Frances meaning

: Free one.

Frances Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \f-ran-ces, fr(a)-nces\
Number of People 👶 596,000
Rate in 2021 823
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Latin , English
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Frances Name Meaning

The name Frances has a rich history and carries profound meaning. Derived from the Latin name Franciscus, it is often associated with qualities such as strength, independence, and resilience.

Frances has both masculine and feminine variations, with the female version being more commonly used. It gained popularity in the English-speaking world during the 19th century and has remained a classic choice for parents seeking a timeless name for their child.

The name Frances is believed to have originated from the medieval Italian name "Francesco," which means "Frenchman" or "free one." This connection to France reflects its association with freedom, liberty, and a sense of adventure.

Throughout history, individuals bearing the name Frances have made significant contributions in various fields. From renowned authors like Frances Hodgson Burnett to influential figures like Saint Francis of Assisi, this name carries an air of distinction and intellectual prowess.

In contemporary times, those named Frances are often described as intelligent, compassionate individuals who possess strong leadership qualities. They are known for their determination and ability to overcome challenges with grace.

Whether you are considering naming your child Frances or simply curious about its origins, understanding its meaning can add depth and significance to this timeless moniker. Embrace the heritage behind this powerful name that embodies strength, freedom, and an enduring spirit.

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Frances Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Frances
Additional description of the name Frances
The name Frances has a rich history and can be traced back to the medieval period. It gained popularity in English-speaking countries during the 19th century and has remained a classic choice for parents seeking a timeless and elegant name for their daughters.

Cool Info About Name Frances

Additional name description Frances
Additional name description Frances
Famous people named Frances include Frances McDormand, an Academy Award-winning actress known for her roles in films such as Fargo and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Another notable figure is Frances Hodgson Burnett, an English-American author known for writing beloved children's novels like The Secret Garden and Little Lord Fauntleroy.
Frances has maintained a steady level of popularity over the years, often appearing in the top 500 names for girls in the United States. It is a name that exudes sophistication and charm, making it a popular choice for parents who appreciate classic and timeless names.
Individuals named Frances are often described as strong-willed, independent, and creative. They possess a natural sense of curiosity and have a deep appreciation for the arts. With their free-spirited nature, they often inspire others to embrace their own individuality and pursue their passions.
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Comments on the name Frances
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Frances. I'm in my 50s and when I was a child I didn't like having such an unusual name. I had to grow into it and now I think It'suits me -- unusual and slightly old-fashioned. Also am driven mad by people who spell it "Francis", even when responding to messages where i'very clearly signed my name. I don't like being called Fran but wouldn't mind Franny, but nobody does. My favorite literary counterpart is the character Francie in A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love the name Frances! It's fantastic being called Granny Franny when You're nine years old. It's wonderful that the only people you know named Frances are aunts and grandmothe's. Now that I'm forty and fabulous, I'm also forty and Frances...finally living up to my fab Francesness.

12/06/2023 23:46:36

Lots of people spell it Francis. Ignorance! I like my name :)

11/10/2023 22:40:30

not ONLY old people. im 12 and its my middle name. gosh i REALLY hate it. its just not me.

10/13/2023 17:50:56

my mums called frances in my opinion i think its a nice classic name ok its an old name but its not a boring old name like rebekah.

09/25/2023 07:15:08

i've had this name for 84 years, but for the first 5 years I was called Shashie because that's how I pronounced it. So when I started to school I couldn't get used to being called Frances. Seemed like they were talking about someone else. It's always been kind of a problem and I thought I hated the name, but after all these years I'm getting used to it at last and even beginning to like it. It's rather elegant. I was named for an aunt whose name was Francesca. I like that better. I hate it when someone spells it with an "i" and I always say, "E" is in "her," "I" is in "him."

07/29/2023 09:44:44

My middle name is Frances but was always called "Frankie". I hated it growing up and insisted on being called by my first name. Now I'm 43 and really like the name as it is feminine yet tomboyish....just like me :)

07/09/2023 12:45:50

I'm a Frances, and again have had problems with the I when I correct people they ask me if I'm sure❤️❤️❤️ Eh yeah I think I know how to spell my name. On the other hand my surname is Smyth once again people spell with an I. i've always liked my name although it is an I'm older name i've known quite a few Frances but as a lot of Irish men are called Frank a lot of girls are called after their fathe's, except for me mines a Brendan my parents just liked the name. ❤

06/29/2023 07:39:38

I love my name'so much I think it is very pretty .

06/09/2023 00:41:12

I love my name. It's not common amongst my peers but Isn't unusual and there❤️s loads of nicknames. I regularly have to correct the'spelling from the male version which I don't mind. Personally, I found it was free from any connotations and expectations so I could just be me.

04/06/2023 23:44:48

My mom, on her fifth baby, Frances, had a still birth. She'said that'she looked like all of us, Monica, Hannah(me), Jacob and Emily. Now we have three more kids, Gabriel, Bridget and Sophia.

