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Zachary Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \z(a)-cha-ry\
Number in U.S 👶 540,000
Rate in 2021 242
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew , English

Zachary Name Meaning


Zachary is an English masculine personal name derived from Zacharias. Zachariah itself is the Latin form of the Hebrew “Zekharyahu” (זְכַרְיָה) which means “Yahweh has remembered”, This name includes two Hebrew elements: “yahu” (Yahweh, God) and “Zakhar” (he remembered). In the Bible, we see several people who have some versions of this name: Zachariah, Zechariah, and Zacharias. For instance, Zechariah was a prophet who lived in the 6th century B.C. during the reign of the Persian King Darius (The king who let the Jews go back to Babylonian and rebuild their temple) and was friendly to Jews.

Cool Info About Name Zachary

Additional name description Zachary
Additional name description Zachary


Here are some famous people named Zachary:

Zachary Taylor (U.S. President)
Zachary Scott (actor)

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name him Zachary?

As a name, Eden suggests that you have a pioneering spirit. You are a natural-born leader who is highly focused and designs everything around achieving his goals. Enduring difficulty to try out new things is normal to you. It makes you angry that you have to do too many unimportant things. You are independent and decisive.  You are also energetic and confident.

to be uncertain and uncertainty creates an inner battle for you. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to share what is in your mind. Unfortunately, you’ll give up when you face a more aggressive person. It is because you try to avoid tension. You do not like to use force.

You might not be aware of this but you have a hidden power over other people; you must explore this power. You attract influence, and inspire people. You are lively, cheerful, optimistic, and charismatic. It is in your personality to see the glass half full.

How do people react to you?

When people hear your name, they think that you are strong. You radiate a raw power that can make you look confident. This raw power can also make you intimidating. You must be persuaded to join others in their endeavors.  You can be egocentric. Even if you are not, people might think that you are wealthy.

People have a positive perception of this name and believe that this name is formal and strong.

Lucky colors: All yellows, ocher, bronze, gold, orange

Lucky day(s): Sunday


Zachary was very popular among the Puritans but the name didn’t see a huge frequency until the latter stages of the 20th century. Zachary's debut on America’s Top 1000 list was in 1946. Then, after 30 years it reached the Top 100 in 1976. From there the name pretty much went gangbusters. Its best year was in 1994 when it reached the 12th spot.

There are several reasons why this name is so appealing: it has strong connections to the Bible, there are not many names that start with Z, its short form (Zach) sounds very cool, and he’s a strong Number One in numerology

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Comments on the name Zachary
09/23/2023 02:03:30

Ever'since I was a little girl, I was going to name my son Zachary Asher (biblical meaning: Happy/Blessed) after the little boy I played with next door & my best friend was going to name her'son Joshua Alexander & her husband (their small town doctor) knew this well ahead of time. But when'their son was born, he put the name Zachary Alexander (I like this middle name, too, but really like Asher better) on the birth certificate. Boy were we upset! So after much thought & consideration, when my son was born I named him Joshua Benjamin (an old family name that goes back generations). It really worked out well in the end. Joshua/"Josh" really fits my ash-blonde, blue eyed son & Zachary/"Zack" fits her red-headed son in the end & I wouldn't have it any other way. But I still love the name Zachary Asher.

08/28/2023 10:04:02

I get people callin me ZaCH and pronounce the CH. My School put my name down as ZachEry, (primary and Secoundary) it annoys me SOOOOOO much It's the best name EVER i go by Zach Mostly

08/24/2023 06:43:58

My Zachary, born in the 90's, started school with 2 other Zachary's in his class!

08/23/2023 01:55:54

My name happens to be Zacheri (Yes its spelled differently) and i go by Zach all the way back to two months after i was born.A lot people judge my by my hair and i always a hoodie but ive always been called nice in the end and my name is the only one in my school and im 12

08/20/2023 23:22:58

my grand father was born in 1919 and he was a Zachary

08/19/2023 07:42:28

I know a guy named zach at my school and he'said he wouldn't care if i was gone, saying that if the'school was shot up he wants me to die

08/11/2023 13:58:12

I was going to be named Zacharias (Spanish pronunciation) but since we live in America my parents preferred to Anglicize the name and go with the english "Zachary," which is a fine name, but not as expressive of my culture.

08/11/2023 11:37:08

My name is zachary but i have changed it to both Zach and Zac during my life. Ive stuck with Zac and now im 17 and i play lacrosse

08/06/2023 05:32:26

Worst chav name of the lot. What were you all thinking? Your kids will now grow up being inevitably labelled as thick chavs. Heartless.

