Zaida meaning

: increase, growth, or abundance.

Zaida Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \za(i)-da\
Number of People 👶 3,000
Rate in 2021 3420
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Arabic
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Zaida Name Meaning

Elaborately, Zaida, stemming from its Arabic roots, relates to the concept of growth and increase. It symbolizes budding prosperity and continuous development. The name carries an aura of richness and abundance, aligned with the notion of constant expansion in wealth, knowledge, and spiritual progression.

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Zaida Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Zaida
Additional description of the name Zaida

Originating from the Arabic world, Zaida is a name steeped in rich history. It derives from the Arabic verb "zaada," signifying "to increase." Throughout history, Zaida was used to indicate someone prosperous or abundantly blessed. The name exudes a profound cultural significance and a striking trace of historical resonance.

Cool Info About Name Zaida

Additional name description Zaida
Additional name description Zaida

Famous People:
Zaida Ben-Yusuf, a notable portrait photographer, and Zaida Catalan, a prominent Swedish expert on international law.

The name Zaida is a fairly popular choice for girls in various countries, especially in Spain and Arabic speaking countries.

Zaida presents a persona of prosperity and growth, a suitable identity for those destined to achieve greatness and success in their life.

Additional Information:
The name Zaida also seeps into literature with Spanish novelist Blasco Ibanez featuring a character named Zaida in his popular novel “The Shadow of the Cathedral.”

The name Zaida, with its rich historical background, religious connotation, and overall significance, is an appealing choice for those seeking a name imbued with profound meaning and unique charm.

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Comments on the name Zaida
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My 3 year old is named Zaida. I love the name we say it Zay-duh> now im having another baby and cant think of a name that compares.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Izaida and I have a Mexican background. My mom named me after reading a newspaper. There was a picture of a bride and she loved her name'so decided to name me Izaida. My boyfriend is Moroccan and Zaida is a city of central Morroco.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Zaida my mom put Z in front of her name Aida . I'm Puerto Rican and yes people here in Ga mispronounce my name all the time . I learn to correct them if they can't I kindly say just call me "Z" thank you... they usually say thank you to me cuz they see my reaction when'they mispronounce

01/11/2024 20:52:16

Hi, my name is ZAIDA, I am a Filipina and I'm proud of my name... Zaida means, Prosperous...

12/13/2023 20:38:54

The media hates "Walter." 99% of the time "Walter" is a whiney, stinky old man. An exception is the fI'm His Girl Friday wherein "Walter" is a roguish, rapscallion newspaper editor played by Cary Grant. But that fI'm is about 60 years old. These days if you meet a "Walter" he invariably is named after his father or uncle. Nobody looks at baby and thinks, "Walter." I had to name my kid Walter, to keep the'streak alive. he's number'six in a row. But we gave him an out. His middle name. If he doesn't fancy "Walter," if he thinks It's not cool, we told him he could go by his middle name, and we'd all be fine with it and address him by his middle name, "Percy."

11/27/2023 03:47:02

I am not Arabic. I live in the USA & have always seen my name as unique though some names come close to it like Syeda, Saida, or Zaira. I have not really met a Zaida though I know there was another when I was in High School for I saw her name up on the board. It is often misspronounced as many have already said, and I go by how I want my name to be pronounced which is with an S though it has a Z at the'starting. I tell people that my name is Sye-da and then'they ask me how to spell it & say it way off from how I told them to pronounce it. About 4 people have told me that they know someone else with that name & I'm glad I did not meet that person. It's unique to find someone else with that'same name, but I also like that I haven't met them. There are a lot of unique names in my family. Half of my family have Hebrew first or middle names. My middle name comes from the Bible. I love all sets of my names. I am a shinning bright star and fortunate to have God in my life. He is amazing. I'm grateful for making me wonderfully made. I'm hispanic & very different than anyone my race or other races. I know that our names mean fortunate, but I think everyone is to be alive. I love the'spelling, especially the Z. Z is just so beautiful! I'm often surrounded by caucasians, and realize they have a tough time than other people i've met to prounouce this name. When I have a letter written'to me, often people spell it, "Ziada". Obviously,... It's not. Our names rock! God bless us all! :)

11/22/2023 09:45:18

My six year old daughter is named Zaida Rose. We love the name. She is unique, strong and beautiful as is her name.

