Ralph meaning

: wolf counsel.

Ralph Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ral-f,rafe\
Number of People 👶 415,000
Rate in 2021 2332
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Ralph Name Meaning

Holistically, Ralph signifies "wise wolf" or "wolf counsel", suggesting a leader who procures his strength and wisdom from a keen, animalistic instinct akin to a wolf. It embodies someone who is wise, strong, and capable of guiding others through their charisma and natural leadership.

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Ralph Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ralph
Additional description of the name Ralph

The name Ralph has a historical grandeur to it, springing from Old English and Old Norse roots. The ancient English form "Ráðúlfr" (Radulf, Rædwulf) tied the elements "ráð," meaning counsel, and "wulf" meaning wolf. The name permeated Norse and English cultures, originating as a popular Viking name before seeping into English usage.

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Additional name description Ralph
Additional name description Ralph

The name Ralph is no stranger to fame, connected to several renowned figures across fields like Ralph Waldo Emerson the influential poet and philosopher, or Ralph Vaughan Williams, the celebrated English composer. As per popularity, Ralph had its heyday in the early 20th century and retains a timeless charm. Personality-wise, Ralph signifies someone strong yet wise, a leader, and a listener with a thoughtful and intuitive soul. This blend of strength and wisdom makes the name Ralph a distinctive choice for parents.

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Comments on the name Ralph
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm a Ralph in the UK and have always liked the name. I was never aware of the'slang meaning. The worst I had in ter's of mocking was growing up in Cyprus, when one or two kids would say it as though it were a dog's bark. But they had trouble pronouncing and spelling it anyway, as It's such a non-Greek sounding name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My son is Ralph he's aged 16 and goes to a large South London school where he's never had any problems with the name and he's the only one so he gets remembered. When he was small there was a cartoon called Rotten Ralph and some kids used to call him this but outside of that no problems, It's different and makes him stand out.

01/02/2024 21:09:24

My eldest son is called Ralph, I love the name, he also likes it, he's 26 now. we live in the Uk so I was unaware of the barf connotation. At school it was great, because he was the only one, which made him feel special, as opposed to being called a common name.

12/20/2023 11:03:16

Born in 44, I grew up the only Ralph I knew. Named after my father, who died in the Pacific before I was born, and who was named after Ralph Waldo Emerson. The first other Ralph I heard of was Sen'tor Ralph Yarborough, from my home state of Texas. That helped. I got made fun of a little as a child, probably because the other kids had never heard the name before, and later went through the whole 'Ralphie' and 'vomit' stuff without getting too bent out of shape. I was never aware until now of the traditional pronunciation as 'Rafe,' and I really like it - could I convince everyone I know that 'Rafe' is the correct pronunciation of my name? Highly doubtful, since no one in my family ever'seemed to know about it. I actually prefer the'spanish nickname 'Rafa,' for 'Rafael,' and introduce myself that way when I am speaking Spanish or Portuguese.

12/02/2023 16:19:40

Twenty years ago when I was a young school boy, I was so impressed by the personality of prophet Mohammed's (pbuh)uncle that I decided that if I ever have a son, he would be called Hamza. My Hamza is now 3 years old, and his full name is Hamza Ali Ahmed.

11/04/2023 03:34:00

Ralph and Anton are my favorite guys' names! They're bomb. :-)

10/26/2023 12:22:30

Being named Ralph has its advantages. I am usually the only Ralph in an organization so there is no confusion when I answer the phone by saying only "Hello, this is Ralph". People in the neighborhood have a dog named Ralph. I take no offense as he is a cool dog.

10/24/2023 23:55:58

We are Japanese. We named our daughter kaia Iwanami when she was born in Apr 26,2019. We've never heard of the name "Kaia" before yesterday in Japan. We loves the Ocean! KaI'means the Ocean in Hawaiian and add an "a" to make it feminine. Our last name IwanamI'means that "Iwa" is Rock and "Nami" is Wave. What is the beautiful name of all of the Ocean!!

