a type of flowering plant.

Heather Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \he-thur\
Number in U.S 👶 526,000
Rate in 2021 2643
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 English

Heather Name Meaning

Evoking images of serene landscapes, Heather is a name derived from the English word referring to a variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers, often associated with Scotland. Symbolically, it embodies independence and solitude; much like the plant that thrives in the isolated and rocky terrains. The name Heather paints a picture of a resilient individual, blooming in their own brilliance amidst the rocky road of life.

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Heather Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Heather
Additional description of the name Heather

The name Heather originates from the English language and was first used in Scotland where the Heather plant prolifically grows. It rose to prominence as a feminine name in the late 19th century and soared in popularity during the mid-20th century. Its history roots itself in the affirming beauty of nature, engraining a sense of fascination and rustic charm in its bearers.

Cool Info About Name Heather

Additional name description Heather
Additional name description Heather

In terms of popularity, Heather enjoyed its peak in the 1970s and early 1980s in numerous Western countries. Heather Graham, a well-known American actress, and Heather Morris, an actress, dancer, singer, and model known for her role on the TV show "Glee", are both namesakes. Heather Langenkamp, famous for her role in "A Nightmare on Elm Street", further catapults this name into the limelight.

As for its associated traits, Heather often signifies a strong, free-spirited, and independent individual. One who is not afraid to stand alone, yet blossoms in her uniqueness, just like the plant. It's a constant favorite among parents seeking to encapsulate the beauty of nature in their child's name, granting an ever-familiar yet distinctive appeal.

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Comments on the name Heather
09/28/2023 17:32:28

my name is heather n i have blonde hair n blue eyes im from scotland i <3 my name i get called hetty n i hate it

09/13/2023 03:25:14

The girl's name Iliana It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "Trojan". It is the poetic name for the ancient city of Troy was "Ilion" Ilion is a Greek term meaning SUN (Helios)

09/08/2023 23:29:54

I am Heather Nicole and i love my name i have blue eyes and brown hair i love the name heather

09/07/2023 03:42:32

This is my name and It's ok! I get called the wrong thing a lot! It also cannot be shortened into any other "nick names" (like Lindz for Lindsay) or something like that!

08/26/2023 17:13:00

I LOVE my name! I was born in '79. I think it is unique; I was always the only Heather in school. I think It's a great name; feminine & strong. It's easy to pronounce, and it doesn't solicit any teasing. My parents did a great job naming me!

08/22/2023 13:52:56

It's not very unique most of the time, because sometimes I feel that it is too common or on the verge of becoming too common, and then I remember names that are way too common like Hannah, Emily, and Sara and I change my mind. Since Heather is a flower it makes It'sound a whole lot prettier :)

08/21/2023 03:47:28

I love my name!! I don't find that it is very common today but i really like it. I like my name. Heather is a name I like. Do u know y I like Heather? Because it is my name and i like it. Thank you ladies and gentlemen good day love heather (i like my name)

08/02/2023 03:22:54

My name is Heather and personally I quite like it because It's unique and I haven't had the pleasure of meeting anyone else with the'same name yet xx my friends and family call me by a lot of names including "Hevvs" "H" and my 2 year old brother has always known me by "beb-eb" because he couldn't say heather when he was tiny xxx

07/31/2023 22:52:28

I would have to say, that I really love the name Heather. Growing up I was always the only one in school with the name Heather. To this day 18 yrs down the road only met only 1 other girl named Heather.

07/25/2023 12:34:58

the priest calls me kylie in front of 41 people i like it but it is inbarensing

07/24/2023 20:25:08

my name is Heather Nicole i was the only Heather in my class i was born in 2002 i love my name my nicknames are heath and headger and headward

07/22/2023 08:10:18

My name is Heather Lynne as well......and It's a great name! It's so original and pretty....people have told me they want my name. Any girl would be lucky to have this name. It's one of a kind! By the way...I am light brown with golden highlights (natraul of coarse).

