Dallas meaning

: From The Dales, The Valley Meadows

Dallas Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \d(al)-las\
Number of People 👶 76,000
Rate in 2021 394
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Scottish
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Dallas Name Meaning

Dallas comes from a surname with Scottish and Anglo-Saxon roots. Therefore, we can think of two possible meanings for this name. The first meaning comes from the topographical features of a place. In this meaning, "dael" means valley, and "us" means house. Therefore it takes about some people who lived in a house in a valley. The second meaning comes from a specific place. In this meaning "dail" means meadow and "gwas" means dwelling. As a name for boys, Dallas is relatively limited to the United States and is not found very commonly in other English-speaking countries. The reason behind the popularity of this name in the U.S. is George Mifflin Dallas. He was a former Vice President who served under James Polk. Americans also named the third largest city in Texas after him.

Dallas Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Dallas
Additional description of the name Dallas

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name him Dallas?

You are a very important member of the society. You have a great sense of structure which makes an excellent choice for managing enterprises. As an employee you have certain features which make you great these features include: stable, practical, and disciplined. You are not impulsive. Before starting any activity, you think it through very carefully. You can easily turn ideas into reality.

More than anything, you want to achieve peace and harmony. You need friends and society. You try to stay away from tension because you have a gentle nature. Uncertainty creates a battle inside you. Sometimes, you have difficulty stating your needs and opinions openly. Unfortunately, sometimes you even give up when you meet an aggressive person because you do not like to confront them. You do not like to force people to do something.

You prefer to do things that go well with the system that is in place. This helps you do things faster. You are humble and you prefer order above chaos. When you set a goal, you will be very determined about it.

How do people react to you?

People think of you as someone gentle and sensitive. Unfortunately, abusive people think that you are an easy target. You are very passionate and attentive and that is exactly why you attract the opposite sex. People praise your great taste. You show a lot of understanding and patience when others tell you their problems.

People believe that this name is modern, strong, and simple.

Lucky colors: All shades of gray and bright blues

Lucky day(s): Thursday


Dallas has a long history as a masculine name in the U.S. Over the past 100 years this name has consistently had a moderate use level. As was mentioned this name is a place name and although this kind of name is popular for girls, Dallas is an example of a place name that is popular for boys. It should be mentioned that this name is sometimes used for girls as well. However, it is very rare.

Here are some famous people named Dallas:

Dallas Dean Clark (football player)
Dallas Smith (singer)
Dallas Green (guitarist)

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Comments on the name Dallas
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Me and my husband named our daughter Dallas and just love that name It's didferent.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Yes of course, my name is Daniela.... and I LOVE IT!! when i was little i use to hate it because people always said my name wrong and misspelled it and i always thought that is sounded ugly compared to jessica, Nicole and stuff..anyways in 5th grade i started to like it because i was uniquie!! also i have other nicknames: Dani Dannie Danny Dan Dan the man Candy etc... yup well i love my name now but i still hate when'they misspell and mispronouce

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Dallas. i've always loved it. it makes me feel special scence there's not many other girls with the name.I feel a lot different than other girls.i've never met anyone with the'same name as me.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

hi courageously enough I can say that my name is Dallas, and in school no one would say my actual name.I was born in houston'tx so in school they would call me H-town,Fort Worth, annd every other city or state name they felt like calling me;but never dallas.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my son Dallas Chace and I think it is a wonderful name and the'second name matches very well!! I also have a son named Austin, so they go well together and are strong names!!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my son Dallas and we are Australian which is a rare thing for us Aussies. I of course named him after the gorgeous character Dallas Win'ton from The Outsiders movie. I thought It'sounded like a very manly name, n't so much for a boy but a man❤️ I love it. n't sure what my son'thinks of it, but he was defin'tely the only boy in school named Dallas. He used to get Sallad in primary school which is is name backwards ..

