Carla meaning

: Free Man

Carla Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-rla, car-la\
Number of People 👶 149,000
Rate in 2021 1909
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 German
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Carla Name Meaning

The name Carla means "brave and strong". In other words, its meaning is "the one who is strong".

Carla Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Carla
Additional description of the name Carla

The origin of name Carla is found in Germanic and is the feminine variant of Carlos.

Cool Info About Name Carla

Additional name description Carla
Additional name description Carla

The personality of the name Carla
Women named Carla are nonconformist and determined. As their name suggests, they are strong and brave people who inspire others to be like her.
Carla is a calm person who is not afraid of problems because she knows how to fend for herself. You can be a great leader in any field. When it comes to work and study, he is a disciplined and perfectionist person. Everything Carla does succeeds and, for this reason, the people around her always ask her for advice.
In general, women with the name Carla are independent and need their space, both in their professional and sentimental lives. They are free people with very clear ideas.

Celebrities with the name Carla
Carla Zunino: She is a very popular Chilean journalist and news presenter.
Carla Giraldo: Colombian actress and businesswoman with more than 1 million followers on Instagram.
Carla Morrison: Mexican singer and songwriter who has won 3 Latin Grammys.
Carla Bruni: is a former model, singer-songwriter, and actress Italian, and French nationalized. She is the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. (It appears in the following image)
Diminutives and variations of the name Carla
Some of the diminutives of Carla:Carly, Carli, Carlie, Carlota , Charlotte, Carolina, Carola, Carlisa, Carleta, Charla, Karla, Karlin, Karlene

Carla's Saint's Day
Carla's Saint's Day is November 4, for Saint Charles Borromeo.

Numerology of the name Carla
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Carla is 8.

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Comments on the name Carla
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm a Carla. i've always had a love/hate relationship with the name. I love that's It's not super common, but really don't like the name itself. It'sounds harsh and outdated to me. My sisters name is Keira and I had always wished I had her name instead- lol!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Carla and I am 41 years old, I never knew so many people had my name. My Dad named me and i dont know where he got my name from. May he rest in peace, i will never know.... I have to accept that he just like the name.... Hey to all the Carla's in the world....

01/08/2024 10:52:34

love that It's common enough for people to associate (CAR + LA), yet unique that not EVERY 1 in 5 girls share my name unlike, Jennifer or Christine perhaps. and shame on you for thinking ashleigh & sydney are common names. where the heck do you live❤️!

12/26/2023 14:17:34

Carla is my sister's name'so I love it. It's so original!

12/22/2023 03:36:40

I love Carla!!! My daughter's name is Carla, and she is beautiful just like her name! She is five.

12/19/2023 15:21:50

my name is Carla and I'm proud of my name , its a lot easier to have because no one at my school had it. Most people spell my name right but sometimes they spell it with a k and it can be annoying but i love my name .Hey Carlas enjoy your name :)))

12/17/2023 22:48:26

I have never met anyone name Carla, I'm in Michigan. I never liked my name, and always wished I had a prettier'softer name like, Melony or Shayah

12/12/2023 14:40:18

I like that I dont run into many people with the'same name. I was born in the 80s when everyone else was naming their babies Jessica, Jennifer, Lauren or Sarah. My only issue with the name 'Carla' is that its sooooo dated. It'screams 1972s.

11/30/2023 01:26:08

My name is Karla and I hate it! I think It's too masculine and ugly and when I'meet new people I tell them that my name is Emma or Alice, cause that's how I wanted to be named...

10/29/2023 01:47:52

My name is carla, and I think it its a nice, pretty name . It goes nice with the middle name Fern.

10/22/2023 09:02:26

I love my name, its slightly unusual without being too unusual

10/18/2023 00:42:36

My names Carla, Its growing on me more and more as i grow up Im 20 now so with any luck ill love it before im 30! lol

10/15/2023 00:42:26

I love name Carla I would describe it as a name that just shouts cheers and to all people who have the name Carla and don't like it think again!!!