04/03/2023 22:51:44

It is my name and I feel it is awkward to say. I tell people my name is Fran (marginally better). My middle name is Renee which is no better to go by. I prefer and have considered Donna which is my grandmother's name. Then I could be Donna Frances which I like a lot.

04/02/2023 04:32:32

I'm a Frances Adele but like to be called fran. I never liked my name growing up because no one else was called it. From time to time I'meet a few with the'same name but there are not many of us. I find it a strong name and only us Frances can pull it off. It's unique and that's what I like about it now.

02/09/2023 20:33:36

I'm Frances and I like my name, but I hate it when people think I'm a guy and spell it with an I- I'm pretty sure that any other Frances (when'the name Isn't popular) has had this experience! I'm 12, so it Isn't just old people who have this name, though I AM named after my great-aunt..

01/09/2023 02:48:00

the nickname lexi is the name Alexa Jade!

01/04/2023 05:32:18

I love my name...and tend to correct people who spell it with a I, since that is usually used for men named Francis. Although I have a namesake...and they used a I! That's ok. I am named after my father who was Frank. I never met a Frances that I didn't like, and there aren't many who I have met. There is a Frances buried close to my father.

12/26/2022 14:20:48

My name is Frances and I absolutely love it. I'll be honest and say that I wasn't thrilled about it when I was a kid and attended school with all the Jennies, Stephanies and Britannys, but now I really appreciate the uniqueness of the name.

12/16/2022 11:53:18

They still think I'm a female. When at Doctors office they look confused when only Im the only one in the office. I just smile.

11/09/2022 00:35:18

Only older woman here are called Frances. Nicknames tend to be Fran,Franny,Francie,Fancy.

11/05/2022 20:28:16

I never liked it. It doesn't have a ring with my last name. I hated it more when I found out my father named me.(another'story). I don't mind being called Fran, Francie,even Francine but DON'T CALL ME Frannie. When I was a kid I got 'Francis the talking mule' from the movie.

10/28/2022 22:01:52

My older'sister's name is Frances. She is like her name: unique and old-fashioned. Now she is a grandmother and have six grandchildren and they cal her Granny Franny. But no one else calls her other way than Frances. No diminutives, no other forms, she's just a Frances for all the people besides her grandchildren. And no one calls her Francis.

10/23/2022 13:36:06

The reason the 'older' generation has no idea what you are saying is that "Jaylen" is not a name.

09/28/2022 19:21:30

I'm a Frances and I love my name...until it gets shortened to Fran, Fan, Francie, Fannie, Frannie, Frankie, or any other corruption. And yes, it is often misspelled with an "i". I thought I was the only one with that name until I became an adult. Then'there were two other where I worked, and three othe's in my club!

07/30/2022 15:59:42

I'm 17 and I live my name, although I do have It'shortened most of the time to Fran. However this is mainly because my best friends name is also Frances and we have been friends since we were four and our birthdays are actually around two weeks apart. We also found it weird how of all the people in our area we two of the'same name ended up going to the'same school and being the bestest of friends! Although I will admit that when I'meet people (even if they don't know my best friend) I tell them my name is 'Fran', mainly because I'm so used to that name now I suppose.

05/05/2022 04:46:30

I am a Frances too. I hated my name growing up. It was an old persons name and not pretty. I wanted to be called Abigale but I wasn't allowed to change my name. It didn't help that my middle names are Norma Louise! I have now excepted and grow into it.

04/10/2022 03:37:12

I'm Frances and i love my name. Not man people have that name and you cant ever get mixed up with sum1 else:D

01/01/2022 05:11:42

I dont here of many people called Frances, think that it is a lovely name for a little girl, also sounds good for a grown up. Its a classic, very tasteful. UK)

10/17/2021 17:29:42

My name is Frances and I think it is a very pretty name,but 90 percent of the people spell it like a boys name. I hate it when some people pronounce it Franches and I quickly correct them. I love my name and think it is pretty because my mother'said I was a beautiful baby and deserved a beautiful name.

09/22/2021 20:54:54

My grandma's name was Frances and I would name a daughter Frances if I have one. I like family names because whether It's popular or unpopular, it doesn't matter!

09/16/2021 15:46:12

My name's Frances. i've never really liked it much. Everyone calls me Fran, which I kind of like. Some people call me Frankie, like all my best friends. Which I love a lot. I wish people would call me Frankie more often! It really annoys me when people spell it with an "i" like a boys' name. But luckily it doesn't happen very often! :)

09/09/2021 10:50:06

Frances is my name and lots of people call me Fran and Frannie but what I hate the most is Francie or Francine I HATE it. And I also hate when people spell it the boy way Francis but besides that I really like my name its tomboyish and I hang out with boys most of my time so I like it.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Frances?
The origin of the name Frances is Latin , English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Frances?
Free one.
*️⃣ How many people are named Frances?
Almost 596000 people are named Frances.
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The names of Calix