Alice meaning

: Noble, Exalted

Alice Name Information

Gender πŸ‘© Girl
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \al-is\
Number of People πŸ‘Ά 569,000
Rate in 2021 193
Numerology πŸ”’ 3
Name origin 🌍 German
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Alice Name Meaning


Β It has two different meanings, the German spelling of this name means β€œ Noble β€œ and the Greek form means β€œ Truth β€œ. But this name is known better in the German language. This 2-syllable name has been used in different variations in different areas.Β 

The reason that the name β€œ Alice β€œ means β€œ truth β€œ is that this name derives from the ancient Greek word β€œ alethΓ©ia β€œ which means β€œ truth β€œ.Β 

Nowadays, gender separation does not have an impact on the name selection process, but some names are only used for girls and they are similar to the name β€œAlice”, such as β€œ Adelice β€œ, β€œ Ailis β€œ, β€œ Alise β€œ, β€œ Alissa β€œ, β€œ Alisyn β€œ, β€œ Allie β€œ and β€œ Ally β€œ. Also, the name β€œ Alice β€œof Old German origin has been used mostly for boys..

Alice Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Alice
Additional description of the name Alice

The name β€œ Alice β€œ is Greek and German.

Cool Info About Name Alice

Additional name description Alice
Additional name description Alice

The popularity of the name Alice

Since 2014, the given name has been consistently popular and the name is maintaining a spot in the 100. It is better to say that β€œ Alice β€œ has become slowly popular over the years. But it is the 24th most popular name based on the latest research. In May 2016 this name was at its peak popularity. The given name was always been popular but during the last decade, it became more common in English-speaking countries as a modern name.

Β Famous people named Alice

Also, it is considered that famous writers and characters had a positive impact on this name’s popularity. We have a list of people named β€œ Alice β€œ here, for example, β€œ Alice Walker β€œ born in 1994, an American novelist. β€œ Alice Eve β€œ born in 1982, a British actress. β€œ Alice Krige β€œ born in 1954, a South African actress. β€œ Alice Munro β€œ born in 1931, a famous writer.Β 

Famous nicknames for the name Alice

Some families also consider nicknames for the name β€œ Alice β€œ. The names below are possible nicknames for the given names, β€œ Allie β€œ, β€œ Elsie β€œ, β€œ Lisa, β€œ Alee β€œ, β€œ Alei β€œ and β€œ Elsee β€œ.Β 

The main popularity of the name β€œ Alice β€œ is related to the 12th century. At that time the name β€œ Alice β€œ became popular in France and Britain.Β 

If you as parents care more about your baby's name and you want it to be rare, we recommend you pay more attention to the name selection process, because the name β€œ Alice β€œ is very common, especially in English-speaking countries and the areas where people speak German.Β 

Also as it is mentioned in the text, the name β€œ Alice β€œ has been used all around the world, you should consider that this name has some different spellings, such as β€œ AlaΓ―ce β€œ, β€œ Alita β€œ, β€œ Alitha β€œ, β€œ Alisha β€œ and β€œ Alissa β€œ.Β 

As β€œ name β€œ is the most important part of people's lives, you should pay a lot of attention to the naming process because it is something that your baby will hear spoken from birth to death

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Comments on the name Alice
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Someone once asked me if Alice was short for Allison.... I didn't know what to say! They are two totally dif. names!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Hey my Middle name is alice and i just love my name because i was named after my papas mom an d i always get omg your alice in the wonderland so i just shrug it off and say i'll die my hair blonde then(I'm a brunette).

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I Hav just named my second child Alice ❀️ Her middle name is Joan after my partners grandmother'so she will Hav the option of being called AJ when she's older :) I think It's a beautiful soft name for the tiny little girl she is ❀️❀️❀️

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Love this delicate, elegant name! Its connection to Wonderland and childhood fantasy is just a bonus.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is so cool! My name is Kaela Mackenzie, Kaela is my first name and I love it! Although it does get annoying when people spell it k-e-a-l-a! I'm 97% Irish so my parents thought it was appropriate to give me a name with Irish spelling, and also kaela means katherine in gaelic. I have actually met someone named kaela before in my town who goes to my local high school so I knew I wasn't the only one but not this many!-Kaela Mackenzie

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is alice and i think that this name gets a bad rep for being old stingy people when really it is a cool, classic, and chic name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Alice, and I used to hate it when I was younger because it was so unusual and an "old lady name." Now that I'm an adult, I love it. I haven't met anyone with my name that is anywhere around my age (34). Also, i've dressed up as Alice in Wonderland on multiple Halloweens. Although it is irritating to constantly be called Alison when people first meet me.

