Quinten meaning

: the fifth.

Quinten Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \qu(in)-ten\
Number of People 👶 8,000
Rate in 2021 3011
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Quinten Name Meaning

Quinten Explored: Delving into the Deeper Meaning Embodied in the name Quinten is the significance of being "the fifth." The name's inherent meaning denotes order, sequence, and can be particularly meaningful in families where the child is the fifth member or the fifth generation to bear this name.

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Quinten Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Quinten
Additional description of the name Quinten

Unfolding the Layers of History and Origin Largely tracing back to Latin origins, Quinten derived from the Latin word “Quintus,” used to denote the fifth child of the family. The usage of the name gradually spread across continents, finding space within different cultures and languages.

Cool Info About Name Quinten

Additional name description Quinten
Additional name description Quinten

Painting a Fuller Picture: Quinten Personified Famous individuals named Quinten include Belgian painter Quinten Massys and American football player Quinten Rollins. As for popularity, Quinten has always been a fairly selected name, but has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. The personality associations for this name involve an individual who is thoughtful, creative, harmonious, and steadfast in their convictions—someone who values tradition and enjoys the comfort of familiar surroundings.

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Comments on the name Quinten
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Many different spellings but I like this one the best since It's how my name is spelled - Quintan. I love it and have owned It'since 1983

10/26/2023 14:43:34

hI'my name is quinten also i had no idea there were so many othe's i would like to say hi to all the other quintens out there

10/22/2023 15:30:22

Not many othe's have the name that i have come across. But i have seen It'spelled Quentin, though i prefer Quinten as a better'spelling. It is not really mispronounced at all.

10/18/2023 20:41:40

I love my name! My mom & 2 older brothe's also call me Quint-Quint or Q; friends make even more, haha. People commonly misspell it "Quentin" or "Quinton" which really irks me. And yes, It'should be pronounced 'Quin-ten' but 'Quint-en' doesn't really bother me much; I know they're talking to me, haha. One of my best friends' name when I was little was Quinton!

10/12/2023 00:59:54

We called our Son Alec (b.2014) but alot of people automatically call him Alex. very annoying.

10/09/2023 03:03:10

This piece was a lfeijacekt that'saved me from drowning.

09/27/2023 05:58:50

My daughter is expecting my first grandchild in February. She is naming him Quinten Xavier after my maiden name Quin and my late father's second name Xavier. He will probably get called Quin for short. I have a nephew named Quentin but I prefer the'spelling and pronunciation of Quinten.

09/24/2023 08:02:06

this is my son's name and he is named after the gothic/ punk band. i am stationed in germany and the germans pronounce the name "iden" which i think is pretty cool

08/10/2023 05:38:32

i love a boy named Quinten he is the one i want to be wit foreva hopefully he doesnt go crazy and decides not to leave

07/09/2023 15:59:48

The name and the'spelling are attractive. Anyone named Quinten feels original and unique. There aren't many people with the name Quinten, it Isn't as common as other names.

06/07/2023 21:38:56

our son is named Quinten and we like it, often it is spelled wrong as there is a number of different spellings

06/04/2023 07:14:44

This is my name and It's veey very epic *whip nae nae*

05/27/2023 00:34:36

I love this name, but it bugs the heck out of me when people shorten'the name to Quint intead of Quinn. It'should be pronounced Quin ten, not Quint en.

05/20/2023 16:55:48

I named my second son Quinten'timothy. MY husband and i had a very hard time agreeing on a name. When i sugessted the name, it was like a light bulb went off! The name just stuck. he's 18 months old and has so many nickname, Q.T., Q-Tip, Q-ball, Quinn, Quint, Q-baby and of course Q. I'm pretty sure he likes his name! I couldnt be happier that we chose that name, nothing else seems fitting for his HUGE personality!

05/11/2023 02:31:16

The name Arielle is the best in my opinion. My name is arielle and I pronounce it (airy-elle-lee) this name is so unique and beautiful I wish I can name my child arielle becajse this name is very beautiful

04/27/2023 07:36:08

mii boifriend is named quinten and he has a great personality

04/13/2023 00:02:46

My name's Quinten. Friends call me Quinty, or Quinn. i've never met anyone else with the name,'m a female. So before people meet me they're like "Whaaa❤️"

04/09/2023 19:38:06

sorry, forgot to leave a thumbs up! Oh yeah, did I'mention that girls love my name❤️

04/09/2023 00:49:34

Haha hey I'm Quinten Feels good being a Quinten From 1994. I'ts a good year and A Fine Name Thanks Mom Thanks Dad De mazzel groetjes uit Nederland. I'm Rich B!$ı@

03/08/2023 00:18:24

My son's name is Quinten and I chose this name just as another person did, because he is the fifth child. He is soo cute and I love my lil Quinny Man

02/20/2023 19:17:48

I named my son Quinten because he was 5 pounds and 10 ounces when he was born. Quin-5 and ten, well ten is ten.

01/25/2023 21:43:18

It's a good name, as I picked it for myself. Never met anyone else with the'same spelling, though i've met only 2 other guys with the name, just spelled different. My friends call me Quinten in full, my coworkers call me Quin, sometimes Q. I like the'spelling Quinten as It's phonetic: Quin - ten.