07/22/2023 00:31:50

This is my name, I was born in 2015, but most of my friends call me Donny. Ive gotten a bunch of compliments on my name and I love It'so much!

07/18/2023 12:28:42

I am sat behind Jemma, and I too like my name very much. Sometimes I forget about it, but when someone asks me what it is, im always very happy to tell them. It makes me think of warm colours and pretty things. I shall enjoy it the whole time I'm alive.

07/10/2023 21:05:30

I'm Heather! And it is a great name. But i do think most people think there name is great! Growing up people called me Heather Feather. But I begcame a preschool teacher and some of the children couldn't say my name and called me Feather. and long story short Feath became my nickname and i love it. Great name, every HEather I'met is great!

07/10/2023 19:02:04

I'm Heather Noelle. I love my name now but when I was little, I hated my name until I found out they were Scottish flowers.

07/08/2023 12:57:32

THis is my name and the only person who uses it in its complete form is my mother and only when I have done somethining wrong. I loathe it and find the'shortened version of my name (Pam) marginally better. But then I have no idea what I would prefer. Better the devil you know eh?

07/08/2023 05:19:04

My daughters name is Heather Rea. My mother is French and her middle name is Rea. I still love it.

07/05/2023 02:57:50

I was named Heather after my mother which caused a lot of confusion when I was a child and teenager. My family calls me by my second name, Jeannie, as well so that gets even more confusing. When I was in grade 5 my music teacher was teaching us a Scottish song with heather in it, then called it a weed. Everyone laughed. I have not liked my name'since even'though white heather is supposed to be lucky! I sign my family correspondance H.J.

07/02/2023 16:28:48

I'm a Heather Lynette. Born 1984. i've never been comfortable with my name. i've always thought maybe It'sounds pretentious. Sometimes I think It's the addition of "Lynette" that makes me uncomfortable. What were my parents thinking? I like Heather for other women. When I'meet another Heather I like the'sound of it. However, reading through these comments has breathed new warmth in me me for my name. Thank you, Heathe's:):) BTW...Blue eyes brown hair. Born in northern Ohio.

06/24/2023 07:09:58

My name is Heather Danielle. I have mixed feelings about my name. My family often gives me the nickname of heifer. I like the meaning of my name, which means heather flower. I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I am short for my age.

06/17/2023 16:10:20

Love my name Heather Delores. Hate Delores. Mother was going to name me Heather Dawn. Common name in the Caribbean in the 70's and 80's. Lots of black Heather's in the Caribbean.

06/16/2023 07:33:02

I'm another Heather Nicole. I was born mid-May of '89. I have flaxen blonde hair, medI'm-blue eyes and pale-olive skin. I'm of European/American Indian decent. In high school I knew only of two other Heather's and, yes, we had our own clique but we weren't popular, rich or snobby. I didn't like my name when I was young and planned to change it but I changed my mind when I found out it was a neat plant. For the Heather in the Negative Comments section saying that Calluna Vulgaris is a weed, shame, there are no weeds only plants out of place. Almost every plant does something; provide food or habitat for beneficial bugs and other wildlife, accumulate nutrients in top soil, or repel harmful insects. Heaths bloom in the winter'spring and Heathe's in the'summer and fall for almost year round blooms. i've heard you can use the leaf and bloom and make a medicinal tea. Every living thing has purpose.

06/15/2023 19:12:26

This is my name; Personally it feels a little too exotic and yet too indistinguishable simultaneously. While I'm the only person I know named Paisley, i've been called at least 22 names wrong, from "Lily" to "Casey" to "Daisy". Sometimes I worry It's a bit infantile, too.

06/06/2023 00:05:46

Wow, thanks for the background, whoever'submitted the Dec 28, 2019 comment. I thought It'sounded very unique and knowing the background makes me like it more.