09/13/2023 08:42:38

It works...I dont really know what other name I would have grandmother picked it.....My birthday is on Halloween...So I got other more pressing issues than my!You get what God gives you I guess : )..Its easier to pronounce than my last all the kids at my church just call me "Mr.Ralph".

08/12/2023 22:17:52

I too am a Ralph, and growing up in the 60's & 70's I got all the jokes. "Hey, Ralphie Boy" (an imitation of Art Carney in the Honeymooners), Ralph Malph, I had a HS teacher (and a college frat brother) call me Ralphie Baby. Got the vomit thing, and the thing where you bark it like a dog. i've had people tell me their dog or cat was named Ralph. Very hard to be taken seriously with this name, so i've developed a good sense of humor. Actually my first name is James--a very good name I think--but my father went by that and called me by our middle name (I'm a Jr.). I always wondered how my life might have been different if I were known as James.

07/06/2023 15:24:22

This is my name. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten something in the mail addressed to "Mr."! I always hated having such a boyish name as a kid but now as an adult I'm starting to like the name more.

06/25/2023 20:47:02

I like it pronounced 'Rafe' like Ralph Vaughan WillI'ms.

05/21/2023 16:26:28

My son's name is ralph, true enough, he is a very wise guy!!!

04/26/2023 01:37:32

My name is Ralph and I don't like it although I'd never change it. The main reason I don't like it is because of all the jokes I heard growing up. First it was Ralph from the Alki-seltzer commercial, then Ralph Malph, than Ralphie from Christmas story, not to mention Ralph meaning barf. i've heard it all. Once when introducing myself someone asked me "No what's your name really?". Also, one time someone said - "That was so gross I almosted Ralphed ... Oh my gosh I'm sorry I forgot your name was Ralph!!" My name has given me a pretty thick skin though and also a self-depricating sense of humor. Anyway, unless you want your kid ridiculed in school, please avoid this name.

04/13/2023 20:54:44

My dad's name is Ralph; It's not a popular this day & age. Personally, I like it and think It's unique. You have to have a strong personality and great sense of humor to pull the name off :).... i've even considered naming my future son "Ralph" in honor of my dad and with the hopes of some of his great qualities wearing off. Now the only task is convincing my husband-lol!

04/13/2023 07:05:58

Though this is mainly thought of as a German name, it does sound cool, and much more so than either the trendy Leonardo or the fusty grandpa name Leonard. When it comes to shortening the name, where better to look than Leo?

02/09/2023 22:19:24

It was a bit of a pain actually. It'seems a lot of Ralphs in the media are animals, weirdo's or losers. No idea why I was called Ralph. But although I really don't like it, I would never change it, as thats my name. Thats a Ralph for you!!!

02/03/2023 17:01:40 me, never forget my name...unique in a very strange way, connetations of middle class respectability, and via the entertaI'ment industry now usually means geeky, dark, homosexual, me its just a Anglo Saxon version of Wolf..(wise wolf).....and its Ralph, as in ralph malph, not Rolf as in Rolf Harris, and most definately not it is spelt. Name your son with a hint of uniqueness

02/01/2023 12:25:18

My name is Ralph and to be honest, I love it. I think it works well with my confident personality and i've never really had any nick names as people just know me as Ralph or Ralphy. I sometimes introduce myself as Ralphy now, almost subconsciously as I get called it alot. Yea sure there is the odd Bozo in the media called Ralph but I think the'subtle coolness of the name outshines that completely. Just think, Ralph Lauren is one of the coolest, most successful guys in the fashion industry! Also, I'd like to call a son Ralph if I ever have one!

01/22/2023 21:43:08

I was named after my grandfather. The third Ralph to be exact. Everyone called me by my shortened middle name Larry. My grandfather was the only person to call me Ralph, and even'though he's gone, I can still hear his voice. He made me feel special, like it was our members only club. Good times

12/05/2022 03:09:34

My name is Ralph and I quite like it. However I am a pretty substantial guy and people who abuse it generally don't do it again. I would hate to have the name if I could not look after myself though. Especially during the'school years.

