Laci meaning

: French Place Name.

Laci Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \l(a)-ci\
Number of People 👶 9,000
Rate in 2021 4536
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 French
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Laci Name Meaning

Laci is a charming name of French and English origin translating to 'Lace-like' or 'Cheerful'. It conveys images of elegance and joy, often associated with someone who bears a pleasantly lively demeanor. The name strikes a distinctive balance between being classic and cool, and it has been prevalent in various forms of media, including music and television.

Laci Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Laci
Additional description of the name Laci

The name Laci has its roots in old French, originally spelled as 'Lacey' and referred to a town in Normandy. Over time, it evolved into diverse variants such as Lacie and Laci, each preserving the initial essence of elegance and luxury. In the media world, it has been often used for various characters due to its simple yet striking appeal, enhancing its popularity in the English-speaking world.

Cool Info About Name Laci

Additional name description Laci
Additional name description Laci

The name Laci, while not extremely prevalent, carries a unique grace. It has been associated with the famous country music singer Laci Kaye Booth, adding a hint of fame and artistic charm to its presence. Individuals named Laci are often seen as vivacious and pleasant. They symbolize delight and opulence, traits directly tied to their name's meaning. With its elegant connotations and cool yet classic appeal, the name Laci effortlessly captures curiosity and interest.

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Comments on the name Laci
01/07/2024 01:40:00

My name is Laci-Ann and I freaking love it. I'm almost 38 and i've never met another one in my life. Having a strange name makes you stand out. No one even has to use my last name. I am Laci-Ann. ❤️

12/27/2023 18:48:00

hi! My name is Laci and I love it, but people always miss spell it! i have met a few people with the name laci but most spell it lacey but one of my really good friends also spells it laci & we both share the'same frustration of people spelling our names wrong. I am often called staci because that is my moms name and they do sound so much alike. growing up i have had many nickname'such as lassie, lucy, lulu, lulee, and lace.

12/23/2023 21:20:36

My name is Laci, I would have to say I love my name. Although when I was a teenager, I thought It'sounded like a stripper name and didn't like It'so well, but now I love it. Nobody ever'spells it right, but that ok. Just means its unusual, which is cool. At least I thought it was unusual until I read all your comments on here. LOL

11/28/2023 11:49:04

my name is lauren but i so want this name i just wish it was mine. you guys with this name are so lucky!

11/13/2023 08:34:16

I love my name laci it is so amazing and cool. I get so many nicknames like lazy laci and my least favorite SHOE LACE. I get mad when people spell my name wrong even my mom spelt it wrong once. But still i love my name'so much

11/11/2023 00:08:40

HI'my name is Laci and Everybody spells my name wrong and it really tics me off❤️

11/10/2023 22:22:52

Hi! My name is Laci. I used to dislike my name growing up for some reason. It was different. Now I emabrace it. I LOVE my unique name. And yes, people ALWAYS mispell It'such as Lacey, Lacie, Lacy, but never Laci. And now that I am married, my last name is White. People now say "Laci White panIt's." LOL

11/04/2023 06:47:58

People alwaysssss spell my name lacy.It tics me off

10/17/2023 15:18:20

My name is Laci. as of the last comment writen, alot of people pernouce it as Lacky. in fact the priest at my baptI'm pernouced my name as Lacky. i love the name Laci as it is not very common. i have never met anybody with the name Laci. I hate it alot when i tell people my name and they either think i say "lessley" or "stacy". I would really like to find the true meaning of the name Laci. does it mean some sort of godess or what❤️

08/22/2023 03:53:24

I LOVE my name! Even'though i never find anything personalized for me, its cool to have a unique name and everytime you introduce yourself people think its 'such a beautiful name!' :-D

08/20/2023 13:05:48

Hi!! my name is Laci!! I absoulutley love my name its so unique!! And what really gets me ticking and angry is that to friends of my brothe's call me Laces i get soooo angry i let it go thought there only in first grade also annoying boys make fun of me and say "lazy laci lazy laci!!!" but i say "just bc my name rhymes with lazy doesn't mean i am!" and last but definetly most fustrating of all to of my moms friends NAMED THERE DAUGHTERS THAT!!! IMPOSTERS i say anyway what is good when I'meet people they say "oh Laci what a pretty name!" =D

08/20/2023 01:20:28

I am in highschool and noone spells my name right i often lose my temper because it frustrates me. i have a baby cousin whos name is lacey i hope that'she doesnt get frustrated like me when shes older. Also its hard to find anything with my name on it if i do find something its spelt lacey and it gets annoying. I once had a friend tell me i didnt spell my name right amd she would always spell it with a "y"

07/25/2023 07:35:12

My name is Laci, and I like it. But if You're planning on naming our child Laci, just plan on no one ever'spelling it rigt.