10/13/2023 14:19:20

Often people miss hear or spell Carla wrong. Think it is a great name to have.

10/04/2023 02:51:08

My name is Carla and I'm named after my daddy carlos who is a complete moron but I love my name it completes me there is no one else at my school with this name I am one of a kind.

09/25/2023 12:14:54

My name is Carla and I love it. I'm the only person I know called Carla and note with a K! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

09/09/2023 22:07:40

HI'my name is Carla . I used to wish I was named something softer, but this name'suits me. Strong and sassy!

09/09/2023 01:50:58

Im 27 years old and name Carla. As a kid I didn't like it there were kids who would say my name wrong to tease me. But now I don't mind it. I have met a couple Carla's in my life, one even lives in my town. She's 30 years older then me. Once in a while we run into eachother. "Hi Carla." "Hi Carla" LOL

09/02/2023 19:40:20

My name is Carla and I really like it! Sometimes I get mistaken for the name Clara ! I was originally going to be named Kaitlyn which I love just as much! I have grown up to know 0 Carla❤️s except for myself. My mother named me. My nicknames are monkey and bear :) I love those animals I sometimes feel lonely living 10 years on this planet and still not knowing another Carla. A friend with the closest name to me is Kayla! I enjoy my name tho! It's unique like all names.

09/01/2023 00:10:36

Hated it growing up..wanted to me a normal name like Mary. Love it now at 51.

08/30/2023 04:23:14

I was named after my father and i've never met any else with the'same name, so I'm special.

08/10/2023 12:24:06

I'm 37 and my name is Carla. I have always like it. Because I'm view by everyone as being very strong, I feel the name'suit me perfectly. There no one at my job with the name Carla.

08/08/2023 05:09:02


07/17/2023 23:32:50

I'm the only Carla at my place of business! Named after my father, which makes It'special. My sisters, Sabrina and Michele may have the "fancier" names, but I like mine. It's a good strong name and It'suits me.

07/03/2023 03:56:30

I love my name ..the only thing i don't like is when people spell carla with a k

06/30/2023 08:38:28

wow ilove this name well everybody calles me carly but i also like carla i am hispanic from my moms side and i love the name she chose lo amo es mi nombre favorito chavos wow

06/20/2023 11:28:22

My name is Carla and I am proud of it. Your name no matter what it is special because it belongs to you. I am honored that my parents chose this name for me. BTW I am one of 1973 babies and proud of it.

06/10/2023 20:28:34

I am 36 yrs old and have never liked my name. It is not feminine enough. The only thing I like about it is that I am named after my dad, Carl.

06/03/2023 21:50:28

A few people mistake me for Darla or Carol. Some call me Carlita in Spanish. Most Carla's I'meet, spell it with a K. I used to hate my name as a kid, but I'm 50 and proud of being Carla today. Now if I could find it on a keychain or other things, that would be a plus.

05/27/2023 08:48:20

My name is Carla and I find it a wonderful name. Meaning 'Beautiful Woman', my name make me feel happy! :-) To all the people with the name Carla out there, your name'should be something you feel passionate about. Never feel lost in the letters of your name. They are there to support you.

05/24/2023 23:12:12

I am named after my grandfather Carlo who was a good man. Also, I like that It's a somewhat rare name and suggests my Italian heritage❤️

04/03/2023 14:20:22

I am called Carla. I was teased at school because of my name. No one else was called Carla. I didn't meet another Carla until my 20's. Now I live in America no one can understand me when I tell them my name!! But its my name and of course its fantastic just like me.

03/28/2023 12:51:52

I think my name is very fitting with me: strong, independent, takes no BS, smart, but It's also caring and thoughtful. I used to hate it when I was younger but it has been growing on me as I grow older. I'm 27 now and I wouldn't change it. It's not that common anymore and it fits me perfectly.