01/02/2024 03:31:24

I have hated my name most of my life. I have always insisted on being called Al. But now that I am getting older I don't mind It'so much. It's the kind of name you have to grow into.

12/26/2023 20:10:14

My name is Alice, and I'm surprised by how many people view it as an old fashioned name. It has never been said to me, that I can remember. I think it must be a US thing, I live in England and here while it is not a common name thse days, I don't think it has the'same image. Alice in Wonderland has forever'sealed it as a young girls name I think.

12/07/2023 05:39:16

I'm an Alice and when I think about my name I can't beli've I'm lucky enough to have it. I'm 37 and there are few Alice's close to my age. I like the uniqueness of it as well as the timeless, classic nature of it. There are many nicknames that can be given with the name. Most call me Alice but a few close to me call me Al or Big Al (I'm not very big). It's fun.

11/06/2023 01:42:26

My name is Alice and at first i hated it, i thought it was really boring and people constantly calling me "Alice in Wonderland" was less than amusing!! But i've grown to like it (I'm now 16), and i don't get called it all the time, people shorten it to Allie or Ace, which is fine, so I'm quite happy with the name!

09/12/2023 01:15:52

Alice is my middle name.That was my Memere's name. It's uncommon , but I do like it . It's a bit old fashion, but a classic.

08/23/2023 14:16:30

This name reminds me of Anastasia Krupnik of Lois Lowry's series of books--which is a very positive association, as that Anastasia is quirky, spunky and smart. Anastasia is also a beautiful, dignified name that, as othe's have mentioned, really stands out in a crowd.

08/16/2023 06:31:46

I named my daughter Alice in 2018. At that time, the name wasn't trendy and I occasionally got "oh, haven't heard for a while" kind of comment. Now what, only three years later, It's in the top 100 in many states. I hope It's not getting too trendy because I want my daughter has a unique name. In 2014, It's ranked 94 in USA, 76 in California, 58 in Washington, 49 in Oregon, 95 in Florida, 84 in Connecticut, 60 in Massachusetts.......It's getting momentum!

08/11/2023 18:57:58

My name is Alice. I think it is a great traditional name. I dont have a nickname, but people do often call me allison or ask me if Alice is short for allison (its not). I love my name and dont mind the association often made to "Alice in Wonderland"!

08/09/2023 11:07:38

My name is Alice but when I'meet new people they think it is supposed to be spelt Aolis. It looks like Aoli and btw, im not a food dressing. My name'suits me very well.

06/04/2023 14:17:56

We just named our daughter Caleigh (callie). I worry that people will pronounce it Kay-lee, but I figure we can nickname her Cali (shortened) if that happens.

04/24/2023 08:46:30

It's OK, seriously. I would like it a lot 'cept now it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland (HATE that). But It's my name'so I'll just learn to shrug it off. =/

04/23/2023 14:50:52

My middle name is Alyse. It Isn't pronounced like Alice, but it is Alice in French. I LOVE my middle name! Whitney Alyse!!

04/21/2023 01:07:52

My name is Alice, so is my mother's and was my grandmother's. I love it, I'm not a big fan of Alice in Wonderland but I never got annoyed by the references. I do enjoy it when people start singing "Alice's Restaurant" though :)

04/13/2023 05:37:48

My name is Alice and It's uncanny how well my name fits. As far as Alice in Wonderland is concerned, It's like Carrol was basing it on me. Alice is a whimsical yet sophisticated name. I used to hate it cos It'sounded really old and stuffy and there were 3 other people in my class at school called Alice (born 87) but it gave me an awesome theme for my 21st - Alice in Wonderland of cause!

04/02/2023 23:03:26

Alice is my daughter's name, and obviously I love it or I wouldn't have named her that. Many people, though, upon learning her name, wrinkle their noses and say, "You named a baby *ALICE*❀️❀️❀️" I wouldn't change it for the world, it matches her character- she has an old soul in her 4 year old spirit.

