Georgina meaning

: farmer or earth worker.

Georgina Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ge(o)-rgi-na, geor-gina\
Number of People 👶 16,000
Rate in 2021 2475
Numerology 🔢 13
Name origin 🌍 English , Greek
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Georgina Name Meaning

The name Georgina, of Old Greek origin, translates to "farmer" or "earth worker". This implies an individual with qualities of renewability, growth, vitality, resilience and fertility, manifesting life's fundamental forces.

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Georgina Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Georgina
Additional description of the name Georgina

 Georgina is the feminine equivalent of George, originating from the Greek name "Georgios". The name became popularized in England in the 18th century. With influences from lovable and admired personalities like Georgina Chapman, the name retains an enduring charm till date.

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Additional name description Georgina
Additional name description Georgina

Georgina maintains a degree of popularity among parents for its timeless appeal. Notable people bearing this name include Georgina Haig, an Australian film and television actress, and Georgina Chapman, an English fashion designer and actress. The name evokes a calm, meticulously coordinated, resilient, and friendly personality bearing natural charisma and assertiveness. It manages to seamlessly blend classic allure with contemporary sound.

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Comments on the name Georgina
01/14/2024 00:00:00

im called georgia but i'd prefer to be called georgina It'sounds more grown up. i got called georgie by my irish english teacher but thats it.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our 2nd daughter Zelda and everyone loves it. She is only three, but lives up to such a "big" name

12/26/2023 22:48:56

I can't stand it! I always get called Georgia. I go by Georgie most days and my family call me George. Would have preferred to be called Gina though. Georgina just sounds horrible.

12/25/2023 11:50:34

My names Georgina, born in 2000, from the UK tho. I never use to like it neither no all my peeps call me Gina or G, my familia call me George, Georgie, G, Gigi. Love the name god gave me has a beautiful meaning that really does resonate with my personality. X :)

12/24/2023 11:27:00

My Name is Georgina I'm 13 Years Old Sometimes I Like My name'sometimes I don't all my cousins call me Georgie I rlly don't like it but oh well also I like being called Gabi or Gina so yea...

12/19/2023 23:53:12

My name is Georgina, I used to absolutely want a new name i always said I would change it when I got old enough. But I really like my name. My friends call me Gina, Georgie, E-OR and my family call me George, Geor Geor or Georgie. People never be ashamed off a name it is the first thing that your parents give you is something to treasure for life :)

11/19/2023 10:02:46

I know a Georgina who is called GG. It's a nice alternative

11/13/2023 23:51:12

I'm a Georgie, always have been (other than a brief spell as a 5 year old when I insisted on adding a loud 'NA' whenever anyone called me Georgie!) and always will be. Ok, It's Georgina on paper and most people do just call me George... I have grown to love my name (although I unfortunately married into the name'spencer which makes my name'sound as if I ought to be a Lady or Duche's- as in the movie!). As a kid I thought it was awful and people so often mishear and call me Georgia (which drives me mad, for some reason), Jodie or even Geordie (I don't think I lisp!!) It is amazing how many spelling mistakes have been made over my 32 years, too! I was named after my mothe's parents- George and Ena- perfect! I can't deny the name'suits me : )

11/03/2023 22:51:52

I was a kid in the 80's when Boy George was big & Wham, plus there was the nursery rhyme Georgie Porgy pudding & pie, as a little girl you don't want to hear that you've got a boys name, other kids at the time thought it was an ugly name & it didn't do wonders for my confidence. It's only as I got older that it had benefits, such as sounding quite a professional name, handy in interviews, but I prefer to be called Gina, more aproachable.

11/02/2023 12:46:24

My name's Georgina and I absolutely love it now! Growing up I hated it and a lot of people didn't really pronounce it right. My mother calls me George and most of my friends call me Gina. Nice to be a lady at times and go all out with Georgina though!

10/29/2023 18:50:36

I like it - though I am mainly called Georgie. Nice to have the choice though...Georgina is what I use when being formal or want to sound mor grown up!

09/23/2023 17:20:26

Hi, my names Georgia, and I think its really pretty name, I used to dislike so I got my friends to call me Gina or Georgie. But now I love the name xxx

09/15/2023 04:47:38

I'am a Latina living in the United States & I have learned to love my name, I was named after my mom it was my grandmothe's last wish before she died. :) i'am completely in love with the uniqueness of the name.

07/29/2023 17:05:34

My name is Georgina and I never know if people are serious or not when'they claim to like my name. I often wonder what one thinks of when'they hear it for the first time.

07/25/2023 14:38:24


05/20/2023 20:09:46

My best friend is called Georgina. It kind of suits her, but i dont think of Georgina as being a very feminine name, and she is quite girly. But her friends and family all caller her Gini, which suits her :) pronounced (jee-nee) :D x

05/12/2023 06:08:48

my names georgina but i get called george for short which i prefer i dot mind my name although its annoying when people spell it wrong for example gorgeina georgena

05/03/2023 03:29:36

Georgy is a great name because It'stands out and sounds inter'sting!

03/30/2023 06:18:10

when i was younger, i used to be teased to no end... marble cake, maple syrup, and not to mention the rhyming. But now I'm older, I'm still yet to meet another person with the name mabel, and i've come to appreciate its uniqueness... :)

03/08/2023 22:20:54

I am called Georgina and I used to hate it when I was younger but now I'm a bit older, I love it, but I'might just change my name anyways

03/03/2023 20:58:20

i love my name. its not so common either especially in the continent of Africa. my friends like calling me Ginna though

02/14/2023 06:03:58

My daughter is Giorgina and I love her name. The best part is no one has this spelling and her name if not misspelled that often

01/16/2023 12:53:48

My name is Georgina, and I used to hate it but it has gradually grown on me! I'm usually called Georgie by friends and George by family. But the'school I go to has a lot of people called Georgia, which I often end up getting called, and can no longer be bothered to correct!

01/04/2023 11:42:36

my name is georgina but i find it really boring and would have prefered a more unique or beautiful name

12/19/2022 06:36:04

HI'my name is Georgina and I used to hate being called Georgina so I got all my friends to call me Gina. I have had spelling mistakes on cards and letters. Not only that I get people asking me how to spell my name. Now I feel good about myself because it is a name not a lot of people have.

11/29/2022 06:40:50

I used to hate it when I was younger, but now I'm starting to love the uniqueness of it (I am from Spain and It's not really common here, so it gets mispelled most of the time). My grandpa used to call me Georgie, as well as my first boyfriend haha. Now my friends they just call me Gina or Ginie or Gigi.

01/20/2022 15:50:42

I like my name of Georgina, but many people often mispronouce it as "Gorgina" which greatly annoys me. My friends call me Georgie as it is more casual. It is correctly pronounced "Jor-gee-na". I know a few othe's with the'same name as me.

01/10/2022 17:01:48

georgina NN georgine, gina, georgia, geo, george, georgie

10/06/2021 19:48:18

A friend of mine is named Georgina. We call her Georgie as well. Fun girl.


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Georgina FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Georgina?
The origin of the name Georgina is English , Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Georgina?
farmer or earth worker.
*️⃣ How many people are named Georgina?
Almost 16000 people are named Georgina.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Georgina?
The names of Giselle, Gisselle, Gisele, Gisella, Jisela