Casey meaning

: vigilant or watchful.

Casey Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-sey\
Number of People 👶 188,000
Rate in 2021 811
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Irish
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Casey Name Meaning

The meaning behind the name Casey has intrigued many parents and individuals alike. Derived from an Irish surname, Casey holds a fascinating history and significance.

In Irish, Casey is believed to have originated from the Gaelic word "Cathasaigh," which translates to "vigilant" or "watchful." This conveys qualities of attentiveness, alertness, and a strong sense of observation.

As a given name, Casey has become popular for both boys and girls. It carries associations with attributes such as intelligence, curiosity, and adaptability. Individuals named Casey often exude a natural charm and possess an innate ability to connect with others.

Furthermore, the versatility of the name adds to its appeal. Casey can be found across various cultures and countries worldwide. Its universal usage reflects its timeless quality that transcends borders.

Whether you are considering naming your child Casey or simply curious about its meaning, this name encapsulates qualities that are highly valued in today's fast-paced world.

Hear the Meaning Casey

Casey Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Casey
Additional description of the name Casey
The name Casey has its roots in Ireland, where it was derived from the Gaelic surname O'Cathasaigh. The surname was first anglicized to O'Casey and then shortened to Casey. It has been used as a first name in English-speaking countries since the 19th century and gained popularity in the mid-20th century.

Cool Info About Name Casey

Additional name description Casey
Additional name description Casey
While there are no widely recognized famous people named Casey, the name itself has a certain charm and elegance that makes it stand out. It's a unique choice for parents who want a name that's not overly common, yet still carries a beautiful and positive meaning.
In terms of personality traits, individuals named Casey are often thought to be vigilant, strong, and wise. They are seen as individuals who are aware of their surroundings and who have a strong sense of intuition.
In terms of popularity, while not in the top 100, Casey has been steadily climbing the baby name charts, especially in regions where English is spoken. It's a name that's sure to make a statement due to its unique sound and profound meaning.
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Comments on the name Casey
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I actually spell mine Cayce... anyway, I like the name okay, but I hate that It's a unisex name. I wish I had a girls-only name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is my name. I didn't like it when I was a kid particularly when'that movie Grease came out. But today compared to some of the names some of my friends and my son's friends are stuck with - I think It's just fine!:) I like being called "Sandi" with an I not a Y.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is actually Kayce but its pronounced the'same way so I guess I like it anyway loll

01/05/2024 04:06:50

my friends name is casey and I call her case, C.C., or Cassy.

12/14/2023 21:02:28

Not for girls, unless It's spelled "Kaci;" AH ha ha ha!

11/27/2023 11:07:52

i love the name casey adn i wish my first name was casey and not amanda casey

11/17/2023 15:08:18

my name is casey, and i love it! im 14 and i've only met about 2 other girl casey's in my life. also, it means brave in gaelic (old irish language), and i love that! It'suits me perfectly.

10/10/2023 20:29:28

I really like this name for a girl. Case for short is so cute.

09/29/2023 05:35:26

my cuzs name is Casey but i call her case, and i write it kc for short

09/29/2023 03:49:38

Casey Is my name and I love I sooooooo Much!!! By the way I'm 11

09/28/2023 22:14:36

my name is casey .im 30 and female. i have always liked my name.

09/19/2023 23:42:16

My name is Casey and i get everything under the'sun. Cassie, Casie, Casy, Cassi, Cassey, Casi, KC, Kasie, Kasey, Kassey, Kasy, Kacy, Kacie, Cacie...grr it annoys me...

09/04/2023 11:03:12

my name is casey & people sometimes pronounce it cassie but i like it a lott!!

08/09/2023 11:25:16

what are good nicknames for a 14 year old boy named cameron!❤️

08/02/2023 18:22:12

hey my name is casey and though people go kc or cassie its all good cause at the end of the day im not alone the name casey is very populer at my school one in year 9 two in year 10 and one in year 12 how funny but we love it cay=use they get us confused all the time

05/30/2023 09:23:46

I love love love my name. It has character and it Isn't nearly as over'sed as so many names are. If I had a quarter for every Jessica, or Amanda or Sarah while I was growing up, I'd be very rich. Casey has spunk, and sass. Plus, I am Irish by heritage and it means the brave one in old gaelic. A girl named Casey has guts.