11/09/2022 09:06:40

Im the 3rd Ralph in my family and was called Rafe or Ralphie sometimes as a kid.Growing up the'show Happy Days was on and Ralph Malph really made having the name hard. Till this day I still get called Ralphie by people close to me,but what can you do.

11/08/2022 12:49:58

This is my husband's name and though I tend to n't be fond of that type of name, It's a good one. People still ask him where is other brother Darryl is, if you can beli've that.The thing with this name is the'spelling, there are a hundred ways to spell it and if you don't like any of them just make an'ther one up, that's what everyone else does anyway.

10/18/2022 16:02:46

some people spell my name this way: ralf, or go to the extreme and say walphie. i have learned to put up with it & laugh with them. its better than getting angry & saying something you may regret.

10/08/2022 17:59:46

I am a Ralph and I DO NOT like it,,,for all the reasons above in this thread,,,, just the pronounciation of it difficult for people to get it right, which requires at least 2 efforts to get it,,,,,but I'made sure non of my kids were given it,,,cheers Ralph

09/30/2022 16:37:02

I'm a Ralph too - It's good, as it is unusal in the UK, so You're never a 'Big' Mike or a 'Fat' Dave etc. Just 'Ralph'. Shame about the vomIt'slang, but hey, you can't have enerything.

09/20/2022 09:45:02

Ralph is my name. In my experience most people have had no trouble spelling it correctly. Nor have I'met many, if any, people who could not pronounce it easily. In general, though, i've found my name to be a popular object of riducule, in light of the numerous references to ridiculous television characters (sharing my name) of days past. But I like my name. =)

09/17/2022 11:48:18

My name is Ralph or Ralphie to my closest friends.My mom and dad named me after a deceased loved on who was particularly good.I never realized the virtuous importance of the name till recently.My mom said it was the first name of God the one and only creator.I only wish i could live up to the name.Then again why not exceed the name? lol

08/16/2022 18:49:48

My son is called Ralph, pronounced Rafe, we as a family adore the name. It has caused some confusion with people regarding its spelling and pronunciation. It doesn't matter how many times I explain they still get it wrong, as long as his family and friends know then what does it matter. He is a handsome boy with a unique name and he'll pull it off.

08/06/2022 22:45:36

Ralph, Ralph is my name too. I'm happy with it. The thing is that I live in Brazil, here people pronounce it in an acceptable way, but they spell it very very bad. Anyway, I like my name... :-)

07/16/2022 08:52:12

My dog is called Ralph and I like him greatly so I was just searching the net to find out what his name meant when I came across this site. It quite inter'sting but I think you need to have what this name means on here. Ralph means: Wolf Counselor. OK Thanks! Sincerely, Someone

06/24/2022 18:03:54

My name is Ralph and It's not that popular this day & age.Ralph or Ralphie is a rare name.People consider it the best name in the world.L

01/23/2022 13:23:06

My husband's name is Ralph, as well as my brother-in-law. They are 46 and 56. I think, despite the connection to vomIt'slang, it is a strong masculine name that has endured so long that there are politicians, actors, writers, poets, cartoons, and other famous people to look up to with the name. I think it would be a great name to bring back, and I am in fact trying to feminize it without straying to far from it for our next baby.

10/07/2021 01:17:42

Am ralph 4rm s.a this is very cool name i've ever had,sweets name 4rm sweets parents

09/14/2021 03:22:48

Hey Ralph here, The only problem has been meeting women. When ever i say my name when asked i always get a laugh and "what's your real name" Oh, plus my mum always said she wanted a little boy but got a Ralph.

08/13/2021 06:26:24

hi this is my name from an uncle who died fighting a war for the usa. Its an honor , also, the name ralph originated back in the days of gengis khan, he was a hero and a protector his name'stood for shield of the wolf ..

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ralph?
The origin of the name Ralph is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ralph?
wolf counsel.
*️⃣ How many people are named Ralph?
Almost 415000 people are named Ralph.
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The names of Rafael, Raphael, Rafaela, Raphaella, Raffaele