Pedro meaning

: Rock

Pedro Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \p(e)-dro, ped-ro\
Number of People 👶 90,000
Rate in 2021 849
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Spanish
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Pedro Name Meaning

Pedro is a popular name with a rich and meaningful history. Derived from the Latin name "Petrus," which means "rock" or "stone," Pedro carries a strong and steadfast connotation. This name has roots in various cultures and languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

In many cultures, the name Pedro is associated with qualities such as resilience, stability, and reliability. It symbolizes a person who can weather life's challenges with strength and determination. People named Pedro often possess leadership qualities and are known for their practicality and grounded nature.

It's important to note that names can hold different meanings in different cultural contexts. In some cultures, Pedro may also carry religious significance as it is associated with Saint Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.

Overall, the name Pedro holds a deep significance that reflects qualities of strength, dependability, and endurance. It is a timeless name that continues to be cherished by individuals around the world.

Pedro Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Pedro
Additional description of the name Pedro

Peter's name has its most distant origin in the Aramaic language and was written "Kepha". In Spanish, it would be Cephas which means rock. It was later translated into Latin as Petrus and into Greek as Petros. They all have a common font meaning “stone or rock.”

Cool Info About Name Pedro

Additional name description Pedro
Additional name description Pedro

Diminutives and variations of the name Pedro
The name Pedro has different diminutives:
Pedrito, Pedri, Perico, Pit, Peter, Pietro

The name Pedro in other languages
Let's learn how to write Pedro in other languages:
Catalan: Pere
Galician: Pedro
Hungarian: Peter
Italian: Pietro
English: Peter
German: Peer
Portuguese: Pedro
French : Pierrot and Pierre
Polish: Piotrek
Russian: Pyotr
Romanian: Petru
Hebrew: פטרוס
Greek: Πέτρος

Personality of the name Pedro
Pedro's personality is overwhelming. He has a great determination to do things, in addition, he is persistent and has a lot of strength to face adversity. In general, Pedro does not need to depend on other people for his happiness. He is an individual who continually strives and does not give up until he achieves his goals. Although he is not usually very talkative, he is communicative and expresses great and useful ideas with few words.
He is a person who likes to make others feel good. It is collaborative and is ready to financially help those who need it. At work he is highly creative, he stands out because he provides solutions to make projects more effective. In the work environment, he is a person to trust, because he always has a word of support that helps to comfort or encourage his colleagues. It is common for him to opt for scientific and rational careers, since he loves to discover things or invent something that can help others.
In love, he is very direct and uses all his impetus to maintain a relationship. It is characterized by the fact that he tries his best to show that he is a good match. As a father, he is an excellent tutor and strives to educate his children very well, by teaching good family and spiritual values. One of his greatest devotions is spending time with his friends and family.
Pedro's personality is synonymous with stability and solidity. He has great calm and patience to do things very well and he likes to have security in love. Undoubtedly, Pedro can be trusted for any circumstance in life.

Celebrities named Pedro
The best-known celebrities named after Pedro are:< /br>Pedro Almodovar: renowned film director born in Madrid, Spain.
Pedro Infante: was a famous Mexican singer and actor.
Pedro Berruguete: was a painter of Spanish origin.
Pedro I of Russia: called "Peter the Great" was a ruler of Russia.
Pedro Pascal: well-known film and television actor of Chilean origin.
Pedro Duque: he is a Spanish astronaut and minister of science.< /br>Peter Gabriel: was a singer-songwriter and music producer born in England. It is the English variant for Peter.

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Comments on the name Pedro
03/17/2023 12:21:52

Lolz you kidding me❤️, Pedro.. people would call him Pedo for Pedophile lol not a good name

01/17/2023 05:21:16

This is such a great boys name. Not all that popular but still a great strong boys name. It is my youngest childs name and I think it is great. Luke...but mostly just Lucas.

01/17/2023 04:10:44

Pedro is also a Portuguese (language) name, very common in Brazil or Portugal.

11/23/2022 14:54:14

my love's name's pedro and we are getting married very soon. if he ever reads this i just want you to know that i love you very much my prince

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Pedro?
The origin of the name Pedro is Spanish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Pedro?
*️⃣ How many people are named Pedro?
Almost 90000 people are named Pedro.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Pedro?
The names of Quinn, Dawson, April, Quentin, Quinton