Paola Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \pa(o)-la\
Number in U.S 👶 23,000
Rate in 2021 1776
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Italian

Paola Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Paola
Additional description of the name Paola

Do you want to know everything about the name Paola? Whether you are thinking of giving your daughter this name, or if your name is Paola, this article will surprise you. This girl's name is very popular in Italy, due to its Latin origin and relationship with the Roman Empire, but in Spain there are only 15,311 women named Paola.
If you want to know more, keep reading this MyCuteName article in which You will learn the meaning of the name Paola, as well as its diminutives, variations in other languages, popularity and celebrities with this name. Paola is a girl's name.

What does Paola mean?
The meaning of the name Paola is "little woman" or "she who is little".

Origin of the name Paola
The name Paola is of Latin origin and dates back to the time of the great Roman Empire. That is why in Italy it is still a very common and popular name among its inhabitants. Paola comes from paulus, which means little.

Diminutives and variations of the name Paola
Some diminutives of the name Paola are: Pao

The name Paola in other languages
Paola is a popular name in Italy and has the following variants in other languages:
Paula: in Spanish, English and German
Paulette: in French
Pauvia: in Russian

Personality of the name Paola
Women called Paola are suspicious, faithful and determined. At first, in your romantic relationships, you will find reasons not to trust the other person completely. But once you have shown your loyalty and fought for her trust, Paola will come to help you in everything you need without hesitation. She is a person dedicated to her family, so she will give 100% of herself and much more.
Paola is usually an active woman, who likes to highlight her achievements and personal virtues. People named Paola are good in professional fields such as education or commercial jobs, since they are very good at treating others and offering them what they need most.
In her family, she is a beloved woman and admired for his unconditional love. In addition, Paola wants to avoid unnecessary suffering at all costs and live in her own sense of stability, so she will enjoy the company of only those who provide her with positive experiences and worthwhile plans.

< b>Celebrities with the name Paola
Among the celebrities named Paola, the following stand out:
Paola Rojas: Mexican news and entertainment journalist and presenter.
Paola Jara: Colombian singer known for its theme Love died.
Paola Dominguin: Spanish actress, fashion designer and businesswoman, sister of Miguel Bose.
Paola Rey: Colombian actress and model who played Jimena in Pasion de Gavilanes. (It appears in the following image)

Day of the Saint of Paola
The Saint of Paola is celebrated on January 26.

Numerology of the name Paola
According to numerology, the number of Paola's name is 9.

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Comments on the name Paola
05/19/2023 18:35:40

my name is paola and i hate people that'say my nasme wrong. but it is ok. any way its italian. but i love my name how it is.<33

05/04/2023 02:42:38

My name is Paola, and i am from Poland. When I'moved to Norway no one could pronounce my name correctly, or even write it correctly. Because many people wrote my name wrong, i got many weird nicknames. And some people still call me by my nicknames. Everytime when someone write my name wrong i correct them. One time someone wrote My as Pablo. My friends call me: Paul, Pula, Pablo, Ebola etc. One time when i went bowling with my friends, i said my name to the man which was writing down the names, and he wrote it Puoala. I don't care how people call me anymore, i did before, but i got used to it.

04/24/2023 18:10:46

My name is Paola and I have a Dominican background. I used to live in the Dom. Rep. and there were 3 other Paolas in my grade everyone got us confused cuz we were all pretty and popular (not joke) When I'moved to NY everyone started mispronouncing my name'saying Payola and Peyo or Payoler idk why?! I always try to correct them like everyday until I at least get them to say Paula, which I also hate. I love my name I just wish the english language wasnt so HARSH so more people were able to pronounce it. Either way my nicknames have been Pao, lala, lola, palola, pola, stuff like that lol

04/22/2023 08:52:16

Hello, my name is Paola im 13 years old. i do like my name cause its unique not many people have it. only one thing i hate is when'they misprounounce it. they spell it like this pahola poala paula poaula when its supposed to be P-A-O-L-A.

04/03/2023 23:44:38

my name is Paola too! people really mess up my name all the time! so now they just call me Lola. my mom who is dominican named me Paola Fernanda. everyone mess it up they sound like they are choking. i use hate my name but i like it now because It'super unqiue

03/23/2023 11:29:18

hI'my name is paola from philippines. i hate it when people around me misspell my name. indeed I'm a little bIt'small. It'seems to be true.

03/16/2023 02:51:40

Look, the name Paola is not original and unique at all! I live in Puerto Rico and in my classroom there are 4 Paolas. Like the first comment, Paola is horrible name if You're going to pronounce it in English because no one knows how.

