princess or honor.

Sade Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \s(a)-de\
Number in U.S 👶 10,000
Rate in 2021 4278
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 American

Sade Name Meaning

Derived from various languages, Sade carries a varied interpretation. It can be seen as a short form or variant of names such as Sarah, Sadie, or Isabeau. In some cultures, it embodies a regal connotation, meaning "princess" or "noble." It also encapsulates qualities of honor, confidence, and grace.

Sade Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Sade
Additional description of the name Sade

With a diverse linguistic background, the name Sade draws roots from multiple sources. It can be traced back to Hebrew, meaning "princess" or "noblewoman," or to the Arabic name Sadiyya, which translates to "lucky" or "fortunate." The name gained prominence through artists like Helen Folasade Adu, widely known as Sade, whose soulful music captivated audiences around the world.

Cool Info About Name Sade

Additional name description Sade
Additional name description Sade

Sade encompasses a harmonious blend of beauty and talent. The name bears associations with notable figures like Sade Adu, whose silky voice made her a music icon. Sade maintains a certain level of popularity, alluring parents with its timeless charm. Its allure lies in its simplicity and elegance, making it a favored choice for those seeking a name that exudes grace and sophistication.


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Comments on the name Sade
09/13/2023 11:56:36

my name is Sade and it is spelled the correct way. After all this time my mom figured people should know how to prononce it. And it gets fun correcting people especially cute boys, because it gives you something to talk about.

08/28/2023 14:46:10

My parents are nigerian and named me Folasade, but i go by Sade (shaw-day). Everyone says it wrong the first time they see it. i love the name lot because its different and everyone has their own way of saying it.i have never met anyone with the'same name as me.

08/26/2023 20:26:58

my name is sade. my mum called me it because she is nigerian and i love because its so unique and when people ask there like wow or beautiful or some really nice comment. i really hate it when'the'say sadie or said. i wish they learn how to say.

08/10/2023 03:35:06

My name is Sada (pronounced as Say-duh), but It's an Americanize version of a Hungarian name'sada (Sharda). Sade(pronounced Shar-de) is also an Hungarian pronunciation. I just wanted to throw out there that there is no "correct" way of pronouncing this name. It depends on your background! ^_^

08/09/2023 22:17:42

my name is sharday and i spell it that way to the way its ment to be pronounced.MY MUM named me after the'singer'sade..i todally love my name its so unique and means honor earns a crown and also softly singing.

07/30/2023 06:36:42

My name is Sade and upon looking up the meaning of it and discovering It's origins the name is actually supposed to be pronounced "Sa-day". It comes from a part of Africa that was in Spanish control. If you've taken Spanish and know how to pronounce Spanish words then just pretend that that its another'spanish word.

07/28/2023 12:17:30

Most of the people commenting to the pronunciation on Sade's name were not old enough or born when she'started her career in the 80's. If you are old enough to remember her in the 80's & actually owned her albums on vinyl, then you will know that the record company printed pronounced (Shar-day) on the album cover. It'sounds like Sha-day when she'says it because of her your research especially if You're named after her.

07/24/2023 11:00:52

HI'my name is Sade. I do not pronounce it like the'singers or like sadie. The 'A' is long and the 'E' is silent. I pronounce it like 'MADE' only with an 'S' in front like you were going to 'SNAKE' or 'SILLY'

07/04/2023 18:26:28

My name is Sade'. We pronounce It'sadie. Sharday is pretty. And so is Shawday.

06/25/2023 20:29:24

I am privileged to actually have the name'sade and I have had it pronounced: Sade, Sadee, Shardee, and numerous other names which I cant possibly remember!

06/21/2023 02:45:18

I'm Nigerian and I can say categorically that the name'sade is pronounced SHA-DAY. It is a common Yoruba name and if you said it any other way to a Nigerian, they won't know what you were talking about. Although individuals do have a right to decide how they'll like their names to be pronounced. Sade the'singer is Nigerian but I guess just wanted her name to be pronounced SHAR-DAY.

06/16/2023 11:22:16

Hello my name is Sade; pronounced Sayd (The 'a' is long and the 'e' is silent) I have never met anyone with my name or heard of anyone with my exact pronunciation. Most people think its Sadie, Shaw-day, Shar-Day or even Sad-ee. I find it really difficult to get people to call me by the right name but I love it anyways!