06/02/2023 04:24:10

I'm Heather Anne and I don't know any other Heather Annes. I was born in the 70s and went to school with a few other Heathe's, but that's ok because everyone calls me Heady.

05/29/2023 17:31:34

I love my name. I think its beautiful.Sure I had some problems growing up with people rhyming my name or calling me Hee-ther (Because of the area of the US Im in)they couldnt ever pronounce it. But regardless of all of that, I still love it!m

05/25/2023 21:32:20

I love my name Heather. My third grade teacher's name was Heather, that has been'the only time I knew someone named Heather. I love the uniqueness of my name. I personally like being named after a flower. Like the flower, purple is my favorite color. Heather is such a wonderful name!

05/21/2023 00:51:54

I'm Heather Margaret born in 1977 as well and aitch is my only real nickname . nice to know there someone just like me xxx

05/07/2023 04:28:36

THIS IS MY NAME, i love it, best name ever if you ask me

05/04/2023 13:52:42

i like my name cos im the only heather around .... im the one and only. everyone knows me by my first name not my full name.

05/02/2023 17:30:04

I love my name! It just rolls off my tongue. My middle name is nicole and my parents probably could have done better I still love it! Oh and I was born in 2006

05/02/2023 03:06:02

My name is Heather Jean and my name before I got married was Heather Jean Meadows. I used to think that Heather Meadows was corny, until my grandad called me shrub pasture field, and that was hilarious to me!

04/29/2023 09:33:48

My daughter's name is Heather Renee and we love it! We haven't met another Heather her age yet, she was born in 2013. I love that nobody asks how to spell it :-)

04/26/2023 18:22:38

I love the name Heather It's very pretty plus my name is Heather Dawn. Born in the 70's. I wish it would become popular again It'sure was popular back in the 70's kinda popular in the 80's and a little popular in the 90's it went down hill in the 2012's. People bring back the popularity in Heather❤?

04/25/2023 21:48:18

Its my name and ive never thought of changing it... It's my name and its wonderfully heather

04/19/2023 15:02:24

This is my name, and when I was younger I used to absolutely hate it, but now I absolutely love the originality of it. I always get compliments on what a beautiful name it is, and the reason my mum named me Genevi've was after the movie "Genevi've" in the 1962's, about a car, haha. I shorten it to "Gen" though, and my parents call me "Genna" which I hate, I'd rather be called "Gen" or "Genevi've"!

04/02/2023 13:21:32

My name is Heather Nicole! I, too, have been'told I "look like a Heather." Reddish-blonde hair, very pale skin, grey-ish eyes.... I love my name, too!

03/14/2023 15:18:02

My name is Heather Nicole...I haven't met many other Heather's, but those I have have all seemed to be named Heather Nicole. I find that inter'sting...

03/13/2023 08:08:54

I am Heather Lynn, I can see that Im not the only one here! I used to dislike my name but after hearing the'story of my sister'standing up to my mother for trying to name me Rosemary! I just HAD to thank my sister and I have come to learn to love my name Its just great! My husband loves it too. I noticed how many mentioned that Heather doesnt have a nickname but I do, Hea. I love it also.

03/07/2023 09:19:06

I am Heather, and was born in 1990. I'm the only brown Heather i've ever'seen. I have brown sling, dark brown hair and eyes. I'm half Filipino and half German. I'm little and petite. I'm 4 foot 11, 101 pounds. I'm not crazy about my name. i've been called ?he -ther? by people from Africa, ot other countries. Also kids call me ?Miss Headed? since I was a preschool teacher. My nick name is heifer'since It'sounds like Heather, but It's spelled heffer

02/25/2023 14:30:04

My name is Heather Elaine. I used to really dislike it because it was very common when I was in school. I was born in 1988. Now I kind of see it as a brand of when I was born. My parents thought they were being original but didn't realize how trendy a name it was at the time.

