Son Of David

Dawson Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \da(w)-son\
Number in U.S 👶 40,000
Rate in 2021 336
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 English

Meaning of Dawson

The name Dawson meanings and origins

The name has 2 origins. Hebrew form of the name means “ Beloved “ and the English form means “ Son of David “. The name Dawson is mainly of English origin. The name was originally used as a surname before really being popularized with Dawson’s Creek. This 2 Syllable name is pronounced as “ Daw – Sen “.


Popularity of the name

Dawson has been fairly stagnant. It broke the top 200 in the year 2017, to fall out again in 2019, and re-entered in 2020. It reached its peak rank position in 2018 at 194. It is the 11th most popular name based on a reliable resource. The given name was at its peak popularity in July 2020.

Dawson gained popularity as a given name with popularization of Dawson’s Creek. It  jumped 550 placed after the show aired in the year 1998. Dawson has also been a popular character name in literature.


Personality of the name Dawson

If you are named Dawson, your intelligence and brightness will enable you to achieve great things in your lifetime. A master builder and a person who can encourage people easily. Respected by many and considered an authority on many subjects. Solving mental or physical puzzles are natural to you and the brightest characteristics of you, is your intelligence.

You prefer what works better than what is easy. So you are a strict person and you obey the rules as well. Your lucky colors are gray, white and black and you are often well dressed. Your lucky  gems are sapphire and the lucky day is Thursday.


Famous people named Dawson

These people influenced the name’s popularity positively.

Dawson Knox who is an American football player based United States.

Dawson Westropp who was born in the year 1923

Dawson Massy who died in the year 1825

Dawson Hamilton who was born in the year 1821

Some people thinks that the given name is an old fashioned one and they do not select that as their baby name. But the truth is that this name is more a classic name than being an old fashioned name. But you should consider that this one is commonly used as a boy’s name.


Similar names to the name Dawson

Some parents want to select nicknames for their babies, if you are also considering nicknames for the name Dawson, take a look at the list bellow.

Da, Daan, Dabney, Dacey, Dado, Daewon, these names can also be suitable as the names of Dawson’s siblings. But consider that the mentioned names are suitable for boys and they have been used mostly in different countries for boys.

Dabria, Dacia, Dada, Daffodil, Dagmer, Dagny, Dahab and Dahlia are suitable for girls and you can consider them in your name selection process.


In conclusion, the name “ Dawson “ has been used mostly for boys all around the globe. If you consider the gender separation, we recommend you not to select this one for your girl’s name.

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Comments on the name Dawson
10/3/2022 6:23:00 PM

I think the TV show "Dawson's Creek" made Dawson a very lovable name. I love it!

9/24/2022 11:54:34 AM

This is my name! :D I love It'so much and I feel that it describes me perfectly. On the other hand, I really hate it when people mispronounce it(I pronounce my name Fel-ee-see-ah, but I know that many othe's say Felisha).

8/19/2021 2:19:48 PM

Our son's name is Dawson and we LOVE it! It's a strong and masculine name. We picked it because It's n't common, but n't weird at all. We are forever getting compliments on his name.


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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Dawson?
The origin of the name Dawson is English.
*️⃣ How many people are named Dawson?
Almost 40000 people are named Dawson.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Dawson?
The names of John, Tyler, Alyssa, Devin, Daphne