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Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \kay-t\
Number of People 👶 82,000
Rate in 2021 819
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kate Name Meaning

Kate, a name that exudes strength, grace, and elegance. Derived from the Greek name "Katerina," Kate holds a rich heritage and carries with it a profound meaning.

The name Kate is often associated with qualities such as intelligence, determination, and independence. It signifies a person who is confident in their abilities and possesses a natural leadership quality. Those named Kate are often admired for their strong-willed nature and their ability to navigate through life's challenges with resilience.

In addition to its powerful connotations, the name Kate also radiates an air of sophistication and timeless beauty. It has been embraced by royalty throughout history, further enhancing its allure.

Whether you bear the name Kate or are simply intrigued by its meaning, let it serve as a reminder of your inherent strength and unwavering spirit. Embrace the essence of this remarkable name and let it guide you on your journey towards success and fulfillment.

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Kate Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kate
Additional description of the name Kate
The name Kate has its roots in Greek history, derived from the name Katherine or Katerina, which in turn comes from the Greek 'Aikaterina'. It was made popular in the English-speaking world by Saint Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th-century martyr who suffered torture on a spiked wheel. The name was later borne by a semi-legendary Saint Catherine of Alexandria, making it popular during the Middle Ages. Over time, Katherine evolved into several variants, including Kate, which has been a standalone name since the 19th century.

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Additional name description Kate
Additional name description Kate
Kate has been a popular choice for many famous figures, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to the name. Some notable bearers include Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Kate Winslet, an acclaimed actress. The name Kate also appears in literature, such as Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," further cementing its place in history. In terms of personality traits, Kates are often perceived as strong, independent, and creative individuals. The name Kate consistently ranks high in popularity charts, making it a timeless choice for parents seeking a classic yet stylish name for their daughters.
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Comments on the name Kate
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name's Kate and everyone calls me Katie and I hate it. They always ask my if my name is Katherine or Kaitlyn ans I say no just Kate. Many think this is a simple name but really It's very simple and unique because people always asume its Kaitlyn or Katherine.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Kathryn but everyone calls me Kate! It's an awesome name for a soccer player (such as myself) because my teammates only have to say one syllable! And It's an awesome name!

01/12/2024 12:09:12

My husband and I are thinking of naming our daughter Reece Kate. IT sounds very cute to me and its very unique. What do some of you think❤️

01/07/2024 22:31:58

My name is Kate and I love it! I like that It's classic and simple. I only know one other person, whom I'met recently, who's name is just simply Kate and It'sort of makes me feel unique because It's not my nickname, but my real name.

01/05/2024 18:30:52

My name is not short for Katherine or Kathy or anything else. It is just KATE. To me, the name represents a strong woman--maybe a congressperson or a president.

12/24/2023 06:44:52

This is my name and people always remember it. :) i've been serenaded many times with "Georgia on my Mind" and it gets sillier every time. If you name your daughter this, be prepared for a bit of poking fun. It turned out to be a great joke in my family, because my mom is Virginia. :D Just a family of states, aren't we❤️ I couldn't be happier. It's a very beautiful name, although finding pencils with my name is impossible.

12/19/2023 01:33:04

i love the name kate but how do u spell it Cate or Kate❤️ i think if your real name is Catherine then It'should be Cate.

11/15/2023 11:42:28

This is my name. I love my name, It's awesome. PLus I don't know many people with that name'so it rocks!

11/02/2023 16:00:22

Ha! Mine is already shortened from Katherine, I'm just glad people call me kate or katie instead of something nasty like kat, kathy, rin, thery, therine, kath etc. Woo my name rocks!

10/16/2023 00:48:22

My name is Kate and I adore the name and meaning. I also love how simple and classic it is.

09/11/2023 01:09:56

My name is Kate. Plain and simple. It's not short for Katherine or Katie. It's just Kate. Yeah! : )

08/16/2023 14:10:14

We spell our sons name Brant, which is a type of goose.:) We too live in Washin'ton.

08/03/2023 09:39:08

My name is JUST Kate. I like it that way! It fits in forms, It's easy to pronounce, and it has a beautiful meaning. I wouldn't want it to be a nickname - I like it just the way it is.

07/27/2023 21:00:34

My name on my birth certificate is KATE, not Katherine, or Katrina, or Kathleen - it is simply KATE, and it gets annoying when people ask me what it is short for!

07/27/2023 00:43:52

I love it. It's not my real name, Kaitlyn is, but my parents originally wanted to name me just Kate but "chickened" out and opted for a longer name (Kaitlyn), so I am considering changing my name to just Kate. Such a pretty name.

07/20/2023 16:29:48

My friend's name is Kate and I think that it is such a pretty name, sometimes I wish that I had that name instead of mine.

06/12/2023 20:40:26

My little girl's middle name is Kate. Such a strong feminine name. Kate kicks butt. I wouldn't want to mess with a Kate! I'd want to be one!

06/12/2023 19:12:16

Kate is my name and its an awesome name, Although people sometimes call me Katherine but its not my name, My actual name is actually Kate LOL. Its a name that can be rymed with anything and cute, I think my name is like the best name in the world for me. Plus, i think Kate should be for brown haired people,,,,, just saying

06/08/2023 19:23:48

My name is Katelynn, I think Kate alone is a very pretty name/nickname.

05/13/2023 09:46:20

When I named my daughter Kaylie, I thought I'made the name up. LOL She is now six and a bit upset that no one in her'school has the'same name. This web site made her'smile from ear to ear. Tks

04/13/2023 20:19:28

I have many grandchildren and one of my granddaughters we call Kate. I suggested this name for her and still I think it was good choice, because this name fits this strong, joyous girl. Sometimes I also call her Katie, which is so cute for child her age.