02/22/2023 10:58:18

Love, love,love-LOVE this name!! Not only do I love the way It'sounds, but I also love the way it looke spelled out. And I also LOVE for girls to have first names that'start with "H"!

02/20/2023 09:00:38

I'm Heather Erin and I love my name! I get compliments on it all the time. I love that it is a pretty little pink or purple flower and I never had any problems with anyone miss spelling it. I was born in 1992. I think It's funny there is a moving called Heathe's. I do run across the name and I think It's fun, I don't mind sharing a name.

02/18/2023 00:35:02

My name as well is Heather Elaine born 1983 always have loved my name and not blonde Burnett

02/10/2023 23:00:36

My name is Heather Margaret, born in 1977, named Heather as my father is Scottish and Margaret was my Grandmothe's name. I am now nicknamed Aitch, I have been for that long now I don't seem to even answer to 'Heather' any more but I do still, and always have, liked the name. Even liked it enough to have the name as a choice if my child had been a girl!

02/08/2023 07:31:48

Thats my name. I don't hate it, its okay. I was born in 1986 and there were always many Heathe's in my class growing up. It'seems more of a young person's name, rather than an older person's name.

01/31/2023 12:54:38

My name is Heather Danielle. I was born in 2007. Unlike most Heathe's', I'm not blond, lol. I have dark reddish brown hair that get's golden brown in the'summer because of the'sun, brown eyes and light-tanned skin. I absolutely love my name~ No other names seems to fit me! & two posts below me is another Heather Danielle! :D Hmm, I wonder where the rest of the Heather's are, because I have only met one other Heather in person :/ I didn't know that Heather's were mostly blond, I think my name fits me perfectly, & no one has ever told me that my name doesn't fit me... In all, I love my name ^ - ^

01/28/2023 09:58:08

My name is Heather. I'm not a big fan of my name, but I like heather flowers and feel some kind of pride that I and they share the'same name. Also I know a couple of Heathe's and like tchem all. I love flower names, they are so beautiful and I am proud to have one of tchem as my own. All my children have flower names: Marigold, Amaryllis and Hyacinth. So we are "flower family". My husband call us all his little flowers. I am a brunette, my hair is long and wavy, my eyes are dark blue, sometimes they seems to be a bit grey, at least my husband says that they are, my skin is very pale and I generally like gothic style and my clothes and make-up are always gothic, even'though I am not a rebellious teenager always feeling sad, like the majority of Goths seems to be. I am tall and slim and love heeled shoes. So I think I am not a stereotypical Heather :D Cheers for all Heathe's and heathe's.

01/24/2023 01:03:02

Love it. I'm Heather Anne and wouldn't change it for any amount. I have a very Scottish last name. I'm frequently told that I look like a Heather. Sometimes, It's meant as a slam I think because I'm an attractive blond in my 30's, but I take it as a compliment!

01/19/2023 11:43:26

Hurrah for Heathe's! I love this as my name, though I do think it needs to rest for a generation.

01/16/2023 10:32:44

My name is Heather Jean and I was named after my Mother's only sister who didn't like her Christians names which were "Florence Heather" so she changed her name to "Heather". I just love my Aunt Heather and I can't remember any time I didn't like my name. I have a deep Scottish Ancestry. My Paternal Grandfather was once the Drum Major of Bundaberg Pipe Band and my Mother taught Highland Dancing. My Aunt Heather was also a dancer and later a Highland Dancing Adjudicator in Melbourne. After being away from my birth city for 34 years I have returned and now worship at a Presbyterian Church where a lovely elderly lady (whose husband worked with my Grandfather) saw my birth notice in the paper just after'she was married, liked the name and later named her daughter, "Heather Jean". I have since met the other "Heather Jean" who is a lovely as her mother. There were only 3 Heathe's all throughout my school days. There are quite a few who work/have worked in Education Queensland where I worked for 21 Years! Thanks to my parents for a lovely name. I had Tasmanian grown Heather as part of my Bouquet on my bible when I was married in 1985.

