Adriel meaning

: Of God's Flock

Adriel Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \a-driel, ad-riel\
Number of People 👶 16,000
Rate in 2021 254
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Adriel Name Meaning

Adriel is a obscure character in Bible. This name comes from Heber and it means “followers or flock of God”. In the book of 1 Samuel 18:19 Adriel is mentioned King Saul's son in law. Apparently, King Saul first promised her daughter to David but then backed out of the deal. Adriel and Merab marry each other and have five sons who are all killed by Gibeonites which makes this name pretty dark. Most people do not know about Adriel and his life story and only choose this name because of how it sounds.


Cool Info About Name Adriel

Additional name description Adriel
Additional name description Adriel

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name him Adriel?

As a name, Adriel suggest that you are a very important part of the society. You have a great sense of structure which makes you an excellent asset to any company and organization. You are also stable, disciplined, practical, reliable, hard-working, and frugal. You do not like acting on your impulse. Before taking a decision, you think about it thoroughly. Turning ideas to reality is one of your best features.

You are always trying to love and help the people who are around you. As a person you respect and abide your family values. Sometimes you even neglect yourself to help others. You are very good at giving good advice to others. Sometimes, you can be shy about showing your artistic aspects. People recognize and appreciate the love that you give them.

You are loyal to your interests and ambitions. These are some of the characteristics that you possess: Independent, creative, freethinker .You also have a strong leadership potential. You like to take control of the matters. You usually like to follow your own plan. You can be impulsive at times.

How do people react to you?

There are certain characteristics that people associate with Adriel, Few of these characteristics include: mysterious, independent, and respectable. Other people see you as a thinker and intellectual. Dressing well can increase your confidence. People think that you are analytical and observe everything keenly.

People see this name as serious, wholesome, and formal.

Lucky colors: All shades of gray and bright blues

Lucky day(s): Thursday


Adriel is showing a very promising momentum. This name debuted in the list of the most popular names in the U.S in 2002. Today, it can be said that it has a moderate level of frequency in United States. We do not know what has led to people's sudden interest in this name but it is clear from the patterns that American parents are showing a lot of attention towards Hebrew names.

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Adriel FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Adriel?
The origin of the name Adriel is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Adriel?
Of God's Flock
*️⃣ How many people are named Adriel?
Almost 16000 people are named Adriel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Adriel?
The names of Adrian, Adriana, Adrianna, Adrienne, Adrien