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Jesse Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \jeh-see\
Number in U.S 👶 433,000
Rate in 2021 345
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Jesse Name Meaning

The name Jesse meanings and origins

The name Jesse is either for girls or boys. This name is originally Hebrew meaning “ god’s gift “. This name has different variations in different languages. In the bible, Jesse was the shepherd father of king David. Although this name is a gender neutral name, but it tends to be most popular for boys.




Popularity of the name Jesse

The name Jesse has been a popular name since the year 1880. Near 435655 new born babies were named the name Jesse during the last 2 decades. The time that this name gained the most popularity was the year 1981. During that year 10441, that this number is something like 0.3072% of the total babies of the United States.


Personality of the name

Here we have the letter analysis of the name

J, people whose initial is “ J “ know where their allegiances lie and are always reliable and understanding.

E, the letter “ E “ suggests enthusiasm and animation, a life that is experienced with no regrets.

S, the “ S “ conceals a particularly realistic response as opposed to an emotional reaction, portraying someone who puts a great price on interpreting life situations objectively.

S, the corresponding number of “ S “ is 1, a symbol of strength and initiative, that suggests a visionary and idealistic character.

E, the letter “ E “ is linked to the life principle if rejoicing for the good stuff, not whining about the hard stuff.


Similar names to the name Jesse

The name Jesse is a name that can be a classic choice for parents in the name selection process. If you are looking for a name that is similar to the name Jesse and also a unique name, here we have a list of names similar to the given name.

Jese, Jessea, Jesseaa, Jesseaca, Jesseacah, Jesseadrian, Jesseah, Jesseaka, Jesseal, Jessealess, Jessealethia and Jesseallen.


Variations of the name Jesse

You can also select other forms of the name.

Jesiah, Jess, Jessey, Jessie, Jessy and Yishai are all meaning the lord exists and they are originally Hebrew. Between all the mentioned names, “ Jesiah “ is the most popular name.


Famous people named Jesse

If you consider well known characters named what your baby is going to be named, here are named of famous and successful people named Jesse.

Jesse Underhill who is a Tiktok star, born in the year 1998

Jesse Wellens who is a Youtube star, born in the year 1982

Jesse Williams who is a TV actor, born in the year 1981

Jesse Ridgway who is a Youtube star, born in the year 1992

Jesse McCartney who is a Pop singer, born in the year 1987

Jesse Rutherford who is a Pop singer, born in the year 1991


Nicknames for the name Jesse

Some families want to select nicknames for their babies. Here we have a list of cute and popular nicknames for the name Jesse.

Joss, Joyc, Joyce, Jess, Jaysa, Jesus, Jesse wessy, Juicy, Jester, Jessejess, Jesse bear, Messyjesse, Jacky, Jacey, Jessey, Jesses, Jesseray and Jessely.

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Comments on the name Jesse
3/1/2023 12:12:08 AM

i have a 5 month baby boy named Jesse james. My name is Jessica and my Dad is James so he follows on our names beautifuly. I love his name, we do get mixed reactions to his name but we don't care and hope he loves it when he grows up.

2/27/2023 8:31:38 AM

this is my name, and It's weird, but I don't mind it, I only use the full name for formal things.. I'much prefer 'Val' to be used in non-formal settings!

2/23/2023 8:10:52 PM

My son's name is Jesse, and we love it. It's strong and cool at the'same time. I think it is a good name for a young boy, a teenager or a man.

2/18/2023 8:13:30 AM

I am also a Jesse...and as do all of you...I can't stand the ie mispelling. Every job i've ever had my boss mispells my name one way or another...I actually had one boss spell my name Jessy...give me a break.

2/6/2023 11:47:24 PM

I love my name in full its jesse james lol my parents don't get it

1/7/2023 6:07:44 AM

I love the name Jesse and am planning to use it for my son who is due in December. It also means "gift from God" which I like because we almost lost the pregnancy at 25 weeks gestation.

12/25/2022 9:32:44 AM

My name is Jesse and my wife utters it with such loving care that I can't help but love the'sound of my name too.

12/3/2022 1:32:30 PM

My name is Jesse. I used to always tell people that'spelled it Jessie, My name is Jesse and I'm a guy, you spell my name with an E, not I."

12/1/2022 12:27:44 PM

My son's name is Jesse (named after Uncle Jesse on Full House)! I love the name; as do my parents. He is a sweet, strong, stubborn and affectionate boy; who fights for what he wants. I definitely recommend the name.

11/23/2022 2:01:20 PM

Well the only reason I found this page was because I'm writing a story and I was looking for a good name for a mysterious, kick-ass female character. I thought of Gabriel, but wasn't sure if would work for a female. Glad to see It's already in use. Anyone that thinks It's too masculine, is just too simple-minded and rigid. Evolve will ya?

11/9/2022 7:59:06 PM

My son is named Jesse. I really like it and he'seems to as well. He does say that he is worried about how it will suit him when he is older. He thinks it does not sound proffesional for an adult.

11/9/2022 3:14:00 AM

Jesse is the best name in the whole wide world! I love it even more because it goes with my last name Jones, ive had mostly positive experiences with my name, I do sometimes get my name'spelt 'Jessie' which annoys the hell out of me, other than that, I love my name :-)

11/8/2022 7:32:34 AM

my son is called Jesse and i love his name i have a feeling this name is going to start to become popular in the next few years or sooner, his name'suits him so much but i do get annoyed when people say its a girls name the girls name is ie not with an e

10/27/2022 8:24:48 AM

My name is Jesse and I'm of the male variety, I agree with all the people who also get annoyed when asked "Jesse, Isn't that a girls name?" I'm proud of my name

10/20/2022 10:39:36 AM

i love the name jesse,because i think it connect to my life,its a name most people look 4, when i was young there was a guy name jesse closer to mmy house, the guy was papular, ever body call jesse jesse, that is when i started loving the name jesse, there was an occation I'met new friend and they ask what is your name i said jesse, from that day still now i started using jesse as my name

10/17/2022 2:25:42 AM

my name is jesse i hate when people spell it jessie its realy annoying im 14 years old and i love my name.