08/03/2023 17:52:52

Zachary is my oldest son's name and I LOVE the name! When he got to school and friends shortened it to Zac - he chose the'spelling Zac and still uses it today. At 6 years old, he explained to people that ch in the middle of a word has a soft c sound but at the end of a word it has the ch sound as in church - so he didn't want It'spelled Zach.

07/27/2023 19:32:24

I am thinking about naming my boy Zachary...but i don't know.

07/27/2023 11:36:18

When I was a little girl everyone called me Sammy. I hated my name then. But I like it now. My best friends call me Sam. I pefer to be called Samantha by boyfriends, though, It'sounds sexy!

07/25/2023 16:06:34

I can't help but think of the names hillbilly, country bumpkin, dud. I don't understand why it is so popular!

07/22/2023 17:52:12

I plan on naming my son that I am due with Zachery.........I love it!!

07/17/2023 04:44:18

A lot of people spell it with a K instead of an H.

07/16/2023 10:13:24

we just had our little girl, and named her AIYANA as in aye-yah -nah people love the name ...and we too thought it was american indian meaning eternal my wife has american indian in her lol we are also form n.z and im not to fussed about the teasing as kids always mock or tease othe's anyway...rather her be teased after a fruit rather than other things lol

07/12/2023 08:21:30

I don't know, honestly. I prefer it spelled "Zachary" but hey, just an opinion. Maybe I will look into the spelling some time.

06/26/2023 04:25:30


06/25/2023 11:58:02

My name is Zak and I'm not sure home people spell it that way but I think It's cool bedside I don't know anyone that'spells it that way or knows to spell it that way

06/24/2023 04:13:38

i've got a zach...zachary...he is our zach attack. loves his name..(19 years old) what a cutie, smart too, plays the'sax and lacrosse...great name for a guy

06/24/2023 00:24:24

My son Zachary was born 2 months early and my other 4 children chose the name for him. He turned out to be an amazing and wonderful child. I don't really think the name got him there, but maybe? He was like a Budda to us all, family and friends alike. He taught us to embrace life. He died at 13 and one half years old, a true tragedy. We will always miss him; mother, siblings, dear friends and teache's from middle school!

06/21/2023 16:16:26

all I know is that I love my name. I used to think that not very many people had the name Zachary until today. I honestly don't care if people spell it with a c, k, or q I just like the name. I like the full name Zachary the best because no body really says Zachary, They just say zack or Zach. I don't get why people are bothered by the'spelling. Who cares how you spell it just make sure you don't say it wrong.

06/11/2023 02:03:36

I love my name. I think it is a great name for a child. One thing that tends to happen though is the parents will call the boy Zachary but he will be know as Zach around his friends.

06/09/2023 06:51:30

My son Zachary is 18 months old and his name absolutely suits him. We were going to call him Zeke but made a last minute change, and I am glad we did. We call him Zach most of the time and Zachary when he is being naughty :-)His older'sister calls him ZiZi which I think is quite sweet.

06/03/2023 10:05:08

My best friends name is zach but i always spell it wrong. he gets mad bout it but i think it is funny

06/01/2023 20:45:42

My first grandchild born April19th 2021, his name is Zach..what a wonderful name and from reading the postings on here, a very promising name too! I have worried whether people will spell his name correctly as he grows, but hey, thats what makes it a little different. Thanks for your posting everyone.

05/28/2023 03:01:36

I love it on brunettes for some reason! If I imagine it on a blonde I think of them as Jocky Football star Jerk but when It's on a brunette..It'seems..softer..and sweet. <3

05/27/2023 22:01:50

My 12 year old nephew is named Zachary. The meaning of the name, Rememer the Lord, is very powerful! I was there when he was born, and i know the Lord was with our family that day. When Zachary was 7 years old, he was diagnosed with Juvenile type 1 diabetes. Our family has gathered around my nephew and his family, and we know that the Lord has his hand in it all!

05/20/2023 12:13:40

too familliear there are 13 kelseys in my school, why cant i be amber?

05/13/2023 05:39:28

My boyfriends name is zachary but i call him zach like everyone else! i didnt know it was as commen as my name "Emily" andas far as i know there is only 3 zachary's/zach's in my school! SO I LOVE THE NAME ZACH!! also because It'says that zachary means "Rember the Lord!"