05/23/2023 13:06:44

My name is Laci as well, and people are ALWAYS spelling it wrong. Also, when I was in grade school, annoying boys would use it it to make fun of me...Lassie or Lazy. But I think It's a beautiful name, very feminine.

05/04/2023 16:31:24

Yes... I remember'some of you in high school... Admittedly Hazelnut and witchHazel are a rite of passage, but now that I'm in my thirties I really like the uniqueness of my name and it always brings a smile when I hear of other Hazels.

04/07/2023 21:29:40

My name is Laci too and I hate it when people misspell my name! I get Lacy, Lacey, and more. People would ask what my name is and I'd say Laci but apparently they don't hear me and they go Lucy❤️ Okay! Hi Lucy! Ugh I just gave up its so annoying. But other than that I love my name! It's unique and beautiful!

02/11/2023 09:17:46

I love my name! I use to get upset when people would mispell it but now I just say it and spell it all at the'same time so there is no confusion. It's unique! I love that about it mostly. Not only the'spelling but You'really don't find many Laci's where I am from. (Louisiana) Old people usually call me Lori or Lucy or Stacy or Macy....but I guess that is just part of getting older and losing your ability to hear!

01/21/2023 11:02:24

People always spell my name wrong I always tell them It's spelt L-a-c-i. It's not my friends or people in my school that'spell it wrong It's my family and It's super annoying. But no one has the'same name as me so I love it.

11/30/2022 22:03:42

Hi! My name is Laci and I totally love it! If it wasn't for my Floppy bear who has given me this name, IDK WAT ID DO! =)

11/24/2022 16:28:20

My name's Laci. I never had anybody tell me that I had a pretty sounding name other than when I was a small child. There was a lot of girls named Lacey where I'm from. I never thought it was a unique name because of this, but I always knew it was a unique spelling. I did have plenty of people tell me that I have a pretty name when'they see it in writing. The name Laci spelled as such is stunning, but nobody knows the'spelling until I sign something or they ask how it is spelled. It really never bothered me having to correct everyone that'spelled my name wrong as it made my name'stand out more once they knew. It looks gorgeous in writing. The name Laci in general spelled any way seems like a very innocent name or a sexual name, I'll be honest. I had people think It'sounds cute as a child, sexy as a teenager which is cringy, or too innocent and cutesy as an adult. So I was insecure about the'sound of my name. I wish everybody spelled the name Lacey as Laci because it looks very beautiful and makes it less cutesy. It's a very attractive name in writing. My nickname is Lace which I love. It'sounds endearing, and it is very pretty. There are days that I think that my name is just Okay, and there are days that I adore it.

10/02/2022 15:03:06

Everyone has always called me LacI'my whole life and everyone knows me as Laci. They all spell Laci wrong and I'm constantly yelling because I just can't see how it could be so hard to spell Laci but I am called Laci because it is less frustrating to explain than Galacia. Galacia is my real name, see Ga"laci"a, laci is right in the middle. Seems like no matter what name I use I'm frustrated but everyone always thinks both are pretty. Terrible to find personalized stuff though.

09/24/2022 06:19:32

well my name is ladonna im 19 years old i am the only ladonna i know around here. i have been a baby, i have heard all of these as well. i love my name i really do. i want something othe's can jst be jealous they dont have a nice name like ours : )

04/18/2022 16:34:48

hi, i am having a baby in october an i was just looking for the best way to spell this name. i am planning on calling my baby girl it when she is born. i was planning on spelling it Lacey leigh, that is the only way i have seen'this name be spellt. well i think this is a very nice an girly name just what i want for my baby x

01/31/2022 07:07:48

My Daughter's name is Laci. And yes most spell it wrong i've even had people tell me I spelled it wrong when I named her and I should change it lol not a chance I spelled it that way to make sure she had a unique name. My name is Lisa Marie there was so many with that name when I went to school I was always called by my last name. Laci is the only child in her whole school and comunity with that name'spelled that way.

12/21/2021 18:29:06

My name is Laci and Its cool. Not many people would name there kids with the'spelling that I have. i've only ever met one other person with my spelling.

09/25/2021 09:18:18

Hey! My name is Laci and It's awesome! It's just "everyone" spelled it wrong. I would correct then and they would be very imbarrised whether It's an adult or child! But it is a beautiful name❤️

08/26/2021 18:21:00

my name is Laci, and hardly anyone knows how to spell it. Also, when whating something with a name on it, I have to order it. But, I like my name.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Laci?
The origin of the name Laci is French.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Laci?
French Place Name.
*️⃣ How many people are named Laci?
Almost 9000 people are named Laci.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Laci?
The names of Andrew, Charlie, Alexis, Reed, Megan