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Kimberly Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(i)-mber-ly, kimb(e)-rly\
Number of People 👶 843,000
Rate in 2021 433
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 English
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Kimberly Name Meaning

 Kimberly is another example of the names that refer to a place. There are several places with this name including:  Kimberley in Nottinghamshire, the town of Kimberley in Norfolk, and Kimberley located in Warwickshire. Each of these places differing etymologies. It is believed that Kimberley in Nottinghamshire meant “royal and famous”; Kimberley in Norfolk meant “royal-fortress meadow” and Kimberley in meant “royal and brave”. As we can see, the common theme is being royal.

Another completely separate town that ultimately led to the use of Kimberley as a unisex name was a place called Kimberley in South Africa. In 1886, diamonds were found in this town which created a diamond-rush in the world. IN the beginning, Kimberley gained a lot of success as unisex name in English-speaking countries but as the time went on, it became a female named which is mostly used in the U.S.

Cool Info About Name Kimberly

Additional name description Kimberly
Additional name description Kimberly

Famous people named Kimberly

Kim Basinger (actress)
Kimberly J. Brown (actress)
Kimberly Dozier (journalist)

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name her Kimberley?

You love changing and trying different adventures. You can make reasonable and practical decisions in hard situations. Multitasking comes very easily to you.

You love adventure. To be happy, you must be free. Activities like traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new things add value to your life. You are very familiar with change. You are very receptive to change. You have a sharp mind which is why you are curious about many things. You have difficulties with commitment. You prefer to move from one project to the next all the time.

You are very knowledgeable and you depend on your gut feeling when it comes to making decisions. You are a force to be reckoned with. You possess great concentration and memory. You can be edgy at times, try to avoid these situations. You are a great writer.

How do people react to you?

People will perceive you as someone impressive, beautiful, and noble. You have a lot of the same qualities that celebrities possess. People praise your confidence. At the same time, other people are jealous of you. You prefer to work on large-scale projects and not have to deal with people in a one-on-one situation.

People generally think that this name is refined, wholesome, and formal.

Lucky colors: Light gray, light shades of nearly any other color

Lucky day(s): Tuesday


Kimberly debuted in the U.S charts in 1946. We do not know what fueled this sudden pump but in the next ten years, Kimberley continued its quest toward the 100 most popular female names. Nowadays, Kimberly has been among the top 100 for more than half a century. The height of popularity for Kimberly’s came in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1966 and 1947 she ranked as the second most popular female name in the U.S. Lisa was the name that defeated Kimberley in those years. Kimberly is not as popular as it was in those years but it is still a very popular and frequent name. Kimberly has some cute pet forms such as Kim that add to its popularity. In addition, popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian add the appeal of this name

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Comments on the name Kimberly
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I think I see a name is Kimberley Anne and my father also named me. Born in 1985. My only real complaint is it is a common name and most people don't realize that it can be spelled -ley, as mine is.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am called Kim by almost everybody but i always write my full name out on anything, kimberly sounds so mature to me. I LOVE IT.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Kimberly and i love it. there are so many different short names to it like Kim and Kimi.

01/03/2024 03:37:20

My name is Kimberly and I think It's a nice name. Most people call me "Kim" and my husband calls me "KI'mie". I don't mind being called by my proper name or the nicknames. Some people have told me that "Kimberly" sounds like a rich girl, sn'tty name or a cheerleader, neither of which suit my character. There are A LOT of other Kims, but I'm glad I don't have a weird name that people can't pronounce.

12/14/2023 20:09:34

Growing up I was always so afraid I'd NEVER be able to spell KIMBERLY!! It was such a long name! I was named after Kim Novak beli've it or not...I'm grown into my name. When people used to call me Kimberly I thought I was in trouble but It's cool now. I, like most, have the usual nicknames: KI'mie, KI'mmbo (yes, 3 m's!), Kim, Kimbolina, KI'mer, Kimbala, and PITA. Although that has nothing to do with Kimberly :-) I have to say though, if anyone ever called me Kimber I think I'd have to slap them!

12/07/2023 17:24:36

I meet so many people who have this name, and everytime I hear "Kimberly" My name sounds so timeless. I own it and it feels great to own somthing so purposeful, and given to me by parents no longer here. I think it even looks pretty when it's spelled in it's length KIMBERLY... LOL! Plus when I was a child Kim was short enough to spell... If your considering this for your baby name, use the entire name "Kimberly" so the child can choose if they want to use Kim or Kimberly. I love the fact that my mother thought about that fact before naming me...

