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Adriana Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-dria-na, ad-riana\
Number in U.S 👶 91,000
Rate in 2021 622
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Latin

Meaning of Adriana

The name Adriana is a name that is derived from two names which are “ Hadrian “ or “ Hadrianus “. This name means “ from Hadria “ in Latin. The given name is a feminine form pf the name Adrian. Actually the name “ Adrian “ is a masculine Latin name that has been used mostly in English speaking countries.


Popularity of the name Adriana

The name Adriana is not a common given name for girls in California based on the data by reliable resources. For instance, imagine that, only 60 babies were named “ Adriana “ in the year 1964 in the United states of America. A total of 2018 babies bear the same first name as your baby during the year 1964.

The highest recorded use of this name was in the year 2006 with a total of 3095 babies. Also since the hear 1880 to the year 2018, the name “ Adriana “ was recorded 89626 times in the SSA public database. This name first appeared in the year 1888 and given to 5 newborn babies.

The name “ Adriana “ became a common girl’s name in the state of New Mexico in the year 2011. This name also ranked 34 with 44 babies. The all time high record for this name was in the year 1991 in the state of California with 919 babies. This name is a consistent top ranking girl’s name in the state of California for 31 years. And for the past 60 years, the given name was recorded 88359 times in the SSA public database.


Personality of the name Adriana

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Adriana “.

A is for affirm, the certainty of knowledge

D is for dandy, a description of you

R is for relax, you know how

I is for intense, your zest of living

A is for amenable, for your easy going nature

N is for neatness, your orderly way

A is for amenable, for your easy going nature

The name “ Adriana “ is a unique name that has been used all around the  English world. You can select nicknames for the name “ Adriana “ easily. For instance, you can select the reversed form of the given name as your baby’s nickname. The reversed form of “ Adriana “ can be “ Anairda “ which is somehow awkward!

The name “ Adriana “ has a secret behind its meaning and the true meaning of the name might not be described in just a few sentences. Actually tour name can be your heart’s desire and destiny. This name indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly.


Famous people named Adriana

Adriana Lima who is a Brazilian supermodel

Adriana De Moura Sidi who is an American reality TV presenter

Adriana Caselotti who is an American voice actress

Adriana who is an Australian actress


Similar names to Adriana

Abraham, Aada, Aadolf and Aage

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Comments on the name Adriana
9/22/2022 3:46:36 AM

My 4 yr old daughter is Adriana Noelle. We pronounce it Ay-dree-ah-nuh. We love the name and would definitely use it again. We've received countless comments on how beautiful her name is. It does frequently get misspelled Adrianna and also occasionally gets mispronounced Ay-dree-ann-uh. We like that it is fairly uncommon; in fact i've never met another person yet with her name.

8/26/2022 4:43:48 PM

I named my daughter Adriana, after Adriana Lima the model.

8/26/2022 10:19:30 AM


7/13/2022 4:55:30 AM

I love this name, It's a strong name and very pretty.

6/23/2022 1:48:18 AM

This is my name. I was born in 1941 in Alabama. I pronouce it with the "th" sound. I love my name, but when I was in grade school and my teache's pronounced my name as Natalie, I didn't like my name.

4/7/2022 6:53:24 PM

i like my name pronounced a-dri-auna and the meaning behind this name is amazing and it fits exactly who i am

1/3/2022 5:41:24 AM

My name is Adriana and I love my name. It is a latin name and very frequently given in Italy, Spain, Romania and particularly Mediteranean region. (The name originates or we can say it is a form of Hadrian - famous undefeatable Roman City) In spite of history nowdays it is present in almost any country around the world.

12/3/2021 3:03:00 AM

my name is adriana but pronounced 'AY-DREE-NAH'. it isnt so pretty pronounced like that.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Adriana?
The origin of the name Adriana is Latin.
*️⃣ How many people are named Adriana?
Almost 91000 people are named Adriana.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Adriana?
The names of Andrew, Adrian, Adriana, Adrianna, Kenia