01/31/2023 09:58:18

I'm 28 and here, in Indonesia, people are more familiar with Clara, instead. So yes, I often got people addressed me as Clara than Carla, but that's when I feel my name is uniquely different. Even so, i've came across few Carla's in my life and I still feel It's a unique name. Like it a lot!

01/02/2023 13:51:48

My daughter was born in 2017 & I named her Carla. There are no other kids we know called this name & that's why I love It'so much! It's a beautiful, strong name & very unique!

12/07/2022 04:14:20

My name is Carla I used to hate it but now that I know that'so many othe's have the name I love it❤️

11/12/2022 12:03:10

My name is Carla, born in 2005. I live in Brazil, and here Carla is an unusual name. I would hate for my name to be with K. I was surprised that in the USA, Carla is a name from the 60s.

11/09/2022 06:10:20

I love my name.Carla surname.apparently I was s'posed 2 b a boy called Carl put an A after both n u get me...In England it was gettin more popular but I love saying Curly C carla not a kicking K karla.puts that misspelling 2 bed....Curly C .ova n out

11/07/2022 02:09:14

My name is carla I was named after my dad I didn't realize there was that many Carla's around I got use it it as I got older

10/27/2022 15:28:00

it is really rare. always end up being called "carly" or "clara" but i like being different

10/21/2022 02:31:48

I am named Carla and I dislike it. But at nearly 69 years old what can I do about it❤️

10/05/2022 23:52:16

My name is carla and I love it because It's unique and different to other people❤️s names I find it quite rare and I'm grateful to be named carla thanks mum ❤️❤️

09/28/2022 13:46:28

my name is carla i didnt used to like it but now i love it its beter then begenning called becky or something really boring lv carla

09/12/2022 05:08:20

My name is Carla. I am 36 now. Telling someone my full name when I was younger and going to school ties my tongue so I use to hate it. My mom name me after her'school friend, said she was very pretty. Now I cher'sh my name because it grows on me and I just don't care, It's my name who don't like It's their business.❤️

08/04/2022 12:12:00

My name is Carla Susana! and I love it! I have never met anyone named the'same ... I have met a few Carla in my life ... non Karla ...

07/20/2022 11:41:24

Carla is too unique for me. I like common names like Ashleigh and Sydney!

06/24/2022 13:29:24

I was named Carla after Hurricane Carla hit Galveston Texas in september 1973 my mother wanted to name'something different and she'saw the headlines in the local newspaper and chose the the name Carla,I was the only Carla in my classroom and the only Carla when I was growing up.I have also lived up to the reputation of being named after a hurricane LOL

05/06/2022 17:22:30

I owe my name to my paternal grandfather, Karl Niermann, who did as a German soldier during the'second World War. My parents (in 1995) decided to name me Carla in honour of the great man my grandfather was. I am proud of my name, and think it is beautiful - it makes me feel feminine and strong.

03/29/2022 23:31:30

I am 65 and I have always loved my name. I think It's feminine and its unique without being so unusual. I have always been'the only Carla (except the 1st grade) so in that respect It's stands out. I especially love hearing other people say my name. In the end It's the kind of person you are that makes your name'special and not the other way around.

10/29/2021 05:49:30

Im Carla Long and Im 14 yrs old, i used not to like my name until I seen'there are other girls out there with the'same name as me. I used to think my name was ugly because its not like my friends name Juliet, Lillian, or Lorraine. I now love my name and think its special because im named after my Grandpa, Carl!

08/01/2021 09:52:30

I think its far to masculine and ive always wanted a more feminine pretty name like louise but im used to it now would not recommend through personal experience .

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Carla FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Carla?
The origin of the name Carla is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Carla?
Free Man
*️⃣ How many people are named Carla?
Almost 149000 people are named Carla.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Carla?
The names of Charles, Luis, Carly, Karla, Carl