Keyla meaning

: slim and fair.

Keyla Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ke(y)-la\
Number of People 👶 8,000
Rate in 2021 1570
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Irish
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Keyla Name Meaning

The name Keyla is of Celtic origin and it means "slim and fair." It is a variant of the name Kayla. The name embodies beauty, grace, and elegance. It suggests a person who is not only physically attractive but also has a fair and just character.

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Keyla Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Keyla
Additional description of the name Keyla
The name Keyla has its roots in Celtic culture. It is a variant of the name Kayla, which is itself a short form of the Irish Gaelic name Cadhla, meaning "slim and fair." Over time, the name has evolved and taken on different forms, including Keyla. Despite its ancient origins, the name remains popular and widely used in many parts of the world today.

Cool Info About Name Keyla

Additional name description Keyla
Additional name description Keyla
While the name Keyla is not extremely common, it has been used by several notable people. For instance, Keyla Snowden is a famous American basketball player. The name is also popular in music, with several songs bearing the name Keyla. In terms of personality traits, individuals named Keyla are often thought to be creative, independent, and strong-willed. They are seen as leaders who are not afraid to take charge. The name Keyla has a certain charm and elegance to it that makes it a beautiful choice for a baby girl.
In conclusion, the name Keyla is a beautiful and meaningful choice for parents seeking a classic yet unique name for their baby girl. Its Celtic origins give it a rich history, while its meaning of "slim and fair" adds a touch of beauty and grace. Whether you're drawn to its sound, its meaning, or its history, Keyla is a name that's sure to stand out.
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Comments on the name Keyla
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Were the names Lemonjello and Orangejello already taken❤️

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Keyla but It's pronounced kayla. not key-la! i get upset when people mispronounce it. in spanish the e is pronounced like the english a. making it kayla NOT key-la

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i love my name i have to thank my grandmother for giviing me that name....KEYLA is the correct way of the'spelling....a lot of people spells it KAYLA...SORRY NOT MINE... i have only know 1 person with my name.....

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Oh my. This is my name! Its pronounced like Kayla, but people always mess it up, pronouncing it like Keela, it gets kind of annoying but then, people learn how to say it and they say its very unique.

01/13/2024 05:47:12

My name is keyla and I love my name I dont like when people dont spell it right they spell it kayla mckayla my name is so beautyfull how can'they misspronounce it

01/06/2024 20:40:14

My name is Keyla I love it. My name is pronounced how It'sounds and is spelt so easily. If I had a nickel for every time someone pronounced it wrong called me Kayla, or spelt it wrong I would be disney rich.

01/01/2024 03:25:28

yes, my name is Lacie but all of my teache's spell my name either Laci or Lacy and it makes me so mad but I get over it but anyway I have met over 15 lacie's in pangburn, little rock,and heber'springs.

12/07/2023 19:10:24

Wow! My name is LeeVada named after my father and grandmother.. Its amazing to see how many people have the name Vada! I thought it was only about 5 of us!!

11/30/2023 16:07:48

keyla my daughter's name. in Indonesia rarely that name. I love my daughter

11/23/2023 23:40:00

my name is keyla wish it was usually weird in my country I was the only one name keyla them i came to us were they make me really mad calling me kayla , keela, kayala

11/23/2023 21:01:18

My niece is name Keyla and she loves her name! She does not like it when people call her Kayla instead of Keyla.

11/20/2023 16:54:16

Hello my name is Keyla and people always get it mixed up with Kayla, Keisha, Kyla and many other names but its okay i love my name its so rare and not many people i know have the'same name its so awesome and i love being different from other poeple all my friends have normal names like Brandy and Leslie but I'm different I'm happy ^_^

11/16/2023 12:23:40

ya i love it its cool i just hate it when people spell kala its so wierd!

11/06/2023 13:10:08

OMG this is my name.. i love it and i feel like it very unique.. most plp think its key-la but honey it jst like kayla many plp should get it right and add it to there dictionary.. keyla <3

10/26/2023 05:36:56

I named my doughter keyla when she was born in 2017. I had a cat named fey and i loved the y in a name'so i puzzled and came out with keyla. I never heard the name before and didn't know there were more keyla's. For me i still i'vented it for myself but It's cute to know the name is allround. I'm from holland by the way and It's pronounced as KE-LA, most people here are making it like keila but that's wrong. offcourse you can pronounce it the way you like but my child is kela not keila. a little frustrating it is. greetings to all you keyla's beautifull name be proud of it!

