Nathaniel meaning

: God Has Given

Nathaniel Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \n(a)-tha-niel\
Number of People 👶 272,000
Rate in 2021 225
Numerology 🔢 12
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Nathaniel Name Meaning

It is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin. The meaning is derived from dividing the name into two parts; the first part is *Nathan* means *he has given and *Al* means *God*. Also, Nathaniel was a fisherman and one of Jesus’s less popular apostles.

The Puritans in the 17th century used to choose infamous names out of Bible for their children. For this reason, Nathaniel started to become popular from that time. Nowadays, Nathaniel is used widely in England, United states and Canada.

Cool Info About Name Nathaniel

Additional name description Nathaniel
Additional name description Nathaniel


Personality of Nathaniels:


You are a problem solver, creative person in any party which can fascinate others easily. You are optimistic and persuasive; you can persuade others without any special effort or bore. You are really wise in explaining complicated matters to others and help them understand them more easily. You are vey talented in writing and always ready for presenting your composition in public; you are a good lecturer and you can infer to important subjects in your presentation.

You like mental activities; you are good at analyzing things as best as possible. You enjoy left-hemisphere dominance and you are able to use it very efficiently. You are skillful in doing research and reaching the scientific facts as well.


How do people react to your name?

They perceive your personality as a person who is inspiring, idea analyzer and stimulator. They know you have this ability to attract people and make them admire you in your profession. You are a talkative one and sometimes make the audience bored. So, try not to be so sociable!


You are a determined person who never gives up on his target, you try to overcome all of the hardships in your life and jump from them to consequently get to your destination. This is a positive aspect of your personality. You work hard for your target and never forget your goal in your daily works. You have sense of creativity in your life and your profession; the characteristic that is admired by people mostly.


Lucky professions: musician, writer, teacher, commenter, designer

Lucky day: Wednesday

Fortunate colors: all shades of purple including Violet, lilac and Mauve


Popularity of Nathaniel:


Nathaniel is a formal variant of the name Nathan.  In America, we see that this name has been constant in popularity charts especially after Government announcement. In 1978, Nathaniel became a famous name and ranked high in the charts, but until 1998 it had not reached its peak. That year was his best record when it ranked #60 on the charts. By the way, it was the popular name in chart ranking and also was one of the 100 top popular names in the country. Although it did not pose any remarkable growth, it remained popular and elegant on the chart and is still favored by many American people.


In the recent decades, Nathaniel was recorded 254,000 times in SSA database

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Comments on the name Nathaniel
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Love the name Nathaniel. My son is now 29 and he is proud to use his full name. I do remember people calling him Nathan when he was younger and I always corrected them. For those who currently have young boys named Nathaniel, take heart most grow to love their name "A Gift from God".

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Nathaniel is the coolest, most fashionable name in the world because It's my name. I'm an eleven year old soccer'superstar. You will hear about me when I'm older. Just wait.

01/07/2024 15:28:46

After 5 miscarriages I had a dream I gave birth to a baby boy. Soon after I found out I was pregnant with my son Nathanyl. He is truely a Gift from God.

01/05/2024 09:41:52

My name is Nathaniel and i am the only one out 0of my family to graduate high school and college so my grandmother calls me the gift who will set the name for out family in history

01/04/2024 20:10:44

i dont know anyone with this name buti love It'so much and if i ever have a son that will be his name!

12/20/2023 19:52:16

Don't name your son Nathaniel if you dislike the name Nathan, because he WILL be called Nathan all the time! That has been my experience with naming my son Nathaniel (he's 2 now). Even after I correct people numerous times about calling him Nathan, they still do it. So annoying! Also, i've come across numerous people who have never heard of the name Nathaniel and can't pronounce it or spell it. My nickname preference is Nate, but i've come across many people who have not heard of that either. I really wish I had named my son something else.

12/01/2023 17:41:54

My son is named Nathaniel. We call him Natey for short.