05/05/2023 07:13:04

My name is Zachary and I appreciate the Z there, it adds itself well into signatures. I'm very picky on the'spelling, though: Correct: Zachary. Zack. Incorrect: Zachery, Zackary, Zackery, Zacherie, Zackarie, Zakary, Zakery, Zakerie, Zakarie. Zach, Zac.

05/04/2023 04:10:48

Good name for me, people tell me that all the time

05/03/2023 21:25:14

Here i am laughing at my friend Zachary because we all hate Zac Efron. He lip synchs!!!

05/03/2023 09:57:32

Zach was not a nice person at all. He was arrogant about his name and picked zach even'though he had a "ryan" as well.

04/27/2023 02:01:06

This is my son's name that was born in 2017. We named him Walker Lane. Everyone always thinks it is a famly name, but it is not we just loved the way It'sounds.

04/17/2023 06:19:10

What a stupid name noone names there baby boy babyboy! idiots!

03/31/2023 11:41:30

I don't really like my name. Zachary just doesn't have much of a phonetic quality to it.

03/25/2023 06:23:46

my bf's called Zac and i think its a reealy cute name!! :D x

03/24/2023 18:56:04

This is my cat's name! I really like the name and would consider calling my daughter that.

03/14/2023 05:00:52

I spell my name Zack

03/08/2023 09:07:24

My son's name is Zakery. Yes we spell it differently but its all the'same. We normally call him Zak unless he is in trouble then its Zakery Jordyn, not just Zak. He knows then he is in for it. :) We have never met anyone else with the'same spelling as him and that makes him even more unique. Zak was the last name in the baby book that my husband and I could agree on and his name just suits him fine!

03/06/2023 05:41:34

When and if I ever have a little girl her middle name will be Gracelyn. (Elena Gracelyn)

03/04/2023 08:43:40

It's a beautiful name, masculine in nature. It's a name both muslims and christians do answer. so It's unique.

03/03/2023 13:55:08

Why would you torure you children by naming them last names? Seems to be inspired from deep intellectual talks that began at barnes and noble. The oohs and ahhs came while drinking a mocha latte right before the yoga class, which brings out the "freedom" in you. How unique. Madison is one of your nieces I bet.

03/03/2023 08:55:22

We couldn't decide on Zachary or Zachariah. We gave in to Zachary. Myself and his older sister are the only ones that call him by his given name. Everyone else calls him Zach.

03/03/2023 07:27:12

My cousin's name is Zachary but we call him Zach. He is five years old and is very funny! He all ready has his adult voice!!

03/02/2023 22:38:12

I like Zac spelled Zachery best. I think it looks better this way.

02/27/2023 03:31:52

I named my first son Zachary, I love the name and all variations of it. We his parents call him Zachy often and his preschool friends and teachers call him Zach. He says he prefers to go by Zach. It is just a cool name all around with a powerful meaning.

02/25/2023 23:19:04

My fiance is named Zach. He hates it when people call him Zak with a k or Zac with a c and no h. And he can't imagine being a 65-year-old Zachary. None of the four people in this room have met an old Zach. But, we like the name.

02/14/2023 09:53:12


01/22/2023 17:01:00

I know this guy named Zach and he's really awesome. I love the name becuz of him! I'm definitely going to name one of my kids, Zachary! And call him Zach for short, tho...

01/21/2023 21:54:50

I named my son (born this past July) Zachary but we call him Zach. I love the name. Every Zach i've known has been both a decent and fun spirit and it fits my son - he's very inquisitive and is always ready with a smile. I still haven't decided how we'll spell it - Zach, or Zac but I guess that's something he can decide when he's old enough :)

01/20/2023 20:03:06

So my mother though Zachary was an uncommon name when she first named me, but looking at this graph it appears it was THE most popular when she named me. Quite ironic. Anyway, it feels weird looking at all these people with the name Zac(h[k])... It's like reading what your clone posts. But I do like my name very much.

01/12/2023 04:16:20

Zach makes me think of a fun, smart, active kid who Isn't too full of himself. Love the name Zachary!

01/10/2023 02:53:56

I do like the name zachary ~ this is my husbands name and he does not like it AT ALL. Only those who want to make him angry call him Zachary as he will quickly tell you his name is Zach. He was zach the lego maniac as a kid and hated it! ha

01/05/2023 23:51:30

Don't like it. 'Zach' sounds just like 'Sack' - so awful!