05/17/2023 15:27:28

Spelling it anyother way than 'Casey' is for losers.

05/03/2023 04:57:46

This is the most beautiful name I had never thought of, until I named my daughter Jacqueline. The girl is beautiful and sweet. She likes her full name - Jacqueline though we most of the time call her Jackie with a Swahili pronounciation from Kenya, where she was born. What a beautiful name, especially in Nairobi.

04/28/2023 12:06:34

OMG! I luv the name Casey. My name is Courtney, but my nickname is Casey.

01/29/2023 13:35:40

My name is Casey and I am a 14 years old girl. I love my name and i think it fits me perfectly. Although people sometimes say Cassie, which can get annoying, i think its perfect. It means brave and it just sounds cute. Everyone close to me calls me Case

12/20/2022 11:59:24

my name is casey and im 15. i think casey is one of the few names where It'sounds great as a girl, or boys name. i think It'suits me perfectly though, and its not too common yet.

11/14/2022 03:26:02

This is my name and I have enjoyed it :) My original name was suppossed to be kaleb, but my parents decided to start a tradition of ending all of their childrens first names with an "n". My older brothe's names: Aaron and Steven, and then my little sisters name, Corrin. I sometimes get surprised when people correctly spell or pronounce my name. People usually get my name mixed up with "Katelynd" or othe's close pronounciations. In my high school we have roughly 100 students, and oddly enough there is another'student with almost the'same name as mine, Kalyn. Also, she is in my same grade. But, other than that I havent met anyone else with the'same name.

10/30/2022 16:56:20

This is my daughters name'she prefers alexandria but loves the comments she gets!! Arianna Marie

10/04/2022 19:21:50

I spell my name Kaysie. I love it. The older I get the better I think It'sounds and the fact that It's spelled a little different I think really adds something. I love it. Although I do often get called Cassie for It's spelling.

08/27/2022 16:31:12

Right gender for this name Casey. Plus there❤️s an girl in my brother's (who❤️s 7) class name Casey.

01/24/2022 07:41:06

my best friends name is Casey and it totally fits her. but i think It'sounds better on a girl

01/21/2022 12:53:24

Sounds better as a girl's name than as a boy's name. This is the American English name of the Japanese character Mika Koizumi aka the first Yellow Four in the 1996 Japanese TV show 'Chodenshi BI'man' (Super Electron BI'man). She was only in the'show for the first 10 episodes until the character was assassinated with the Biokiller gun held in the hands of one of her enemies of the Neo Empire, making the path clear for Jun Yabuki (known as June in the English dub) to become the'second Yellow Four.

01/13/2022 17:18:54

Chodenshi BI'man (Super Electron BI'man) is a Power Rangers-like program in Japan, but this was in 1996 (about a decade before even Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (Dinosaur Squadron Beast Rangers), let alone Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), where the original but tragic Yellow Four was a photographer named Mika Koizumi - called 'Casey' in the Filipino English dub.

01/06/2022 05:58:30

I am 40 years old. I was the only person (boy OR girl) with this name growing up. Everyone who heard my name but hadn't met me has always thought I was a boy. Now, with social media websIt's, it gets worse. I email someone and they automatically think that they are talking to a guy. At 40 years old I am actually thinking of legally changing the'spelling of my name.

12/31/2021 02:39:36

I love the name Casey becuase its such a perfect name for me! I could never imagine having a different name! Plus, at my school, there is only one Casey and its me! And many girls wish it was there name...

08/02/2021 01:25:48

I like it and its pretty by itself! I like how people change it up like spelling it Kasey. also when'they put another name like Casey Lynn or Casey Marie or something But its still pretty alone and i like it even'though my name is taylor ( i love my name too)

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Casey FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Casey?
The origin of the name Casey is Irish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Casey?
vigilant or watchful.
*️⃣ How many people are named Casey?
Almost 188000 people are named Casey.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Casey?
The names of Catalina, Elle, Katie, Kaitlyn, Katelyn