11/20/2023 20:08:14

It's a very common name from where I am.My Daughter also carries it.My mother named me after a spanish soap opera here in Puertorico.

11/17/2023 22:46:46

Very strong and unigue with positive meanings behind the name. Not one to be chosen by those only comfortable with customary names such as Steve, John, Lisa.....

11/08/2023 17:46:30

My name is Zaida and I was named after my great grandmother whose name was Canzaida. It is pronounced with a long a vowel sound. I have only met one person named the'same as me and I am now seventy years old. People are always pronouncing my name wrong.

09/19/2023 23:24:38

My name Zaida is pronounced Zy-da. I am told it is originally an old Persian name adopted by the'spanish in Spain during the 800 year Moorish domination. Allegedly a Kalif had three daughter princesses and one, who is infamous, was called Zaida. There is poetry in the archives of the university of madrid about the infamous Zaida. Depending on how it is pronounced, the old Persian/FarsI'meanings are either "Oh, holy one" or "one who is not necessary" .. It may also be a name in the book Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving.

09/13/2023 19:35:04

This name is somehow classic and hip at the'same time. Always cute!!!

08/11/2023 13:05:18

My name is Zaida I'm 62 and love my name my granddaughters middle name is zaida to

08/03/2023 02:00:40

Zaire can be a girl's name too. I am female and my name is Zaire.

07/12/2023 06:18:04

My God, Thank you, Gracias, Shukriya, Shukran, Dhannvaad, for this delighful and gorgeous name you've gifted upon us! I am from Mexico, 18 yrs of age. My grandmother's name being Aida, my mom that follows with Saida, and me, Zaida... Born in Mexico but from Spanish, Cuban, & middle eastern background. i've always thought of my name as blessing. I LOVE IT JUST LIKE ALL OF YOU! From sometime around, Middle eastern culture has really made a little special place in my heart, and when i go to their malls, wow! i love to introduce myself with such rich name!(i love to hear when'they say:OH!that is INDIAN NAME! or ARABIC NAME!) fills me up with joy because i feel closer to them that way! by the way: i love dancing, i dance classical indian dance, and modern bollywood :D i love their food, their sarees! EVERYTHNIG! To all of you Zaida's, keep enjoying your beautiful name :) We are Unique and special, we are fortunate, we are Prosperous! God bless all of you Zaida's!

07/04/2023 22:50:58

My name is Zaidra. I think Zaida and Zaidra are beautiful names. I even named my daughter Zavian

06/21/2023 23:19:38

My wife is a Puerto Rican Zaida, pronounced "SIGH-da" I initially thought it was "sa-EE-da", like Aida, but was quickly set straight. Zaida is not uncommon in the'spanish Caribbean and places like Florida and New York where people from there have settled. One thing i've noticed is that It's pretty much unknown along the MX-US border, which makes me suspect the'spanish settlers in the Caribbean and Mexico came from different parts of Spain. As I understand it, Zaida came into Spanish from Arabic through Moorish, maybe amplified by the famous Alfonso VI story.

05/09/2023 06:08:38

My name Zaida, i am puerto rican. this name is arabic and the meaning is " prosperous and increasing". everyone always comment on my name and asks me what it means or if i am arabic. I just enjoy every moment and day that i will spend being me. Most people pronounce it Zayra, or Zeta..

05/02/2023 10:09:14

Growing up In the 60's in the US my name did get miss pronounced a lot, yet I did feel very unique no one else I new had my name. But I'must say I would never change it.

04/26/2023 04:33:52

this is my daughters name. I haven't meet anyone with this for a name yet

04/13/2023 19:26:34

I just found my 3rd Grand Aunt (my Third Great Grandfathe's sister) was named that in 1819. It was the first time I saw the name and always look up new names of relatives I find. (or I knew my grandmothe's middle name was Zella :) )

04/04/2023 05:37:18

My daughter's name is Zaida, and we chose it for It's musicality and stren'th. Some people do have difficulty pronucing/spelling it, but people either generally love it, or if they are jewish, they tell me that it means 'grandfather'. I usuallt respond be saying, yes, I know, and it also means fortunate one in Arabic.