10/14/2023 23:49:32

my name is Keyla as well...and i think its soo funny reading and relating to everything that everyone is writing....YES americans pronounce it wrong and YES latins pronounce it right...hehe'sometimes americans dont think outside the box! it is pronounced Kayla but i love that it is spelled Keyla. im named after my grandmother keyla which im very greatful of bc like everyone else i also get compliments on what a beautiful name it is! and also i notice most keylas are pretty haha. its a great name and i recommend it to any woman having a baby girl:)

09/29/2023 10:52:50

Hello my name is keyla and i love my name. I hate it when people dont get my name right. Its easy to say. Just two words KEY and LA

09/29/2023 06:45:58

my name is Keyla 2! but its crazy how so many people get it wrong n call me kayla. i keep telling them its E not A!! KEYLA not KAYLA but i guess they dont understand. BUT ITS WATEVA! BUT I LOVE MY NAME!

09/27/2023 14:30:12

My name is Keyla and everybody spells and pronounces it wrong. I love my name though, nobody has it. I feel special sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world with that name. Matter of fact nobody knows it wells except hispanics they're the only ones who ever pronounce it write. Like I said I love my name.

09/24/2023 20:57:58

my name is keyla its pretty cool alot of people call me kayla but i just gave up correcting people all the time i work at bob evans and i wear a name tag and everyone says bye KAYLA its kEyla all in all i love this name.<3

09/19/2023 16:03:48

This is my name and a lot of people pronounce it wrong and a lot of people spell it wrong yet I have not met anyone else named ely before

09/10/2023 13:59:52

heyy yeaa my name is keyla too and I love it tho people call me ke-ay-la lol bekuss thee E . im likee so thankful for it well ok byee .. GOD BLESS

09/06/2023 04:11:52

my baby name is KEYLA...first time It's just came out in my mind (when I'm pregnant)..without any meaning... but now i know KEYLA have a great meaning.. its "LOVE TO PRAY"..that's why,I'm so proud that my little angel name is KEYLA..

09/02/2023 17:01:38

My name is Keyla and I think it is completly wonderful!All the other Keyla`s better love the name too!:)

07/24/2023 14:14:50

Yuppers my name is Mackenzie :) i get called Mac and i HATE it!! cuz with Mac comes Mac-A-Doodle and Big Mac and Mac-in-Che'se. I like my name a lot tho. i perfer Mackenzie, Kenzie, or Kenz tho. soo yeah that about it :)

07/18/2023 11:35:48

My name is Keyla and I'm in love with it!!! I hate it when people call me kayla and kylie and keylie!! its really not a hard name its spelled likee its sounds. I also hate being called keyl-a!! My name is Key-la not keyl-a just sayin

07/17/2023 15:54:22

im 33 yrs old and im from Mississippi, my name is keyla most people pronounce it as kayla. i always tell them its pronounce just like you say it key-la, very simple. but i was online i really want to know what it means.

06/24/2023 00:59:40

I love my name, Keyla, I do get how people don't know how to pronounce it, but I don't mind letting them know how. When I do, they like that It's spelled differently, so do I. It'sets me apart from a lot of other girls because my name is not common. Keyla is also Hebrew in origin and it means "the bride" or "crown of laurels" which is the'symbol of the poet, which I am. It's funny that my name means the'symbol of what I am. I love it. Also if you didn't know, Keyla is in the King James version of the Bible. My mother is a preacher and that's where she found it. Keyla, is such a pretty name. I don't know many grown up Keylas, not spelled that way anyway, I'm glad now I know you guys are here too. WoooHOOO!!!

06/19/2023 19:00:54

yes people prounonce my name wrong.not that i know of no one has my name

06/19/2023 04:36:52

KEYLA! lolz i love mi name i hate bein called key-la doe n the reason y i like It'so much is tht aint no one got mi name!