11/29/2023 22:47:26

My name is Kimberly Erin. I love the combination of the two names together, there is a flow there that'sounds like music to me. i've had a ton of nicknames...mostly when I was small but I do still have an aunt that calls me Kimber and has since the day I was born. Everyone here knows what It's like to be a KI'my...ick ick ick! I was named by my dad after a mutual friend of his and my moms...the most dreaded nicknames have been kimbo, kI'my, kI'mel, kI'my coo-coo (thankyou grandma), I don't so much mind the'shortening of the is fine with me. just dont call me kI'my. :p

11/25/2023 09:10:12

I love my name when It's said in It's entirety, I don't like "Kim". It is common, but my spelling is not, Kymberly.

11/09/2023 05:49:28

I just thought id mention that to the person with asperger's syndrome, there is actually 4 syllables in Elizabeth :) I like this name tho

11/08/2023 08:39:52

My name is Kimberly & the most unusual nick name I have from it is Mik (Kim spelled backwards!).

10/27/2023 09:14:28

My name is Kimberly and I love it! I think it is such a classy name and to me I look just like a Kimberly. I grew up in a small town in the 1982's and there were no other Kimberly's in my classes until my family moved to the city and I went to a large high school. All of my childhood I went by "KI'mie" or "Kimberly" but never by "Kim". I always liked my name until I started working and everyone shortened it to "Kim". For years it was a major source of annoyance for me when someone would assume I wanted to be called by a nickname. Now that I'm in my mid-thirties I have decided to no longer fight the'system with nicknames. These days I introduce myself as "Kimberly" and invite people to call me "Lee". I like it and think it will fit me as I gracefully grow older.

10/19/2023 16:05:28

I love my name and appreciate the more unique spelling of Kymberly.

10/03/2023 03:38:06

My name is Kimberly and although It'suits me I think It's a little boring. My dad called me Kimberly and yes I do have a million nicknames❤️! But I'much prefer being called Kimberly over Kim. Everyone says It's the name of someone who likes to lead so it fits my character well - but sometimes I wish I had a more creative and girly name❤️!

10/03/2023 02:27:34

I like my name. Simple and pretty and can sound elegent

09/22/2023 14:35:48

My sisters name is Kimberly and when she was little we called her Kim or Kimicoo. She now wants to be Kimberly. So proper. yuck!

09/06/2023 21:32:14

I was named off the tissue box. When I share that with othe's they get a kick out of it!

09/06/2023 12:07:58

My name is Kimberly Marie, born in the 70's, and I absolutely love my name and it fits me so well. My favorite nick-name is Kimbo, but everyone calls me KI'mie except my husband. He usually calls me Kimberly or Kimber when he wants to be funny. Embrace the "Kimbo" nick-name Kimberlys. It is not that bad of a nick-name. It is actually kind of funny. The name Kimberly is a very pretty name, even'though it is considered common these days.

09/05/2023 04:58:50

My dad named me Kimberly and it fits. I think it is a pretty, simple, and elegant name. I wouldn't trade it! And I agree with othe's - I hate being called 'Kim'. My friends called me that growing up but I'made them all call me Kimberly once we got into high school. Only one nickname is okay with me and a lady I work with (and only her) calls me that - Kimster.

08/31/2023 09:28:56

I knew a Kimberly in High School, she was a fun sweet beautiful person, she went by the nickname K.I'm. short for Keep it Movin

08/28/2023 05:39:32

I think kimberly is a wonderful name.enen my cousin has that name and thinks its wonderful as well!!

08/20/2023 13:41:04

my name is Kimberly and i love it!! i think the name It'self is cute, sassy, punk rock and girly girl all at the'same time! the only thing i dont really like about it is that ALL OF THE NICKNAMES!! the wrost POSSABLE i have ever been called are: 'kim possable' and 'kim- BERLY (berly❤️ see❤️). the best names are: kI'my and kim. call me kim or kI'my but call me kim possable and i'll punch ya ouut!!

08/18/2023 02:36:46

I love my name. I was born in 1994 and while there were several other Kims or Kimberlys in my classes, I like it. I'mostly go by Kim, but i've had similar nicknames to those already listed - KI'my, Kimbone, Kimbo (not by favorite), etc. I think it is a pretty name & none other would suit me! :)

07/20/2023 16:47:26

I like my name because in japanese when you spell it Kimi it means -She who has no equal- and according to my friends I really don't have an equal. Almost all my friends call me Kimi-Chan because we are all obsessed with the japanese culture and -Chan- Means -Close friend or relitive. I don't really like to be called Kim. I prefer Kimi or Kimi-Chan.