05/23/2023 09:17:30

I'm calling my daughter'sade but want a different spelling....

05/11/2023 18:41:06

My name is Sade and I, too, also get my name mispronounced as Sadie, Shade, Sad, etc. LOL! I didn't realize how beautiful and unique my name was until I got older. It's short for Folasade which is nigerian and means "honor confers a crowns." I just love it and may even give it to my daughter as her middle name. :)

04/28/2023 04:28:06

my name is sade. and its pronounced sharday. its spelt like that because its nigerian - so you cant expect it to have an english spelling - when its an afrivcan name. but i love my name, i think its great.

04/20/2023 16:18:52

Our daughter from Nigeria is named "Sade" after the Nigerian Singer.Her name has to be pronounced "Shaday". A lot of people say Saadıe.......

04/20/2023 14:15:26

I named my son Sade with the long a sound and silent e. I came across the name in The Rolling Stone magazine not realising it was pronounced Sharday or Shawday which all sound beautiful to me. My son had a very hard time with the name because everyone made an issue of It'saying It'should be pronounced Suhday. Just saying because of that issue it made me feel very stupid. I still love the name'sade as i pronounced it but it also took the joy of the name to a different level.

04/17/2023 18:57:24

hI'my names Sade too, im 14 and all through school everyone has mispronounced my name'so It's got to the point on some things i spell my name how its said. I love my name as It's different.

04/17/2023 10:43:40

well my name is salome am I'meet people with the'same name actually everyone around me pronounce well my name i really like being with people named salome

03/30/2023 14:49:32

my name is sade and i love it however people often pronounce it as sadie but my name is pronounce as sharday. BIG UP 2 ALL THOSE PEOPLE WITH The'sAME NAMR AS MINE! and yes it is negerian well so i've been'told.

03/18/2023 03:38:48

I named my daughter'sade pronounced Shah-day.People tend to pronounce her name'sadie.I expected that before I named her because people can be so rude and not even'take the time to pronounce a name the correct way.They don't even care when you correct them.And I can't beli've that there are people out there that have never heard of the'singer'sade.

03/15/2023 22:27:10

My name is Sade. Most people pronounce it "Shaw-day" or "Shah-day". After researching my name I discovered that its Nigerian with possible influence from the Portuguese. Taking that into effect, all previous pronounciations seem wrong (though if It's your name, you should pronounce it how you want). For me, Sade is pronounced like "Sa-day" or "Sa-dee" or even "Su-day" or "Su-dee" according to Portuguese. I prefer "Sa-day".

03/07/2023 09:36:44

I gave birth 2 my 8mnths baby girl, her name is SADE. Everytime when people ask her name then i respond, they turn 2 say "WOW", what a prety name i love the name with all my heart

02/26/2023 13:43:06

i have just named my new born daughter rasia-sade and my partner thought it was pronounced "sade" and i have to prove to him it was shar-day and this site has done that for me thank you .Its an amzing name and siuts my daughter perfectly.

02/19/2023 19:29:30

i've heard just about every pronunciation of my name. my mother'spelled It'sade' with the accent over the e but It'still gets mispronounced or misspelled. Shah-day. that's how its done. period. my mom talks funny and even she'says it oddly sometimes, she'says Suh-day and i usually tell people that either of those 2 are fine as long as It's not sadie, shade(i am not that dark skinned, lol), sada, or sharda(i)/e. as funny and irritating as It'sounds. i like my name though and It's meaning makes me feel a little bit conceited. lol.

02/19/2023 10:05:14

I named my daughter this name after a little girl in a child care centre where I worked, I loved the name for 10 years. I spelt It'shardai to save confusion on pronunciation and she gets Shards as a nickname. I have only met one other person in Australia with this name.

02/16/2023 14:29:34

I am currently expecting. The father of my child is nigerian, and I am italian-canadian. I decided that if it is a girl, I am going to name her'sade, but I am not going to pronounce it like it is typically made to be pronounced "sha-day". I'm going to pronounce it like the word "made", or the name "Jade". For some reason I just like it a lot better that way.

02/09/2023 07:37:44

I'm a Sade too but its spelled Shadai because like someone else wrote my mother wanted it to be pronounced Sha-day. It gets annoying correcting people at times and when'the add extra letter'sounds it makes me very upset.