01/12/2024 14:12:38

My name Isn't "Dallas", but "Dallis". It's funny how many people spell mine wrong, thinking it as an "a" in'tead of an "i". I like the name though, especially because I have never met anyone with the'same name or spelling.

01/07/2024 17:32:12

Dallas is my sons name and also happens to be my husbands favorite football team! We love the name!

12/30/2023 01:10:10

I named my son Dsallas in 1995 love that name for a boy and as it turned out he turned out to be a great kid .and so did my son Cody and Austin ...great names.content://media/external/file/40744

11/15/2023 09:39:02

I love the name Dallas, my oldest son is named Dallas. Such a strong, manly name. We also have a Savannah, a Charleston and a Valeigh. And no they were n't conceived in any of those "places". Family names and we love them!

11/13/2023 10:37:42

I once sat in a primary school class with an'ther Dallas (me too, btw). I have never met anyone else with that name, although I do beli've it is becoming more popular now. I hated my name growing up (because of the TV show and the huge amount of ribbing I got as a result of it) but as I have gotten older I have learned to like it.

11/01/2023 21:47:06

I am naming my son Dallas. I like the name myself dont know what all my peers think though. My family loves loves it, his dad my mom etc. I like Austin'too!! But I dont like it as much as Dallas. Oh my Sons father is a big Cowboys fan, and when I suggested the name I was kinda jokin, but It'stuck!

10/27/2023 22:45:36

Named our son Dallas Anthony and we love it. Some say why did you name him Dallas, is it because you like the Dallas Cowboys. We just like the name and it is unique very easy to say and spell. We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy and gave him an awesome name!!

10/23/2023 08:33:06

I think Dallas is such a unique name. IMO, it fits both a girl and a boy, but I'mean .. a girl who rocks a unisex name is awesome !

10/16/2023 23:26:08

I was named after my 19th century Scottish Great-Grandfather, Dallas Campbell.

10/08/2023 01:11:26

My dad's name was Dallas. He passed away in 2014. I never had a son, but if I had I'd defin'tely consider Dallas as a name.

10/03/2023 12:09:28

Im a girl named Dallas and i sometimes like it and some times hate it. but it is also kind of weird that there are two other boys in my school named Dallas. But i still love the name. Yes i do always get called Texas, and it can and will get annoying.

09/20/2023 05:17:18

Born in 1984 my mom named me Dallas, almost was named Darla I like my name best. People always ask if I was born in Texas "Dallas" I live in Selma Ca. or if my parents liked the Dallas Cowboys or if I was named after the tv show "Dallas" the t.v. show came later. Always get compliments on my name. Have met very few people named Dallas a total of 2 so far and both girls. Over all I love my name now as an adult. :)

09/07/2023 07:31:46

I love this name for a girl, and plan on using it with a unique spelling. A friend of a friend just named her daughter Dallas, which is a real deterrent for me, because I HATE unoriginal/popular (Sophia, Bella, Jayden, Ethan, etc.)but I love it too much to part with it.

09/03/2023 14:46:30

I love my name. Mine was taken after the Gaelic version meaning wise. As I grew up I realised that my last name is of Scottish descent and is a variation of a Gaelic version. So I am pleased that both are related. I do get very tired of the "Cowboys" and Texas jokes. Very few people know the meaning of the name.

09/03/2023 01:50:38

planing on naming my 5th child Dallas if It's a boy!!!

08/30/2023 09:23:00

I'm named Dallas, and yes, I defin'tely get the Texas thing. Worse though, is that my brother's name is Austin, so we always get asked if we were born in'texas, by almost anyone who ever meets us. My mom just liked the names, and had no intention of torturing us with this gag. All the'same, I love the name, and wouldn't want any other.

08/28/2023 03:53:44

I'm 23 who lives in Oklahoma and my name is Dallas! I absolutely love my name. Like many of the comments, people remember me easily. I also have blue hair so there's that! I was born in Houston, most of my family was in Tulsa so my mother named me Dallas because Dallas is between'tulsa and Houstob!