01/16/2023 02:01:22

At times, I dislike my name being Heather because of all the things that rhyme with It'such as feather, heather, etc. But It's a pretty name, and there are no nicknames that are used for Heather, none that anyone allows to be used anyway, and that's good because I hate nicknames. Why name your child one thing with the intention of calling it another?

01/10/2023 22:00:06

Not as popular today as it was in the'seventies, when Beatlemania was now over but Abba were now at the top of the charts. Heather Mills McCartney - now usually referred to as plain Heather Mills (her maiden name) or, more disparagingly, as "Mucca" - was born in 1980, the year before one of the Beatles, Paul McCartney, known as "Macca" and now Sir Paul McCartney, married his first wife Linda Eastman, a New York divorcee with a young daughter whose own first name is Heather (Macca's first wife bore him daughters Mary and Stella and son James in 1981, 1983, and 1989 respectively). After Linda McCartney's death from cancer in 2010, Macca met Mucca in 2011 (Mucca too was married once before but divorced) and they were married in 2014 before daughter Beatrice Milly (after Macca's aunt Milly and Mucca's late mother Beatrice) was born in 2015. It was the break-up Macca and Mucca's marriage in 2018 and Mucca's sordid past during her years as an Eighties glamour model (with the Essex girl Sharon 'n' Tracey type hair-do) coming out into the open which earned her nickname of "Mucca" (a play on Macca's own nickname). I think a name like Heather is going to be associated with Mucca for a long time to come and It's way, way to early for revival (consider other plant or flower names Hazel or Violet or Ivy or Daisy instead).

01/02/2023 08:52:02

I was born in 1991 with a flurry of other "Heathe's", so sometimes I would have to go by "Heather J." with my last initial. Honestly, I have never been called "Heath" or any other'shortened nickname (my parents didn't want me to have a nickname) and I really appreciate that. My name'stands alone and has a unique sound. The only negative I have found is that'some people who are not native-speakers of English have a hard time pronouncing the "th" sound, so that it comes out something like "Hector" or "Header". :-)

12/30/2022 09:27:08

My name is Heather June Louise. My father's family is from Scotland. Had I shared my last name you would know you can't get anymore Scottish than that! They are also very traditional. So I was named after the flower that grows on the moors to remind my family of their home. My middle names are my grandmother's. As a kid I hated it! But now, I am very thankful of the tradition and thought placed behind it.

12/29/2022 17:52:34

My name is HEATHER LYNN and I used to dislike my name as a girl and wanted to go by my middle name because it was shorter, sportier, and sounded more fun. I realized as I got older I embraced my name because it is actually a natural name and you have to have energy to even say it. It may sound strange, but most names begin with consonants, but not breathy consonants like the 'h' in Heather. To properly pronounce it you have to use the breath. I was born in February, am definitely an aquarius, I am a lively person, enthusiastic about life, and give 110% to everything I do. I also have a passionate faith - I'm Catholic and find such peace in the deepness and richness of the faith. I could go on and on - but Heather Lynn, it a nut shell sounds very southern if you put a drawl on it - so don't nickname'someone "heather lynn" unless they're okay being country. A Nickname, for whatever reason, i've adopted is Hedu (pronounced either Hee-doo or Heh-do) by my grandpa and Heffer (not at all in a mean way or in any way referencing my appearance :) but kind of like a loving way lol if that makes any sense).

12/16/2022 07:11:10

hey my names Heather Paige Best and i luv my name im really hypper and crazy ive got blue eyes and im a brunette and im really pale and my heather means a flower and that flower is purple and my fav colour is purple lool xxx and i live in england,london,essex yeah boi im an essex girl lol haha xxx

12/15/2022 14:08:26

My name is Sommer. For as long as I can remember people have called me Heather. i've even been called Heather by people that i've worked with for years. I think It's very strange, but inter'sting. I guess I'must look like a Heather.