02/07/2023 18:18:18

My is Sade and i pronouced It'shar-day . Many people have often pronounced my name wrong when'they see it, they say "Sadie" or just ask me how it is said. i dont think there is a wrong or right way 2 pronounce, it just which ever one u like the'sound of 2 choose 4 your baby- "shar-day", "shah-day" or "shaw-day"

01/26/2023 23:17:24

My name is Sade (sha-day) some people say my name'should be spelled with an h or pronounce it wrong, but I don't care because I love it and it doesn't matter if they say it wrong because I love being name after a wonderful singer because I love to sing too.

01/26/2023 09:28:38

Ma mono sthn dikh sou ekklhsia ginotnai ayta re provato... sthn dikia mas xtes mia aplh lipothymia kai tipota...pffffff... xenera....:))))))KALH ANASTASH... AGAPH... POLY POLY AGAPH!!!

01/24/2023 13:23:38

I 've known a few people with the name'sade and i think that name is really pretty. I noticed that people that are unfamiliar with the name often pronounce it as "Sade", the actual pronounciation is "Shaw-day".

01/18/2023 23:05:12

While I'may not have any children, I am a professional blue American Pitbull Terrier breeder who chooses human names for my dogs. We whelped a litter in October of 2019 and our number 3 to be born was a striking solid blue girl! My husband wanted to call her 'Cali' after California, his favorite place in the world, but the'spelling seemed a little plain for this unique girl. I chose "Caleigh" (say like Cally) for her because I had never'seen'that'spelling before and it was different, like she is. I found out via this website site that "Caleigh" is in fact an Irish name for a celebration....My husband just happens to be VERY Irish!!! The name fits this little girl so well! She is very much a Caleigh and indeed a reason to celebrate!!!

01/13/2023 12:36:00

Sade is pronounce "sharday" like the'singer...It is pronounce "sharday"

01/13/2023 08:29:08

My name is Sade most people get it wrong except for those whom have heard of Sade(the'singer) so thats it and i love my name!

01/11/2023 22:58:56

i named my daughter "Sade" and people pronounce it as "sade" all the time.

01/08/2023 06:48:56

My name'sade and i was named after the'singer im so lucky 2 have sucha nice name:)

01/03/2023 06:01:38

OMG....I never imagined that'so many people had my name (Sade')!!! I absolutely love my name and just like many of you guys I was named after the'singer. She was my dad's favorite. People jack up my name all the time as well so often'times if I am ordering take out or something and they ask my name I always give them my last name'so I don't have to hear their horrific pronunciation. I have heard many pronunciations of my name'such as: Saide, Shada, Sahdae, Suhdae, Shudae and Sadie just to name a few. I hate having to correct people, but I hate when people mess up my name. Overall, I love my name and It's spelling!

01/02/2023 02:59:22

Hello my name is Sada' (like the'singers but with an "a" instead of "e") Sada' Mone't (government) to be exact lol...anyway although my birth certificate says Sada' my mom had me spelling my name as Sharde' in elementary school and I followed suit until my senior year in highschool where I figured, I better do it the right way now that I am enterning into the "real world" (college adulthood etc lol) and I refused to have the wrong girl walking across the'stage @ graduation lol ...ironically throughout college I reverted back to Sharde and use it in the'social network scene, for branding purposes etc, so I guess it was the right Sharde who walked across the'stage all along ;) either way spelled, I LOVE MY name's!!! remember Miss Sharde' Monet , I promise you haven't heard the last of her ;)

12/28/2022 06:01:18

Spelling a name totally different than it is pronounced Isn't cute, or special, it is simply arrogant. Your parents simply wanted to put a big chip on their (and your) shoulder, and dare people to knock it off. If you want people to pronounce something a certain way in the USA, then spell it that way. How it might be written or spelled in some other country or ancient culture is irrelevant. It is no different than if an oriental person insisted that their name be written only in the original symbols, and feign irritation when people looking at it didn't know how to pronounce it.