01/14/2023 12:06:40

My son has this name, born in 2012. We have actually met a few other kids with this name. People often do spell it wrong, call him Quentin or pronounce it as Quint en instead of Quin ten, as mentioned previously. We sometimes call him Q, Quin or Quiny. Quinten loves his name.

01/06/2023 20:25:50

My son was 4days old in the hospital before he even had a name=) Picking a childs name, to me, was the hardest thing i have ever done in my life! Knowing he has to live with that FOREVER! So at 4 days old he went from being known to the Dr.s and Nurses as "baby boy" to "Quinten" ... It feels good knowning now that adults and teens with this name appriciate that It's unique and uncommon. I didn't want my son to have to be a "Matt B" in school. I know he will always have HIS name and he'sure makes it his own. He has such personality for a 3year old and the name fits him amazingly well!

12/27/2022 09:44:36

Quinten is the coolest name ever. There are very few people with my name and usually they are rich and or famous. I enjoy my name because people remember me, especially since I am very handsome.

12/25/2022 11:18:32

My 6 year old son is named Quinten. I really do like this spelling more than Quentin. It'seems more natural-looking -the letters go tall, short, tall, short, tall, short, short. It's visually pleasing. He loves his name too. We call him Q sometimes. We live in the Boston area and sometimes purple will pronounce his name Qu'en. He hates it and will emphatically say: my name is QuiNTen. I would not be surprised if the name becomes popular in future.

12/04/2022 14:31:20

My son's name is Quinten and I thought that I had accidentally spelled it wrong; thought It'should be Quentin, but I'm glad I spelled it Quinten. He loves it and the nickname Q--his bro calls him Q-tip...we all love him so much!!

11/23/2022 00:12:34

I Quinten'to, how cool to have this name, aand I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my school with the name. People mistakenly call me Quincy. Yo wat up reppin dat '92 sikenahs peace.

10/27/2022 02:14:30

my name is quinten and i hate it nobody notice me im 13 and realy hate my name but i have no other choice but too like it

10/22/2022 16:44:08

It's the name of a character in the computer game Sims2.

09/17/2022 07:06:10

hI'my name is also Quinten.. i from '86. i love my name everybody remebers my name and the girls love it :D friends call me Q.. my brother and dad Quint.. i hear allot Quentin tarantino.. i say hat they r not the first who has sad it.. greetzzz from holland!!!

06/17/2022 22:16:48

I named my son Quinten because he was born 10/10/2020

06/02/2022 15:21:54

My son's name is Quiten. I picked it because you hardly ever hear of it.

05/25/2022 12:28:12

i am quinten'too and i have to say It's better than a boy named sue.

05/19/2022 08:14:24

My son's name is Quinten. His second name is the name of my father. Me being the fifth son of my father, It'seemed an original way of naming him after me ınd his grandfather.

05/18/2022 22:10:30

Quinten is a great name, people remember my name, girls love it, I don't have to mention my last name, cool people call me Q.....need I say more❤️

01/27/2022 18:02:06

There's nothing better to hear than when you walk into a room and everyone chants jerry jerry jerry

01/27/2022 06:08:24

My fifth child is aptly named Quinten. Occasionally we call him Quin. He loves his name and is very proud to explain that he is named so because he is the fifth child in his family and the latin word for fifth is Quentin which is just a different way of spelling his name. Too cute!

12/26/2021 10:06:54

My name is Quinten. I love it. Nobody else i know is called Quinten. Ive heard a few people with the'same surname but its spelt differently. I love being Quinten, it has moulded my life. I love being unique and do what i want to do.. especially when everybody else wants to do the opposite. I wouldnt change my name for the world!

11/13/2021 15:29:06

I named my son, Quintin( born in 2019), had a friend who had the name,and said if I ever had a son id name him that cuz I thought it was a cool,unique name...the nick names we give gim r "Q" and "Q-Boy" . Nobody pronounces it wrong, and jus asked if its spelled with "e" or "i" . Haven't met anyone in years with the name Quintin.

10/07/2021 15:01:12

i love it because my girl frind likes it and all the other people like it bon the website

09/19/2021 02:19:48

My son is also named Quinten. I love his name! We call him Quinten'tein, or Q-Bop. He loves his name because there Isn't another in his school with his name.

09/04/2021 20:07:12

The name Rachael is awesome! I should know because my name is Rachael. I love that my mom spelled it this way because there are alot of people that'spell it Rachel. I used to not see as many people who spelled it Rachael, but now I see it everywhere!

08/28/2021 00:32:42

my name is quinten i love my name because not much people have it but stil ...... i know 4 quinten's (inckuding myself)

08/17/2021 12:55:12

My father named me Quintin, which is the'spanish spelling, but he never called me Quintin. He always called me Deany by my middle name. Quinten is Latin for fifth born son u was the forth born son. I didn't like my name growing up because most of the kids in my class were Tom Bill Bob J or Tim. I felt odd and different. Today I love my name and I appreciate the uniqueness of it. I have a five year old grand daughter and she calls me GQ. Some time when I sign my name I'll put a :-) In the Q.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Quinten?
The origin of the name Quinten is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Quinten?
the fifth.
*️⃣ How many people are named Quinten?
Almost 8000 people are named Quinten.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Quinten?
The names of Rachel, Glory, Rochel, Rachael, Rachelle