01/04/2023 20:49:14

HI'my name is Zac (well Zachary but i tell everybody my names zac cuss i hate the name Zachary!)

01/03/2023 19:50:24

zackary is a cute name and every guy i know named zackary is cute lol like zackary becker that is in my 3 periods hot hot hot hot hot hot

01/03/2023 11:54:18

My brother name is Zachary I think its a cool name and more boys should have zachary as a name.

12/23/2022 23:09:38

I love the name Zachary, and I also think that the nickname Zach is really cool too !!! If I ever have a baby boy I will absolutely name him Zachary... I said to myself a long time ago that if I ever have a baby boy I will name him Zachary just because I love that name !!!

12/18/2022 09:26:28

I like Zac a lot better It's more modern and funky!! Just like Jesse!

12/11/2022 12:16:32

My name is Zachary and I think it is the best name in the world (no offence). If you are thinking about giving your childs name Zachary I think you should go for it, and he will be happy because I am happy my name is Zachary.

12/05/2022 07:51:42

I always thought by naming my youngest son zachary that he would be called zac for short... this wasnt the case... due to having young kids in the family, he quickly became zaccy... I hated it to begin with, but i think i use it more then anyone now...

11/22/2022 16:16:28

I love the name , its unique but not so much that It'sticks out too much, its cool having a name that'starts with a Z. Im glad im not named something extremely popular.

11/21/2022 10:17:52

My son name is spelled Zacharie I Love it.

11/11/2022 09:18:32

this name reminds of a scrawny guy...i like it though (:

11/01/2022 02:26:32

I love the name, I have a 10 month old and he is very, very active. (He was named after his great-great grandfather Zachariah) However, we are thinking about changing his middle name to Dylan just to give him an alternative if he doesn't want to go by Zach as he gets older. I love the meaning, but it can sound kinda young when a boy is becoming a teen-ager. Any thoughts?? I would like to hear from some older Zachary's if I can. thx.

10/30/2022 00:28:52

my full name is zachary and im a leo. i usually go be zack. :) i was looking to see if there are any common things about "zacks''. IM TURNING 21 IN I LOOK 14, it gets annoying when 99% of new people, even friends..Cant help but telling you, you look so young. i have gotten used to it for the most part. im still a classic "leo" when is comes to personality.. but it is becoming a lot harder to be social and meet new people. so my real question here is, i honestly dont know? is there light at the end of the tunnel, or any light at all???

10/24/2022 22:48:40

Not Zach.. Zachary is very powerful and beautiful name.

10/20/2022 03:54:02

This is my sons name and means "Little Warrior" in Irish. There is no better name, other than my little girls name

10/19/2022 12:37:06

My son's name is Zachary, he is 16 and prefers Zak. If I had to do it all over I would have named him Zachariah instead, it is far less common.

10/18/2022 11:20:38

My son who is 10 months is Zachary Austin. I love the name It's manly and strong name unlike some of these trendy sissy boy names. Zachary is a tried and true name. My husband did ask, can we spell his shortened version Zac? I thought it was neat.

10/17/2022 20:03:42

Zachary.... hmm.... A annoying brother but I still love him sometimes

10/07/2022 23:11:14

My husband wanted to name our son Zachary. We used the traditional spelling so he wouldnt have problems like in school and such. I didnt think of it as a very grown up "manly" name but it has grown on me. We call him Zack for short. We spell it with a ck, cause I think it looks better than Zach.

10/05/2022 13:35:06

My name is Zack (short for Zachary) and I always get questioned on how to spell it. Recently I was thinking about switching to "ZACH" since it makes sense, however I have chosen'to spell it ZACK for as long as I can remember. Thanks to the comment on the abbreviations on Michael (Mike) and Nicholas (Nick) from a previous post I will proudly continue with Zack. I suggest you do the'same as well. By the way, "ZAC" is just weird, don't put your kid through that kind of torture!

09/23/2022 19:27:06

my husbands name is zachery. and he spells is nickname Zac also. Z.A.C. is also his initials. I love his name so much that we are naming our baby after him when he is born later this year.

09/19/2022 12:35:26


09/19/2022 09:03:50

My oldest son's name is Zachary and he loves it! He likes for me to call him Zachy and likes to tell everyone we meet his name. I am really glad I chose it, it Isn't weird and It'starts with a "Z" so of course it is fun to say.

09/12/2022 18:21:50

I named my son Zackory. My friend gave me the idea. 'Kory' is my husband's middle name. So we changed Zachary to Zackory. I love it and It'suits the little guy!