10/16/2022 8:15:24 PM

My little boy is called Jesse-jay, I absolutly love it and can't imagine him being called anything else! he's only 4 months old and before he was born people did try talk us out of calling him It'saying It's a girls name I had to correct many people!I think he will love his name when he's older, we did just get all our Xmas cards and his name was spelt wrong on loads of them, jess, jessie,jessy no matter how many times I tell them It's spelt Jesse! That does get annoying!

9/29/2022 9:45:32 AM

i have founds lots of definitions for my name "jesse" and all are good definitons. 1. God exists. 2. God sees. 3. Gift giver 4. Wealthy What's not to like? And yeah, it does sound beautiful. One J. 2 Letter E and S. Cute, 5 letters. very simple. And pretty. Jesse is super nice for a girl. :)

9/23/2022 2:06:44 AM

I am named Jesse and I like it alot. Male Jesses often have long hair, and i do too. People often spell i with an "i". and i think It's funny when a girl is named "Jesse" without an "i"

9/22/2022 6:42:56 AM

I don't frequently meet othe's with the'same name but do come across many people who don't know the correct way to spell the name Jesse, rather than jessie, which does get annoying at times.. other than that, i like the name Jesse!

9/13/2022 10:52:16 PM

I named my son Jesse after both his sister and cousin chose it (not knowing the othe's had picked it, too). There seem to be a lot of hispanic children with that name, but not alot of caucasion children with that name. No one mispronounces it, but they do spell it wrong a lot (usually like a girl, Jessie).

9/13/2022 4:21:22 AM

goooo jesse's wooppeee im a jesse as i don't like when'they misspell my name

8/26/2022 8:29:42 AM

I love this name for a boy. I am gioing to give this name to my son someday.

5/28/2022 5:19:48 PM

I gave my son the name Jesse, i beli'ved its biblical roo to the father of David. a great name for great men.

4/11/2022 1:28:30 PM

I LOVE the name Jesse!It's my favorite name 4 a boy,actually my favorite name, ever.And the'spelling of JESSE,I just find It'so irresistable!

3/23/2022 10:57:18 PM

My best friend's name is Jesse. he's amazing and honest and funny and gorgeous and I adore him. Also, we cannot forget the lovely Mr. Jesse McCartney ;) Great name!

2/6/2022 1:17:42 AM

I love the name Jesse so much. It just sounds cool. I know a nice guy named Jesse. He is one of my friends. If I ever have a son I'll probably name him Jesse. My mum thinks It's a girls name but it is actually the cutest boys name ever. I love the name. It's so modern!!!

1/18/2022 7:06:54 AM


12/5/2021 12:48:00 AM

My Name is Jesse and my wife is Brandi and we both Hate when'they are both mispelled. I love my name but, but sometimes its not manly enough for me. If I have a son I will keep that in mind, in choosing a name. Its Very annoying to have my name'spelled in the feminine directive

11/13/2021 7:08:42 PM

I named my son Jesse and he loves the name. he's 9 years old and he thinks his name is cool. Jesse told me once I picked a great name for him. Meaning of Jesse is awsome too.

11/10/2021 9:42:36 AM

I named my Baby Girl Jessica Nicole who passed away , because she was born 4 months premature I nick named her Jesse ..I didn't want the femine spelling I thought about just adding an i at the end .Jessi as a short form of Jessica , but I like the classic spelling Jesse ..Although my Baby Girl Isn't here with me ,she is alive in Heaven . I love this name ..It is just about the coolest name ..The most famous outlaw in the world wss named Jesse , so if you have this name you better live up to It's cool expectation.Just please don't rob any banks or trains lol if my Baby Girl would have been a boy I would have named him Jesse

10/21/2021 10:08:42 PM

My son was born in 1992 and named after his father, Jesus. I have always called him Jesse or Jess. I absolutely love the name. Shortly after he was born a song titled "Jesse", sung by Carly Simon, became very popular. At that time many assumed that is why we called him Jesse. Had nothing to do with it. I feel the name has always suited my son.

10/13/2021 6:26:24 AM

My ex-boyfriend's name is Jesse. He is a very sweet guy and we are both still in love. I love the name Jesse and my name is Jessika. Well, It is just a good name and It is not a girly name. Jessie or Jessi is the girl spelling. Jesse is a total guy's name!

10/3/2021 3:57:54 AM

My husband's name is Jesse. People often add an "i" before the "e" which drives him crazy, as that is the feminine spelling of the name...

9/4/2021 11:53:06 AM

My name is Jesse. I was named after my grandfather. My family and friends call me Jess and I usually introduce myself as Jess. Jesse was King David's father's name from the Bible. I haven't met many other men named Jesse and only a few women and it is spelled 'Jessie"

8/2/2021 8:45:00 AM

I have had many occurances where my name is mispelled as Jessie. It's a pretty cool name though, I like it.

7/21/2021 12:11:06 PM

Love this name. my son is going to be named this. I love how It'sounds.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jesse?
The origin of the name Jesse is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Jesse?
The Lord Exists
*️⃣ How many people are named Jesse?
Almost 433000 people are named Jesse.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Jesse?
The names of John, Juan, June, Jane, Paige