06/07/2023 11:57:02

my name is spelled kEyla, most people spell it with an 'A' and it annoys the life out of me. growing up i didn't hear too many 'keylas' but now every little girl has one and It's so nerve-wrecking! i had a professor this past semester that pronounced it the way It's spelled, Key-la, there was another keyla in the class but he called her the proper way, it irked me so bad. but i got over it; well anyway Hey to all the other Keyla's out there(:

05/22/2023 08:01:02

my name is Keyla. people always call me kayla, or keili, or anyother name like that haha, and they always spell it wrong too. when i was little i admit, i didnt really like my name, but im used to it, and i find it unique and original, and now everyone calls me Key. i dont know many people called keyla, only one girl who was a famous figure skater, called keyla ohhs, my mom skated with her, and loved the name. i think its a great name to have, and sometimes its good to be unique, and different. but all in all i love the name!

05/18/2023 06:26:46

My Name Is Keyla And Hate My name'sometimes Because people All Ways Say Wrong But Sometimes I Glad I Have That Name Because It Is Different

05/01/2023 01:49:34

My name is Keyla. My great-great-grandmother was sent to a convent in Spain for her education after her mother died and her dearest friend was named Keyla. Keyla is now a family name and every generation has at least one daughter named Keyla. We pronounce it as "Kay-la" because in Spanish "ey" makes the "ay" sound. My name is always mispronounced in the US, but never in Spain, Cuba or Venezuela, where other members of my family live.

04/22/2023 00:56:10

Wow! This is amazing! I have never met another Kanisha before, and it is so weird reading all these entries. Well, my name is also Kanisha. I am so proud of my name. I was told that it is of African mom got it from a book of African names. I feel exceptionally special and unique with this name. Hoping someone will find the meaning soon. Hi to all the Kanisha's out are all beautiful and special!

04/15/2023 07:35:28

My name is keyla I what to know is it a girl name or a boy name

04/05/2023 12:28:48

This is my name. Don't ever do that to a child. "Your nothing, that's why your parents gave you that name" hey, Nothing. 59 years and about 4 years ago I have been going by Lou. Short for my middle name Louise. The nothing thing really left long a term affect on me.

03/12/2023 21:51:44


02/23/2023 01:57:36

hello all! My name is Keyla also! this makes me super exicted! I so felt that i was the only one!! lol we rock!!

02/06/2023 09:58:38

I named my daughter Keyla. But everybody misspells it. They spell it Kayla, and I don't like. The is Keyla. Not Kayla.

01/30/2023 07:13:40

My name is Keyla and I can say that my entire life I have had around three people pronounce my name correctly when reading it out loud for the first time. This often amuses me as my name is spelled exactly as It'sounds. Otherwise than the constant mispronunciation I have enjoyed having Keyla as my name and have received many compliments over the years.

01/26/2023 18:35:16

My name is Keyla and I always find it funny when people ask me how to pronouce it. I love the look they give me when'they say "oh, just how It'spelled." Also it is nice to know that there are some other Keyla's out there and I am not the only one being called Kayla and Keylee every other day.

01/20/2023 14:10:26

My daughters name is "Keyla" and she loves it!! In Hawaiian it means "strong and bold"

11/19/2022 13:02:20

well i feel that this is n't a good name for a kid, espicially a boy. anyone that would name a kid this must really hate there kid a lot.

10/27/2022 20:10:08

I was born in El Salvador so when my parents called me Keyla it was like the first time everyone hear of it. In spanish Keyla is pronouce Kayla that's why I'm use to people calling me that way. I love the fact that there are more Keylas around :) yay

10/22/2022 16:26:30

my name is keyla, i get alot of people calling me kAyla, i dont know why❤️ its pronounced the way it is spelled. i have never met anyone with my name and i like it, my sisters names are Ann and Amy, so i like being diffrent.

10/12/2022 08:06:20

Yeh my name is kayli too and i thought that i was never going to meet anyone who had the'same name as me!

10/07/2022 07:54:18

HI'my name is Keyla and yes most people miss pronounce it! Its is such an easy name it is pronounced how it looks KEY LA see not to hard. People miss pronounce my name'so much when someone says it right, i figure they must know me lol. I used to not like the name I thought it was weird. But now I love it and wouldnt have it any other way.