08/23/2023 01:03:00

I am a 17 year old girl named Dallas. I love my name! It is so unique for a girl and everyone I know loves my name. I think it is a really cute name for a girl! :)

07/29/2023 01:48:38

We named our son Dalton back in 2005 never heard the name before roadhouse....We love the name it fits him well and better yet he loves it cause he is the only person with this name is our area....

07/20/2023 07:05:32

Yes Yes Yes I love the name hello it is after all mi name

07/08/2023 17:04:24

This is my sons name - we shorten it to Nate. Yeah people think its nathan/daniel - but i soon correct them. since he was born, in 2020 - we've had 5 family's copy us and have nathaniel/nates of their own. I think it gives him some individuality and its 100x times better than the common jayden/brayden/hayden - its a beautiful dignified name and im proud to love one. hes 5 and loves his name :)

06/25/2023 15:47:16

my name is dallas I'm a girl born in 1997..still get the'stupid questions somebody already covered "born in, cowboys fans, the'show..." people do always remember it. i've met several men named dallas but no other girls.

06/18/2023 09:13:04

I think he would have kept more of his credibility, it didn't help that he dieend it. But that was just a small difference, it only got so much attention because he was con'tantly changing his look. I don't know why he or anybody feels they need plastic surgery. But i think even if he hadn't had so much surgery the media would have found some other reason'to discrimin'te again't him. So I don't think our lives would be too largely affected by him n't getting plastic surgery

06/14/2023 02:39:02

my name is dallas my dad loves the cow boys and my first word was touchdown im 10 and lovin life

05/30/2023 12:20:06

My name is blaze, my son's name is Dallas, can you give me an explicit meaning of Dallas. Thanks your's sincerely blaze

05/28/2023 13:18:46

We named our second son Ephraim. I loved it and still do. He does get upset sometimes because It's hard to pronounce and everyone he meets who tries he has to stop and help them and he's a busy boy who is always on the move.

05/19/2023 22:24:54

i've never really thought of Dallas as a name, At the moment im pregnant and have chosen Austin for a boy, and my dad came up with dallas for a second boy, but i have come to love the name and decided if this one is a girl, Dallas will be her name. Also the whole "texas city" thing was n't on my mind when i decided on austin, but my parents like the idea of austin and dallas for 2 brothe's. But i would rather go with one or the other'so girl dallas, boy austin!

05/19/2023 22:07:16

My husband and I are expecting our first child! My husband and his family being Dallas Cowboy fan always said that when he have our first girl he wanted to name her Dallas. His family and mine both absolutely love the name! She's coming to see us in December 2020 and we can't wait!! I love it!!!

05/11/2023 18:05:50

One of my male students is named Dallas. Every one comments on his name and he has a great personality.

05/05/2023 03:41:28

Me and my husband named our daughter Dallas. Yes we love the cowboys but it also just fits her'so perfectly. She is the only girl with the name Dallas in our town. I wanted her to have something cute and a name you don't hear of everyday.

05/04/2023 17:59:34

I'm a 14 year old girl named Dallas. People always ask me if I'm from Texas and teache's are surprised when'they call attendance or if I tell them my name. I'm not a huge fan of my name right now, but at least no one spells it wrong. i've never met anyone with the'same name as me.

04/22/2023 23:16:18

im a young mom with a baby boy on'the way and absoultly love the name Dallas. Im thinking of Dallas Lawrence.. any ideas❤️

03/31/2023 22:33:56

I really love Dallas as a boys name and if I ever have a son I am planning to name him this. I would n't choose a middle name as I think Dallas is such an amazing name on its own and does n't need an'thing else to make It'special.

02/10/2023 01:33:22

I named my Daughter Dallas after her grandfather. Everyone calls her a boy! Her name is Dallas Rae...I love it..but I am having trouble finding a name to go with it for my baby on'the way...