11/15/2023 14:38:48

Nathanael is the way that it is spelled in older versions of the King James Bible. Every one tries to spell my son's name wrong. In fact they spelled it wrong in the county birth certificate books and I had to jump through hoops to get it changed.

11/02/2023 04:50:18

i went out with someone named nathaniel and he definitely wasnt a gift from God i thought he was at the time but now i realize difrent

10/10/2023 09:01:46

It's Hebrew for "Gift of God" Nathan = Gift i = of El = God A fitting name for any child! "Nathan" is a perfectly fine shortened version of it, as it "Nate"... Because nicknames are a sign of affection :)

08/08/2023 13:22:46

my bros name is nathaniel, were jewish.

07/30/2023 06:19:04

My son is named Nathaniel. He is a really sweet boy. A real Gift from God. I'm so very glad we picked this name for him, fits beautifully. We call him Nate or Natey(Na-tee)

06/29/2023 03:15:08

My son is Nathaniel and he cannot survive out of water. Not sure if there❤️s a correlation there, but I would avoid the name Nathaniel until more research is done

06/03/2023 11:33:18

This is my sons name & everyone comments on how unique it is & that they've never heard of it. I was amazed to read of It's popularity! I love the name & think it fits him very well.

05/26/2023 23:24:04

That is mine Name, i like people called NATH,NATHAN,NATHANIEL,NATHREN,NETHAN etc

05/03/2023 07:36:28

My son's Nathaniel. We call him Natey or Nate Dogg. He carries the name well, totally cool. The name'sounds great in full or in short, but in between as Nathan❤️ No, that's a totally different name... for a Coney Island hot dog.

04/26/2023 16:36:50

My dad's middle name is Nathaniel so when I was born prematurely by 2 months he gave me the name Fayth Nathania. I love it since my first name is spelt uniquely while the other one emphasizes the fact that I truly am a Gift from God. My little brother's middle name is also Nathaniel.

03/30/2023 11:35:34

umm my names cade and i was born in 2013 and im only 14

03/22/2023 06:23:36

We just miscarried our third baby. He was a surprise; we were not expecting another so soon. But it became obvious to us that this was by the will of God, and we were very thankful. When we lost him, we named him Nathaniel. When we have another boy, his middle name will be Nathaaniel, named after his big brother.

03/05/2023 00:00:36

I named my son Nathaniel John. He is 11 now and definitely a gift from God. I also like the fact that the apostle Nathaniel in the bible is the one who Jesus addressed with "in whom there is no guile" or deceit.

02/14/2023 23:41:58

My beautiful boy is called Nathaniel Theo. he is 5 and loves his name. He corrects people when'they dare to shorten it to Nathan - in his mind, that is a totally different name and nothing to do with him! Before he was born we imagined it would become Nathan and weren't too fazed but as soon as we saw him we just knew he was destined to be Nathaniel. It is a strong and regal sounding name and I think it is perfectly placed between common and different-for-the'sake-of-being-different. I love it and it makes me smile and feel proud whenever I see it written or hear It'spoken :-)

01/28/2023 07:19:26


01/25/2023 14:40:06

haha, i just named my new baby boy nathaniel, but i didnt know it was a name, he got his name from my husbands first name nathan and second name daniel put together!!!...haha its nice to know...

01/14/2023 06:14:00

my name is nathaniel but evryon calls me nat and my name is awesome but nathan is a hotdog not a name

01/11/2023 10:55:58

I love this name and chose it for my son. I don't like Nathan or Nate though, and am very particular about the fact that he'should be called by his full name. Before our son was born I'd never met anyone with this name but now Nathaniels seem to be popping up everywhere!

12/18/2022 13:15:42

my son is called nathaniel, we call him nate (or nateywate. lol)

12/12/2022 16:11:42

I love Nathaniel or Nathan. I really dislike It'shortened to Nate though.

12/11/2022 00:31:12

My brother is named Nathaniel. I think It's a great name. He can use its full len'th for a more professional sound, or he can shorten it to Nathan for a more "around the house" kinda sound. I also call him "Natie" as a sort of pet name.

