Malcolm meaning

: Devotee Of Saint Columba

Malcolm Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \mal-kum\
Number of People 👶 63,000
Rate in 2021 563
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Scottish
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Malcolm Name Meaning

The name Malcolm carries a rich and fascinating meaning that is worth exploring. Derived from Scottish and Gaelic origins, this powerful name holds significant symbolism and historical significance.

The name Malcolm is believed to have originated from the Gaelic name "Máel Coluim," which translates to "disciple of Saint Columba." This connection to a revered saint adds an element of spirituality and devotion to the name's meaning.

In addition, Malcolm is often associated with traits such as strength, leadership, and nobility. It has been used throughout history by notable figures who embodied these qualities, further enhancing its significance.

Today, individuals named Malcolm often carry on this legacy by embodying these admirable characteristics. They are known for their determination, intelligence, and ability to inspire others. The name Malcolm evokes a sense of power and charisma that can leave a lasting impression on those who encounter it.

Whether you bear the name yourself or are simply intrigued by its meaning, delving into the origins and symbolism of the name Malcolm reveals a captivating story that reflects its timeless appeal.

Cool Info About Name Malcolm

Additional name description Malcolm
Additional name description Malcolm

Characteristics of Malcolm

He is a very competitive man and likes to learn new things to be much more competitive, he is the type of person who demands of himself to achieve his goals. Although he is also characterized by thinking a lot before making a decision, being very insecure, and in most cases. He does not like conflicting people and always looks out for their well-being.

Work: is someone who cares a lot about his work, because he gets too impatient and can't make good decisions.

Friendship: he likes to spend time with his friends, and enjoys trips and parties because he always tries to attract attention.

Family: he is attentive to each member of his household, but especially his parents, because they are the most important thing he has in life.

Love: he doesn't always manage to conquer the woman he wants, he has trouble deciding on one and is usually shy when expressing his feelings.


8 of the honest man.

Santoral of Malcolm

December 12th.

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Comments on the name Malcolm
01/14/2024 00:00:00

i luv my nme since i wz a kid pple kept asking me who wz Malcolm X, so kept tll em hz biography i luv my nme thnk u mom 4 e nyc nme.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Malcolm. I was named after Malcolm X. However, the world has seen many great Malcolms, and I hope I can live up to It's legacy. I "wear" my name with a lot of pride.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We nameed our 13 year old daughter Halle! No one calls her by the right is always Hailey she dont like it...she likes it because it is different...but doesnt like no ones says it correctly... An i see we even spelled it different....Halle Rene.....

12/20/2023 18:06:28

Great name - 1) because It's my first name, 2) because in twenty-nine years of teaching i've never taught a Malcolm (unlike Sophie - I have one class with four Sophies in it!). Naming children is always a problem for teache's as the name gets associated in your mind with the pupil's character. So far, no Malcolms, so no bad vibes for this name!

12/02/2023 21:19:26

I have had this name for 49 years and have only met one other Malcolm and it was the last name. Growing up in Texas in 60's got some teasing for the name Malcolm X ect.. The name gets misspelled a lot Malcome always forgetting the 2nd l. Nickname by seniors has always been Mal. I like my name

11/15/2023 12:17:44

My name is Malcolm. I LOVE It'so much because It's very distinctive, yet by no means a ridiculous name! It evokes intelligence and people seem to give You'respect - who can blame them❤️

10/10/2023 11:40:28

Remember first time he told me Malcolm I forgot the'second L so I kept on calling him Malcom, is great Celtic name, so cool because is strong very masculine ;) as a second name is very cool!!!

10/01/2023 20:28:58

I have been called Milkie by some of my friends, but is pretty cool because we have done that to all of my friends names.

08/16/2023 01:49:38

Growing up in the' the northe'st US.. I would often be called, Malcolm X..MalcommasnisI'm a take on Milk of Magnesia, I think..Milem...Milkshake... so on and so on... However as I grew, I like the name more and more. I was called Micky, as a nick all my life. My mom said that'she gave me the nickname because I am a junior, and she'says that'she thought that every time she called out Malcolm in the house...both my dad and I would come... cute mom. Anyhoo...Malcolm Addison is my full name.

