Hazel meaning

: The Hazel Tree

Hazel Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ha-zel\
Number of People 👶 269,000
Rate in 2021 91
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Hazel Name Meaning

The name Hazel carries an enchanting aura that captivates the hearts of those who bear it. Derived from nature itself, this name holds a rich and profound meaning that resonates with its bearers.

Rooted in Old English origins, the name Hazel is derived from the word "haesel," which refers to the hazelnut tree. Symbolizing wisdom, protection, and knowledge, this name embodies a deep connection to nature's beauty and resilience.

Just like the hazelnut tree stands tall amidst changing seasons, individuals named Hazel exude strength and adaptability. They possess an innate ability to navigate through life's challenges with grace and determination.

Hazel also carries connotations of clarity and insight. Those who bear this name often possess a keen intellect and a unique perspective on life. They have a natural curiosity that drives them to seek knowledge and unravel the mysteries of the world around them.

Furthermore, individuals named Hazel are known for their warm-heartedness and compassion. They have an innate ability to empathize with others' struggles, offering support and guidance when needed. Their nurturing nature creates an environment of love and understanding wherever they go.

In conclusion, the name Hazel is more than just a collection of letters; it is a reflection of one's character traits and inner beauty. With its ties to nature's wisdom and resilience, this name embodies strength, intellect, compassion, and love – qualities that make it truly remarkable.

Hazel Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Hazel
Additional description of the name Hazel



Cool Info About Name Hazel

Additional name description Hazel
Additional name description Hazel

Hazel Name Qualities

Hazel is a very emotional and creative woman. She has the facility to adapt to new situations, whatever they may be. In addition, having a great power of concentration, Hazel is capable of carrying out any type of project.

To this, we must add that Hazel highly values ​​solitude. She likes to spend time alone to think and to create. Of course, this does not mean that Hazel is an asocial person, on the contrary, she is a very friendly and sociable woman who likes to go out and be with her friends.

Likewise, Hazel is a woman who cares about what lies beyond what the eye can see. In addition, she likes to feel admired and highly valued for her work.

Hazel in love:

Hazel is quite liberal thinking and believes in free love, so it will be very difficult to make Hazel settle down. Mind you, if she truly falls in love, she won't have eyes for another person.

Hazel in the family:

Hazel knows that family comes first. She is the one who is there when you need her most. And that is why she feels a great attachment to the family and she always has to be aware of what is happening in the family.

As a mother, Hazel will be protective, but also a very good educator since her upbringing will be based on respect and trust.

Hazel at work:

Being such a creative and impulsive person, Hazel is made for jobs that are directly related to art. Painter, sculptor, art dealer …, everything that is related to art will be good for her.


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Comments on the name Hazel
01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is my name. I love it. It'suits any age group. I love my name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my 9 year old daughter Hazel and apart from the occasion "hazel nut" teasing from one particular girl which Hazel deals with gracefully, she has no problems. I love it and so does she bercause it is unusual without being outlandish

12/26/2023 08:24:54

Although I love names that are unique and not heard much, I never liked my name Hazel. As a kid I was always teased (hazel nut, witch hazel, hazel the maid). When I became a parent I'made sure I picked names for my kids that were unique, but ones that could not easily be made fun of.

12/20/2023 04:00:04

Yes... Likely... The easier, the better... All ingenious is simple. or

12/03/2023 12:18:44

My name is Hazel, though most people don't seem to be able to remember it. I get called 'Helen' (which I can't stand), or 'Heather' (my Mother's name). For years I loathed my name because it was so rare, and used to get very upset as a child that I couldn't find my name on any commercial gifts like mugs, keyrings etc. I was 13 before I'met another 'Hazel'. Now, aged 40 I don't mind it, let's face it, there's not a lot I can do about it, and I wouldn't want to. It kind of suits me, I have golden brown hair and brown eyes, and, judging by some of the'stupid names kids are landed with, I think, I got off relatively lucky!

11/29/2023 03:41:16

This is a beautiful name. This is one of the names that I am considering if I am blessed with a daughter.

09/08/2023 04:59:00

If we have another girl, I want to name her Hazel. I think that those who would prefer Hannah, Heather, or Hilary are boring and common. I love unique old names!!!