10/04/2022 14:39:42

keyla Ramadhani Wibowo my daughter's name. in Indonesia rarely that name. I love my daughter

09/20/2022 08:16:52

my name is Keyla.. and pronounced Kee la... like it is spelled. My name is not Kayla.. LOL And that is the way I like it

09/15/2022 09:50:38

My name is Keyla and yes it is mispronounced..ALOT!!! I know it is also spelled KEILAH in the bible.. as in David saves Keilah.. the town

09/12/2022 05:43:36

Keyla is my name but people always say it like Kayla. it is pronounced exactly how it is spelled KEY-LA. i love my name, i don't know anybody else with that name'so i like that it is not very common. in where i live anyway lol. i just wish people would say it right it drives me crazy. thanks mummy for my awesome name!!!<3

09/07/2022 12:52:24

My name is Keyla. I am probably one of the oldest. I am from Venezuela and two more previous members in my family where named Keyla. I love my name.... I know several Keylas in Venezuela, that were named after me and I wish they have enjoyed their name, as much as I have. Keyla to me is like music,like freedom, like beauty....My best whishes and good look for all the Keylas. In the USA they call me kila, but I always insist in the right pronunciation and they are receptive about it. When I say my name they tell me. What a beautiful name! I think that if you like your name,it is an open door for communication and probably makes you feel special. I always felt special and still do.

09/06/2022 15:42:48

Hey:) My name iis Keyla and I Love iit! I liike it because iit iis rare and uncommon. Most people miispronounce iit when'they read iit for the fiirst tI'me but iits ok. I have also reci'ved many complements because of my uniique name.

07/20/2022 12:36:18

My name Is Keyla...This name it is spelled in spanish. You pronounce it "Kayla". All nonhispanics pronounce my name wrong. I really don't care because i thank my mom for the name, I love it. i've met less than 10 girls with my name and It's always spelled different.

07/03/2022 12:30:54

omg my name is Keyla too and i used to really like it until i came to the usa and everybody started mispronouncing my name"key-la".usually the 1st day of school I'make bets with my friends that the teache's are going to say my name wrong "key-la" instead of "kayla" lol but sometimes they get it right lol

05/10/2022 21:06:36

My name is Keyla and I really like it. Alot of people said that ia a beautiful name and that is difficult to find someone with that name well the'spelling. I think that kayla is my name in english but if you are a person who knows spanish they will spell it this way.In my country Ecuador i didnt have any problems with the name and also there is some people name keyla but they are always younger than me. when I'moved to USA I had alot of problems with my name because they spell different and they pronounce it wrong.The corret spelling of my name is K E Y L A and the'sound is kayla if you speak english. well i dont know what more to tell about my name but I will love to know what my name means and also whereit came from. the only thing that i dont like about my name is that when i want to buy something that the name is already spell they spell it kayla so i cant buy anything :(.

04/20/2022 23:28:48

I LLOOVVVEEEE my name, it is KEYLA tooand is very uncommon, people has told me a million things about my name's meaning, but whatever It's cute and unique!!! (thanks mum!!!)

03/24/2022 23:39:36

My name is Keyla and It's pronounced as Key-la. Not Kayla, Keelie..for years I felt lonely in this world because there were no Keylas. Glad to see there are plenty of Keylas, with the'same spelling. Now, maybe we will see our names on merchandise. Like license plates for kid's bikes, mugs, key chains! LOL!

03/10/2022 09:12:54

I absolutely love my name. I always get compliments on what a beautiful name it is. It fits my personality well, and I wouldnt change it to any other.

11/20/2021 15:50:42

I am 51 years old. I grew up with no one knowing how to spell and how to pronounce. I have always said it is pronounced exactly as it is spelled Key - la. nothing hard about it, except no one can ever remember it. As I have gotten older, I have come up with the best way for people to remember it - I say like Tequilla only without the "T" and spelled different...LOL seems to help alot

10/01/2021 16:16:48

wow!!!i luv the name kadeem bcuz that's my boyfriend's name.he's a very inter'sting person,extremely sarcastic,and fun to be around.It's hard to stay mad at him all the time because he makes you smile.

08/29/2021 03:59:42 Name is (La'Keyla)but everyone qet it wrong by callinq me La'Kayla..or etc but I tell them its La K E Y La..its not that hard ithink i have a easy name..ilove <3 my name'sooo much its different yu raley hear it..I'm soo proud of my name]] :D

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Keyla FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Keyla?
The origin of the name Keyla is Irish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Keyla?
slim and fair.
*️⃣ How many people are named Keyla?
Almost 8000 people are named Keyla.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Keyla?
The names of Cole, Kaylee, Kylie, Callie, Kyle