07/25/2023 02:17:48

My name is Malcolm, It's pronounced mal come. And yes, people who don't know me usually spell it wrong. Most commonly they forget the'second l. But i've gotten Malcolm, malcolme, and malcomb (this one was my soctor.) I like my name as I haven't met someone else with it at least not to my horrible memory. I think my mother chose it after'some king of Scotland or something. It's a pretty cool name I don't see often in reality or even fiction.

07/23/2023 17:05:14

I proudly named my one & only son Malcolm,after reading how other Malcolms' feel, I know I chose correctly,thank u:)

06/03/2023 20:57:34

My name is Malcom. No second l is the correct Scottish version of the name. Im always correcting people who spell it Malcolm. Yet i still love the name.

06/03/2023 06:15:54

I was named after my grandfather Malcolm, but he was called Mac. Until grade six, I was called Malcolm, then my teacher who was from Chicago, asked me if my friends called me Mac, I always thought that it was a family custom, when my friends heard that Mac was short for Malcolm that was it, I have been called Mac ever'since (46 years). I like both names, but probably prefer Mac because I introduce myself as Mac.

05/17/2023 22:13:02

I am named Malcolm and have also been called Marco or Michael... I Read somewhere that the meaning of Malcolm in Roman times is Dove, or Worshiper of the Dove. Which I like. Now i see, Royal Blood, an inter'sting additon to the imagery... And Callum is also nice.

05/05/2023 18:40:46

In my 55 years I have not met another Malcolm. I would not trade the name for any other because of its uniqueness. Some of the misspellings of Malcolm I have known are Malcom, Malcome, Malcum, and on a set of pencils from my great aunt, Malcomb!! I also had a science teacher who called me Mal function. Needless to say, I'made his classes miserable. I was named after my grandfather, who passed before I was born.

04/25/2023 06:31:22

I love my name! i was named after a guitarist named Malcolm Young. When i was younger i didn't really like my name because no one else had this name. But now that is the very reason why i love it. i have never met anyone named Malcolm in all of my 17 years that i have lived

04/24/2023 02:36:12

My son is called Malcolm, after my dad. We call him Mac or Mackie for short. I think it is a name that'sounds strong and intelligent.

03/25/2023 06:41:24

Not many people in Africa are known by the name Malcolm. my son is Malcolm but many people mis pronounce the name. the name is so beautiful and inspirin and chic! Long live all the Malcolms.

02/27/2023 14:06:40

my name is malcolm and i like it becasue It'speaks of power and intelligence, plus it is not that common.

02/19/2023 05:58:22

We named our baby boy, born on July 6th, Mahlon. It was my husband's great-great grandfather's name. We prononuce it "May-lin". No one has ever heard of it and can never pronounce it correctly. Plus they're not sure if It's a boy's name or a girl's name. But we've received nothing but positive feedback on It'since he was born six weeks ago.

02/17/2023 19:17:38

My eldest son's name is Malcolm. he's 12. I named him Malcolm because it meant "Gentle Servant." I want him to be a great man by serving people. He certainly is well on his way. By the way, i've never met a weak man named Malcolm.

02/17/2023 17:14:12

For the one who wrote: "I want to start a Malcolm club...": "maldito" is Spanish, and means "damned" or also "cursed".

01/21/2023 22:30:06

Malcolm was the best name i ever had , Good luck to all Malcolm's

11/25/2022 10:59:14

I am a very proud new mother of a 4 month old boy we decided to name Malcolm. My husband and I just both liked the name...for some reasons mentioned here. We felt it was a very strong and unique name, but not too unique. We thought it was very distinguished. I hope and pray little Malcolm will love his name!

11/24/2022 07:21:42

Sounds very Boho Chic, this name does, and makes a great middle name for today's sons. It doesn't occur as a first name very often, though, and I think it'd be nice to see a name like Malcolm becoming popular again. Let's hope it doesn't become too popular, though.