09/08/2022 07:23:18

My brothe's name is Zach and no one ever'spells it right. We just call him Bubba

08/17/2022 04:53:42

I really like this name. It really does sound like it would be a boy's name and It'suits the male gender well.

08/02/2022 16:16:48

My incredible son is Zachary (beautiful and brilliant). People want to call him ZACK.....but he prefers if they do, to spell it ZACK! In sports, his nickname was Zippy...he loved that too! Maxie

07/07/2022 15:20:06

Zachary Quinn Asare Bediako... Jehovah remembers the wise warrior... My oldest brother took the place of my father growing up and he never had children so to honor him I named my oldest son Zachary. I always liked the name Quinn and our surname means warrior. His name fits him to a T.

06/23/2022 20:06:18

the guy from Pokemon was named Lance and he was a total baller. I'm naming my sons Lance 1, 2, and 5 because of him.

06/22/2022 08:25:12

Everyone likes my name. I think It's a cool name. I'meet people all the time named Zach. There is like 20 guys namede Zach at my high school.

06/10/2022 15:30:54

I Know alot of people named Zachary and their all a pain in the neck! One's my Cousin and he's the best of them all.

06/08/2022 07:42:00

does spelling really matter? if it is spelled zackary, does it take away from the meaning?

06/07/2022 16:08:42

Im a Zac (Zachary) and I like it. I feel its different but normal, with several possible spellings. I really cant stand to spell my name with the "ch" cuz I think of the "ch" like in catch so I have to have it with a "k" or just a "c". I cant go with Zachary cuz its too long for me. I also cant go by Zack with the "K" cuz here in Germany It means something horrible for a name'so I just Keep It'simple Zac. :)

04/06/2022 04:27:36

dear alu and dina, you have chosen a very good name. the 12th president of the usa was named zachary taylor. more important: in hebrew it means 'remember the Lord.' hopefully Zachary's coming in our family will bring G'd's blessings to all of us. Dina .. you stay cool. read good books. pls pass on this email to alu.. messages emailed from hotmail do not go thro. ema wants to know if everything went well at the docs. G'd bless you all pappi

03/29/2022 18:57:00

I love the musical lilt to the name Zachary, the three syllables flow nicely. Also, the fuzzy Z followed by the hard "k" in the middle makes it very masculine sounding without being too harsh. Great name.

03/08/2022 05:58:30

I named my 2 year old Zachary Mason. I get annoyed when people call him Zach. he's only 2, not 12!! I think the name Zachary is strong, powerful, & It's not the'same as every other kid on the playground.

02/06/2022 06:47:06

My doctors name is Zachary Leg, very unusual since he was born in communist China. Apparently he is gifted in martial arts and acupuncture therapy. Although I don't call him anything other than Dr. Leg, he once told me that in China 'zac' is a common addition to many names, but is silent when pronounced....not sure why he told me this, but very inter'sting. If you are ever in need of a good doctor who specializes in skin growth disorders, Dr. Zachary Leg is one of the best in the greater Las Vegas area.

12/31/2021 12:43:30

My name is Zachary. Go by Zaq though. The best way to say it is moaning, with a not Asian accent.

12/03/2021 18:36:18

My name is Zachary, and I'm 13. I go by Zack because people have always called me that. I hate it when people spell my name Zach because the "h" at the end of the name makes people pronounce it rhyming with cat"ch". But other than that issue, I love the name because nobody else at my school has it.

11/08/2021 20:11:42

I'm 29 and had a friend from grad school who went by Zach. He was a nice, popular guy! I don't think It'sounds too young at all, It's a good name even for an adult. I would definitely consider it for my baby, if I was having one. :) Zachary or Zach is a fine name, so I would save "Dylan" for his brother, in case you have another boy.

10/21/2021 01:06:00

Its p sweet my names Zachary i've gone by Zac pretty much my entire life.

10/12/2021 05:44:06

I spell it with a "k" and most of the time people spell it wrong.

08/11/2021 22:24:54

My name is Zachary. I shorten it to Zack. I'm going into my senior year in High School, but the newspaper'still spells my name Zach. That is really the only time there is a mix-up with my name.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Zachary?
The origin of the name Zachary is Hebrew , English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Zachary?
The Lord Recalled
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Almost 540000 people are named Zachary.
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The names of Drew, Troy, Darius, Trey, Tori