Barbara meaning

: foreign woman or stranger.

Barbara Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \b(a)-rba-ra, bar-bara\
Number of People 👶 1,400,000
Rate in 2021 1678
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Barbara Name Meaning

The name Barbara is derived from the Greek word 'barbaros', which translates to 'foreign' or 'strange'. It was used to refer to anyone who was not Greek, especially those who couldn't speak the Greek language. Over time, the name Barbara has come to symbolize a woman who is unique, independent, and stands out from the crowd. It carries a sense of mystery and allure, suggesting a woman who is not easily understood but is intriguing and captivating.

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Barbara Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Barbara
Additional description of the name Barbara
The name Barbara has a rich history and origin. It was first used in the Hellenistic period in Greece, where it was used to refer to non-Greek speakers. The name was later adopted by early Christians and became popular due to Saint Barbara, a 3rd-century Christian saint and martyr.
Saint Barbara is revered in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox Church, the Eastern Catholic Church, and the Roman Catholic Church. She is often depicted holding a tower, a palm frond, or a chalice, symbolizing her martyrdom and strength.
The name Barbara became popular in the Western world during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. It was especially popular in England and Wales during the 20th century.

Cool Info About Name Barbara

Additional name description Barbara
Additional name description Barbara
Barbara has been a popular name for many famous people throughout history. Some of the most notable include Barbara Bush, the former First Lady of the United States, and Barbara Walters, a renowned American broadcast journalist and author.
In the world of entertainment, Barbara Streisand, an American singer, actress, and filmmaker, and Barbara Eden, an American film, stage, and television actress, and singer are well-known bearers of the name.
The name Barbara also has a significant presence in literature. Barbara Kingsolver is a famous American novelist, essayist, and poet.
In terms of personality traits, women named Barbara are often perceived as strong, independent, and unique. They are seen as leaders and are known for their ability to stand out from the crowd.
The name Barbara continues to be loved and used by many, symbolizing a woman who is not just a 'foreigner' or 'stranger', but a woman who is unique, captivating, and strong.
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Comments on the name Barbara
12/09/2023 21:25:42

I have always hated my name for the last 43 years. It is so old fashioned and reminds me of a fat old aunt. I asked my mom why she named me this and she'said that'she has always loved the name. She also said that everyone has a "Barbara" in'there life (what ever that means!) THUMBS DOWN On'tHE NAME BARBARA

11/19/2023 15:02:32

Students like to know everything about there teheacrs.Way back in'the dark ages, my students, both vocal and theological would ask other teheacrs, old students whatever they would divulge about me.My teacher friends tell me that there students even'try to hack into their home computers.We are all out Lizzy ( i hate there's )

11/05/2023 20:25:02

Kids would sing Barbara Ann'to me throughout later grade middle or high school, but n't really to tease me; they'd just sing it when'they'd see me. I love my name. Both strong with classicI'm and unique with exoticI'm. I just hate being called Barb!

08/21/2023 23:28:54

My name is Barbara...I was named after the famous "spunky" actress, Barbara stepfather loved her. My mother told me years later that'she didn't want to name me Barbara...She wanted to name me Ther'sa Marie...(she was Italian)...She'said that'she had complications after my birth and she wasn't aware until she woke up 3 days later what my stepfather had done!!! Anyway!!! i've always had mixed emotions about my name. Maybe I'll get over it one day.

07/15/2023 22:28:04

Barbara (pronounced Bau - Brah) is a rich, fluent, classic - and even exotic name, with numerous forms of nicknames for alteration into a variety of purposes (from the playful frivolities of 'Barbie' to the'softer affections of 'Barbs'); it is popular for especially for females - but also for a small minority of males. n't only is the meaning of the name exotic, but the name itself exemplifies exoticI'm. The inherent richness of the'sonorities may cloy the'senses, and may seem "too much" at times.

06/23/2023 15:17:46

I love my name now, but hated it when young, mostly because everyone sang the "Barbara Anne". Now that I am older I love it except for the nickname Barb. It may be old fashioned but it will never go out of style. Most of all I love it because it was also my grandmothe's name! It's simple yet sophisticated.

06/12/2023 22:43:52

I am an adult Barbara. I love the name, and wonder why anyone would think this as an Old-Lady❤️s name with the youthful playfulness & beauty of Barbie!

06/11/2023 05:17:34

Let me tell about my name Barbara love it especially when my step father gave it to me when I was born it's always been special to me and will not change it for any other ugly name out there like most people do no offence to any one but when you give some one a name at birth it just suppose to be something beautiful in lifetime.