09/01/2023 08:41:58

I love the name Hazel, because it is the name of a wonderful woman that I have loved for the last 33 years. It is a beautiful name, elegant, and yes, uncommon. She has been called Heidi and other names, but my name is Michael and i've been called other names as well by those who just can't remember names very well.

08/20/2023 02:13:22

We just named our daughter Kailey Rose. We love the name and have had lots of compliments. There are so many was hard to decide! I have read that the'spelling Kaylee is very common followed by Kailey. I love names that end in ...ey.

08/17/2023 12:48:00

my name is hazel and I'm 26. i've only ever met one other who was a generation older. I love having an unusual name but no-one can spell it! i've had hazle hassel. hazele, halze and all sorts of othe's

08/16/2023 04:28:20

my name is hazel i likeit actually but some of my classmates like to tease me by saying 'hazelnut' which i reeaallly don't like to hear it but i still love the name'hazel...

08/11/2023 21:54:18

I love this name, while it is an older fashion name I think its beautiful and unique just the'same.

07/29/2023 20:19:32

I named my daughter Hazel (I wanted to be one of those awful parents and name her Hazelnut, but a nurse made fun of me.) I love the name, it fits her perfectly, and everyone I'meet loves it.

07/29/2023 14:26:52

I love the name Sadie Hazel for a little girl

06/11/2023 15:52:22

The name is of African descent. Not a true Hawai'ian name but It's cute for a girl.

05/30/2023 01:27:40

My name is Hazel and I like my name... My friends call me Hazelnut but I didn't take It'seriously.... And I'm proud to be named Hazel :)

05/21/2023 03:48:14

My daughters name is hazel and everyone loves her name. I hate that it is becoming more popular....

05/16/2023 15:03:54

It's my name. I don't really like it much, gee, thanks mum. Haha. Great, some of the comments have made me upset now

04/26/2023 08:23:06

I think It's a beautiful name and I predict it will make a comeback over the next decade or so.

04/03/2023 19:37:46

I'm called Hazel after my great-gran, and I love my name! My friends call me Haze and Hazie, and sometimes Basil, but I love the nicknames. i've never met another Hazel my age, and I really like having a unique name! Many people spell it wrong (oddly) but other than that I like it! I think It's a pretty name.

03/24/2023 02:10:58

I named my daughter Hazel about 6-9 months before Julia Rober's named her daughter that. I groaned, because I think it will become more popular now, and I was going for less popular. Most younger people think It's cute, but the generation older than me think It's an "old-fashioned" name.

03/20/2023 15:00:44

I grew to like my name. But I spell it Heizel. Whenever I'meet new people, they always tell me that they think It's pretty and different.

03/10/2023 06:58:12

I think Hazel is a beautiful name that hasn't had its time in the'spotlight.

03/08/2023 07:56:52

Hi! My name's Hazel Joy, since I was a kid i've always liked it because It'sounds pretty and girly. Though nowadays It's so famous (a lot of people are named hazel), I still like it.

03/07/2023 22:50:14

It is unique and cute! I'met a girl named Hazel and she really is a nice cute girl as her name.

01/17/2023 14:45:32

My name is Hazel Lucille and I love it! People give me Hazelnut coffee for gifts, which I also love. It's a good name and I have never hated it, although my Dad named me that after his ex-girlfriend, not my mother!

12/08/2022 12:51:38

My Grandmother's name was Hazel, and now my Uncle named his Daughter Hazel in memory of his Mother. I love finding the meaning of a name but think it's even more special if you borrow from the past, should I ever have a Grand Daughter I hope my Daughter gives her a name to carry on a past family member. I like Helen after my Aunt.

12/07/2022 14:31:30

I think this is such a cute name for a little girl!! It sounded so unique and then I looked up the meaning. I think the meaning of a name is important too and I wish the name meant more than just a hazel tree. Now I have to rethink the possibility of actually naming a child this. It would also be a very cute puppy name!!

12/05/2022 18:44:08

I love the name'so much that i have named my daughter Hazel Louise. I think it is a lovely name! I also noticed that there are a lot of other babys that are named Hazel as well. This name is deffinetly comming back.

12/01/2022 17:45:08

Celebrities, as a rule, name their babies awful things. Hazel is a name for a toothless mountain person. It is beyond down-market, though an upgrade from Apple, at least. Please consider as an alternative Helen or perhaps the (much) more popular Hannah.