04/02/2023 01:18:34


03/31/2023 20:12:52

HI'my name is Zaida, and I was born on the Caribbean island Curacao (Dutch West Indies). I love my name, I think It's very feminine and sexy. From Arabic origin and meaning "prosperous" and "fortunate", my mom could not have given me a better name. I have a strong character, definitely not a follower, Ik ben echt apart (Dutch) I am apart/ different (English)

03/27/2023 08:56:42

My mother got the name from a novella which is a radio soap opera in Puerto Rico in 1961. The'story must have been good enough for her to give me this Mid Eastern name. I do have the look and people ask me if I'm Syrian since I was school age. I wished my mother had pick her name which is Carmen. I always have to correct people that call me Zelda,Ziva,Zeta, and It's crazy even in the Army the officer I worked for couldn't pronounce it and I told him to just call me "Z" and he thank me for making It'simple. The Moors did live in P.R.

03/13/2023 13:26:18

Try to keep this short. We struggled with infertility for years and I decided to put HAVFATH on my tags, just a daily reminder to myself to have faith, knowing that God would let me have a baby, one day. Anyways, we received a chance to adopt a new baby girl and had less than 2 months to prepare and I could NOT find a name that I loved, wanted it to be unique but not crazy either. Saw Hadley and FELL IN LOVE, knew that it was to be my baby's name. She was born and since we thought she was a boy... I was ecstatic to find out she was a girl! Nurse asked if we had a name picked out and I blurted out "Hadley Faith" without even asking my husband!! Neat thing is, for years I looked at "have faith" on my tags, and now I have my Hadley Faith forever! LOVE the name. We do find that people tend to want to call her Hailey which is okay, if there strangers I don't bother correcting them. Everyone has seemed to be very fond of the name and often ask if It's a family name.

03/07/2023 19:01:00

Hi, well my name is Zaida also! I am 28 years old, I live in New Zealand and apart from my Great Grandmother's name being Zaida this is the first time I have heard of othe's!! I haven't always liked having to spell andv pronounce my name but the older I get the more I love being somewhat unique and different. Hello all Zaida's out there its lovely to meet you =)

02/11/2023 19:52:34

My daughter's name is Zaida. She is 8. We gave her this name because of its uniqueness. She loves it.

01/11/2023 11:13:36

My four year old is named Zaida. The first time I heard the name I knew that is what I would name her. I had soooo many thoughts for names, but when I heard this one it just clicked. She loves her name too :) Hope she always does. It is unique & beautiful.

12/29/2022 06:24:52

My name is "Zaidra". I don't know where I got this name from, what the origin of it is and anything. If there are othe's with the'same name, I would LOVE to hear about you.

12/28/2022 02:12:04

My name is Zaida (sigh-da) love my name. I am Colombian and was adopted when I was 6, now living in the US.

12/11/2022 05:13:20

this is my daughters name and i wanted to spell it differently but i went ahead with her fathe's idea and spelled it K-A-Y-L-I-N and no one yet has to mispronounced it. I havent met another Kaylin yet, i got the name from Americas next top model.but that girl spelled it Kahlen.

12/07/2022 23:20:30

I'm gunna give my unborn child this name but not as a first as a middle name i wished for a baby on a shooting star then a few days later i fell pregnant so to me my baby is lucky im lucky an zaida means lucky lol i love it.

11/12/2022 21:27:26

My name is Zaida. Inter'stingly, for the past 22 years i've introduced myself as "Zay-dah" because classmates and teache's could never'say it properly, "Zah-ee-dah." But i've always wanted to be called "Zah-ee-dah" the way I liked it, and the way my parents had intended it to be. So now I'm at college in Hollywood, and i've introduced myself as "Zah-ee-dah." It's a bit weird to have old friends back home in Hawai`i still call me "Zay-dah" but I have to say It's awesome hearing my name'said the way i've always wanted it to be! :)

10/28/2022 06:09:40

Love my aunts name was Zaida Rosa (Puerto Rico). My name is pronounce is sai da,,,,friends in school say ZAY DA. Either way I love it.