12/23/2022 09:20:52

I spell my name'sadı. But It's also pronouced "shaw-day". I always have the problem of people saying it wrong. Most people I know pronouce it "shar-day" or "shee_day"

11/28/2022 08:20:42

I didn't realize how unique my name was until I got to be a senior in my High School. Sade as a name just totally make me more unique and different than i already am and i love it! i even have a unique middle name, andria. there`s an "i" instead of an "e". at first, i thought i was literally the only person (besides the'singer) in the whole world to have this name. and i hated it coz i wanted to have a normal name. but now i love it! lol it kinda bums now finding out there are a lot of sade's out there. i get SO ANNOYED when people mispronounce my name even if i already tell them how to pronounce it. which is "SHARDAY" =)

11/28/2022 05:42:00

Some people..all they ever have is a name that is let them have it..and learn how to say it right. Everyone's name is unique to each is their soul and personality.

11/27/2022 22:03:32

yes this is my name. many spell it wrong and even some sIt's spell it wrong. it is a scottish name and corretly spelled it is Kayleigh. But i have had many good experiences with this name and am glad am only one i know who is almost 21 with this name in my area.i love this name.

11/11/2022 08:08:00

it is so awesome this name came up, we are having a baby and we are trying to create a name from both our names which are Sasha (SA) and Deshawn (DE). Now we have the perfect name for our little girl.

11/09/2022 20:16:44

my name is sade, with the accent over the e. people tend to mis pronounce my name'saydee, shade, sayd, shadie or shawday, i only go by the name'sade, shard or char because i cannot stand it when people mis pronounce it cause i figure they should know. i love my name because people tell me how beautiful it is and it makes me unique as i am from england, west yorkshire

10/31/2022 06:27:28

Hello my name is Shauday pronounced the'same as everyone else, people mispronounce my name all the time because It's spelled different and not Sade. I love my name and what it means!! Anyone else spell it like me??

10/19/2022 22:01:22

My daughter's name is Sade just like the'singer. We call her Day or Day Day for short. People pronounce it wrong all the time. We have heard so many compliments about how beautiful her name is and i agree...It's a beatiful name for my beautiful daughter.

09/28/2022 15:49:54

This is my namw to, I love my name but hate it when people ask me what my name is and when i tell them they still call me Sarah. Get it right please, cause it totally drives me crazy having it miss-spelled or miss-pronounced all the time. It's SARA, you say It'sa-ra.

09/21/2022 12:29:40

My name is also sade and i lived in my parents country for a while (Honduras) i felt like i was the only one with my name over there (i was.lo0ol) but people pronunced It'soo baddd sometimes i just gave them another name like an i'vented one it was so hard for me because my name being so unique in that country it was something totally diferent so it was a shame that almost everybody except my parents and my closes friend (which i taught them how to say it over and over again) couldnt psay my name correctly SHA-DAY sometimes i would spell it like SHADEI so they could get an idea.. it was fun though I LOVE MY NAME and thats the only one i got and its just perrrrfect....

09/18/2022 07:12:06

well i really dont care if i would name my son after a vegtable you are really stupid and i pretty much hate whoever you are you dont write something like that on a baby name website and my son will take your son any day and i heard the name on distubia and i love love love it

09/10/2022 20:48:40

My mother was a lover of Sade's music so when I was born, she named me after her, only she'spelled it the way It's pronounced. My name is Shardaye. Most people have a hard time spelling my name and pronouncing it. I really don't see why because It's a very easy yet elegant name.

09/09/2022 09:50:18

My name is Sade. As I have got older I learned to love my name, it is soft, pretty and unique. The only problem is that nobody can pronounce it once they see how it is spelled. It is simple if people don't look at how it is spelled. It's just two syllables (Shah-Day).

09/05/2022 09:08:56

im cuban but a lot of our culture is traced back to the yoruba which was the original tribe that lives in present day nigeria. the yoruba were a great people that basically are many of the ancestors of people on this side of the atlantic today. i want to name my daughter'sade or sadia (which is a form of sade) but i like it better pronounced sahdia or sahde which is how is looks in spanish. i would like to incorporated both cultures this way. there's no 'right' way to spell your fact you can make up your own spelling or pronunciation because a name'should be unique. whether It's pronounced shaday or sahday...sade is a beautiful name that means 'crowned' and basically refers to royalty or a yoruban queen. a very unique name you should be proud of.