06/10/2023 06:39:48

Hey Gracie!I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mission, but didn't make it over on'this time around have you seen'the photo I pstoed n't too long ago from one of the archways there:Thanks for the awesome ideas! I love Mexican food so Check, that's on'the list and harbor cruise with YES PLEASE! And I'm totally down with budget-friendly hotels, but if I wanted to head on down'to SB for an anniversary or something, do you have a cute B+B or something you'd suggest❤️ Oh, and have you tried Tupelo Jun'tion for breakfast❤️ We hit up that place at about 10am and loved the blend it was like country-style but healthy!!! Cheers!

06/08/2023 12:02:58

I love my name. Though when I was younger I wanted a boyish nickname (I envied girls who could go by Sam or Alex). My true name is Barbara Ann, though few people call me that anymore. Barb is n't a favorite of mine.

04/06/2023 01:07:02

I like the name Barbara because it Isn't unusual. Everybody knows it, even if it means stranger or exotic. It is intern'tional, yet there are n't too many of us. Many Barbara's go by Bobbi. As a little girl I was called Barbie, and as I grew I began'to prefer Barbara because it is intelligent, mature, and classic.

03/28/2023 08:27:22

That is my name. The meaning fits to a T - I have always felt like a stranger in a strange land. A foreigner. Don't care for Babs or Barb. However, have become very strong and I think some of that is the name.

02/20/2023 21:56:30

My name is Barbara I love the name is Barbara I was named after the poem and song Barbara Allen It's a beautiful name

02/15/2023 08:48:36

Hugely popular girl's name around the middle of the 20th century but n't used much these days. Lots of middle-aged people with the name and ALL of them are women. I cann't ever'see it on men at all and I don't think It's particularly feminine either. I can, however, see it on mannish women, just like I can see Anne or Ann on mannish women as well (such as 'The Weakest Link' presenter Anne Robinson).

02/15/2023 07:02:48

I was born in 1998. I didn't run into a lot of other Barbaras my age growing up. By far the most common reaction I get when introducing myself is "That's my mom's name." This was a good thing, but now it makes me feel old. I hate when people take it upon'the'selves to call me an'ther variation of my name, or sing Barbara Ann or one of the other'songs as though no-one else has done this. I have a feeling that the nicknaming and song-singing would probably be less of an issue for a Barbara growing up now. I like the fact that It's a name that's n't super common in my age group but is familiar to most folks. While growing up, It'seemed unbearably old & frumpy and I wished for a name that was cuter, fancier, or girlier. But I appreciate its seriousness and stren'th more as an adult."

01/20/2023 20:38:22

I think It'sounds like an old woman's name. n't a cool or pretty name at all in my opinion.

01/20/2023 04:10:54

I'm pretty sure Barbara is the best name in'the world and always will be. n'thing strikes both fear and joy into my heart more than'the name Barbara. Every person should name every baby and anyone ever has again Barbara.

12/27/2022 04:09:34

My name is Barbara and I am 31 years old. I don't feel it is an old name at all! It is classic and that's why I love It'so much. I can't stand trendy names that just sound foolish... Barbara is a respecful name and if you want to make It'sound softer...there are a lot of cute nicknames.

12/17/2022 00:49:10

This has been my name for 39yrs. I was named after the beach boys song...barbara ann. I absolutely hate my name and always have. I am on here to find a new name. I mean no offense to anyone who has this name..If it fits you that is great and am glad that you love it. For doesnt.

12/11/2022 17:33:56

I am a Barbara and i've really grown'to love my name. My name has the'seriousness required to maintain a professional reputation - yet I still have nicknames from family & friends.

10/11/2022 08:18:02

This name is very beautiful. It often gets shortened to Barb or Barbie unfortunately.

09/08/2022 20:19:10

mum was called barbara-anne before teh beach boys did the song. She hates the song. Gets called Barbie and very seldom babs. She likes the name though

07/06/2022 07:18:36

I am a Barbara and i've learned to really love my name. It is strong for a resume, and bears many conn'tations with intellectualI'm, idealI'm--together with independence, n't to mention creativity. My name has numerous nicknames which family and friends still call me.

03/03/2022 08:51:18

My mom's name was Barbara. I love it. We are form Minnesota, say "Barb" Minnesotan/scandanavian accent-- It's super cute, and basically sums up the personality of most Barbs. I LOVE IT. I think It's defin'tely a classic!

07/11/2021 23:26:06

my son's name is Babara in a short form its actually Oluwaseunbabarafunmi in my n'tive language, meaning 'God did a spectacular thing for me'. the meaning is so deep and I had premon'tion'to name my child this name either a male or a female child. so did I


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Barbara FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Barbara?
The origin of the name Barbara is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Barbara?
foreign woman or stranger.
*️⃣ How many people are named Barbara?
Almost 1400000 people are named Barbara.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Barbara?
The names of Beau, Bo, Beatrice, Beatrix, Beatriz