04/02/2023 08:39:24

Kate is my name and I like it It's simple but I hate it when people call me Katie

03/22/2023 12:51:32

My name, hate the nickname Katie and always get asked what It's short for

02/16/2023 18:18:48

I love the name Kate! Well, of course, I would name a daughter Katherine and then, if she is okay with it, use Kate as a diminutive, but either way It's an awesome name. Kate is simple but has a lot more to it than there is to be seen in its four letters and to be heard in one syllable. Kate is strong and powerful but delicate and feminine at the'same time. And it rhymes with "great" -- Kate is great!

02/02/2023 09:52:32

This name is so cute! Mary Kate is really cute too! That is what i am naming my little girl!

01/25/2023 07:01:38

It is my friend's name and i think it is so cool she luvs it 2

01/21/2023 21:37:12

My name and I like it. It's short for Catherine with a C though - after my Great Grandmother who was a Catherine and always called Katie. I was called Katie as a child and did not know my name was Catherine till I got into trouble for failing to answer the roll in Kindergarten. The only time there's a problem now is when I get checks or receipts with only an initial. The banks don't like 'K' cheques going into 'C' accounts. So never give your bub a short name that has a different initial from tehir real name! Sometimes people ask me at work and I explain that Kate does all the work but Catherine gets paid.

12/29/2022 07:53:02

My name is Kaitling but I go by Kate because I like it much better. But I hate it when people call me Katie, especially if I don't know you!

12/16/2022 20:42:18

Hey!! I'm Kate and I love the name!! I get really peed off when poeple call me Katie or Katherine!! Its not my name!!! >:(. Kate is easy to spell and quick to write lol

12/13/2022 00:25:26

My name's Kate. I love the name. Although sometimes people call me Katherine which I hate because It's not my name!!!

12/09/2022 15:53:54

For me its really just a name not a big deal, but if people call me Katie or something similar it drives me insane its not short for anything and don't give me a nickname that makes it longer than my real name

12/04/2022 11:17:22

I'm not a Kate by birth...I'm a Katherine. But, Kate is my chosen name. I love it. It's a no-nonsense name.

11/29/2022 11:40:36

i love it. i seem to always fall for people named kate. i dunno why

11/09/2022 12:20:38

Hi! My name is Kate, short for Kathryn. I like it. All the people that I see named Kate are people that write books, and I am writing one too! No, one seems to have to name Kathryn either. I hate it when people all me Katie.

10/29/2022 00:22:56

Its a great name, just too many with the name Kate that i know!

10/26/2022 03:54:22

Kate is the coolest name in the hole world .. all you kate's out there rock on . love kate

10/25/2022 12:19:48

its a great name i love it. I get called KATE ALL THE TIME, i've always wondered why my partner got kate instead of katie i guess It'sound better, BUT my REAL name is Katherin Without an E my mum just wanted to be different

10/22/2022 19:58:06

my name is katelyn! different people call me different things. my friends call me katie or katelyn, my family calls me katelyn, katie, kate and my teache's call me katelyn or katie. but i have this one teacher who calls me kate all the time. i don't mind it, although i usually don't go by the name kate. maybe i'll start though, because i love it!

10/21/2022 06:03:24

my name is kate i hate twhen my gym theche's call me katie

10/07/2022 04:05:04

MY real name is Kathleen but everyone calls me Kate....It's a classic

10/06/2022 01:55:42

My name is just Kate. nothing more than that and everytime I'meet someone they ask me what my real name is and I say just Kate and then'they say really and I say yup.

09/08/2022 03:16:26

I think Kate is a beautiful name. It is so plain but so pretty. Just like Jane or Joanie. It's a great pick!!!

09/06/2022 06:00:54

My sister name is KAte and like the other people she HATES Katie. Just Kate, that's all.

08/31/2022 02:52:12

My name is kate and I love it. I know it is more common now but I dont care. I dont mind if people call me Katie or Kate!! I couldnt imagine being called anything else.

08/07/2022 22:33:00

My name is short for Catherine, both names are amazing! Id recommend it!

07/31/2022 16:42:00

my name is kate, not katie or katherine, just kate. I like the name and It'suits my personaliy so anyone who doesnt like the name can just suck it

07/26/2022 23:14:24

I love my name its so sophisticated and just like the girl below me everyone asks me what its short for but it isnt short for anything.

07/26/2022 13:10:30

My wife and me love this name!!!!!!!!

07/02/2022 08:09:00

i don't know why, but i absolutely love this name! It doesn't really make sense, as i hate the name katie. It's just such a solid name, and very very beautiful.

05/02/2022 13:38:24

My name is short for Kathleen. I love the name Kate, too.

03/05/2022 23:59:24


02/17/2022 06:18:18

My name is Katie and I get Kate all the time - which I prefer. Its a great name!

01/13/2022 13:39:18

I LOVE the name Kate!!! Everyone asks me if your name is Katherine or Kaitlynn and all i have to say is " no its just Kate!!"

11/29/2021 10:17:42

I absolutley love my name, granted it did have to grow on me a little when i was younger but now i am so happy my parents named me Kara!

11/08/2021 09:12:54

everyone always asks me if my name is short for katherine .. such a gross name .. if i had a name like that i would say my name is kate too. the name kate rocks and It'short of " kool kids"

10/13/2021 11:55:48

My name is Kate and people call me Katie but I don't mind it but I would rather be call Kate Kate is my real name it is short for anything It's just Kate I love my name

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The origin of the name Kate is English.
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Almost 82000 people are named Kate.
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The names of Kimani, Cayman, Kaimana, Kemoni, Kamoni