02/02/2023 18:06:16

me llamo paola soy de mexico city pues aqui es muy comun pero la gente mayor sI'mpre se empeña en decI'me paula y no me gusta paula es nombre de abuelita

01/25/2023 17:01:10

heyyy my name is paola too ! (: i live in the united states but im from Bolivia, and people over here pronounce it differnt so then i just go by paula. ahh i gotta say i love it :) not many people have that name.

01/25/2023 02:01:52

I guess my name Paola is ok. In my country, Paola is pronounce well, but everytime I go to the US or Canada, people often call me PaUla, so for english spoken people I do not recommend this name. Plus is very popular in Mexico.

01/24/2023 00:27:46

My name Paola. I love It'sounds so nice. It is only a problem with English speaking countries. The rest is fine

01/11/2023 16:13:22

HI'my name is paola too but im not small im actually really tall but not that tall im ok i guess i love my name people miss pronounce my name'so i tell them to call me paola (puh-la) im from el salvador and my mom named me after an actor or character named paola bracho. im trying to look for a good nickname'so people can call me that and im used to pao but some people think thats weird soo i wont care anymore and now i guess ill tell them to call me pao for short thank. I LOVEE MY NAMEE PAOLA!!

01/02/2023 22:40:48

My name Isn't Paola, but one of my best friends is named that. It's incredible how many people are named the'same thing, yet nobody really knows if they're the only one in that neighborhood.

12/31/2022 23:04:12

Hello, my name is Paola as well and I live in Missouri. I was just searching my name and i came to this. All of these comments made me laugh:D And YES! NO ONE in my school can get it right. Okay, I'm Mexican and have a weird accent so when people ask me my name I say "Paola" in Spanish, but then'they are like "pay-oh-lu?". It gets annoying at first but i just got used to it and with all the nicknames as well. My family calls me Pao, Palita, and mainly Lita. People at my school call me Payola or as everyone has said "crayola". And my friends call me Mexican ninja or Pablo because they could never pronounce my name right. And the one benefit for me of having the name Paola is that I'm the only one in my entire school/where i live with that name. I used to get bullied because of my name, but i have learnt to deal with it and ignore everyone. Don't worry about your name or anything because it is beautiful. If you are having a hard time with someone pronouncing your name wrong then just come and find me so i can deal with it. Don't worry us Paola's has got each othe's backs;) Or i can give you this hug if you are having a bad day or being sad because people bullying you because of your name (>^.^)> ... wow i typed a lot. Oh well,...have a nice day beautiful!!

12/26/2022 16:24:14


12/19/2022 00:08:08

My Name Is Pahola And Its Pronouced As it Is Spelled. Because Of That Its Origin Is Hawaiian. Google Pahoehoe Lava Flow.

12/12/2022 21:29:06

My name is PAOLA too and I'm from the Philipines!~ I too do not really like how people spell or pronounce my names when'they first see/hear it. Also the name fits me quite well, since I am small.

11/15/2022 10:17:32

My name is Paola and i live in Canada. i've never met anyone with the'same spelling as my name. I have gaven up after awhile trying to help people pronounce my name, so i just left it be and let them call me "paUla". It'sometimes gets annoying when people try to say my name name, you get the hang of it and correct them. I feel very unique because of my name, it makes me feel like no one else can mix me up with another "paola" and othe's do say its a beautiful name :) .

11/12/2022 14:06:36

My name is PAOLA, too. I'm Colombian but here in the US people can't seem to pronounce it..payola, paula..I already gave up trying to get people to say it right. Here in Colombia is a pretty common name.

11/12/2022 04:07:04

My name is Paola and its a name that is usually misspelled and pronounced improperly... but this does not stop it from being a beautiful and original name.... My parents did a good job :)

11/06/2022 20:16:34

HI , my name is Paola, lots of people pronounce my name wrong and is very irritating,they either pronounce it wrong on purpose or make nicknames like Crayola which totally makes me feel worthless.Some people with non-attention pronounce it (Paul?a) or Paul which I dislike.Despite the fact that it is now what we can say a little common it is beautiful and why shouldn't people name there children Paola It's like the best name ever!!?

10/21/2022 07:31:34

My name is Paola I think it is a beautiful name because I just love It'sooo much

10/20/2022 20:56:46

My name is Paola and I love it. When someone asks me to pronounce it I tell them to say POW and LA and put them together. I like the fact that when someone yells "Paola" I know they mean me, and not the other 10 possible Paola's in ear-shot. The only time I have not enjoyed my name is when I worked as a bank teller and people would read my name tag and and say Pay-oh-la's got the cash-oh-la. Not so much fun!

10/14/2022 12:42:42

HI'my name is Paola to and I live sterling virginia but im from el salbador and i hate when people call me pola.