11/26/2022 14:19:08

My foster brother's name is Nathaniel. They often call him Nate, which he doesn't like at all. people often misspell it, which he also hates.

10/21/2022 12:13:42

My brother's name is Nathaniel. It's so nice to know the meaning of his name. I'll tell him to be a nice brother to me because he is a gift from God.

09/24/2022 09:51:08

I had 2 children then miscarried my 3rd pregnancy at 7 months. Shortky there after I found out I was pregnant again. Shortly after finding out it was a boy, we decided on Nathaniel Liam. I was a victim of severe physical abuse and then ended up delivering about 7 weeks early. Not only was my "gift from God" healthy but he was a staggering 6lbs. 9 oz. about 2 months early! Only God could safe keep my baby boy from the awful start he had in womb. He is now 6 and is still the sweetest thing. So much so in that I know it is "in him" not from training. . . On another note, I had a childhood friend named Nathaniel, and his nickname was "Thane." Always thought that was a cool nickname, but not for my baby. .

09/17/2022 06:13:16

my parents named me Nathaniel after a miscarriage, and my mom says i am a gift of God, because if it wasnt for her miscarriage, she wouldnt have me.

08/16/2022 08:45:54

after 3 miscarriage one after the other our dreams have come true with another little boy. he is definately our 'gift from god'.

06/04/2022 04:52:48

It is my name. Disliked it as a kid, now like it as an adult. Usually go by Nat. I dislike "Nate." Been occasionally complimented on my name. Especially in communities with alot of biblical names, the Bahamas comes to mind. Many great Nathaniels of history. Sometimes have to repeat myself when being introduced. Once had an inner city woman on the phone think my name was NaDaniel. Whatever that is.

05/12/2022 17:56:42

Love it - not unusual and not too common. Intend to name my son Nathaniel, shortened to Nath.

12/20/2021 11:22:30

I named my son Nathaniel (he's 1 1/2 now), and I really regret it. The main reason I regret it is because everybody calls him Nathan, which I hate. If you hate the name Nathan, do not name your son Nathaniel!! Of course, I tell people not to call him Nathan, but they don't listen. It's so annoying! My plan was to call him Nate as a nickname, but now the whole nickname thing bothe's me. And people call him Nathan no matter what. Also, quite a number of people have never heard of Nathaniel (or can't spell it) or Nate. The only variation everyone is aware of is Nathan. Another reason I regret Nathaniel is that It'sounds kind of old-fashioned. This old-fashioned quality was something I initially liked about the name, but now I'm kind of embarrassed by it. Anyway, I consider this name an epic fail. I would definitely name my son something else if I could do it over again.

11/15/2021 03:10:12

My twin brother's name is Nathaniel, and I'm Natalia. We're pretty much the coolest set of boy-girl twins ever, hahah! <3

10/12/2021 12:08:24

My Nathaniel will be 3 in August. When our son was born we did not know that in a few days he would be diagnosed with Down Syndrome nor did we know the meaning of our son's name. What a gift it was for a nurse to go out of her way to tell us that Nathaniel meant "Gift from God." Dealing with Nate's challenges on the daily basis and seeing what courage he has we know he is a "True Gift.'

09/04/2021 21:02:06

some people sell it wrong like nathaiel but its clearly Nathaniel

08/17/2021 16:34:48

My name is Nathaniel. One of its stren'ths is the many variations. My Grandfather called me Nat. My family called me Nate. At some point, I want to be called Nathan and then I decided I liked Nathaniel. At least two people I know have named their sons Nathaniel because of this cool feature.

08/16/2021 00:19:12

My son's name is Nathaniel...and so is my grandson's...I think It's a strong name and should never be shortened to any version other than Nathaniel.

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Nathaniel FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Nathaniel?
The origin of the name Nathaniel is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Nathaniel?
God Has Given
*️⃣ How many people are named Nathaniel?
Almost 272000 people are named Nathaniel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Nathaniel?
The names of Nicole, Nikolai, Patricia, Nichole, Nicolai