11/01/2022 03:01:48

Well, my actual name is Kirstyann, but i can't find it on here and kirsty is my nickname'so.. :) I get people mistaking it for "kirsten" or "kristy" though, i really hate that. Still to find someone who can spell it right to, most people spell my name - Kirstie Ann I think It's a good nick name =D

10/24/2022 01:56:42

I want to start a Malcolm club. It's a name made for comedy. And also stren'th and mystery. I have been called "Mally" "MalMal" "maldito" ( which means something rude in some language...and once "Mountain" from an 7 year old girl. Just recently, as I was being called into the doctors office, when'the receptionist called out " Malcolm, the doctor will see you now..." Myself and an older gentleman both stood up. We looked at eachother and burst into hysterics. He is white and 65, I am black and 33. Not much in common you might think, but this great rare name!

10/22/2022 00:51:56

Well my name is nadiah..and people always forget the "h",but well i don't mind

10/16/2022 12:36:56

I love this name like no other name. It's not my name, that's the reason i gave my son this name. The only problem is that people pronounce or spell it wrongly....Malcom, without second "L". Many People in Germany don't seem to know this name except the people that know the TV-Series "Malcolm mittendrin". I often call my boy "Malc". God bless all MALCOLMS.

10/15/2022 01:03:18

Malky (abreviation of Malcolm) Frazer was a notorious leader of the infamous Glasgow razor gangs of the 50's...In Glasgow and the West of Scotland to "Malky" someone is to slash them across the face with a cut throat razor or knife (known in the area as a "chib". This story is incorporated into the 2008 movie "Small Faces" The gang war cry "Tongs Ya Bas!" still strikes fear into the hearts of elderly Glaswegians!!

10/12/2022 20:44:34

I love my name. It's not totally generic like a lot of names, and yet It's not totally out there either. It's a name that i've always thought of as a name that not only invokes thoughts of stren'th, but also intelligence. Just my thoughts on my name.

10/06/2022 16:19:44

I really think that Malcolm is a charming, strong, and intelligent name. However, I'm not sure about the nickname Mac, as it makes me think of completely different personality traits. I personally think that Mal, Malc, and perhaps Marc would make better nicknames for some. When I hear the name Malcolm, it automatically makes me think of the gentlemanly, intelligent, (fairly dashing TBH) and noble Lt. Reed of ST:ENT or Mal from Firefly.

09/19/2022 07:53:18

When I was younger I'd get embarrassed when people called me Hailey. I hated answering to it. Some people still call me Hailey even after I correct them over and over again. They think It's close enough so I shouldn't care. It drives me nuts! Now that I'm older I like my name. I never have to say my last name to identify myself because I'm usually the only Hallie that people know. I like that my name is different and uncommon, but not weird. It's nice to see I'm not the only Hallie that has to deal with the mispronunciation!

09/05/2022 20:54:16

I have hated my name (malcolm) ever'since I was a kid.

07/25/2022 10:38:24

My name is Malcolm. But i've faced scenarios where people called me Malcom. Leaving the last l. Quite annoying at times but sometimes I get away with things because of that mistake. I am the only Malcolm at my school and the only Malcolm I know of besides this dancer. I like my name because of its uniqueness

06/24/2022 18:58:48

People often spell Malcolm without the'second "l" or have no idea how to spell it. It's a great name because It's recognizable (i.e. Malcolm X, Malcolm McDowell, etc...) and yet not terribly common, which makes it unique.

03/13/2022 11:19:48

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08/01/2021 21:46:12

The name Natalie is common enough where most people know how to spell/pronouce it(although in Europe it is spelled Nathalie) but not so common that your daughter will have 5 other girls in her class with the'same name. It doesnt shorten well though, I hate it when people call me NAT, Im not an insect! But it is simple to spell and pleasant to the ear.

07/10/2021 09:55:12

It is my name, and people often'think I said "Marco", or "Michael". I rarely met another Malcolm, though i've met more in Canada in the past 25 years than I did in the previous 25 years in Scotland. My father used to call me Calum when he'd had too much to drink! and my wife sometimes call me Malkie. I was actually named after my grannie, whose family name was Malcolm - she was born Mary Malcolm.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Malcolm?
The origin of the name Malcolm is Scottish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Malcolm?
Devotee Of Saint Columba
*️⃣ How many people are named Malcolm?
Almost 63000 people are named Malcolm.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Malcolm?
The names of Margaret, Greta, Margarita, Marguerite, Margurite