07/17/2023 08:15:54

My name is Kimberly and people allways say it right but usually spell it wrong. I have never met anyone named Kimberly that'spells it the'same way.

07/15/2023 03:21:54

My name is Kimberly and they call me KI'my which is like a better and shorter way of saying my name

07/14/2023 07:22:50

I was born in 73 when'this was a popular name. My parents named me Kimberly Ann. I think to be cruel... I was called KI'my, Kim and Kimberly by various family growing up. I HATED my name. There were so many of us in my school, when'the teacher would call on Kim, we❤️d look at each other. In high school, I heard the nickname Kiki and liked it, so that's what my friends started to call me. But it didn't stick into adulthood as it was only my friends who called me that. I'm just plain old Kim and i'very much dislike it. I'm an artist and have always been unusual. My name doesn't seem to reflect that. Kimberly just seems too regal and sophisticated a name for me. I'm not that type of person. But I'm stuck with it, unfortunately...

06/10/2023 12:14:50

very unattractive name...I think of an old woman...

06/08/2023 16:09:50

I too was named after Kim Novak. I don't mind my name. It is Kimberly Sue. As a kid, most people called me Kim. As an adult a lot of people I work with call me Kimberly. I really don't mind which form people use. I have four sisters, three with K names, so I'm just happy when I'm called a form of my name. My family calls me berlysue a lot. When I was in kindergarten I thought my name was just Kim. One day I got scolded and my mom called me Kimberly Sue. I cried and cried...when she asked what was wrong I told her'she would cry too if her middle name was berlysue. So, I thought my name was Kim Berlysue. I definately like Kimberly Sue better:)

06/01/2023 12:31:58

there was this time that I'meet this boy named Abraham

05/31/2023 19:11:36

There's a boy name Jack in my class. It's a bit too boring for me. Same old same old try Jesse.

05/18/2023 00:16:28

My Daddy named me Kimberly never called me Kimberly but that is what he named me. All my younger cousin's call me KI'my it would be so strange to hear them say Kim although that is how everyone else addresses me except my mom and aunt who called me Kimbee and my cousin who thought they were saying bean so that'stuck too.

05/13/2023 15:21:22

I really hate my name! I always wanted a different name'since I was three or four, and back in the early 2002s, when I was in elementary school, whenever there was an Asian-American character in our reading books, HE was named 'Kim' so I was always given'the "privilege" of reading those stories out loud. I was already laughed at for not being like the other kids (i've Asperger's Syndrome), and it was awful that everyone started telling me I had a boy's name! I didn't get called by a nickname until school, and I never liked any of them: Kim, Kimbo, KI'my, Kimber... It'seems no one can'take the time to use all three syllables, same with names like Samantha or Elizabeth.

04/25/2023 15:55:38

I'm sorry, but Isn't this name'slightly dull❤️ I can't stand it. I have a few classmates that'share the name with me and It's confusing. I guess it could be worse. My name could be Ashley, Sam, Jennifer, etc. I go by Kim. My family call me KI'mer and my dad calls me Kimster and the Mimster. I get called MI'mer a lot, too. Whatever.

04/20/2023 20:25:44

I love the name Kimberly! I've only met one other Kimberly in my life and that was back in Elementary school. But I love the name Kimberly. There's so many nickname options. My most used nicknames are Kim, Kimbo, Kimberly Anne, and Kimmie. But I really don't like when people call me Kim in person because I feel like such a tom-boy if they do! LOL! And they call me Kimberly Anne because they thought I looked like one. I think Anne is the perfect middle name for any Kimberly...but my middle name is Dawn. No complaints or anything, it still sounds awesome. (I love when people say Kimberly Dawn) But yeah, I love the name! :D

04/15/2023 05:32:02

I love my name. It fits and sounds sophisticated. It'sounds responsible and like people can count on me. I have met many people with the'same name as me. My own math teacher has the name Kimberly. I get lots of fun nicknames, such as Kimco, KI'my-Kim, Kim, Mickey, (because if you spell Kim backward it is Mik and that lead to Mickey).

