Cyrus meaning

: Lord

Cyrus Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \sy-ris\
Number of People 👶 23,000
Rate in 2021 730
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Persian
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Cyrus Name Meaning

The name Cyrus holds a rich and intriguing meaning that has captivated individuals throughout history. Derived from ancient Persian origins, the name Cyrus carries with it a sense of power, leadership, and nobility.

In Persian culture, Cyrus is believed to mean "sun" or "sun-like." This association with the sun symbolizes brightness, warmth, and vitality. It reflects the qualities often associated with those who bear this name - individuals who possess a radiant charisma and an ability to inspire others.

Cyrus also holds significance in various historical contexts. In ancient times, Cyrus the Great was a renowned Persian king who founded the Achaemenid Empire. He was celebrated for his wisdom, benevolence, and his ability to unite diverse cultures under his rule. The name Cyrus thus carries connotations of strength, diplomacy, and visionary leadership.

Today, those named Cyrus often embody these characteristics as well. They are known for their innate intelligence, ambition, and determination to achieve their goals. With such a powerful meaning behind it, the name Cyrus continues to resonate with individuals seeking a name that exudes strength and distinction.

Whether you are considering naming your child Cyrus or simply curious about its origin and significance, understanding its deep-rooted meaning adds an extra layer of appreciation for this timeless name.

Cyrus Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Cyrus
Additional description of the name Cyrus

The name was assumed by various kings of Persia, but most notably Cyrus the Great, who reigned over the largest empire the world had yet to see (6th century BC). Cyrus the Great is also a prominent and admired figure in the Old Testament, noted for overthrowing the Babylonian Empire and, in an act of diplomatic genius, inviting the Jews back from exile to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem (Ezra 1: 2-4). This decree made him very popular in the ancient Near East and he is mentioned several times in the Bible as well as the hidden books of the Apocrypha. As an English name, Cyrus was adopted by the Puritans during the 16th century.

Cool Info About Name Cyrus

Additional name description Cyrus
Additional name description Cyrus


Cyrus has consistently held a position on the American male naming charts for over a century. We assume that she has been around since colonization (due to Puritan influence), but government data is only available going back to the 1880s. In any case, the name was somewhat popular in the 19th century, but throughout the 20th century, this name saw a slow and steady decline. In fact, Cyrus came perilously close to falling off the charts altogether in the mid-1970s. Fortunately for Cyrus, American parents began to take an interest in lesser-known biblical names again beginning in the 1990s (Ethan, Elijah , Caleb, Gideon). Now that we've entered the 21st century, Cyrus is by no means a popular name, but his season on the charts seems to be improving. He remains rare and underused which is good news for parents who abhor hyper-trendy nicknames. Cyrus is a wonderful name with a lot of understated appeal. She is both ancient and modern. Familiar, yet unconventional. Careless but original. “Sovereign” and friendly. He has a cool X-quality factor and Cy is just a perfect nickname.

Famous people named Cyrus

Cyrus (several Persian kings)

Cyrus Vance (former Secretary of State)

Cyrus Peirce (educator)

Cyrus West Field (American businessman)

Cyrus McCormick (inventor)

Cyrus B. Lower (civil war hero)

Cyrus Frisch (film director Dutch)

Cyrus S. Eaton (businessman)

Cyrus Edwin Dallin (sculptor)

Characteristics of the Name Cyrus

The characteristics of the name Cyrus are as follows:

They are frank and optimistic people. They are people who act with emotions before logic. Their feelings are quite strong and they act with confidence. They can express themselves quite clearly. The ready answer is people. They like to live life to the fullest and enjoyment.

They are people who are very fond of their freedom. They don't like rules. They prefer to do their own thing. Their passion and courage enable them to act naturally and at ease. They don't worry too much about what other people drop. They are stylish people. A little patience when making decisions can prevent them from making mistakes. However, they never stop trusting your intuition.

They reflect the intense emotions they experience in their inner world to the outside. They scrutinize and reflect on events. Their work ethic is very high. They work with an inexhaustible energy. However, they may have difficulty adjusting the balance between their work and private lives.

They are people who like to be mentally and physically active and stay in the events. They want to deal with as many issues as possible. Their intuition is strong. They are people with purpose. They are charismatic people. Different people around them always want their om. His communication skills are quite good. However, being interested in too many activities can cause them to have trouble with time.

They are like magicians. They always find a way to overcome difficulties. They are very warm and passionate people. Their feelings are very strong. However, they still need to be careful. When they act with confidence in their feelings, they can experience great disappointments. Therefore, they may have to wait before moving immediately. They may experience emotional ups and downs.

What are the advantages of the name Cyrus?

Although each individual has different advantages according to their own, the general advantages of people with the name Cyrus are: Being cold-blooded, traveler, adventurous, hospitable, humorous.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Name Cyrus?

Although each individual has different disadvantages according to their own, the disadvantages of people with the name Cyrus in general are that they are Lazy, Past Living, Brutal, Hasty, and Oppressive.

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Cyrus FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Cyrus?
The origin of the name Cyrus is Persian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Cyrus?
*️⃣ How many people are named Cyrus?
Almost 23000 people are named Cyrus.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Cyrus?
The names of Tahj, Taj, Deja, Daija, Chin