08/15/2022 19:57:18

My name's Sade' pronounced Shar-day. I get many substitute teache's calling me saide or sadie. My nicknames are: Shards, Chardonnay, Shampagne, Sardines, Shadow, Sadie, Shade and Shorty, (even'though I'm tall!) I love my name!!! i've never met another'sade'!

07/24/2022 02:36:54

My name is folasade for short It's sade and somtimes people say sadie and my entire class has to say sade correctly.????

07/07/2022 00:41:42

The correct pronounciation is to first start with the Egyptian Sun god's name "Rah" and end with the "saan" (sun or sawn) sound. This name is very popular and the correct pronounciation of it is important; especially since there are two men, that I know of who are famous artist/jazz musicians in their field: Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Rahsaan Patterson. Now, including myself, I know two other men who are members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. who carry such a prestigous name; spelled differently but pronounced the'same. Much love to all Rahsaan(s) in the world!

06/23/2022 10:57:18

My name is Sade and my mother pronounces it the'same as its spelt. i love my name :)

06/19/2022 15:27:18

I realy like the name although it is not mine it gets on my nerves when people pronounce it wrong.

05/19/2022 14:38:42

yes people spell it wrong but its fun havingsuch an unfamiliar spelling and prunuciation, makes me fell unique=)

04/11/2022 21:42:36

my name is sade and alot of people forget the ifen on the top of the (e) however my name is still pronounce "sharday" and i love it.

04/07/2022 08:49:30

My name is sad'e, my mother added an apostrophe to help with the pronounciation but to no avail .Everyone I'meet thinks it is a nice name and kids at school love the way it is spelled. People mispronounce my name alot, i've heard everything in the book. My name is pronounced shaday. But i respond to sharday too, because some kids like to obnoxiously yell out SHAAAADAY ( kind of like shawty), so i rather have them call me sharday. I have never meet anyone with the'same name though.

02/26/2022 12:39:00

My name is Sade. I was named after the'singer, but all of my teache's at my school would say my name wrong. Only a couple people would know I was named after the'singer after I corrected them. It gets annoying sometimes, but I like knowing that my name Isn't a common name, like Hannah or Sarah. It's...Unique.

01/22/2022 14:30:36

Hello my name is sade And within my 17 years of living people have always made fun of my name and made jokes and tried to tell me how to spell it. But I'm over it NOW........

01/09/2022 05:20:42

This is my son's name and we always get very positive comments on his name.

12/07/2021 04:57:18

Nickname of Folasade. Named after'sade, as well. The pronunciation always gets screwed over, which is a shame as It's such a gorgeous name. (:

12/02/2021 03:15:36

hI'my name is Sade. I just found out that it means 'honour confers acrown" People often'tell me I have a beautiful name. my nickname is Dykie pronounced "daykee". so glad there are othe's with similiar experiences

11/10/2021 10:37:30

my name is folasade but people call me sade for short.and it is often pronounce correctly.i really love the name and i like people bearing it with me.i guess this the favorite name of the yoruba people.

11/05/2021 02:31:30

i've heard it pronounced "Shar-day," "Shah-day" and now "Shaw-day." And, of course, there's the idiots who think It's pronounced literally, "sade."

10/20/2021 13:12:18

My name is CHAWDAY, im native american, italian/german and mexican. I pronounce it "CHAW-DAY"... i was named after the'singer my mom just decided to put a twist on the'spelling.... but i love my name i never knew what it meant though?

09/13/2021 20:58:30

My name is Sade (short for Folasade). All of you saying there is an accent over the e are actually incorrect. The Yourba spelling has a dot below the's, but no accent over the e.

09/11/2021 01:15:54

my name is sade but its spelled like "Chadae" people mispronounce it lyk "sharday" or "chad-day" but its pronounced "sha-day"

08/31/2021 00:49:48

i love this name its not mines but when i have a daughter that will definitely be her name i first heard it when i was a teacher's aid it was a preschooler's name loved it the'second i heard it an that was 3 years ago and i found out a singer made the name more known she pronounced it as "Shar-day" but the little girl said he's as "Sha-day" they say both is right


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Sade?
The origin of the name Sade is American.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Sade?
princess or honor.
*️⃣ How many people are named Sade?
Almost 10000 people are named Sade.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Sade?
The names of Alexander, Sasha, Sausha