Karina meaning

: Pure

Karina Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(a)-ri-na\
Number of People 👶 59,000
Rate in 2021 1191
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Scandinavian
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Karina Name Meaning

The girl's name Karina means "very dear woman" or "one who is loved". It could also be translated as "woman with a lot of love in her life".

Karina Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Karina
Additional description of the name Karina

The name Karina comes from the Latin carinae, which translates as "beloved". That's where all its possible meanings come from, which are directly related to the verbs to love and want.

Cool Info About Name Karina

Additional name description Karina
Additional name description Karina

Personality of the name Karina
Las women named Karina present an outward image of being reserved and unattainable. Their personality stands out for its mystery, which makes them attractive and highly desired women. They have an innate charm.
Despite this, Karina always knows what she wants and is characterized by being a strong and brave woman. Anyone can fall under her charms and desires, whether in love, friendship or professional relationships. Those people who are friends with Karina will be very lucky, since they have a lot to offer. They enjoy solitude, they are independent women with clear ideas about their lives.
In addition, women named Karina are passionate about art and will stand out in professions where beauty can be related, such as Fine Arts or Architecture. Karina is a professional and serious woman, but she is also original, independent and unique.

Celebrities with the name Karina
Among the celebrities named Karina, the following stand out:
Karina Jelinek: She is an Argentine model who won the Miss Cordoba award at the age of 16.
Karina Rivera: She is a Peruvian model, businesswoman, presenter and children's entertainer.
Karina Lombard: French actress with American nationality, protagonist of Leyendas de Pasion.
Karina Saavedra: She is a fictional character, known for the famous series Cuentame, played by Elena Rivera. (Appears in the following image)

Diminutives and variations of the name Karina
Some diminutives of the name Karina are:
Ina, Kari, Nina

The name Karina in other languages
The name Karina can be kept the same in most languages, but also presents variants:
Basque: Karine
Latin: Carina
French: Carine

Karina's Saint's Day
Karina's Saint's Day is celebrated on November 7, in honor of Saint Carina, Christian martyr persecuted by Emperor Julian the Apostate in the fourth century.

Numerology of the name Karina
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Karina is 9 .

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Comments on the name Karina
12/27/2023 07:20:18

My mom's nurse told her it was her name which is Karen in spanish.

10/26/2023 12:40:08

HI'my name is Karina and I really love my name. Some people will even'think it is spelled Carina but the way I spell it is Karina. I have met many people with the name Karina some people spell it the way I do and one person I'met spelled it Carina. most people will say it the right way.

10/02/2023 00:35:50

I knew a few women named Karina, they were all beautiful on the outside and inside, a Karina I'met years ago was Karina Noelle Barroso, singer'songwriter, performing artist, based in New York City, born in 2007 she goes by the'stage name "Karina Noel"

09/28/2023 15:11:24

this is my best friends name and we are both very popular at school

09/14/2023 03:48:48

I love my name I only know one person besides me who❤️s name is karina, people often produce and write my name wrong like carina or Katrina, my math teacher always used to call me Katrina but I honestly thinks is funny

06/05/2023 10:52:16

I don't know many people with my name, people often mispell it and spell it with a C other people pronouce it Katrina and that really bugs me!

02/05/2023 04:52:56

HI'my name is Karina and im 27 yrs old. I love my name and many people tell me how pretty it is. however, there's lots of ways to misspell it and trust me i've seen'them all. Also, when people first meet me I oftened get called Katrina. The name has become common now but I would'nt want any other name.

01/28/2023 15:33:10

I luv the name Karina. My BFF's name is Karina and she is awesome. She's rocks, she nice and most importantly...she's soooo pretty.

01/28/2023 14:57:54

I realy like my name, and I don't care if people get it wrong. I'm just curious to know what it means.

12/07/2022 11:52:48

I like this name, I named my little girl It'she is too young to have an opinion on it yet. My other little girl found it difficult to say at first so we have shortened it but i think It'sounds like a cool name to have.

11/12/2022 10:35:00

This is my sisters name and I think It's perfect. It's easy enough to pronounce but very unique

10/04/2022 08:11:46

My name is Karina. I love my name. I think it is unique and i get a lot of compliments from people saying how much they love the name. Although, one annoying thing is how often it gets pronounced wrong (by people who can't read) as Katrina or Corinna. It's really not that complicated - pronounced Kar - ree - na

08/31/2022 16:35:42

Well to say the least Ashley is a very popular name i was born in 90' and I know so many Ashley's!! Two of my best friends names are Ashley so we go by middle names which i hate even more seeing that mine is Dawn..

06/22/2022 02:55:48

This is my name! I'm the only person around here with this name, to my knowledge and I wouldn't change it for anything! When I was younger I always wanted to change my name to something like Jessica or Kellie, mainly because it was CONSTANTLY being mispronounced, and still is. I feel like i've always had a second name, Haley. Now, I'm so glad that I don't have such a common moniker, it makes me feel unique when'the world can feel so bland.

05/30/2022 09:35:24

This is my name and I always get called Kelly, Kylie, Kayley, Kelsey, and whatever other K name'sounds close. I have even been called Carrie or Julie by those who are totally not paying attention. I have had to correct many people through my life but overall I like my name. I do not personally know any other Keeleys and I like it that way.

05/25/2022 04:14:06

That's my name and people always say that's so pretty . I really like it plus my is better than my brothe's

03/30/2022 02:16:12


11/18/2021 21:45:18

This is my name and and I really like it. Though I'must say when I introduce myself, people who aren't familiar with the name (b/c they have been living under a rock for 100 years)sometimes ask if my name is Debby.

11/01/2021 03:21:54

i've never met a girl with the'same name as me. I spell my name Kerina, I think It's a VERY pretty name.alot of people spell and saying wrong but I okay with it:)

10/07/2021 21:25:30

Well me and my wife were going to name our little boy Kade. Kade turned out to be the most beautiful girl i've every seen. We named her Kanden Grace.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Karina?
The origin of the name Karina is Scandinavian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Karina?
*️⃣ How many people are named Karina?
Almost 59000 people are named Karina.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Karina?
The names of William, Katherine, Genevieve, Catherine, Katie