12/01/2022 06:52:42

As a teenage Hazel, i've never been'teased over my name. If anything, I always thought it was cool that I shared my name with Witch Hazel. I got my name from my great grandmother, and know two other Hazels. The maid Hazel is old enough that I only learned about it looking up my name online, so I wouldn't be too concerned about your child getting teased over it. i've never been asked about my eye color or compared to Hazel Lancaster, either - I only found out about the'shared name when some of my classmates read it for a summer reading project. There aren't any real "natural" nicknames, but I have sometimes been Hazel Basil or California Hazelnut (which is an inside joke with my friend), and the Nutella connection gives me a go-to username base for internet stuff. i've never had anyone mispronounce my name, and rarely misspell it. And as a kid, I always thought it was really cool that I had A and Z in my name right next to each other. I agree it can be somewhat frustrating as a kid looking for your name on keychains in gift shops, but having a rarer name means it is always so much more special when I find something or someone with my name.

11/27/2022 17:21:24

my name is hazel; i love my name; i like the way It'sounds when you say it ' i also love the fact that we are rare! if i had a more common name i dont think i'd feel as special.

11/02/2022 09:18:02

This is a great name, but obviously, as the'statistics above show, not a common one. I knew an Echo once and she was very attractive and quite an inter'sting person. I think this would be a great name to give a baby girl.

11/02/2022 01:57:12

We named our daughter Icie after a great-great aunt. She was my great grandmother's sister. I am named after another one of her'sisters. We have three more sister names to choose from should we have any more girls in the future. I love keeping family names alive.

10/29/2022 05:05:04

Hazel is a very nice name for a little girl. For too long in America Hazel was associated with a cartoon and TV character-a maid who could run a household but still seemed to convey an older, frumpy image. This is a great name for a little girl!

10/14/2022 20:56:26

i love the name Hazel but admit It'sounds old-fashioned. I ended up picking it for my daughter's middle name, rather than her first as i was not sure that'she would like it

09/30/2022 18:40:28

My name first name is Rachel (pretty, but fairly popular) and my second name is Hazel. I like Hazel, it is my nan's name. It is uncommon but it is certainly not horrid like Apple or Sparrow!!!

09/09/2022 03:22:22

My name is Hazel. I was called Hazel-nut at early school but it never bothered me as other children got called alot worse. my mum told me that nuts came from trees and trees made paper and papwe made books so i was the clevest girl at school, so i grow to love the name hazel nut and to this day.good old mum.

08/15/2022 07:08:42

My name is Hazel I love the name, but It's soo annoying when people call me hazelnut! I didn't take it too seriously so they stopped after a while, and sometimes people pronounce it wrong they say Hasel. I have a friend named Hazel and everytime we meet we both say: "Hi Hazel"

01/22/2022 01:42:00

My Moms Name Is Hazel And I Think Its A Beautiful Name My Mom Doesent Like It'so Much But I Really Do It'stands Out And Show How Beautiful She Truly Is

12/04/2021 22:03:18

My name is hazel and sometimes i hate it b/c people call me hazelnut glowbasket (dont ask) ughh and It'sounds. So old fashioned but i also like it b/c its so unique

10/28/2021 07:51:54

Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman was a famous American'tennis player from the early 20th century. The Wightman cup, founded in 1923, was named after her, and until it was abandoned in 2002, the cup was donated during every women's tennis match, as opposed to the Davis cup in men's tennis, which was named after Dwight Davis.

07/30/2021 12:07:30

hI'my name is heziel mae its spell diff. right,,but i do love my name..spells unique..:)

07/28/2021 07:03:18

"Hazel nut" "witch Hazel" the joke wears thin. Often called Hilary or Heather.

07/24/2021 21:37:12

my name is heziel mae spells different right..My classmate calls me hansel,hazelnut..but i like my name very much..

07/10/2021 04:25:48

Sadly, Hazel is already past its revival-prime. For the past five or six years, resurrecting neat names from the 1900s or 1910s has been in vogue...and now lots of people have caught on. I'm a teacher who knows two little Hazels.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Hazel?
The origin of the name Hazel is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Hazel?
The Hazel Tree
*️⃣ How many people are named Hazel?
Almost 269000 people are named Hazel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Hazel?
The names of Ethan, Hailey, Hallie, Holly, Haley