03/31/2023 15:30:44

My aunt's name is Kimberlie but she spells it different. LOL I actually like her spelling better but she says it spells Kimber-Lie. -Izzy

03/07/2023 05:47:30

My name is Kymber-Lee my mom wanted to be differant but I did have some problems in school w/ people saying an spelling it wrong. lol There was atleast two girls in my class that also had the same name in some shape or another so I spent most of school going by Kymber which then I didnt like. I started going by Kym in 7th grade but when I got to high school there was three girls that was in my lil group of friends so they dubbed me Kymi an I still go by it today an Im 27 lol

02/11/2023 21:38:22

I love my name and I think that is fits my personality. I was suppose to be 'Jessica' b/c my dad's name is Jessie but my mom said it jumped out at her one day. I do get VERY annoyed when people automatically shorten it and call me something else plus the fact that there is almost always another Kimberly around.....but I like it just the way it is. Kimberly Elise....When I have a daughter I want her name to begin with a 'K'...I am leaning towards Kailyn :-)

02/04/2023 18:35:46

My name is Kimberly and I <3 it I love all the nick names my mom n dad call me Kimberly **boring** My friends call me Kim or KI'my in a squeaky voice and my cousins call me Kimby its so cute I love my name I'm planning on naming my futre child (10 yrs from now) after me!

02/01/2023 10:04:14

i never was to fond of my name but its not spelled the usual way other kims spell it. my mom and her sister spell there names with an i [TRACI AND KELLI] so my mom decided to spell mine Kimberli :) it seems that alot of the kims i know have the middle name Anne, which i have also! Kimberli Anne Marie :)

12/03/2022 20:35:42

My name is Kimberly Ann. Yes, just like Kim Possible and the pink Power Ranger... I have the usual nicknames, Kim and KI'my. My parents call me Kimberlies or Kiki, neither of which I like. My brothe's LOVE to call me Chim Chim. I always wished I had a feminine name--one that ended in an "a" or an "e". Especially when I started high school and people called me Kim Jong Un, Kim Kardashian, and Kimberly-Clark. I wish my parents had had the foresight not to name their only daughter after a company that produces toilet paper and diapers. It'sounds fine with my middle name but, again, I lament not having a more feminine middle name (at least to balance out my first name). I'mean, Ann without an "e"❤️ Also everyone thinks I'm a Valley Girl! Not a good name 0/10 would not recommend.

11/25/2022 15:59:00

My sister is Kim or Kimberly. My mother was trying to think of a good name and saw the Kimberly-Clark label on the'side of one of their products in a store and it hit her at that moment. I think we're all glad that'she didn't go with 'Clark' instead. My sister is 3 years younger and I used to make her mad when we were little kids by calling her 'Kimbo Bimbo'. I don't call her that now of course. We love Kim and Kimberly as names and greatly because we love my sister as she has made the name even more special than it already was.

11/19/2022 15:41:02

its is a little boring, but you can get a million different names out of it. my friends call me: kim, kI'my, tI'my, and some other names. its funny how cool it is to have this name. but i like namaes that are different better... i want to name my 1st child Maureen (like 17 years from now)... i think that name is awesome.. BYE!! <3

11/18/2022 00:00:32

it is acttionly Kimberley my friends call me Kim

11/02/2022 19:52:50

I love my name and it is spelled with and "ie" on the end. I don't see that on your list of spellings, that must make it very unique - Kimberlie. I went by Kim until I was 27, then started going by Kimberlie; I like the full name better and I don't meet very many Kimberly(s)these days. Although, in high school (1998 grad.) there were a lot of us, but after looking a the chart, that would make sense!

09/23/2022 00:38:34

this name reminds me of zac efron since its his real name

09/11/2022 15:54:50

well my name is krista and i live in canada. my mom was going to name is victoria but i didnt look like a victoria. i guess i like this names its pretty good. but only people off the rez know me as krista the rest know me as moo moo. or my grandparents call me jijeyehta(thats my indian name) but when people say my name its kindof awesome because its not the'same as everyone i know where some have the'same name.

09/11/2022 12:40:52

I was born in the 80s and there a many Kimberly's around my age. In my graduating class there were 7 or 8 Kimberlys out of 600 kids. Overall I like my name.

08/29/2022 09:41:42

I love the name Kimberly. i've been called, KI'my and Kim but have always preferred the complete name, Kimberly. It's classy, and flows beautifully.

08/05/2022 16:33:54

My name is Kimberly and I love it! So many fun nicknames come from it..Kimbo, Kimber, KI'mer, Kimbolina, etc. I just hate when people call me Kim, boring!

06/12/2022 16:55:30

I love the name though my mom thought she was naming me something different as she'd not heard it much (60's) but when I started school, there were 6 of us in a class of 20. Yikes! I prefer Kimberly over Kim and am not much into the various nicknames.

05/28/2022 04:31:12

Kimberley, born in 1971...grandma gave my mom trouble, said she had never heard of it before. I am okay with Kim or Kimberley, I find it funny when I say my name as Kimberley, and people says nice to meet you Kim. Beautiful name, Kim or Kimberley, I am pleased, good name for me.