02/07/2023 21:14:38

i named my baby girl Dallas this year because it just popped in my head and i live in New Zealand

02/03/2023 19:40:22

I'm a girl named Dallas and I love it. It's original and people think its so original I have thousands of nicknames because of my name like, Dally, dallydoo, dilly dally, dallass, Texas, Houston, fort worth, everything you can'think of Ive heard it lol I enjoy it though. :)

02/01/2023 15:21:38

We are thinking of naming our child Abbigail. I was surprised to read the comments about being uneducated. How is insulting someone's education or spelling helpful❤️ Most names over time have changed because of spelling and factors like lesser educated families. It's a part of how names evolve.

01/28/2023 14:05:00

I absolutely LOVE this name, I'm expecting, n't sure if boy or girl yet but if It's a little girl I'm naming "Dallas Noel":)

01/23/2023 17:24:34

I named my son Dallas. I actually had his middle name picked out first "jordan" and was trying to figure out a first name. I think Dallas Jordan is a great name and so far he's a great almost 6 year old!But like othe's said he gets called Fort Worth, Austin, Springfield...whatever city comes to mind, lol

01/22/2023 05:33:18

I would like to name my son Dallas and his nickname would be Dally from my absolute favorite book,movie,and tv series,The Outsiders!#1 Fan!

01/15/2023 04:51:46

n't only is my name Dallas but it is Dallas Starr. I went to school with 1 other boy named Dallas and once I recahed High school there was a girl Named Dallas (she even had a crush on me...... creepy). I love my name though, it always gets good comments and everyone seems to remember it. Seeings how I had red heair I was called Dall-ass, Salad, carrot top, Archie... you name it. I would n't want any other name

01/12/2023 23:40:08

okay, take it from me whos name is dallas, DONT NAME UR DAUGHTERS DALLAS! she will hate u for life. my name is dallas, and i cant stand it.

01/11/2023 20:02:36

I'm a 46 yr old female named Dallas living in Norfolk, UK. i've had the'same problems with the tv programme and have been asked if I was named after it, which is nice considering how old I am! Hated my name as a child but like it now, always a talking point!

12/11/2022 15:30:30

I am 55 year old woman. When I was very young I really wanted to blend in and be a Mary or a Susan. I hated when I was asked if I was from Texas(I am not). Now, I love the name. I am constantly complimented. Only drawback - it is easily remembered and I am very bad at remembering othe's names when first introduced. I also love that it is a non-biblical name. The Catholic church wouldn't baptise me because my middle name was my mothe's maiden name - the church made my parents add a "Christian" name'so my birth certificate and baptI'mal certificate have different names. My paternal grandmother insisted on always using my Christian name Ruth along with Dallas when ever'she wrote to me. Since a young age whenever I would write my full name - I also included my middle Initial A.. My name has been of great benefit in my adult life. I was 30 years old before I'met another woman with my name.

11/16/2022 22:44:04

I hated my name from the day I knew it was also a city. I always got teased for it and it changed me for the rest of my life. I am currently in high school and it is much better than elementary school. No matter what grade I was in or who I hung around with they always teased me an'thing from the football team and the cheerleaders (I am a girl) to very crule things I'd rather n't say. I have run into a few Dallases considering I was named after a boy Dallas but ever'since I was in'the'same classroom with an'ther Dallas I like being different. It is nice to have a unique name because when people say Dallas I almost always know they are talking to me. I have started to grow on'the name but I am still n't to fond of it. Everyone says it is a really cool name but the things you go through when you have a "different" name is horrible. I think someday I will like it but I'm n't there yet.

10/27/2022 21:55:56

We are naming our baby boy Desmond in October and we just love the name!

10/10/2022 12:01:20

i read the book "the outsiders" and i fell in lvoe with dallas win'ton

10/03/2022 17:47:44

I love my name because it is unique. People comment on it all the time.

09/28/2022 03:11:40

I am a female and my name is Dallas and I love it! It is so unique and memorable. People remember me easily.

