it.

03/25/2023 20:12:32

I named my son Jake. I think its quite a nice name even when he's grown up. I recommend it.

03/09/2023 09:48:36

my name is not jake but i like a guy a guy called jake i think is the coolest name i call him jakie if ur name jake rock on (Iesha)

02/21/2023 14:59:14

i am a jake nothern ireland i am catholic and i think jake means the'supplanter i hate prots

02/20/2023 17:32:00

I named my boy Jake. We always liked this name. We think its quite sexy when he grows up as well.

02/05/2023 11:03:14

Jake is my sons name, people always presume that he is named Jacob. Or he gets Jack. We loved the name for it is a strong, easy name that we thought would not get teased with a simple name. I have not heard of many people of adult age called jake, but know 2 other boys named Jake. We say Jakes name like Jay-k. We are very glad we named him Jake and would reccomend this as a good choice.

02/03/2023 06:26:52

My son is called Jake and obviously I like it as i picked it. There are 3 Jakes in his class at school though, although I think he is the only Jake and the othe's are Jacobs; they all call each other by their surnames anyway!

01/21/2023 04:16:50

I am leaning towards Jake or Jude for my son. I think they are both strong names for a lad.

01/18/2023 19:33:36

I intend to become a singer, so there may well be a famous Jake out there! I have noticed It's not owned by anyone outstandingly famous, despite how common it is.

01/15/2023 12:12:36

everyone i know named Jake,Jacob,Or Jacoby is always so hot. but my name is alexis

01/14/2023 02:24:46

I named my son, Jake, in 1995. Back then, it was a cool and unique, but in recent years pop culture has latched on to it, so now It's over'sed.

01/04/2023 17:35:16

my boyfriends name is Jake and hes so adorable and attractive :) hes the'sweetest guy i've ever know and the name Jake fits him so well. hes such a Jake! :)<3

01/02/2023 22:23:10

My boyfriends name is Jake.. and I really like the name Jake .. I always have :)

12/21/2022 07:05:34

i dont think jake is that common and people called jake in movies are always kool or sauve bad guys so i like it plus it is a cowbow name'so.......... yeah i like it but my name is jake maximillian

12/20/2022 14:55:44

my 1 year old boy is called Jake and he is the most gorjis thing in the world!!!

12/12/2022 15:36:26

My sons name is Jake, not Jacob. In preschool his teacher thought he had a hearing problem. Problem was she was calling him Jacob - not his name!

12/12/2022 06:12:10

Love it and also have a son called Jude so they go very well together

12/07/2022 14:49:08

I think Jake is an awesome name and i always get Jake the'snake eats a cake at the bottom of a lake and things like that but its also suprising how many people assume jacob

11/07/2022 12:26:24

My name is Jake Barnaby Pressley, what else can i say❤️ I think its a pretty good name aha

11/01/2022 17:08:12

Jake is the coolest name a boy could ever want.I have also been called Jake the'snake.There are about 7 boys named Jake at my school.I think it is a very cool name.

10/29/2022 20:04:22

I am not jake but I would like to know about jake kearign how is from ocklynge school he's in year 3 not in my class but in a difrant class

10/25/2022 16:26:40

Well my name is jessie. i am a girl. I have found that often people forget the "i" when spelling it. I do not really like this name, I find it too much of a boys name. There must be at least 20 jesse's in my school, somehow they always end up in my class.

10/07/2022 06:08:30

Most of the JAKE are play boys.and liars.they feel they have a sexy name'so they take advantage.though they are good looking and cuty.

10/06/2022 22:12:24

Jake is my Brothe's name and he is the best bro in the world!!!

10/04/2022 23:46:20

My son's name is Jake (not Jacob). Fits him perfectly.

10/04/2022 05:50:42

My name is actually Jacob but I go by Jake. I don't know any 1 else with the name. I often get called Jakey or Jake the'snake.

09/17/2022 00:02:58

My son's name is Jake. He is twelve years old and it really fits him. He definitely Isn't a Jacob.

09/11/2022 18:33:32

omg jake is a freaks name how could u I'mean like could u wanna rachael is so much better

08/16/2022 01:26:42

Jake is a cool name, i've had it for 34 years now and its done good things for me.

08/04/2022 03:03:00

im lucky enough to be called jake..the name is awsum i love it alot of girls think its sexy :D

07/27/2022 19:22:12

my crushes name is jake, and on a website i was on some 12 year old (age of my crush and i) was being a perv so i came here for reassurance that there may be another dude out there who is the'same age with tthe'same name

06/10/2022 10:56:24

I love the name jake it absolutely makes the girls nipples get hard. the name jake is just phenomenal

04/13/2022 23:07:12

my grandson is jake.but i call him my little jakey dumpling boy, its a great name.

01/12/2022 12:57:00

it is a great name, i am named jake and i do get all the girls. Of course, it could be because of my blindingly fantastic looks! No Joke!

01/12/2022 11:07:12

As I grew up, I was often called "Jake the'snake."

10/02/2021 13:19:30

I'm Jake, not Jacob. THere aren't many guys my age (26) with my name, but tons younger. my mom's such a trendsetter!

09/10/2021 15:12:00

LOVE this name! My son is Jacob Ryan, we call him Jake

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The origin of the name Jake is Hebrew , English.
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Almost 124000 people are named Jake.
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The names of James, John, Jameson, Jax, Malea