10/19/2022 09:05:30

My name is Zaida from Malaysia. My dad told me it is from arabic word which carries the meaning of "prosperity"... I think it is how it effects me... effects my life too.

09/20/2022 21:30:22

OMG THIS IS MY NAME! (im 13) i pronounce it zay-duh but people sometimes say zye-ee-duh or-zye-duh or sometimes even zay-dee-uh,thats when'they dont pay close enough attention to the'spelling. well, when i was younger,about 0-8, i didnt really think much of it,but that it was my name.but then i realized, whoa,i have a pretty unique name! haha yeah i know its arabic and my mother named me zaida because she wanted me to have a unique name. hello all the other zaidas out there!

09/19/2022 22:17:20

people spell it wrong e.g. zenaida, ziada etc. There are few with the'same name

09/05/2022 08:16:02

I found this name on a website but it was spelled I figure I give it a twist and spell it zaida..not knowing other people had it..when'they ask me what my baby name going to be I say Zaida everybody love it...8 months prego due July 4,2020 I happy this is such a pretty name and after all the knows I got for my husband he'said no..when I said Zaida he like YES!!! Love it where you get that from..

08/23/2022 05:27:54

cute name!it definately will be my new born girl's name

08/14/2022 01:51:54

My name is Zaida and I am Guatemalan. For the longest time I felt so unique until I looked online and saw that othe's have the'same name. Still, very happy to share this speacial name it is very strong and unique and has come to embody my character.

06/04/2022 18:36:18

I named my daughter Zaida. Her Dad's name is Zawdie. I love it because It's unique & strong yet feminine!

03/12/2022 18:51:36

My daughter's name is Zaida (pronounced Zay-dah) Nicole. We love it. Ironically there is another girl in our town (a year younger than our Zaida) name Zayda, pronounced the'same way! Our town is very small (about 30,000 people) so it caught me off-guard! I thought our Zaida would always be the only one! :) Funny enough, we have four children (and pregnant with number five) and she's the only one with a very unique name! :)

02/09/2022 23:32:24

im naming all my children zaida because its so lovely it makes me all giggely inside.

02/02/2022 08:32:24

well my name is zariyah i love my name cause its meanz queen and im such a queen nothing less

12/30/2021 21:10:12

My name is Zaida and I love the name. It is different but people seem to really like the'sound of it. I am very musical and love to travel. I was told it meant goodness, or grandmother although here It'says different. People do mis-spell my name alot and often mispronounce it but once I tell them the correct way they love it.

12/20/2021 04:58:12

My name is Zaiyda. I think the name is beautiful, too. I get lots of comments about my name.

10/09/2021 05:27:00

My name is Zayda. My father was from Puerto Rico and named me after his sister Zaida. My dad wanted to be different and added a " y ". I always felt so different with my unusual name, but I so appreciate the uniqueness. I am in my 50's and people I'meet always comment on my name❤️

10/01/2021 01:38:24

Hello, My name is Zaida too! I am 34 years old form Colombia. I was told that it was an Arabic name. I am so surprised to see all these Zaida's. My pronunciation is Sye-dah.

09/16/2021 08:27:00

My 8 yr old daughters name is Zaida. I had no idea there was anyone else with this name. People mispronounce it all the time saying ZET-E-AH. We say it ZA-ee-da almost like ZAY-da but picking up the'slight sound of the ❤️I❤️ also. She hates that her name is so unique but when she is older'she will appreciate it. I have another daughter named Sabrianne. I love unique names.

08/18/2021 13:37:30

wow that is a weird name It'sounds like the persons parents foggot to sign your birth certifit nov 02 2020 do u have a nickname or do people just shout "hey unnamed how are you❤️"!

07/25/2021 16:50:06

I want to name my dog Zaida! I think it is a really pretty name!

07/08/2021 14:54:54

i am very pleased that my name is so common. i have recognized from internet the definition of my name. it means prosperous otherwise luck . i hope it will help me all my life

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Zaida FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Zaida?
The origin of the name Zaida is Arabic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Zaida?
increase, growth, or abundance.
*️⃣ How many people are named Zaida?
Almost 3000 people are named Zaida.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Zaida?
The names of Emma, James, John, Chloe, Jordan