03/28/2023 22:51:24

i named my daughter Alice, Alice Marie :) i always get compliments. on how fancy It'sounds. i just love how everyone says oh like "Alice in the Wonderland" and im like EXACTLY, because i just loved how the book and cartoon movie looked- colorful, imaginative, and DIFFERENT. they're aren't many Alices now, which is best, because It's unique. she's 1 year old now, i hope she likes it when she's older.

01/13/2023 13:46:32

I like this name because our beloved cat was named Alice. We had her for almost 20 years. She was a stray so we began calling her Alley Cat but that quickly became Alice somehow. I have also met wonderful people with this name--Alices always seem friendly.

01/01/2023 01:25:16

my name is alice, and i find it VERY offensive that you dont have any comments for it cuz it is a amazio

12/27/2022 00:20:20

Now that I'm an adult, I love being named Alice. (When I was a kid, I hated having such an unusual name.) I do get called Alison a LOT because people can't beli've that anyone would just be named Alice. I hated it in Spanish classes when my teache's would always call me Alicia. (Mi nombre es Alice!) I like my name just the way it is, although my husband sometimes calls me Ali as an endearment, and that's okay.

11/11/2022 23:42:34

My name is Alice and I am 11 years old!!!. I was named after my great-grandmother.

10/25/2022 19:05:22

My name is Alice. I think people expect to see an old woman get up when I'm called in a waiting room. Starbucks employee tend to write "Alex" on the cup, instead, probably because they don't meet too many young girls with the name. Still I like it, I'm usually the only one & I love a good classic.

09/29/2022 05:03:24

I know a girl called 'Aleece' which is pronounced like uh-lease. Alot of people call her Alice though and I think both names are pretty!

09/10/2022 14:56:00

I love my name, It's traditional however I feel It's uniqye and hard to come by, my second is carter and I think Alice carter has a really nice ring to it. :)

08/10/2022 23:45:00

well... my name IS Mackenzie and i love my name! i get REALLY anoid at school because they spell my name McKenzie and i have gone to them MILLIONS of times to see if they will change it and they NEVER LISTEN!!! its so freaking annoying!!! oh, and i AM a female and who cares if it means "son of'!!❀️❀️ I'mean (not to be offensive)Taylor is also a multi- gender name!!! And i LOVE the nickname kinzie! My favorite way of spelling it is kynzi cause its AWESOME!!! and really.... my first name was going to be Parker and i would MUCH rather have mine as Mackenzie!! :)

05/21/2022 19:42:54

My middle name is originally Alice, and my first is Charlotte. But now, Everyone calls me Alice, 'cause they say It'suits me better. xx

04/19/2022 17:17:06

My name is Alice and I honestly would not change it for the world. I'm nearly 19 and I think the name'suits all ages. I used to get called Alice in Wonderland all the time too but I don't see how that is in any way offensive anyway, It's a classic story

03/30/2022 06:50:42

this is my name and i love it! ive never met someone who spells it this way

01/25/2022 22:06:54

I think It's a beautiful name. Magical and pretty

01/04/2022 04:33:54

My niece is named Alice. I picked out her name. I named her after Alice in Wonderland because that's my favorite book.

11/30/2021 12:49:48

My name is Alice and I love it!!! My full name is Alice Violetta and I love it!!❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

10/15/2021 19:44:42

My name is Alice. I'm only 11 years old. I love my name. I think it is very unique.(: I'myself do hate it when people call me " Alice In Wonderland. " It just makes me think that I am getting made fun of .. Well, Erm, PaiiPaii!(:

09/09/2021 03:30:54

My name is Alcie and at first i hated it, i thought it was really boring and people constantly calling me "Alice in Wonderland" was less than amusing!! But i've grown to like it (I'm now 16), and i don't get called it all the time, people shorten it to Allie or Ace, which is fine, so I'm quite happy with the name!

08/24/2021 20:36:00

i like my name, even'though it was popular, like, 100 yrs ago.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alice?
The origin of the name Alice is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alice?
Noble, Exalted
*️⃣ How many people are named Alice?
Almost 569000 people are named Alice.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alice?
The names of Alan, Alina, Alaina, Alana, Alayna