09/27/2022 03:58:38

I know a guy by the name of Dallas. It makes me think of someone blonde, good looking and intelligent. He is the only Dallas wherever he goes and nobody ever forgets his name.

08/06/2022 15:26:24

My name is Dallas and I love it!! People tell me all the time that they love it. My dad is a HUGE Cowboys fan and so am I!!! So Go Cowboys!! I love this name it really fits my personality. I have met many guys named Dallas and 1 girl but she'spells it Dallis.

07/31/2022 07:33:00

My son name is Dallas. He loves it because he always refere to himself as Dallas, kind of the way Elmo refers to himself

05/21/2022 02:19:48

I am naming my son Dallas. Both my brother and my father had the name Dale and since they have both passed away, I want to honor them but make it unique at the'same time so I think Dallas is perfect.

05/20/2022 20:50:24

My great, great grandfather was named Dallas Batchelder. He was born in 1844 in a small, remote farming village - Deerfield, New Hampshire.

04/16/2022 20:39:36

my name is dallas anad i don't like it most of the time but somestimes i love that no one has it

03/20/2022 13:31:12

my name is dallas.people ushally spell it dalles or dallis. when i say my name people say your name is allis and i say no.i have never met any one with the name dallas

02/27/2022 18:50:42

I named my daughter in 2021, Dallas. I think it fits her personality and she represent it well. Even'though as a baby, many people assumed that my baby was a boy, but guess what guys! It's a girl. It is hard to not remember her name.

02/09/2022 22:37:30

I'm a 65 year old woman named Dallas. I was named for the city in Texas back when naming kids for cities and states was not popular. I hated being "Dallas" when all my friend were Lori and Judy and Sally. But you know what❤️ It's worked well for me. Nobody I'meet forgets my name. They may forget my face, but they never forget my name.

12/08/2021 01:05:06

Growing up I didn't really like my name. But after growing to adulthood I realized it takes a special person to be a Dallas. It feels good to have an non-biblical name.

10/23/2021 00:40:48

My name is Dallas & over the years I have received alot of lovely compliments on what a beautiful name I have got. I was born in 1979 & I feel so lucky my Mum & Dad gave me this name. To all the lucky people named Dallas, your parents had great taste for naming their baby Dallas!

09/01/2021 05:11:42

I absolutely love being named Dallas! It's so beautiful and fits my personality perfectly

07/20/2021 07:49:12

I'm a girl named Dallas and I LOVE IT! I get comments all the time on how pretty and original it is. People always seem to remember it, spell it right, and pronounce it correctly, a huge plus! Of course I get teased every once in a while, I practically grew up as "Texas" and "Cowboy" and I hear an occasional good-n'tured "Dall-ass" from time to time, but It's n't a big deal. Overall: unique, easy to say, spell, remember, and never confused with anyone else!

07/11/2021 00:33:36

I love my name! It is kind of timeless, having never been particularly in fashion, so It'shouldn't age me too much as I get older (currently I am 37). I used to get teased at school, and of course especially when'the'show Dallas was big. Some of the teasing I received was (at primary school) "Dallas, Dallas, Crystal Palace", which is actually quite nice now I see it in print. The in'tials of my middle and last names are J R, so Dallas J.R. copped me a bit of flak at school. My parents had been living in'the Australian city of Darwin when I was conceived, but we left when I was six. However, when I returned as an adult, I came across a huge amount of other Dallases, all around the'same age, so in'that city of 45,000 (at the time) it was somehow a popular name. I have found that when a person pronounces my name "Dull Arse" he has ALWAYS turned out to be an enemy, so It'seems to be useful as a gauge that way.

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Dallas FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Dallas?
The origin of the name Dallas is Scottish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Dallas?
From The Dales, The Valley Meadows
*️⃣ How many people are named Dallas?
Almost 76000 people are named Dallas.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Dallas?
The names of James, Daniel, David, Daniela, Daniella