05/06/2022 21:57:00

Yes, I am a Galen and have always been proud of my name. I have only known two other's named Galen all spelled the'same. It'seems odd to me that 9 out of 10 times that'someone spells my name they add a y and sometimes d at the end. Never the less It's a name that catches peoples attention. I feel stren'th in the name Galen and am comfortable being a silent helper.

04/29/2022 20:40:30

I love my name Kimberly Dawn. I will not respond to Kim. It is not my name. I always introduce myself as Kimberly, and my friends and co workers defend my full name to new people. I apparently give people the look of death when'they call me Kim.

03/31/2022 13:02:24

My sisters name is Kim and I can get so many nick names out of it. When she was little we used to call her 'Kimberly Wimberly' I don't know why❤️ I call her KI'my, Kimbo, KI'my WI'my.. and other ones that I can't even'think of right now haah

03/30/2022 22:24:00

My name is Kimberly, pretty but very common. Most people just call me Kim, but some call me KI'mie which I like a lot better.

02/17/2022 22:46:30

In the 1996 Japanese TV show 'Chodenshi BI'man' (Super Electron BI'man), the character Miss Hikaru Katsuragi aka Pink Five is called Kimberly in the English-dubbed version of it, and that is WAY before Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, featuring the Kimberly WE are all familiar with.

02/12/2022 11:00:54

My name is Kimberly. I think that It's a pretty name, a little common and boring, but still pretty. The only major downside to this name is being called "Kim" all of the time. I hate that!

12/01/2021 15:21:54

I just had twins last week and I named them Kaci Noel and Kimberly Chase and i call them Kaci and Kimi for short and I have always loved the name Kimberly

09/23/2021 04:14:06

I love my name, although it very common. It only annoys me when some asks, "What do you like to be called, Kimberly or Kim❤️" I guess they're just being polite, but I really don't care either way!

09/01/2021 08:51:18

Even'though one of the Power Rangers-like programs of the early Eighties - Chodenshi BI'man, of course - featured a Kimberly, or rather Hikaru Katsuragi who was Pink Five of that team (Kimberly was only her name in the English dub aired in the Philippines), the only Super'sentai counterpart that Kimberly the Pink Power Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had had was Risha Tribe Princess Mei aka the PteraRanger of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. Trini's counterpart, on the other hand, was a male, and was by a funny coincidence named Boi (but there WERE female yellow rangers in Super'sentai even before Zyuranger, like the'second Yellow Four June Yabuki of BI'man and her much more tragic predecessor Mika Koizumi - known as Casey in the English dub of BI'man), and this was why the Pink Ranger costume had a skirt whereas the Yellow Ranger costume did not, even when Aisha took Trini's place as the Yellow Ranger when'trini, along with original Red Ranger Jason and original Black Ranger Zack (their own Zyuranger counterparts are Geki and Goushi respectively), left during the 'Power Transfer' episodes for Switzerland (and this was seven years before Thuy Trang, Trini's actress, met her tragic end in a car crash in California - taking some BI'man fans back to the time when Mika or Casey, the original Yellow Four, died as a result of the anti-bio particle blasts in episode 10 of BI'man). Let's not find ourselves too surprised about Trini's Zyuranger counterpart being male, however. There was, after all, the Dynaman spoof on Night Flight that preceded Power Rangers (and the Dynaman character Kousaku Nangou/DynaYellow - 'Cowboy' in the'spoof - was male).

08/13/2021 20:09:54

I love my name too :D I've only met one who has the name kimberly.. I live in Sweden so it's quite unique here XD My full name is May Kimberly Ann and I just looove it :) The thing with the name Kimberly is that you can have many diffrent nicknames...My friends call me Kimba, Kimbo, Berry, Kimber, Kim, Kimily, Kimzie, Kimkimz...and it goes on forever :) haha It was my aunt who came up with the name for me and I just want to say to her thank youuuu!!!! :D

08/09/2021 10:56:24

My name's okay. I'm not a big fan of it. I only have one nickname: Kim, and that's what i've been called my whole life. I just recently wanted to get out of it, and I'm trying to get everyone to call me Kimber, which I adore...I adore, "Kimber." Everyone pronounces it correctly but strange enough, a lot of people spell it Kimberley instead of Kimberly. I prefer Kimber, then Kimberly, then Kim. I don't really like Kim at all. i've actually met quite a few people with the name, "Kimberly".


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kimberly?
The origin of the name Kimberly is English.
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Cyneburg's Field
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Almost 843000 people are named Kimberly.
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The names of Caleb, Kaleb, Colby, Colbie, Kolby