10/13/2022 18:29:26

HI'my name is paola im from houson texas. People always miss pronounce my name& i always have to cerrect them. they usually find nicknames like crayola payola& othe's. they usually misspell it & put a "u" insteadof an "o" its kind of annoying but well i gotta deal with it.. my family calls me pa or payoyis. other than that i love my name(:

10/06/2022 19:33:42

My name is Paola as well I live in NY--I'm from Cali-Colombia and it is a very very common name back home ... I too at work or school have been called Poala,pula payola ...I guess you get used to it after a while ;) !

10/05/2022 14:45:38

My name is paola and im from california.All english speaking teache's and people say my name wrong.This name is not common here and i lovee it<3 they call me pola polo and Payola weird huh.

09/22/2022 12:17:58

My name is Paola Tatiana (from colombia) and i love my name! I like the nicknames Pao and Lala:3

09/10/2022 12:17:18

HI'my name is also Paola and I'm from mexico... my friends are able to pronounce my name without saying any words... you only have to tap on something ("pa") and then wave your hand (hola = hi in spanish)....

05/20/2022 05:17:06

So funny my name is paola and I live in NY but I'm from pereira colombia and I think nobody can't get my name right but I don't get mad anymore but they aways say it like powla pala or paula. Lol but family and friends call me pao pao paolita paito

05/13/2022 19:33:54

I'm Canadian, of Italian descent, lived and travelled around the world. Don't take offense if someone doesn't pronounce your name correctly, It's exotic and beautiful. Unfortunately, most North Americans especially in the US have a hard time with their own English language and many are not as worldly as those who have travelled from foreign countries to live in NA. Roll your eyes when'they mispronounce and correct them. It's "pow-la" ...beautiful name Isn't it?

05/13/2022 14:59:24

HI'my name is Paola I'm from California and I hate that people always ask me how to say my name But I got to admit I'm the only Paola I know were I live and its so original!!! I have a list of nicknames Pao,polo,paolinita,pola,pala, some I used to hate but now. Its who I am!!!

04/14/2022 03:41:42

I live in Canada and nobody has problems pronouncing my name ....they know how to pronounce the 'O'. Pa O la... It's written with a 'o' so people that don't know how to pronounce it may not know their alphabet well. Here in Canada It's an original name, I have not met another Paola yet. And I think It's a pretty Italian name, my mother found it in a Italian Names Book. I think Paola is a pretty and original name here in canada.

04/02/2022 07:07:48

Hi ! My name is Paola as well (: (thums up)Im from Colombia but live in the usa. so many people dont know how or can't really pronounce my name does get annoying sometimes but i can finally say im getting used to it lol .. and well some nick names my friends and family have for me are..Pao,paolita,pao pao um just a few but am looking for ideas ;)

03/29/2022 14:22:30

It's my name and I love it,in my country Argentina there are not too much girls named Paola. But, it is true that to english people it is difficult to pronounce it well.

02/15/2022 00:19:12

Hi! My name is Paola too and I'm from Colombia! I'moved to the USA 2 years ago and I REALLY hate it when people say my name wrong... Do you guys think i should go by Lola? Anyway my family and friends call me Pao.

10/31/2021 22:47:24

I'm Spanish living in Houston, TX. I get really mad because they don't know how to pronounce It'so most of the time I said that they can call me Paula. My friends they don't do it, they try sometimes really hard. American people don't have the ability to say a and o in a consecutive way the join those 2 vowels. I guess that I can't blame them because they can't pronounce it. I think that is a beautiful and unique name. I'm really proud of it

09/19/2021 01:24:54

I love my name but it is really annoying when people call me payola or Pablo or Pabs. I really love my name but i don't like how people pronounce my name. I been called Payola for 9 years and yet people still can't get it right! On the bright side my name is really unique and I like being different.

08/29/2021 14:58:30

HEY MY NAME IS Paola i live in the US and i have the'same problem as everyone else, english-speakers have a relly hard time pronuncing it , so i just gave in and let them cal me paula. i've been called polola, peyola, pola, pahola, ohh god lol

08/05/2021 06:17:24

My name is Paola and no one knows how to pronounce my name right. I'm the only girl in my school and in my whole family named Paola. When people ask me if they prounocned my name right, i just say yes becuase i dont even know how to pronounce right anymore since evrybody just says it the way that they can. I am a california girl so not a very commen name and i like that cuz that means I'm


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Paola?
The origin of the name Paola is Italian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Paola?
*️⃣ How many people are named Paola?
Almost 23000 people are named Paola.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Paola?
The names of James, Michael, John, Matthew, Ryan