Gina Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \jee-nuh\
Number in U.S 👶 153,000
Rate in 2021 2924
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Gina Name Origin and History

"Gina" is a popular name for girls that has Greek origin. Meaning of the name Gina is: "Queen".

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Comments on the name Gina
3/10/2023 2:01:24 PM

My name is Gina and I love it! People often'try to spell it with variations of "Jean", or ask if It's short for "Regina" (mostly by the older generation), but I don't mind. i've met very few people with the'same name and love that It's fairly unique.

3/8/2023 10:56:10 PM

My name is Gina, named after Princess Gina Von Amberg from Days of our lives, and I love how my name is kind of unique. I have not met any people with the'same name as me, 1-3 girls. And i've always thought it was a name for someone older, seeing as I'm 16. And i've sometimes been asked if it was short for Regina, when my full given name is Gina.

3/8/2023 5:38:46 PM

I named my daughter Jeanna Rae. Everyone always told me they thought it was a very pretty name. Especially the way I spelled it. Although, no one could ever'seem to pronounce it correctly, which for the life of me I could never understand. She will be 33 years old this August, 2019, and people still can't pronounce it. There is one other person that I know of with the name Jeanna spelled this way. But, I have never known anyone named "G i n a", with this spelling.

3/5/2023 10:17:46 AM

Gina is my name & I love it!!! NEVER ever have been called any gynecological nicknames as I was born in 1976 & life wasn't as crude growing up as it is now. BTW, i've met more Gina's over the past 5 years and every one is beautiful!

2/24/2023 10:52:32 AM

I LOVE the name Gina - except for the'spelling. My mothe's name was Dena & fathe's name Jerry - so i named my daughter "Jeina" - because my name'starts with a J also - i wanted a J. People often pronounce it "Jenna" tho, i just correct them :)

2/7/2023 7:08:14 AM

My name is Gina and i like being unique and all, It's a very pretty name, but some guys in my class tease me by calling me slang for a woman's private part. i know i will like it much more when i am older because people won't be so I'mature.

2/1/2023 2:43:24 AM

My name is Gina Marie and I'm currently in high school, i've never met another person named Gina (or regina). I hate all the I'mature jokes that I'm sure everyone with this name has experienced, however, I also was called A nig-which is Gina idea why this would be funny considering I'm quite white...also people always want to pronounce it as Je-nuh for some reason.

1/23/2023 8:00:18 AM

My name is Gina and I love my name. I'm Italian and I love the fact that I have an Italian name. It means "Queen," "Pure," or "Virgin" in Latin.

1/16/2023 10:00:26 PM

I have always liked my name Gina Lynn. It's unique and I enjoy that!

1/9/2023 1:40:26 PM

This is my name, It's ok, but I ALWAYS have to corect it.

11/3/2022 8:48:42 AM

My name is Gina. I wanted something more common & less 'grown-up' as a child since my friends had cute little names in the 80s, but I like it now. It is easy to remember, everyone knows the name although there are not a lot of us. As one other person mentioned, people often'try to spell it with a J for some reason.

10/27/2022 3:10:22 PM

My name is Gina Rachele & I love my name! People do sometimes call me Genie or spell it with a J, but other then'that i've always been complimented on my name. I have met a few other Gina's but I was the only one in school growing up.

10/19/2022 8:33:12 PM

This is my name. I am also a Hannah Elizabeth, but I don't use both. I hate P\ people call me Hannah Banana or Hannah Montana. Ug it was one of the MOST popular names when I was born. i've know over 14 different Hannah's and even met two with my middle name as well and one of them even had the'same last initial...creepy huh?

10/16/2022 12:16:20 AM

My name is Gina and I am 26 years old. I have always loved my name. There were few Gina's in my school classes growing up, so I was the only one. It is a great name!

7/28/2022 8:59:24 PM

I didnt like it much when i was younger, however now at age 18 its grown apart of me, i really enjoy it now.

7/18/2022 2:57:36 AM

My name is Gina and I love it. It's not common, but not weird either.

7/7/2022 6:04:48 PM

Its always spelled and pronounced wrong. You thing if they can say "Regina" then'they could say "Gina"..... Its the'same thing!!

6/14/2022 2:40:30 PM

I'm called Gina and love it. I think It'sounds great and It's relatively uncommon. So far my name hasn't be spelled, or pronounced, wrong by anyone at all.

4/9/2022 8:18:00 PM

I love having the name Gina..It's such a pretty name and It's popularity is perfect. It's not as popular as the name "ashley" so you stand out more..and It's not so unpopular that there is no one else with it. It's PERFECT...I'm 17 and trust me your daughter would love this name too!!

4/5/2022 7:24:54 AM

I am very suprised by my name's apparent decline in popularity over the years. It would seem to me the name was never that popular in the first place. As a kid, I was usually the only Gina. At the most, one of two. Now, as a teacher, I think I see the'same number of Ginas in school.

3/25/2022 2:24:18 AM

My name is Gina. Gina Marie... Love it! Go for it!

7/23/2021 1:42:00 AM

My name is also Gina Marie. It's unique, italian, and I think It's a pretty name. I'd say the only negative part of this name is the I'mature teenage guys nicknames for you, jy-nah, and all sorts of names like that.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gina?
The origin of the name Gina is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Gina?
*️⃣ How many people are named Gina?
Almost 153000 people are named Gina.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Gina?
The names of Olivia, Sophia, Daniel, Grayson, Grace