12/14/2022 22:16:14

My name is Heather Julianne. I have only ever met two people with the name Heather, so I like it pretty well. My friends call me Heza & my brothe's call me hadie (hay-dee)

12/07/2022 13:38:36

My name is Heather Nichole and I was born in the 80's. I don't know to many people named Heather. I guess I like my name it is kinda unique and feminine.

11/24/2022 02:21:56

I am named Heather and I love it. I think that it is feminine and pretty. The only problem with it is that there are no fun nicknames (like the earlier poster'said--Heath is about it).

11/22/2022 00:24:16

I love the name Heather.I have a daughter Heather Elizabeth.

11/16/2022 13:37:26

I was born in '78, and it must have been a popular name that year! When I was in 3rd grade, there were 4 other girls named Heather in my class. We had to go by our last names to keep confusion down! I like my name very much! Thanks Mom!

10/19/2022 13:47:38

I'm Heather'stephanie and I am growing to like my name. I was the only Heather at school for years and have met more as i got older. I was born in 2003 and I have naturally verk dark brown hair - now died red but not blond! and hazel eyes. My nicknames vary on who is calling me by it but i've got 'Hev' 'Hettie' 'H' 'he'sy'

10/07/2022 13:29:20

My step-daughters name is Heather Renee & she was born in 2009

10/04/2022 00:50:56

my name is Heather Violet, and I love my name! everyone says I look like a Heather, because i have brown hair and light blue eyes. The combination Heather and Violet really fit too. There's only 3 other Heathe's I know.

10/03/2022 02:48:26

I like it, I think it is pretty, common yet not too common. However, I think it will seem like an old lady name 30-40 years from now. Ruth was a popular name at one time and declined, and my grandmother was named ruth so I considered it old fashioned. I think all the 70's and 80's babies like myself are going to have the'same experience now that it appears to have been a trendy name. Stil cool, and I love its connection to nature. Oh, yeah I'm blond too. lol

10/02/2022 20:20:30

HI'my full name is acually Heather Nicole Taylor and there were about two people that'said there name was heather nicole i didn't know it was so common! =D

09/24/2022 17:47:14

Heather Lynn here, born in '75. I also have a very common last name of Scotch/Welsh origin, and due to its common-ness i've always disliked my name (Heather was the 7th most popular name for girls in the US the year I was born). Growing up, I had a hard time finding things with my name on it like keychains, bracelets, etc, not because it wasn't made, but because it was always sold out. It is so common I stopped responding to my name when called, as I went to school with 11 other Heathe's at the'same time. In college, there were 3 other people in the area who shared my full name, and I even received some of their mail, including medical test results. i've also been'the victim of identity theft involving my name alone (not bank info, etc) 3 separate times throughout my life. And when'the movie "Heathe's" came out, forget it! However, I do like it much better now that It's not as common as it used to be. What gets me the most is that one of the reasons my parents chose my name is because they didn't know anyone with it growing up (they also have common names for their generation).

09/24/2022 14:33:16

This is my name, and thank God I can punctuate! It'seems that Isn't commen among Nadines.

09/18/2022 12:11:52

my name is heather as well, naturally blonde and blue eyes and extremely fair skin. i use to hate my name because i never knew of any pritty heathe's but there are actually alot of them! and while i havent been called heffer my brother in law always says come hither heather drives me crazy!

09/14/2022 01:48:36

Love that there is no confusion in spelling my name compared to other names...

07/18/2022 06:37:12

heey(: my name is heather lynn(: i absolutely love my name. i used to hate it because i knew so many. but now I'm only heather in new albany. not the only one in central ohio, but ther's very few. my best friend in sixth grade was actually heather lynn too. and get this. our last names were so close. mine was LaRossa and he's was Lossa. haha well It's a beautiful name. and each year its getting less and less popular. i was born in 2007 so i hope this generation of heathe's will be the greatest(: GO HE-AT-he's(: haha well i dont have any nicknames concerning my name. haha people call me blondie, tito, brassmuffin, but thats my personallity. i hope eveery heather is glad to have their name to be heather. its a wonderful name and i like it much better than sierra nichole(which was what my parents were going to name mee) well byeeee(: ııheather;lynnE

07/12/2022 07:52:48

Hi, my name is Heather and I hate the fact that every Heather I'meet has blond,I have black hair.

07/07/2022 04:21:18

Im only 14 and heather is my name i love it no one say's to wrong and everyone says it fits me! And its not a boys name either/

07/05/2022 05:41:24

My name too... In my class of 74 there are 4 Heather's..thats alot

06/19/2022 20:56:42

I was born in 1993 and so far I have only over met one other person with the name. I like my name, its unique and you don't hear it very often - much better than Gemma's or Paige's or some other 'hip at the time name'. Although I am a Heather Barbara - so my parents didn't do so well with the'second part...but then I get called H anyway so I guess I don't use the beautiful name I was given - not fitting for a tomboy really.

06/11/2022 20:47:42

my name is Heather BreeAnn, and growing up I used to think it was rather plain, and got frustrate that I couldn't get a nick name easier. however, as i've gotten older, I really have grown to love it, especially after learning the meanings, myths, legends and cultural heritage associated with it. and for the record, yes I DO look Scottish. I'm fair skinned ( pretty much allergic to the'sun. can't go out for more than 2-3 hours on a cloudy day without getting burned), i've got grey eyes and a muddled mess of reddish, blondeish, brownish hair that gets lightee in the'sun. short and strong. only known 2 other heathe's ever.

05/27/2022 15:42:36

my name is Heather Lynn. I'm not sure if i like it to much, alot of people don't really use nick names its Heather.. and It's kinda boring. To me anyway. The only nick name i got was, when my brother was younger, he couldn't say 'heather' so he called me 'Hebby' and ever'since then my mom has called me that..

05/20/2022 00:42:36

My name is Heather Michele but im not the only heather in my school her name is Heather Nicole. Its actually a really common name!!!

03/29/2022 13:27:36

this is my name!!! I never knew any one else had it. lol

03/28/2022 05:26:06

My name is Heather Nicole Wyman. If people call me something else besides heather, It's usually heatherbear. I have naturally dark brown hair, currently with blonde highlights, and I have brown/hazel eyes.

03/14/2022 12:57:00

My name is Heather Nichole and I love my name! Heather means flower, and the first time I found them at the garden center and smelled the'strong honey scent I fell in love with the plant as well. It is also said to have been used by Kings since ancient times.

03/05/2022 11:10:48

my name is heather and i love my name! i use to hate it because It'sounded to "soft" and "pretty." but i love it now. i have not met that many people with my name. everyone always told me how pretty my name is. and i am not blond! i have brown hair.

02/17/2022 16:22:12

This is my name, however I spell it this way...Anjannette. I often have to correct people on spelling and pernounceing it. i've never really liked the name but I often have people tell me how pretty and unique my name is. Since no one can ever'say my name correct I have been going by the name Angie since Jr. High.

02/14/2022 01:26:42

I was the only Heather I knew until I was about 8 when a new Heather came to our school and I was so annoyed! Now I work with two other people called Heather which gets very confusing.

02/03/2022 00:05:42

My bff heather marie and my sister heather lynn dhe died at birth . If I have a girl I will name her heather rose

02/02/2022 00:18:18

Heather Lynn Kurzawski is my name. I have always hated my first name. To this day I still hate it. But I do think it needs to rest for at least 100 years or so.

01/07/2022 21:19:12

I'm Heather Marie born in 1985. I'm a brunnette with brown eyes. It's funny that I'm not a blonde with blue eyes since I'm Swedish, Norwegian, German and maybe Scottish. i've always loved my name! The more I research my name the more I love it! It is so amazing all the uses for the Heather plant and there are so many variations. There is even a legend of Heather. It will give you an even greater appreciation for your name. The only thing I haven't liked is the nick-name my sister gave me while we were teens (Heffer). The other nick-names weren't bad. Heather Feather. Heath Feath. Heathey. Come hither Heather. Heather Heather how's the weather?

12/25/2021 17:38:42

My Name is Heather Nicole I was born in 86. So ummm yeah the one from 94 owes me some royalties lol Needless to say I'm not the only Heather I know. Having said that other than being called heffer a few times as a kid It's not a bad name. My mom calls me Haddy or Lucy (I have no clue on why either of those).

12/10/2021 21:42:36

I'm a 'Heather' - born on the Yorkshire moors in August - hence the name. 'Heather' can't be shortened - friends called me - Heather Feather- and then - I'married a 'Feather' - an old Stanbury name - family connections with names from Wuthering Heights - but Oh dear - most non-English speakers can't pronunce it - and here in China I am 'heater' and in Portugal it ued be be 'ether' as in the dope stuff. BUT - It's a good conversation starter anyway. Heather's a tough little flower that only thrives well in high places and loves cold places and it has a perfume of the wind-racked moors. Are all 'Heather' people tough like myself - but, sadly It's blooming beauty only lasts a short season.

10/18/2021 02:38:42

My name is Heather Julliette... I think it is very unique, both the first and middle.. A flower! How Beautiful! Growing up I found it was somewhat common.. Nowadays its pretty rare that I run into one.. As for Julliette, Was named after my Grandmother, though her name was spelled Juliette.. Never have come across another.. I love my name!

10/11/2021 04:06:54

Im called Heather, and I cant decide whether i like it or not.... Its my mum's maiden name. I think my main issue with the name it that it cant be shortened to anything, or have a nickname I can use. all of my nicknames are embarrassing and only used by family. This should be an issue, but grew up in a class where all the girls were called Izzie, Lizzie, Ellie, Steph or something like that. It was just Heather...

09/14/2021 21:40:48

My full name is Heather Nicole Taylor everytime I'meet a Heather, I ask what's the middle name cause my best friend now step sister her name is Heather Nicole as well..Bahamas that's so awesome by the look of the chart were all around about the'same age..Hans our parents sure were trendy in the late 70's thru the 80's

09/08/2021 22:56:24

i've always liked my name but HATE being called "Heth" or "Heath". When I was in high school I sometimes went by "Feth" just because there were so many other Heathe's but now I'm back to just "Heather" and It's least people don't ask me how to spell it.

09/06/2021 05:58:30

My name is Heather Lynn and I would have to say that I love it! Oh yeah I am blond!

08/30/2021 18:25:30

My name is heather'smith and I absolutely love my name! It's not as common as other names and it makes me feel unique and like I am my own person. People always take a liking to my name and I love the fact that my name is also a type of flower.Also It's always cool to say your name is in the dictionary and heather is!

08/16/2021 12:12:54

I'm Heather Michelle-- born in 1986. I think my name is pretty. But hey, i've had it for 40 years so it was either love it, or change it.

07/15/2021 04:17:42

My name is Heather Michelle born in 1989. Long blond hair, blue eyes and petite. My personality is opposite of any of the Heathe's from the 2001 movie. I'm carefree and love nature...much like the character in American Horror Story (Misty Day).

07/05/2021 02:44:06

I am Heather Jane. Born in 1971. I was the only Heather in my grade school from grades 1 to 8 and I was also the only Heather in my high school as well. Some people would ask me if Heather was my real name. I didn't like my name when I was young because it was so different. I wanted my oldest sister's name. She was Pam. I am not blonde either.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Heather?
The origin of the name Heather is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Heather?
a type of flowering plant.
*️⃣ How many people are named Heather?
Almost 526000 people are named Heather.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Heather?
The names of Eva, August, Julia, Astrid, Helena